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Full text of "A.E. Brooks's collection of antique guns, pistols, etc., Hartford, Conn"

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A. E. Brooks Collection 

Hartford, Conn. 

CUI.I.KCTOR A. i:. P.KooKS. 

A. E. BROOKS'S Collection 


Antique Guns^ Pistols, Etc. 






Gathered from nearly all the Battlefields 

of the Civil War 

Spanish Arms, etc.^ captured by United States troops 

in the recent war with Spain 


Of the Stone Ag^e, Indian Curiosities, Etc. 


t^amorO prrss ^v 

The Case. Lockwood ^: Brainari- Compan^ 
I S90 


It is probable that there are some errors among' the names and de- 
scriptions of the rehcs herein catalogued; but I beg to inform all who 
ma}' take an interest in the collection that I have, in many instances, 
been aided by the suggestions and advice of well known experts aad 
students in historical and antiquarian tore, ^ly own experience as a 
collector, for thirty years, has been replete with study and research, 
and the amount of labor performed and the expense incurred during 
the period can scarcely be imagined. On the whole, I believe the cata- 
logue to be very nearl}' correct. I invite the criticism and desire the 
opinions of all who may be interested in a collection of this character, 
with the view of correcting whatever errors may exist. The history of 
each piece is given, so far as it is known to me. At the time of each 
purchase, I invariably copied all the historic memoranda obtainable, or 
recorded the tradition as related by the former owner. 

The collection of Guns and Pistols is the most complete one in this 
country. It dates back to the early Crossbow, from the Crossbow- 
gun to the Match-lock, Wheel-lock, Flint-lock, and Percussion-lock. 
There is a ^•ery complete collection of the different guns used by the 
United States Government during the Civil \\'ar. There are no guns 
in the collection made after the year 1865. except a small mnubcr o: 
Mauser ritles, obtained, with some other relics oi tiie war with Spain 
(1898), in Cuba and Puerto Rico. In addition to the guns there are 
several cannon, from the early ages down to the Civil War. 


The C(>lkcti<jn also coiUains: 

Prehistoric liiii)UMiK'nts of the Stone A.qe. 

Indian curios of the nineteenth century. 

Revolutionary War relics. 

A larc^e collection of relics of the Civil War. Nearly everythinc:; 
has been secured direct from parties who took them from the battle- 
fields, or from those who have owned them since the close of the war. 

Collection of old carved Powder-horns, from the French and Indian 
Wars, the Revolutionary War. and the War of 1812: also some that 
were carried in the Civil War. 

Miscellaneous collection of old Indentures, Commissi(jns. Manu- 
scripts, Newspapers, Pamphlets, Badges, etc. 

There are about ten thousand pieces in this interesting and valuable 
collection, which is deserving of a place in some Sta^e or Ciovcrniuental 
institution, it being a museum in itself. 

The collection is now on e.\hi])ition at the Wadsworth AthencCum, 
Hartford, C Onn. 

A. E. BR( MJKS. 


M . L.," muzzle-loader. 
■ P). L..'" breech-loader. 
' U. S.." I'nited States. 
' r. S. N.." Cnited States Navy. 
' C. S.," Confederate States. 

C. S. A.," Confederate States Army. 
' C. S. N.." Confederate States Nav\ . 

LIST OF illustr.\t: 

COLLECTOR -\- EL BROOKS, Frontispiece. 
MR. BROOKS IX HTS • DEX ** OR WORKSHOP. Facing Frontispiece. 


CASE X.:.. . . r6 

CASE Xo. J. 21 

CASE Xo. 3. . 24 


CASE X(x X 3t 

CASE Xo. 5. 54 


CASE Xo. 6. . ^j 

CASE Xr.. r 45 

CASE Xo. S. . . 47 


CASE Xo. 9. 50 


CASE Xo- 10. . 54 

CASE Xo. ri. . 56 


CASE Xo- 12. 59 

CASE Xo. r :. 61 

CASE Xo. 14- . 64 

CASE Xo- 15. . . 66 


CASE Xo. 16, . . 6g 


CASE Xo. 17. ... -- 

CASE Xo. iS. . . . -5 

CASE Xo. 19, .... . 77 


CASE Xo. 20. ... . 79 

CASE Xo. 21 S2 




CASE No. 2^ 

CASE Xo. 24 


CASE Xo. 25 

CASE Xo. 26 

C.\SK X... 27 

CASE Xu. 2S 


CASE X... 29 

CASE X... ;,o 

CASE Xo. 31, . 


CASE X... 32 


CASE Xo. x^ 

CASE Xo. 34. . 


CASE Xo. 35 

CASE Xo. 36 

CASE Xo. ^7 

CASE Xo. 38 

CASE No. 39. . 

CASE Xo. 40 














1 3-' 














Case Xo. I. Case of old and rare Pistols; some of them made in the 

Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries ij'j pieces), . . . i6 

Case Xo. 2. Case of Carbines used in the Civil War. We have a full 
collection of all the different kinds of Guns that were in the 
service of the United States Government during the Civil War. 
1861 to 1865 (.25 pieces). ....... 21 

Case Xo. 3. Case of Pistols; many kinds. Flint-lock. Percussion-lock, 
Muzzle and Breech-loaders, Single and Double-barrel, Revolvers, 
and Magazine Pistols. Many of them were used in the Civil 
\\"ar (,64 pieces). ........ 24 

Case Xo. 4. Case of Rifled Carbines: most of them were in the service 

in the Civil War (18 pieces). . . . 31 

Case Xo. 5. Case of Revolvers (Army and Xavy ) ; many of them are 
Pocket Pistols and were used in the Civil War on both sides (92 
pieces), ......... 34 

Case Xo. 6. Case of Breech-loading Rifles that were in the service 

during the Civil War (14 pieces), ..... 43 

Case Xo. 7. Case of old Oriental Guns of the Sixteenth and Seven- 
teenth Centuries, Rare Lot (11 pieces), .... 45 

Case Xo. 8. Case of United States Rifle Muskets that were in the 

service during the Civil War (16 pieces), .... 47 

Case Xo. 9. Case of old Flint-lock Guns used in the French and 
Indian Wars: some of them used in the Revolutionary War 
(14 pieces). ........ 50 

Case Xo. 10. Case of Guns used in the Civil War. mostly Foreign 

Manufacture (16 pieces). ...... 54 

Case Xo. 11. Case of Rifles and Double-barrel Shotguns: some of 

them are very rare (14 pieces). ..... 56 

Case Xo. 12. One-half of this case are Confederate Guns, used in the 
Civil War on the Southern Side; the other half are old Flint- 
lock Guns (14 pieces). ....... 59 

Case Xo. 13. This case contains a collection of Guns made by the 
United States Government, from the Flint-lock Musket of 1799 
to the Springfield Rifle, model of 1862 (14 pieces), . . . 6[ 

Case X'o. 14. Case of old Flint-lock Guns; some very rare (14 pieces). 64 

Case Xo. 15. Case of Old Arms, Japanese Match-locks. Blunderbusses. 

etc.: very rare lot of Guns (21 pieces). .... 66 

Case Xo. 16. Case of Indian Rifles, which were captured, and some 
of them were surrendered by Hostile Indians (Sioux and 
Cheyenne) soon after the Custer Massacre. June 26. 1876. on 
the Little Big Horn River. Wyoming Territory (18 pieces). c>) 


Case .\n. 17. Case of Early Brccch-Unidiii^ Rifles; sonic of thcin 

very rare (17 pieces), ....... 72 

History of the John Brown Rirte. ...... yj, 

Case No. 18. Case of early Breech-loading^ Rifles and Shotguns; 

some of them very rare (14 pieces), ..... 75 

Case No. 19. Case of very rare, old Oriental I'lint-l'ick and W'IkcI- 

lock Guns (10 pieces), ....... 77 

Case No. 20. Case of very rare, old Arms of the I'ourteenth to Seven- 
teenth Centuries (12 pieces). ...... 79 

Case No. 21. Case of Pistols. Burglars' Tools, Whaling Inii)lements, 

and other Curios, etc. (94 pieces), ..... 8_' 

History of the John Brown Pike. ...... 84 

Case No. 22. Case of lot of Old Guns; some of them never duplicated 

{12 pieces), ........ 90 

Case No. 2^. Case of Swords; some of them from the Civil War. War 

of 1812, and the Revolutionary War (26 pieces), ... 92 

Case No. 24. Case of Relics of Civil War. from 1861 to 1865, Spherical 
Projectiles, Solid Shot, Shells, etc., also Revolutionary War 
Shot and Shell (61 pieces), ...... 9^; 

Case No. 25. Case of Sabers. Swords. Knives, and Saber Bayonets. 
etc., from different Battlefields of the Civil War. 1861 to 1865 ('54 
pieces). ......... 100 

Case No. 26. Case of Relics of the Civil War from 1861 to 18(15; Conical 

Projectiles for Rifled Cannon. Solid Shot and Shell (94 pieces). 106 

Case No. 27. Case of War Relics from many ditTerent Battlefields of 

the Civil War. 1861 to 1865 (875 pieces). . . . .112 

Case No. 28. Case of Stands of Grape and Canister Shot. Shells. Solid 

Shot, etc., from the Civil War, 1861 to 1865 {^7 pieces), . J22 

Case No. 29. Case of Prehistoric Stone Implements and Ornaments 

of the Stone Age (575 pieces). ...... 128 

Case No. 30. Case of Prehistoric Stone Implements and Ornaments 

of the Stone Age (338 pieces). . .132 

Case No. 31. Case of Prehistoric Stone Inii)lemems and Ornaments 

of the Stone Age (1,7^ pieces). ..... t.^6 

Case No. 32. Case of Prehistoric Stone Implements of the Stone .\ge 

(115 pieces), ........ i43 

History of Chief Tecumseh's Tomahawk. ..... I47 

Case No. 33. Case of Miscellaneous Collection of Indian Curios. 
Tomahawks. Pipes. Bows. Arrows. Bone-breakers. P>ead Work, 
etc. (90 pieces). ....... M'^ 

Case No. 34. Case of Miscellaneous Collection of Indian Relics; 
fine Bead and Porcupine Quill-work on Buckskin Articles, etc. 
(293 pieces), ........ i5- 

Case No. 35. Case of Miscellaneous Collection of Indian Relics; fine 
Bead and Porcupine Quill-work on Buckskin articles, etc. C60 
pieces). ........ '5^ 

Case No. 36. Case of Miscellaneous Collection of Indian Curios. Head- 
dresses, made with Buckskin and Flannel, Ornamented with Beads 
and finely-colMrerj I'cnthers. etc. (II pieces), . . . i(So 


Case X(». j{j. Case of Relics of tlie Civil War and Curio> of the Revo- 
lutionary W ar. etc. (350 pieces), ..... 162 

Case Xo. 3cS. Case of Ivory Walrus Tusks, Sperm Whale Teeth. 

Sharks' Jaws, Sawfish Sw^ords. and other Curios (85 pieces). 17J 

Case Xo. 39. Case of Ancient Cinieters. Swords, Daggers, and other 

Weapons (29 pieces). . . . . 17'j 

Case Xo. 40. Case of Civil War Battlellags. Union and Confederate 

I'niforins. etc. (35 pieces). ...... 180 


(X'ot in cases.) 

Collection of old Car\ ed Powder Horns from the French and Indian 
Wars, the Revolutionary War. and the War of 1812; also some 
from the late Civil War, 1861 to 1865 (44 pieces). . . .183 

History of the Windham Bacchus, and English Letters, etc. (44 pieces). 189 

History of the Norwich Bacchus. ...... 197 

History of General Israel Putnam's Plow, . . 197 

History of General Israel Putnam's War Saddle. War Relics from 

Battlefields of the Civil War, 1861 to 1865 (376 pieces), . . 19S 

History of an Old Perforated Tile. ...... 199 

Monument of War Relics; a Striking Design, Tiiade of War Relics from 

different Battlefields of the Civil War, 1861 to 1865. . . 201 

Monument of War Relics from different Battlefields of the Civil 

War. 1861 to 1865. ....... 203 

History of Section of a Tree from Battlefield near Chicamauga. Tenn.. 204 
Collection of Old Cannon (11 pieces). . . . . .211 

History of an old Breech-loading Cannon, made about the year 1373. 211 
History of an old Cannon, date. 1400. .211 

History of Pair of Signal Cannons. . . . 212 

Collection of Japanese Swords (7 pieces). . . . . 213 

Collection of Old Pewter and Tinware in the Old Corner Cupboard 

(135 pieces). ........ 213 

Collection of Minerals. Fossils. Shells, etc. (159 pieces). . . . 218 

Collection of old Military Hats. Ladies' old Hats and Bonnets (28 

pieces). ......... 22jt, 

Collection of Pictures, old Engravings. Lithographs, etc. (31 pieces). 22^ 

Lithograph of Windham Green in 1815. ..... 22J 

Collection of old Fire Buckets. Hats. Belts, etc., collected in the City 

of Hartford, Conn. (38 pieces), ..... 228 

Collection of .-Xntiques from old New England Farmhouses (loi pieces). 229 
Collection of Confederate Books. Bonds, Papers, etc.. used in the South- 
ern States during the Civil War, from 1861 to 1865 (3$^ pieces). 235 
A few of the Rarest Guns in the Collection (16 pieces), . 2^,0 
History and Description of the John Cookson Breech-loading Maga- 
zine Gun. made in 1586. etc.. ...... 239 

A few of the Rare old Pistols in the Collection (ii pieces). . 243 

Collection of old Indentures on Parchment (12 pieces). . 244 


Cnlkction f)t old Commissions, from 1726 to i<S4.v, all sii,niecl by Gov- 
ernors of Connecticut l<S5 pieces), ..... -41 
Collection of old Bonds that were ^iven (lurin;^ the Revolutionary 

War (15 pieces), ....•■•■ -5^ 

Old Manuscript' from 1701 to iSco. P.onds. Writs, etc.; some of them 

were written by Jonathan 'rrunibull. 1744 to 1755 ( i.oJi pieces). 252 

Collection of old Newspapers, i'aniphlets. etc.. of Xew I'.n.udand (247 

pieces). . . • • • • • -5- 

Frame of old Campaign Badges, with engraved Portraits on Satin 

( 14 pieces). .....••■ -54 

Frame of Campaign Badges: some of them are English and Confederate 

(18 pieces), ....•••• -55 

Frame of Silk Badges, worn by our City blathers at the Dedication of 
the Soldiers' and Sailor>' .Memorial at Hartford. Conn.. Sept. 
17, 1886 (14 pieces), ....••• -5*5 

Collection of Silk Badges from all parts of the country (440 pieces). . 256 

Frame 30x24, Collection of Souvenirs, Medals. Badges, etc. (122 

pieces), . . ■ • • • ■ -:>J 

Collection of Confederate Money, 1861 to 1865, old Bank Bills, Scrip, 

etc • . .; -^^ 

Frame 47x32, Collection of Southern Money, mostly Scrip of dif- 
ferent denominations (94 pieces). . . . . • -5'^ 

Collection of Continental Money (70 pieces). .... -'5^^ 

Frame 48x36, Collection of Indian Photographs of different Tribe 
(58 pieces), ....•■• 

Collection of London Fashion Plates from 1824 to 1834 (^^ pieces). . 256 

Collection of Book Engravings (21 pieces), ..... -'56 

Collection of Hartford City Directories, from 1838 to 1897 (3^ pieces) 



History of the old Leather Man. ...... 256 

Collection of Spatiish Ritles, Carbines, etc., late war. i8(;8 (14 pieces). 




CASE No. \. 


1 Seventeenth Century Flint-lock Bell-miizzle Pistol, cal. i|- inch, 

half octagon barrel, lock and barrel tinely inlaid with gold. 
This pistol came from Erzeroum, Turkey, on River Euphrates, 
about seven hundred miles east of Constantinople. This pistol 
evidently belonged to a Chief or *' Bey." Imported by H. En- 
fianjaian, Xew Haven, Conn.* [1386.] 

2 and 3 Pair Seventeenth Century Flint-lock Bell-muzzle Pistols, cal. 

i^ inch. Barrel inlaid with gold, silver trimmings, carved 
stock. Xame on them L. Lazriano. This pair of pistols came 
from Kemach, Asiatic Turkey. [1544 and 1544.] 

4 Seventeenth Century Turkish Flint-lock Pistol, cal. 50. barrel and 

stock inlaid with silver. From Constantinople. Imported by 
S. B. Donchian. Hartford. Conn. [1864.] 

5 Flint-lock Pistol, cal. 50. octagon barrel. Made by W. Mills, 

London. [15 10.] 

6 Flint-lock Pistol, cal. 45. barrel made cannon-shape, stock inlaid 

with silver. Made by E. Xorth, London. Eng. From Fenton 
& Sons, London. [1369.] 

7 Sixteenth Century Japanese Match-lock Pistol, cal. y^. bronze 

barrel inlaid with gold, ebony stock, silver trimmings. From 
Japan. \'ery rare piece. From Fenton & Sons, London. [1543.] 

8 and 9. Pair of Seventeenth Century Wheel-lock Pistols, cal. 50, 

iron trimmings. Xo maker's name on them. They came from* 
Athens. Greece. Fine pair. From Fenton «Jv: Sons. London. 
[1542 and 1542.] 

* The bracketed numbers which appear after each description are 
merely private memoranda. 




/S^^^f ill \\i^^^^ 


10 Seventeenth Century Turkish Flint-lock Pistol, cal. 60, iron trini- 

niingr^- Fine old pistol from Constantinople. Imported by S. 
B. Donchian. Hartford, Ccnn. [951.] 

11 and 12 Pair Eighteenth Century English Flint-lock Pistols, cal. 

50. barrels cannon-shape, silver mounted. English manufac- 
ture. From Fenton & Sons. London. [1363 and 1364.] 

13 Double-barrel Flint-lock Pistol, cal. 54. made by Twiggs. London. 

\'ery old. FVom Fenton & Sons. London. [1545] 

14 Allen Single-barrel Pistol, cal. ^2, percussion, self-cocking. Allen's 

patent 1845. ^lade at Worcester. Mass. [2203.] 

15 Revolving Pistol (*' Pepper Box '*) Three-shot. cal. 32, percussion, 

self-cockins:. ^lade bv the Manhattan ^Ifj?. Co. of Xew York. 

16 Revolving Pistol (" Pepper Box " ) Four-shot. cal. ^2, percussion, 

self-cocking. Allen's Patent, January 10. 1845. ^lade by Allen 
& Wheelock, Xorsv^ch, Conn., in 1845. [137^-] 

17 Revolving Pistol T' Pepper Box ") Five-shot. cal. 32, percussion, 

Allen's Patent. April 15. 1845. self-cocking. Made by Allen & 
Wheelock, XonWch, Conn.. 1845. [-176.] 

18 Revolving Pistol (" Pepper Box ") Six-shot, cal. 32, percussion, 

self-cocking. Allen's Patent, April 15. 1845. Made by Allen ^ 
Wheelock, Norwich, Conn. [418.] 

19 and 20. Pair Seventeenth Century Turkish Fhnt-lock Pistols, cal. 

60. solid silver trimmings. From Diarbekir, Turkey. Im- 
ported by S. B. Donchian, Hartford, Conn. [949 and 949.] 

21 and 22 Pair Heavy Flint-lock Horse Pistols, cal. 60. hea\y brass 
trimmings. English manufacture. [2159 and 959.] 

23 and 24 Pair Flint-lock Horse Pistols, cal. 60. brass trimmings, 
barrels slightly bell-muzzle, marked on the locks. " loyner." 
probably foreign. [15 12 and 1513.] 

2^ and 26 Pair Flint-lock Horse Pistols, cal. 60. carved mahogany 
stocks, brass trimmings. Marks on the locks. ** Smith." [416 
and 417.] 

2J Flint-lock Horse Pistols, cal. 64. octagon barrel, slide for setting 
cock, carved stock, iron trimmings. Marked ** South " on the 
lock. [415] 

28 Flint-lock Horse Pistol, cal. 64. octagon barrel, carved stock, iron 

trimmings. Made by lover. London. From Fenton & Sons. 
London. [1367.] 

29 Flint-lock Horse Pistol, cal. 64. octagon barrel, iron trinmiings. 

Made by Tosh Keeley. London. From Fenton & Sons. Lon- 
don. [i3'68.] 


30 and 31 Pair Flint-lock Horse Pistols, cal. 60, halt octai^on barrels, 

brass trimmings. Made bv Ketland «!\: Co., London. [1879 

and 1880.] 
32 and 2i2i- ^^^^^ Flint-lock Horse Pistols, cal. 30, half octa^i^on barrels, 

iron trinmiings. Made by W. Ketland & Co., London. [1869 

and 1870.] 

34 U. S. Navy Pistol, cal. 60, has been altered from flint-lock to per- 

cussion-lock. Brass trimmings, made by Anus Company, 
Springfield, Mass.. in 1845. Swivel ramrod. [940.] 

35 Fnglish Xav\- Flint-hjck Pistol, cal. j^. half octagon barrel, brass 

trimmings. An old-timer. [1481.] 

36 Flint-lock Horse Pistol, cal. 50. brass trinnnings. Made by Ket- 

land & Co., London. [1511.] 

^"j C. S. Flint-lock Horse Pistol, cal. 60, heavy iron bands, large 
heavy pistols, iron trimmings. ]\lade for the Cnited States by 
S. North, Middletown, Conn. [1536.] 

38 and 39 Pair Belgium Flint-lock Horse Pistols, cal. 70, brass trim- 
mings, ^lade at Leidge, Belgium. [2157 and 2156.] 

40 and 41 Pair Duelling Flint-lock Pistols, cal. 56, octagon brass 
barrels, mahogany stocks, carved handles, and brass trimmings. 
Silver breech plates. Made by Ketland <S>' Co., London. [413 
and 414.] 

42 and 43 Pair U. S. Flint-lock Ht)rse Pistols, cal. 60, swivel ram- 
rods, iron trimmings. Made for the I'nited States by R. F^hn- 
son, Middletown. Conn., in 1841. These pistols with many 
others were condemned by the State of California in 1886. [<)46 
and 946.] 

44 and 45 Pair blint-lock Horse Pistols, cal. 56, brass barrels and 
trimmings. One lock was gone on one of them. .\ new one 
has been placed in it. They were made by Ketland & Co., 
London. Presented by Dr. Frank S. Quackenboss of Hart- 
ford, Conn., in 1889. This pair of pistols belonged to his great- 
grandfather. Colonel William H. ^laxwell, who was Colonel in 
the British Army in 1789. [1384 and 1383.] 

46 Seventeenth Century Turkish Flint-lock Pistol, cal. 50. lock in- 

laid with gold. Silver bands and crescent on the butt of stock. 
From Diarbekir, Turkey. Imported l)y S. B. Donchian. Hart- 
ford, Conn. [950.] 

47 Seventeenth Century Turkish Flint-lock Pistol, cal. 50. brass bar- 

rel, fine embossed work, brass lock plate and butt plate em- 
bossed. Screw plate on the left hand side, has a coat of arms 
finely embossed. Stock inlaid with silver, also silver star and 
crescent. From Harpoot. south of Erzeroum on the River Eu- 
phrates. Turkey. [1387.] 



48 and 49 Pair Duelling- I*istols. cal. 50. percussion locks, laminate'] 
rirte barrels. Mahogany stocks, silver trimmings, finely en- 
graved. [11 17 and 1 1 17.] 

50 and 5 1 Pair Duelling Flint-lock Pistols, cal. 50. brass barrels, 2| 
inches long, slide on the top to hold the hammer. Mahogany 
stocks. Made by P. Bond. 45 Comhill. London, about 1785. 
[ 1661 and 1661.] 

52 Colt's Repeating Revolver, cal. ^2, percussion. Cylinder has five 

chambers. Paper cartridges, Samuel Colt Patent. Made at 
the Colt Armory. Paterson. X. J., about 1847. [ii97-] 

53 and 54 Pair Derringer Pistols, cal. 42. metallic cartridge, silver 

plated trimmings. Williamson Patent, CVn^'l^cr 2. i^Oo. Made 

in New York. [1723 and 1724.] 
55 and 56 Pair Derringer Pistols, cal. 42. percu-M-jn-i-j^t^. -u\^i irim- 

mings, made by Derringer. Philadelphia, expressly for A. J. 

Plate. San Francisco. Cal.. that name being engraved on them. 

These pistols are facsimile of the one that J. Wilkes Booth shot 

President Lincoln with. April 14, 1865. [933 and 933.] 
^j Flint-lock Pistol, cal. 38. brass barrel, little bell-shape, probably 

foreign. [1881.] 

58 Flint-lock Pistol, cal. 38. barrel half octagon, iron stock, engraved. 

Made in London. [2007.] 

59 and 60 Pair Duelling Flint-lock Pistols, cal. 50, iron barrels, 2\ 

inches long, slide on top to hold the hammer. ^lahogany 
stocks. ^lade by P. Bond. 45 Comhill, London, about 1790. 
[424 and 424.] 

61 Spanish Double-barrel Pistol, cal. 32. percussion, dirk knife pistol. 

Handle silver plated, very fine weapon. [171 1.] 

62 Flint-lock Pistol, cal. 42. made bv Armstrong. Philadelphia, Pa. 

_ [960.] 

63 Seventeenth Century Flint-lock Pistol, cal. 60. silver-mounted. 

Ver}- old pistol, from Madagascar. [421.] 

64 and 65 Pair Seventeenth Century Saxon Flint-lock Pistols, cal. 

60, peculiar shaped stocks, covered with ornamental sheet brass, 
and finelv inlaid with silver. From Constantinople. [1863 and 


66 Flint-lock and Percussion Pistol, cal. 50 : this pistol can be shot 
with either flint-lock or percussion. It has a regular flash-pan, 
and a cone. The hammer is so made that it can be shot with 
either or both at the same time. Iron stock, finelv engraved. 


6/ Scwiilcciitli Ccntnrv .M()(;risli I'iim-lock l'i>l()l. cal. }:), l)arrc'l a 
little !)L'll-sliai)i'(l. l)rass iriiiiniin^s. Im-oiii Morocco. I1338.] 

()(S I'ruich l"lint-lock 1 lorsc I'i.stnl, c:.!. 70. brass trininiiiiL^s. trii^j^.r 
unard i^diu-. Made 1)\ Ia- I'ai^c Moiiticr. Taris. lie was a 
celebrated ^nnmaker about iM)^ to \()X^. under the rei.^-n of 
Louis X I \'. I 1 337-1 

6<; and 70 Pair Turkish l"lint-lock I'istols. Ccd. ^S. very lar^'e pair. 
The bands on the nuizzle are solid silver. The other trinimint;s 
are of iron, en_i^ra\ed \'c-r\- tinely. .Name on the barrt-ls. Convn- 
\io : suppose they nii^lit ha\e belon^-e(l to some ( iri-ek or .\1- 
banian mountaineer. T]ie\ were imported from ( On^tantino- 
])le. I 13SS and i3J^<j. | 

71 ."Spanish I'dint-lock i'istol, cal. 50. l)arrel inlaid with .i^'old. brass 

trinuninLiS. carxed stock. | JJ5 1 . | 

72 l"lint-l(Kd< Pistol, cal. 40. brass trinunini^s. maho.i^any stock 

Marked on the barrel. " Imhanan."' ( )n the lock is marked 

"Ansback." | 1340.] 
y^, ( )rii ntal Double-barrel bdint-lock Pistol, cal. 60, carved nialioj^- 

an\ stock". The butt of the stock represents a drai^on's head; 

vu-y old. |<;3i.| 
74 Double-barrel kdint-lock Pistol, cal. 42. brass barrels, one barrel 

o\-er tlu' niher. KexoKin^- ])an. Tui-ns one-(|uarter round io 

prinu' secnnd barrel. |<;37-| 
J^ Double-barrel Idint-lock Pistol, cal. -15. carved >tock, one barrel 

o\c-r the other. Pan turns one-cjuarter round to ])rinie second 

barrel. | 1 i8(j. | 
76 Dou1)le-l)arrcl i'dint-lock Pistol, cal. 50. one barrel over the otlier, 

with s])rin,cf dai^i^er. Pan turns one-(|uarter round to i^rinic 

second barrel. Stani])ed with coat of arms. In center is 

marked " Dancaster." | 13^)6.] 
yj Double-barrel ]Tint-l(xd< Pistol, cal. 50. one barrel over the other. 

with sprin.i:: <l'i.i.^i^^'i' attached to it : said t(^ be Russian. It was 

bou.i^ht in Moscow bv W. ( ). Atwood. Stonin^ton. Conn 




CASE No. 2. 


jS Remington Ritied B. L. Carbine, cal. 50, paper cartridi^e. Rem- 
ington's Patent. December 2^, 1863, May 9 and Xovember 16, 
1864. Made by Remington Arms Co., Ilion, X. Y. 20,000 
Remington carbines and rifles were purchased by the United 
States during the Civil War. [1432.] 

Remington Rifled B. L. Carbine, cal. 50. Remington's Patent 
May 3 and Xovember 15, 1864. ]^Ietallic cartridge, rim fire. 
Made by Remington Arms Co.. Ilion, X. Y. [1354I 

Merrill Rifled B. L. Carbine, cal. 54, Merrill's Patent, July. 1858. 
and April 9. ]^Iay 21 and 26, 1861. Paper cartridge, brass trim- 
mings. Made by J. H. IMerrill. Baltimore. Md. 14.405 of 
these carbines were purchased by the U. S. Government during 
the Civil War. [1353.] 

Ballard Rifled B. L. Carbine, cal. 54. Ballard's Patent. XovemlKT 
5, 1861. Paper cartridge, made by P>allard Arms Co., Fall 
River, Mass. Merwin & Bray, agents. Xew York. 1.5CK) of 
these carbines were purchased by the I'. S. Ciovernmeni during 
the Civil War. [1457.] 

Starr Rifled B. L. Carbine, cal. 54, Starr's Patent, September 14, 
1858. Paper cartridge made by the Starr Arms Co.. YcMikers, 
X. Y. 25.603 of Starr's carbines and rifles were purchased by 
the l\ S. Government during the Civil War. | 1341.] 





83 Starr Killed W. I.. C'arl)iiK', cal. 50. Starr's Patent. September 14, 

1S5S. Alteration to metallic cartrid.i^e. rim tire, made ])y Stan- 
Arms Co.. Vonkers. X. ^'. Many of these carbines were used 
during- the Cixil War. | 1342. J 

84 Cosmo])ohtan Rilled Carbine, cal. 50. patented in 1862, pa])er car- 

trid,L;e. Made by (iwym ^S: Campbell, llamilton, ( ). <j.342 of 
these carbines were ])urcliased b}' the V . S. (ioxernment dnriui^ 
the Civil War. | 1 i<;i. | 

85 Gibbs' Ritled I'.. 1.. Carbine, cal. 52. L. Tl. ( libbs" Patent, jan- 

nar\- S. 185^). ])aper cartridi^'e. Made 1)\- Win. I'", lirooks. Xew 
^'ork■. in iSf>3. 1.052 of these carbines were pnrchased by the 
C S. ( iowrnment duriniT^ the Civil W ar. | 1350. | 

86 Smith Killed W. L. Carbine, cal. 50. Smith's Patent. June 23, 1857. 

paper cartridge. ?^lade by ^Massachusetts .\rms Co., Chicopee 
k'alls. .Mass. 30,062 of these carbines and rilles were purchasevl 
b}- the U. S. Government duriui^ the Civil War. | \2()2.\ 

87 Gallagher Rifled B. L. Carbine, cal. 54, Gallap^her Patent. July 17, 

i860, paper cartridge; made by Kichardson tS: ( )verman Arms 
Co.. Philadelphia. 22,728 of these carbines and rilles were pnr- 
chased by the I'. S. Government during- the Civil War. [ 1347.] 

88 Burnside Killed !>. L. Carbine, cal. 54. Patented March 25, 1856; 

])aper cartri(l<;'e. Made by Pnrn.side Kille Co.. Providence. K. 
1- ^?'?^^7 *'^' these carbines and rilU's were purchased by the 
U. S. Government during- the Ci\il War. [1343.] 

8() Hall Rifled B. L. Carbine, cal. 54. J. II. Hall's Patent. 1847 ; i)aper 
cartrid.^e. Made by S. North. .M iddletow n. Conn. These 
,L;ims were made as loui;- a^o as iSii. They were the tii'st 
American breech-loading- i^un made in the Cnited States. 
3.520 were in the ser\-ice ot the Cnited .*~^tates during- the Civil 
War. The\- were also used in the Mexican War. | I4r)0.| 

(JO jeid^s Kille(l P). P. Carbine, cal. ^2, percussion iK'nnnuM- on the side 
of the ban-el: paper cartridge. .\L'ide by \. P. .\mes .\rms 
Co.. Sprin^lield. .\b'iss.. in 1S45. for the C. S. Navy. Many of 
these were used in the ( "i\il War. |</)S.| 

91 Shar])S* Rifled P.. C ( "arbine. cal. 50, Sharps' Patent. ( )ctol)er 5, 

1852 : also patented by K. S. Lawrence. .\])ril 12. 1851^ Paper 
cartrid,f::e. Sharps' guns wire used in the C. .^. \rm\ as early 
as 1846. in the Mexican War. and during- the Kebellion. So. 512 
carbines and rilles wvw purchase*! by the C. .'^. ( iovernment 
during the Civil War. Made at Sharps' Kille Co.. Hartford, 
Conn. I i34f>.| 

92 Spencer Rilled Repeating (■arbine. cal. ^2, Spencer's Patent. Xo- 

vend)er (). iSdo. Metallic cartridge. Mad.e by Spenc-r Re- 


peating Ritie Co., Boston. ]^Iass. 94.156 of :'.. . .e. ...... c.:. . 

rirtes were purchased bv the U. S. Government during the Civil 
War. [1345] 

93 Joslyn Ritled B. L. Carbine, cal. 54. Joslyn Patent, 1864. metallic 

cartridge, rim tire. Made by B. F. Joslyn Fire Arms Co.. 
Stonington. Conn. Many of them were used in the service oi 
the Civil War. [1355-] 

94 Sharps & Hankin Rifled B. L. Carbine, cal. 52. patent 1859. me- 

tallic cartridge, rim fire. Made by Sharps & Hankin. Philadel- 
phia. Pa. Many of them were used in the Civil War. [1349.] 

95 Triplett & Scott Rifled B. L. Carbine, cal. 50 : patented December 

6. 1864: metallic cartridge, rim fire. Made by Meriden Mfg. 
Co.. Meriden. Conn. ^Nlany of them were used in the Civil 
War. [1462.] 

96 Joslyn Rifled B. L. Carbine, cal. 54, Joslyn's Patent. August 2}^^ 

1855 : paper canridge. ^lade by B. F. Joslyn Fire Arms Co., 
Stonington. Conn. 11,261 Joslyn's carbines were purchased by 
the C". S. Government during the Civil War. [1400.] 

97 Warner Rifled B. L. Carbine, cal. 50. metallic cartridge, rim fire, 

Warner's Patent, i860. ^lade by Warner. Springffield. Mass. 
4.001 were purchased bv the U. S. Government during;- the Civil 
War. [1398.] 

98 Palmer Rifled B. L. Carbine, cal. 50. Wm. Palmer Patent. De- 

cember 22, 1863 : metallic cartridge, rim fire, ^lade by E. G. 
Lamson Arms Co.. Windsor, \'t. i.ooi were purchased by the 
U. S. Government during the Ci\*il War. [1399] 

99 Ball Rifled B. L. Magazine Carbine, cal. 50. Ball's Patent. June 

2}^, 1863 : metallic cartridge, rim fire. Made by E. G. Lamson 
Arms Co.. Windsor. \'t. 1.002 Ball's magazine carbine were 
purchased bv the U. S. Government during the Civil War. 


100 Ball's Rifled B. L. Magazine Carbine, cal. 50. Ball's Patent. June 

2},, 1863 • metallic cartridge, center fire. Many of them were 
used by the U. S. Government during the Civil War. [1516.] 

10 1 Enfield Tower Muzzle-loading Carbine, cal. 58. percussion-lock. 

swivel ramrod : made by Barrett. London, England. Many of 
these carbines were used in the Civil War on the southern side. 

102 Maynard Rifled B. L. Carbine, cal. 54. Maynard's Patent. May 

2'. 185 1, and December 6. 1859: paper cartridge, made by Mas- 
sachusetts Arms Co.. Chicopee Falls. Mass. 20.002 were pur- 
chased by the U. S. Government during tl: ' •■ ' ^^ - ' ■ :"•' ^ 




CASE No. 3. 


103 Russian Flint-lock Pistol, nuizzle Uxi inch, llat muzzle, egg- 

shaped, brass trimmings. Initial of maker's name in gold, also 
a crown on the barrel ; very old and rare arm. It was bought 
in ]\Ioscow, Russia, by \\'. O. Atwood, Stonington, Conn., in 
1892. [21 15.] 

104 English Rifled Duelling Pistol, cal. 45, percussion-lock, finely 

engraved with safety slide ; iron trimmings, finely engraved. 
]\Iade by J. Purdy, Oxford Street, London, Eng. [2132.] 

105 \^olcanic Repeating Alagazine Pistol, cal. 38, large size. Smith 

& Wesson's Patent, February 14. 1854; brass mountings. 
Made bv the \'olcanic Repeating Arms Co., Xew Haven, Conn. 

106 \'olcanic Repeating ^lagazine Pistol, cal. 7,2, Smith & Wesson's 

Patent. February 14, 1854. Alade by the \'olcanic Repeating 
Arms Co., X'^ew Haven, Conn. [2260.] 

107 and 108 Pair L^. S. Horse Pistols, cal. 56. percussion-locks, swivel 

ramrods, and brass trimmings. They have been altered from 
flint-lock to percussion-lock. ^lade by H. Ashton Arms Co., 
Middletown, Conn.. 185 1 and 1852. These pistols were carried 
by the Governor's Horse Guard of Hartford, Conn., until the 
State condenmed them in 1885. I^M4 ^^^^^^ 944-] 
109 and 1 10 Pair lielgium Flint-lock Pistols, cal. 70. brass trinnnings, 
marked on the butt-plate " Co. G. 1863." Made at Liege, Bel- 
gium. The\- were in the service on tlie southern side in the 
Civil War. from Richmond. A'a. | -' 1 58 and 215S.I 

11 1 Xorth Mini-lock 1 b)rse Pistol, cal. 70. made for the L'nited States 

Government by S. Xorth. I»erlin. Conn.. 1813. The first ortler 
given for these pistols bv the l'nited Stales was for ^ck\ in 181 v 


112 and 113 Pair English Dragoon Pistols, cal. 70, flint-locks, brass 

trimmings, large and heavy : lately condenmed by the English 

Government. [^54^^ ''^"^^ L^4^^1 


1 14 I'liiit-lock Horse i'istol. cal. Co: it has an arm or belt hook on it 

to carry it in the belt. On the lock is marked a crown, G. R. 
Tower. lirass trimmings. [2166.] 

115 ( "lerman Mint-lock Horse Pistol, cal. 50. brass trinnnini^s, said 

to have been made in the seventeenth century. [i33<;-l 

116 Ancient Flint-lock Horse Pistol, cal. 50, brass barrel, stamped 

*' Bristol." Name on the lock, " Gabbitas." Stock inlaid with 
silver and silver trimmings. [1365.] 

117 Richards Flint-lock Horse Pistol, cal. 56, brass barrel and brass 

trinnnings, marked " Richards " on the lock. Said to havj been 
carried in the Revolutionar\- War by Timothy MatluT. Windsor, 
Conn. [2009.] 

118 English Horse Pistol, cal. 70. percussion-lock, octagon brass 

barrel and trimmings. Has been altered from flint-lock to per- 
cussion within a few years. It was once owned by Colonel Wm. 
H. ^laxwell, who was Colonel in the IVitish Army in 1789. 
The pistol was made by Ketland, London. Eng. [1385.] 

IK; English Horse Pistol, cal. 60. pjrcussion-lock. brass barrel, and 
brass trinnnings. ^lade by Hopkins. London, Eng. From 
battlefield of Chester Station, \'a.. May 10. 1864. [1910.] 

120 Double-barrel Horse Pistol, cal. 50. percussion-lock, one barrel 
over the other. Finely made pistol. French manufacture. 
Found on the battlefield of New Market Road. \'a.. ( )ctober 7. 
1864. U22.] 

\2\ and 122 Pair Rified Duelling Pistols, cal. 56. ]X'rcussion-locks, 
marked '* Dupe " on the locks. From Petersburg. \'a. [425 
and 426.] 

123 V. S. Horse Pistol, cal. 60. jxTcussion-lock. swivel ramrod: has 

been altered from flint-lock to percussion. Made f«^r the L'nitcd 
States by S. Xorth. Middletown, Conn. [941.] 

124 French B. L. Pistol, cal. 50. octagon l)arrel, metallic cartridge, 

carved mahogany stock, iron trimmings, from Fort Fisher. N. 
C.. January. 1865. [21 14.] 

125 C'lifederate Pistol, cal. 36. percussi«in-lock. hanuner underneath 

the barrel: barrel 8 inches long, half octagon. This pistol was 
presented to this collection by George W. Bryant. Farmington, 
Conn.. February 29. 1888. Mr. P.ryant went to war with the 
First Connecticut Cavalry. Company D. First Brigade. Third 
Division, under General Custer. Mr. Bryant captured this 
pistol from a rebel on the Wilson Raid in the spring of 1864. and 
sent it home as a war relic. It has the name of S. Sutherland, 
Richmond. \'a.. on the stock. [1165.] 


126 Allen «S: Thurhcr Pistol, cal. 36. i)cTcussion-luck, hall octaj^un 

barrel : nuulc by Allen «S: Thurber. Worcester, Mass. This 
])istol was picked up after the battle of Winchester. \'a.. June 
13. 14. and 15. 1863. by John Xathan. Winchester. \'a. [963.] 

127 Sharps' B. L. Pistol, cal. 38. C. Sharps* patent. 1852, percus- 

sion-lock, paper cartridge : made by Sharps' Ritle Works, Phil- 
adelphia. Pa. Was in the service during the Civil War. [ 1380. J 

128 Sharps' B. L. Pistol, cal. 38, C. Sharps' patent, 1848 and 1852, 

percussion primer lock, paper cartridge ; made by Sharps' Rifle 
Works, Philadelphia, Pa. Was in the service during Civil 
\\'ar. [1720.] 

129 Fowler Muzzle-loading Pistol, cal. 38, percussion-lock, barrel 6 

inches long, half octagon, marked '* B. Fowler. Jr.. Xo. 646." 
This pistol was presented to this collection by C. A. Fowler, 
Hartford, Conn., ]\Iay 4, 1888. It was made by his father, B. 
Fowler, who made pistols in the Connecticut State Prison about 
I S3 5-8. [1 164.] 

130 Remington Xavy Pistol, cal. 50. metallic cartridge, patented May 

3. 1864, and April 17, 1866. Made by the Remington Arms 
Co.. Ilion. X. Y. [1523.] 

131 Ouinnebaug Ritied Pistol, cal. 36. percussion-lock: hammer 

under barrel, 9-inch barrel, rifled. Made by Ouinnebaug 
Rifle Co., Southbridge, ^lass. This pistol was picked up after 
the battle at Antietam, September 17, 1862, by J. S. Owens, 
Sharpsburg, ]Md. [21 17.] 

132 French Breech-loading Pistol, cal. ^2, octagon barrel, carved 

stock of singular construction. From battlefield of Sailors* 
Creek, A'a., April 6, 1865. [419.] 

133 Derringer Pistol, cal. 38. percussion-lock, octagon barrel, finely 

engraved : German silver trimmings. [Made by Derringer, 
Philadelphia. Pa. From battlefield of Cold Har1)or. \'a.. Tune 
I, 1864. [2162.] 

134 Johnson Horse Pistol, cal. 56. swivel ramrod, altered from flint- 

lock to percussion-lock. Made by R. Johnson, Middletown, 
Conn., in 1843, for the United States Government. [1483.] 

135 I'. S. Springfield Rified Pistol, cal. 58. model 1855. Maynard's 

primer lock and detachable stock, swivel ramrod, brass trim- 
mings : made at the Springfield Armory. 1856. [058.] 

136 Colt's Xew Model Army Repeating Pistol, cal. 42, with detach- 

able stock, and canteen in the stock : cylinder has six chambers, 
percussion. ])apcr cartridge. Colt's Patent. Made by Colt's 
Patent Fire Arms Mfg. Co.. Hartford, C'onn. The first order 


j^Mvcn 1)\- the U. S. Govcrnnu'iil tHr this model ot arms wiiii 
canteen in the stock was 20.000. in the early part of the Civil 
War. |20ij.| 

137 Colt's New Model Xa\y Repeatint^- Pistol, cal. 36. with detach- 

able stock, and canteen in tlie .>tock : cylinder has six chambers, 
l)ercussion. ])aper cartridi^e, Colt's Patent, made by Colt's 
Patent h'ire Arms Co., Hartford, Conn, (joi^.l 

138 Colt's \e\v Model Army Kepeatini;- Pistol, cal. 42. with detach- 

able stock, cylinder has si.\ chand)ers. ])aper cartridi^e, Colt's 
patent. I 2175. 1 

139 Colt's Old Model Arm\ Repeating^ Pistol, cal. 42. with detach- 

able stock, cylinder has six chambers, paper cartridi^e. Colt's 
l)atent. [2014. | 

140 Colt's Xew Model Xavy Repeatini^; Pistol, cal. 36. with detach- 

a])le stock, cxlinder has six chambers. j)aper cartridge. Colt's 
patent. [2015.] 

141 Sinii^Ie-barrel Muzzle-loading Pistol, cal. 50, percussion-lock. 

octagon barrel, engraved, picked uj) on the battlefield of New* 
Market Road, Va., September 29, 1864. [21 12,] 

142 \'olcanic Repeating Magazine Pistol, cal. 32, Smith & Wesson's 

Patent, P\0)ruary 14, 1854. ^Nlade by Smith & Wesson's Arms 
Co., Norwich, Conn. The number of this pistol is jS. Smith 
& Wesson sold out this patent to the X'olcanic Rei:)eating .\rms 
Co. of Xew Haven. Conn. [21 k;.] 

143 Percival Magazine Pistol, cal. t,2, invented by ( )rville Percival. 

Moodus, Conn., about 1840. i'atented by Smith cX- Percival. 
Made by H. S. Smith, Norwich. Lonn.. in 1850. This arm has 
two chambers which are suspended vertically from the barrel, 
when the arm is not being loaded : in that case the two chambers 
are made to turn through a half circle, and the i)owder, fulmi- 
nate, and ball droi)])ed into its place from the magazine; the 
revolution backwards left the barrel loaded for action. Forty 
32-caliber balls could be inserted in the chaml)er at once. The 
powder necessary for the same number of charges was received 
in the adjoining chamber, which also contained the tube for the 
fulminate. The latter was in the form of pellets, and dropped 
from the chamber into the receptacle designed for the ])urposc. 

144 and 145 Pair Duelling Pistols, cal. 50, percussion-loeks. rifled, 

octagon barrels : locks and trinnnings inlaid with silver. Carved 
stt^cks. No maker's name on them. 1 22^)5 and 22()().] 
146 Jennison Pistol, cal. 32, percussiondock. hannner un<lerneath the 
barrel. Made bv ]. [emiison ^: Co., Southbridge. Mass. 


Found on the battleficM •>[ OiaD-n's Farn:. \'a.. S.r-'.vrr.bcr 3j. 
S64. [2268.] 

YoK'ing^ Pistol, cal. j,^. i.^r^-.---.:i. «....-. .^- .. .:^'. ^ a...- 

ers. Brass barrel. This pistol was found in the Connecticut 

River, in 1892. at Turner's Falls, by a man who gave it to John 

Nagle of Turner's Falls. The wood part on the handle was 

gone. A new one replaced by Xagie. [2269.] 

148 r>ouble-barrel Pistol, cal. ^^, percussion-lock, carved stock; 

found on the battlefield. James Island - nc 14, 1862. 


149 Double-barrel Pistol, cal. ^^, percussion-iock. in fine order. 

From battlefield of Seven Pines, near Richmond. \'a. [11 19.] 

1 50 Double-barrel Pistol, cal. 38, percussion-lock : picked up on the 

battlefield of Petersburg. Va.. 1865. [21 10.] 

151 Z)ouble-barrel Pistol, cal. 38. percussion-lock; from the battle- 

field of Cold Harbor. Va.. June. 1864. [1378.] 

152 Double-barrel Pistol, cal. :^^, percussion-lock; it has but one 

trigger, shoots one barrel or the two at the same time. Found 
on the battlefield at Chester Station. Va.. May 10. 1S64. [1116.] 

153 D I'uble-barrel Pistol, cal. 38. percussion-lock; fcrom battlefield of 

Gaines' Mills. Va.. June. 1862. [942.] 

154 Revoh-ing Pistol t" Pepper Box "k Ten-shot. cal. ^, percussion. 

hammer inside, self-cocking ; found on the battlefield of Deep 
Bouom. ^'a.. August 14. 1864. [750.] 

155 Revohing Pistol ♦" Pepper Box*'k. Eight-shot. cal. 38. percus- 

sion, hammer on top. self-cocking, revolves to the left, English 
manufacture. From Battlefield 01 " - " _- - ^ ^ 'iily 
II. 1863. [2258.] 

156 Revoh-ing Pistol ♦" Pepper Box ">. Six-shot. cai. 3S. percussion. 

hammer on top. self-cocldng ; from Charleston. S. C. [1907.] 

157 Revolving Pistol T" Pepper Box "l Six-shot. cal. ^^, percussion. 

six single barrels brazed together; self-cocking, revolves to the 
left. Made by Laport Irmaos. Rio De Janeiro. Marked on 
the gn^^P- ^lariett Brevette. Hammer inside. [2262.] 

158 Revolving Pistol p Pepper Box ">. Six-shot. cal. ^, percussion. 

hammer inside, self-cocking ; from battlefield of Bermuda Hun- 
dred. \'a-. May. 1865. [957.] 

15 ; Rev '\-ing Pistol T* Pepper Box ">. Five-shot. cal. 32. percussion. 
*.a:::nier on top. made by Robbins &: LawTence. Windsor. \'t.. 
patented in 1849. [--5^-1 

160 Revoh-ing Pistol ( " Pepper Box "). Five-shot. cal. 38. percussion, 
hammer on top. Allen's Patent; made by .\llen & Thurber. 
Worcester. Mass. r2;;2r.] 







Kini;slcy Ritlcd ristol cal. 22, niado for shoutin.ic nits, by Henry 
li. Kin.i^slcy. when he worked at Colt's Patent I'ire Arms Co., 
Hartford. C<Min., 1865. [1198.] 

Hopkins c\: Alien Pistol, cal. 38. percussion : made by Hopkins & 
Allen. Norwich, Conn. It was taken fr. .m a tranij) by Chief 
P.owen at the police station. Xorwich. Conn. |i3"^l 

Manhattan Arms Company Pistol, cal. 3S. i)ercussion : made by 
Manhattan Arms Co., Xew York. I-'ound ..n the b^ttletield of 
Peach Tree Creek, Ga., September. 1864. |2io<).| 

Repeatini,- Four-shot Self-cockin^" Pist.)l. cal. 38. percussion, 
hammer inside, four shots, four chambers in breech block, which 
slides up and down in center of case. It raises up when cock- 
ing it from one chand)er to another. It is operated with a trii:;- 
ger. Name on it. " H. Colleye ": on the breech block the ini- 
tials " E. L. G." From ^b)ntreal. Canada. (2254.) 

French Hannnerless Pistol, cal. 58, metallic cartridi^^', oi)erated 
with a lever on top. which opens the breech for the cartrid^^c 
at the same time it cocks it, and is ready for use when lever is 
closed. Hammer inside. }^Iarks on the barrel. " Cbre De- 
Gre." :Marked on the lever. " Pistolet. Robert P.revete." [2261.] 

Pettens^ill Hammerless Revolver, cal. 50, percussion; cylinder 
has six chambers, self-cocking; marked on the frame, " Petten- 
gill Patent, 1856;" also "Raymond & Robitaille." Entered 
1858. This revolver was picked up on the battlefield of Gettys- 
burg after the battle. July i to 4, 1863, by John Harding. [2317.] 


.1. E. BROOKS COLLECT 10.\. 


CASE No. 4, 


167 Sharps & Hankin's Rifled B. L. Carbine, cal. 52, Sharps' patent, 

metalHc cartridge, rim fire. ^lade by Sharps & Hankin. Phila- 
delphia, Pa. ]\Iany of them were used in the Civil War. ( 1429. J 

168 Perry Confederate B. L. Carbine, cal. 50, percussion, papjr car- 

tridge, breech block, similar make of the Burnside Carbine. 
One of these carbines in Springfield Arsenal collection, marked 
" Rebel Perry." [1574.] 

169 Wesson's B. L. Rified Carbine, cal. 40. Wesson's Patent. Au- 

gust 25. 1859. and Xovembcr 11. 1862. Metallic cartridge, rim 
fire. 151 of these carbines were purchased by the United States 
Government during the Civil \\'ar. By some means this car- 
bine fell into the hands of the Indians. History as given by 
Buckskin Joe : '* I, with Tanning Iron and Tanning Hoe. while 
hunting on the Middle Fork of the Flat Plead River. I t<nuul a 
large Indian tepee, snowed up. I dug the snow oft. and there 
were two Indian bucks and one scpiaw. They were frozen stiff. 
I think they got there, and got snowed in. and starved to death. 
I took the rifie from the tepee. Xovember 23. i88(). Signetl, 
Buckskin Joe. Flunter. Trapper, and Guide." The stock is or- 
namented with brass tacks. [2247.] 


170 Lani>un 1'.. J.. .Mai^aziiu- C'arhiiu. cal. 50. iiRtallic cartridge. 

ccnliT lire. ])atrnu-(l jiiiu- JV iSh:;. and Marrli 15. iXi)^. Made 
hy I-',, (i. Lanison tS; L<)., W indsur. \ i. A \v\\ ni ilu'S.' carbines 
were used 1)\- tlie L\ S. Governnunl diirini^- the Livil War. 

171 r.rowii I'xtli kitli-d \\. L. Carbine, cal. 44. nielallie carlrid^^-e : 

made about iS():;. b\ I'.rown Mi.i;'. l<>.. Xew bur\ port. Mas>. 


172 Ma\na.rd RiHcd 15. L. Kille. cal. 3S. ])a])er cartridi^o. octaj^on 

l)arrel, Maynard's I'atenl Tape Lock. 1S45. with patch-l)ox ; 
made l)y Maynard Cum Co.. C hicopee l*'alls. Mass. [2270.] 

173 Klein RiFlcd ^I. L. Rifle, cal. 45. i)LTCUSsion-l(ick, octai^on barrel, 

glol)e and peep sights : silver trinmiings. Made by P. H. Klein, 
New York. It was used by b)hu Hai.slop. shar])sh(H)ter. at the 
battle of Gettysburg. Pa., Iid\ 2 and 3. \^(\^. | -'-'37- 1 

174 Austrian M. P. Carbine, cal. y^. i)ercussion-lock. They were 

used by mounted horsemen the tore ])art of the ("i\il War, 1861 
and 1862. Man\- thousand of them were purchased 1)\ the U. 
S. Government. Idiey were worthless. I1514.I 

175 Confederate Jvitied P. P. Carbine, cal. ^2, percussion-lock. ]niper 

cartridge. Jt has brass bands and butt ])late. This carbine is 
one of man\- that were made in Richmond. \'a.. in 1862 and 
1863, by S. (i. Robinson .\rms Manufactory, which were used 
in tlic Civil \\ ar on the southern side. They are the same 
model as the Sharps carbine riHes that were made in Hartford. 
Conn., during the Civil War. Hiis carbine with many otliers 
were buried just before the fall of Richmond. April. 18(15. 
Thev were afterwards disv'owrt'd by government otticials. and 
taken up and sold b\ Mr. lla\es of Richmond. \"a.. 1)\- order of 
the P. S. ( 'lovernnu nt. I2147.I 

176 C"onfederate M. P. Carbine cal. C^n, i)ercussion lock, brass trim- 

mings, swivel ranu'od. ( )n the lock is stamped a Confederate 
flag. Xumber of this carbine is 2.yn). Made by Cook c't 
r.rother. .\thens. ( ia. Was usecl in the service of the C"ivil 
War on the soiuhern side. |i<'4o.| 

177 confederate ^f. P. Carbine, cal. ()o. jiercussion-lock ; marked on 

the lock. " C. S.. Richmond. \'a.. 1864." Was in the service of 
the Civil War on the southern side. | 1050.] 

178 P. S. M. P. Carbine and Bayonet, cal. 60. i)ercussion-lock : made 

In Pnited States at Springfield Armory, ^fass. \\'as in the 
service of the Pnited States (iovernment the fore ]iart of the 
Civil War. [212;.! 



179 lui^i^lish liarnctt Al. L. Carbiiu-. cal. ()0. ])crcussi<)n-l(>ck. lias 

ni])I)le protector, held 1)\ chain on trij^j^e-r i^uard. Swivel ram- 
rod ; made hy Harnett. London. I'.ui^. Many of ihrsc arms were 
used in the early part of the Livil War by the northern and 
southern armies. This carbine with many others was taken 
from a blockade runner on the southern side, captured on the 
coast of Cuba in i8()i, and which became an international ques- 
tion with Spain, and which was not settled until 1867. [1396.] 

180 Gallag-hcr B. L. Carbine, cal. 51, (iallagher's Patent, July 17, 

i860; made by Richardson & ( )verman, Philadelphia. Pa. 
Lock o-one. It was taken from the battlefield of IJarryville, 
\'a., SeptemlxT 3, 1864. [833.] 

181 Peabody Martini P>. L. Ritied Carbine, cal. 45, hammerless, me- 

tallic cartridge ; made by the Providence Tool Co., Providence, 
R. L Many carbines and rifles were made for the Turkish Gov- 
ernment of this model in 1873. [i757-] 

182 Peabody B. L. Rifled Carbine, cal, 50, patented July 22, 1862. 

Metallic cartridge, rim fire ; made by the Providence Tool Co., 
Providence, R. L [1352.] 

183 Sharps' B. L. Rifled Carbine, cal. 50, wath cof¥ee mill attach- 

ment in the butt of the stock, C. Sharps' Patent, 1848 and 1857. 
Paper cartridge; made by Sharps' Rifle Co., Hartford, Conn. 
This carbine was used in the service on the southern side in the 
Civil War. Some bright mechanic thought it a good idea to 
put a cofifee mill into the butt of the stock, as it would be con- 
venient for the soldier to grind his cofifee at his leisure ; very 
few of them were made. This carbine has one of those coffee 
mills in the butt of the stock in fine working order. It must 
have been a very handy thing for the soldier who had the car- 
bine, and the coffee to grind. During the Civil War this car- 
bine was captured w^ith many others by the United States. The 
v. S. Government sent about 4,000 Sharps' rifles and carbines 
to Sharps' rifle factory at Hartford, Conn., to be repaired, and 
this carbine was found among the lot. It was presented to S. 
C. Kingman by E. G. \\'estcott. It was i')resented to A. E. 
Brooks' collection by ^lajor Sanmel C. Kingman of Washing- 
ton. Conn.. June 6, 181)5. [2255.1 

184 Russian B. L. C\arl)ine, cal. ^^2, percussion-lock, brass barrel. 

seven barrels in one barrel : brass ])reech blt^ck takes out to loail 
it. It has seven chambers. i)aper cartridge. It was jMcked up 
on the battlefield of Port lludsc^n. La.. Jul v. 1S03. by a soKlier 
of the Twelfth Regiiuent. Ci^nneclicui X'olunleers. [20j^.] 



A. li. 1U<00I<S COLLIiCTlOW 35 

CASE No. 5. 


185 Remington Navy Revolver, cal. 36, percussion, cylinder six 

chambers ; paper cartridge, patented by E. Remington & Son, 
September 14, 1858. Made by Remington & Son, Ilion, N. Y. 
W^as in tiie service during the Civil War. [1492. J 

186 Remington Army Revolver, cal. 42, percussion, cylinder six 

chambers ; paper cartridge, patented by E. Remington & Sons, 
Septeml)er 14, 1858. Made by Remington & Son, Ilion, N. Y. 
\\'as in the service during the Civil War. [1491.] 

187 Savage Army Revolver, cal. 42, percussion, cylinder six cham- 

bers, paper cartridge, self-cocking, patented by H. S. North, 
June 17, 1856, January 15, 1859, and May 15, i860. Made by 
Savage R. F. A. Co., Middletown, Conn. Was in the service 
during the Civil War. [1496.] 

188 Colt's Navy Revolver, cal. 36, percussion, cylinder six chandlers, 

paper cartridge, Colt's Patent, No. 248 ; made by Colt's Fire 
Arms Mfg. Co., Hartford, Conn. Was in the service during 
the Civil War. [1488.] 

189 Colt's Army Revolver, cal. 42, percussion, cylinder six chambers, 

paper cartridge, Colt's Patent, No. 248; made by Colt's Fire 
Arms Mfg. Co., Hartford, Conn. Was in the service during 
the Civil War. [1487.] 

190 French Army Revolver, cal. 45, percussion, cylinder six cham- 

bers, paper cartridge, hammerless. It has a hammer for re- 
volving the cylinder. Alade by Devisme, Paris. \\'as in the 
service on the sontliern side during the Civil War. I2205.I 

191 Whitney Navy Revolver, cal. 36, percussion, cylinder six cham- 

bers, paper cartridge ; E. WHiitney Patent. Made by the 
Whitney Arms Co., New Haven. C\)nn. A1)()ut "j^ oi them be- 
long to the State of Connecticut. They were condennied b\- 
the State in June. 1887. |<)45.| 

192 Lafauclieux Army I\e\()l\er. cal. 42 75/100, cylinder six cham- 

bers, metallic cartridge, ])in tire, self-cocking: made by Lafau- 
clieux Arms Co.. Taris. Was in the service during tlie Civil 
War. I 14<)0.| 


193'auclK'iix Xavv RcvoInct. cal. 38. c\lin(kr six chanibcrs. me- 

tallic carlridi^c. j)iii fin-, self-cocking-: made by Lafaiicheux 
Arms C"().. i'aris. Was in the service durinLi" the Civil War. 


194 Colt's New ]\Iodcl Revolver, cal. 32, i)ercussion, cylinder five 

chambers, paper cartrid^c^e, finely engraved, Colt's Patent : made 
by Colt's Fire Arms Mf.q". Co., Hartford. Conn. Was in the 
service durinf^;- the Civil War. [1196.] 

195 Lafaucheux Revolver, cal. 3J. ])ercussion. cylinder six chambers, 

metallic cartridge. ])in tire, self-cocking^; made by Lafaucheux 
Arms Co.. Paris. Was in the service durini;' the Civil War. 

196 W hitne\' Revolver, cal. 3S. ])ercussion. cylinder tive chambers. 

paper cartridge, patent applied for; made by E. Whitney. Xew 
Haven, Conn. It was owned by H. E. Smith. Brooklyn. X. 
Y., who carried it in the service of the Civil War. fjoo^.] 

197 Alsop Revolver, cal. 38, percussion, cxlinder six chand)er.s. ])aper 

cartridge, patented by C. H. Alsop, July 17 and August 7, i860, 
May 14, and November 26. 1861. Made by C. H. Alsop, Mid- 
dletown. Conn. Was in the service dm-ing the Civil War. 
[1 199.] 

198 Adams Army Revolver, cal. 45, percussion, self-cocking, cylin- 

der six chambers, paper cartridge: Patent Xo. 1137. Made by 
J. Adams, London, h'ng. Was in the service during the Civil 
War. [1484-1 

199 Adams Xavy Revolver, cal. 3(). i)ercussion. cylinder five cham- 

bers, paper cartridge, Adams's I'atent. ]\fay 3. 1853. Made by 
Ames Arms Co., Chicopee Falls, Mass. Was in the service 
during the Civil War. f 1485.] 

200 Starr Navy Revolver, cal. 3S. ])ercussion. cylinder six chambers, 

self-cocking, Starr's Patent, January 15, 1856. Made by tin- 
Starr Arms Co., New York. Was in the service during the 
Civil War. [1494.] 

201 Starr's .\rmy Revolver, cal. 44. ])ercussi(^n. cylinder six chambers. 

self-cocking. i)ai)er cartridge, Starr's Patent, January 15. 1856. 
Made bv Starr .\rms Co., Xew York. Was in the service dur- 
ing the Civil War. [1493.] 

202 Starr's Army Revolver, cal. 42, percussion, cylinder six cham- 

bers, self-cocking, paper cartridge, Starr's I'atent. lanuary 15. 
1856. Made by Starr .\rms Co.. New York. Wa^ in the ser- 
vice during the Civil War. 1 03^^-1 

203 Le Mat Revolver, Double-barrel, cal. 38, percussion, cylinder 

nine chambers, second barrel muzzle-loader in center of cylinder, 


cal. 64. Tscd for lari^c hullcts or buckshot. Made by Le Mat, 
l*aris. Was in the scr\'icc on the soutliern side (hiring;- tlie Civil 
War. [1 382. J 

204 Allen Army Revolver, cal. 44, percussion, cylinder six chambers. 

paper cartridge, Allen's Patent, January 13 and December 15, 
1857. Made by Allen & Wheelock, Worcester, Mass. Was in 
the service during- the Civil War. [i486.] 

205 Joslyn's Army Revolver, cal. 44, percussion, cylinder five cham- 

bers, paper cartridge, Li. V. Joslyn's Patent, May 4, 1858. Made 
by Joslyn Arms Co., Stonington, Conn. Was in the service 
during the Civil War. [1489.] 

206 Colt's Old ]\Iodel Army Revolver, cal. 45, percussion, cylinder 

six chambers, paper cartridge, Colt's Patent. Said to have 
been used in the ^Mexican War. Made by Colt's Fire Arms 
^Ifg. Co., Hartford, Conn. [1719.] 

207 Colt's Old ]\Iodcl Army Revolver, cal. 45, percussion, cylinder 

six chambers, paper cartridge. Same as last number : from 
battlefield of Hatchet's Run, \'a., February 6, 1865. [i/iS.] 

208 Whitney Xavy Revolver, cal. 38, percussion, cylinder six cham- 

bers, paper cartridge ; made by E. Whitney, New Haven, Conn. 
Was condemned by the State of Connecticut in 1887. [945.] 

209 Beal Xavy Revolver, cal. 38, percussion, cylinder five chambers, 

paper cartridge, Beal's Patent, September 14, 1858. ^lade by 
Remington, Ilion, N^. Y. Was carried in the service during the 
Civil War, at ^Morris Island, Fort Wagner, and many other 
battles, by John Owens. [1709.] 

210 Alsop Xavy Revolver, cal. 38, percussion, cylinder six chambers, 

paper cartridge, C. R. Alsop Patent, July 17 and August 7, 
i860, ^lay 4 and X'ovember 26, 1861. Made by C. R. Alsop, 
Middletown, Conn. Was in the service during the Civil War. 

211 Xavy Revolver, cal. 38, percussion, cylinder six chaml)ers. paper 

cartridge: from battlefield of Antietam, ^Id.. September 17, 
1862. [i/io.] 

212 Revolver, cal .38. percussion, cylinder block has two chambers: 

made bv workman at the gun shop at Xorwich Falls, Conn. 

213 Revolver, cal. 42, ])ercussion, cylinder six chambers: from battle- 

field of Petersburg, \'a., June, 1864. [1909.] 

214 Whitney Revolver, cal. 3S. percussion, cylinder seven chaml)ers. 

paper cartridge. E. Beal's Patent, 1850. Made by E. Whitney, 
Whitneyville. Conn. Said to have been in the service on the 
southern side iluring the Ci\il War. I"^-om Alexandria, \'a. 


215 Adams Revolver, cal. 3S. percussion, cylinder five chambers, 

paper cartridi^e ; made for Adams ivcNoKini^- Arms Co.. New 
York, hy Massaclmsetls Arms CO., Cliicopee I'^alls, Mass. 
From haltletield of lialon Roii^e, La.. Aii.^ust 5. 1862. [ 1 107.] 

216 Connecticut Arms Co. Revolver, cal. 32, percussion, cylinder six 

chambers, paper cartridg-e ; made by the Connecticut Arms Co., 
Norfolk, Conn. From LOrt Macon, N. C, April, 1862. [1185.] 

217 Colt's Revolver, cal. 38, percussion, cylinder six chambers, paper 

cartridge, Colt's l^atent. Xo. ii.4<;7. Address Colnnd Co\i, 
New York. h>om battlefield at Rort Hudson. La.. July. 1863. 

218 jMaynard's Revolver, cal. 32, percussion, cylinder six chambers, 

paper cartridge, primer lock. Maynard's Patent, September 22, 
1845. ^I^ade by Massachusetts Arms Co., Chicopee Falls, 
Mass. From battlefield of Gettysburg. July. 1863. fi379.1 

219 Colt's New Model Revolver, cal. 32, ])ercussi()n, cylinder five 

chambers, paper cartridge, Colt's Patent, No. 12.418. Made by 
Colt's Patent Fire Arms Co., Hartford, Conn. J-'rom battle- 
field of Gettysburg, July, 1863. ['5-<^-l 

220 Massachusetts Arms Co. Revolver, cal. 32, percussion, cylinder 

six chambers, paper cartridge, cylinder revolves to the left. 
Patented by Wesson & Levett. Made by ^Massachusetts Arms 
Co., Chicopee Falls, Mass. This revolver was picked up from 
the battlefield of Gettysburg. ]\a.. July, 1863, by Charles J. 
Rowe. [ 1 188.1 

221 Massachusetts Arms Co. Navy Revolver, cal. 36. percussion, 

primer lock, paper cartridge, Maynard's Patent. 1845. Made 
by the Massachusetts Arms Co.. ("hicopee b'alls, Mass. Was 
in the service during the Civil War. [952.] 

222 Warner Revolver, cal. 38, percussion, cxlindc-r six chambers, 

paper cartridge, Warner's Patent, 1858; made by the Sjiring- 
field Arms Co., Springfield, Mass. This revolver was used in 
the Civil War by Caj^tain P. Franz. Company I^. Thirteenth 
Regiment. Tlis name is engra\-ed on tliis re\()lver. I143T.] 

223 Colt's Army Revolver, cal. 44. c\ Under six cliambt-rs. metallic 

cartridge, alteration from i)ercussion to metallic ammunition. 
Made bv the Colt T'atent bire Arms Mfg. Co.. Hartford. Conn. 

224 English Army Revolver, cal. 45, percussion, cylinder six cham- 

bers, paper cartridge: it was used in the Civil War on the 
southern side by William Pannon. I'redericksburg. \'a. [ i8(j4.1 

225 Kerr's Navy Revolver, cal. 36, jjercussion. cylinder five cham- 

bers, paper cartridge, Kerr's Patent; made in London. Eng. 



Was used in the Civil War. on the southern sitle. at t!:< hrit*'c 
of Dnir\''s Bluff, \'a.. May i6. 1864, and other ba* 
Y. Courtney, Norfolk, \'a. [1895.] 

226 English Army Revolver, cal. 45. percussion, cylinder six cham- 
bers, paper cartridge : J. W. Laird Patent, London, Eng. Was 
in the service during the Civil War, carried by Frank G. 
Hughes, Petersburg, \'a. [1871.] 

22y Whitney Army Revolver, cal. 45. percussion, cylinder six cham- 
bers, paper cartridge. It has one extra trigger which revolves 
the cylinder. E. Whitney's Patent ; made by Whitney Arms 
Co., New Haven, Conn. [1897.] 

22S Wesson's Xavy Revolver, cal. 36, percussion, cylinder six cham- 
bers, paper cartridge, cylinder revolves to the left. Wesson & 
Levett Patent. Made by Massachusetts Arms Co., Chicopee 
Falls, Mass.. about 1845. [U95-] 

229 Deville Revolver, cal. 2)^, cylinder six chambers, metallic car- 

tridge, self-cocking. Bar on the top of the barrel for sliding the 
cvlinder forward, to insert the cartridge. Marked " L. Deville." 


230 Welsh Revolvers, cal. 36, percussion, cylinder five chambers. 

It has two hammers and ten cones. When loaded it shoots ten 
charges. Two charges in each chamber, one charge on the top 
of the other ; Welsh Patent, Februarv' 8, 1859. Made by Welsh 
Fire Arms Co., Xew York. [1896.] 

231 Manhattan Revolver, cal. ;^2, cylinder six chambers, metallic car- 

tridge ; made bv the Manhattan Mfg. Co., Xew York. From 
Charleston, S. C. [1186.] 

2^2 Remington B. L. Derringer, cal. 22, Remington Patent. October 
21, 1861. Metallic cartridge, made by Remington Arms Co., 
Ilion, N. Y. [2107.] 

2^^ and 234 Pair Moore Derringer Pistols, cal. ^2, D. Moore Patent, 
Februar\' 24, 1853. ^letallic cartridge : made by Moore Fire 
Arms Co., Brookl\-n. X. Y. [749 and 749.] 

235 and 236 Pair Cooper's Duelling Pistols, cal. 42. rifled barrels, 
percussion-locks, silver trimmings, stock ornamented with solid 
silver. Marked " J. Cooper, Xew York." Might have been 
made in London for Cooper. [2318 and 2318.] 

2^j Lafaucheux Revolver, cal. ^2, cylinder six chambers, metallic 
cartridge, rim fire, self-cocking, with dagger. Made by La- 
faucheux Arms Co.. Paris. Picked up on the battlefield of 
Charles Citv Road. \'a.. bv Bo wen Snvder, October 2^. 1864. 



22^S J )(>ul)k--l)arrcl Kcxolw r, cal. ^h. cyliiuKr has eighteen chambers, 
pin hre ; made in IJirmin^ham. Vav^. jJiOo. | 

239 Li>h's Re\»)l\'er. caL 3S. cyhnder Inur chambers, melalhc car- 

tridge, ihis revolver is one ol the earl} ones that nsed metallic 
cartridges. This model ot a revolver is the same kind that 
Stokes shot and killed Colonel I'iske with man\ years ago. 
Made by Colt's TTre Arms Mfg. Co.. Hartford. Conn. [2206.] 

240 Slocmn Revolver, cal. ^2, c\linder. live chambers, rim tire, me- 

tallic cartridge. It has sliding shells on the cylintler that opens 
to place the cartridge in the chamber. Sanmel Slocnm's 
Patent, April 14. 1863. ]\Iade by the Brooklyn Arms Co., 
Brooklyn. X. V. | 1802.] 

241 Knnckle Revolver, cal. 22, cylinder six chambers, rim hre car- 

tridge, patent December 26, 1865. Engraved on it " My 
I'riend." It is nsed for striking as well as shooting^. | 1372.] 

242 Sharps' I"^:)nr-barrel Pistol, cal. 32, C. Sharps' Patent. 1859, 

metallic cartridge; made b\' C. Sharps Arms Co.. Philadelphia. 

243 Marston Three-barrel Pistol, cal. 36, each barrel one on top of 

the other, rim fire, metallic cartridge. ^Nlarston's I\atent. May 
26, 1857; improved 1864. .Made b\- W'm. W. Marston, Xew 
Y<H-k." [1381.] 

244 Wheeler Double-barrel Pistol, cal. 22 and 38. one barrel on top 

of the other. The barrel revolves half round to fire them. Me- 
tallic cartridge. Wheeler's Patent. October 31, 1865. and June 
19, 1866. Made bv the American .\rms Co., l)()ston, Mass. 


245 Wesson's Double-barrel Pistol, cal. 38, with dagger, one barrel 

over the other; dagger in center of the two barrels. Metallic 
cartridg-e. Wesson's Patent, December 18. 1868. Made by 
Frank Wesson, Worcester, Mass. [201 i.| 

246 Revolver, cal. 22, cxlinder six clu'unbers. metallic cartridge. 

This revolver belonged to ( ieo. A. I'.radley of riainville. Comi., 
who shot ^liss Lillian J. Renter i^i IMainville. Conn., August i f, 
1888, and killed her instantly. He afterward shot one bullet 
into his own head but did not kill him. lie was arrested and 
finally sent to State prison for life ; was presented to this col- 
lection by Coroner Lewis Sperry, Hartford, Conn. [i499-] 

247 Connecticut Arms Co. Revolver, cal. t,2, cylinder six chambers, 

metallic cartridge, pin fire, lever for extracting shells. Patent 
?^Iarch T, 1864. Made b> Connecticut Arms Co., Norfolk, 
Conn. [2259.] 

A. 11. HKOOKS C()LIJ:C"J JOX. 4! 

248 Xc\\l)ur\- Amis Co. Rt'X'oK'cr, ral. 32, ])cTi-iissi()ii, cN'liiulcr six 

cliamhcrs ; made 1)\- Xcwhnr}- Ai'ins Co., Albany, X. Y. [2204.] 

249 l\ciiiiiii;1on l\c\()lvcr. cal. 32, i)cTcnssioii, CNlindcr five chanil)er^, 

revolves ])\ lexer. i'\ I'.eal rateiil, \unv 24, 1856, and May 26, 
1857. Made 1)>- l\eniin!.;lon, llion, X. V. \220y.] 

250 Sini^le-barrel Pistol, cal. 22, metallic cartrid.^e. Taken from a 

])risoner at the police station, Hartford, Conn. [953-1 

251 l^arker Single-barrel Tistol, cal. 38, ])ercussi(jn, with safet\' slide, 

finely engraved; made by Parker, London. I^'rom the battle- 
field of New Market Road, Va., October 7, 1864. [2121.] 

252 Sharps' Pistol, Four-barrel, cal. 32, metallic cartridge, rim fire, 

C. Sharps' Patent, June 25, 1859. Made loy Sharps Arms 
Co., Philadelphia. [1373.] 

253 Lafanchetix Revolver, cal. 22, six barrels, metallic cartridge, self- 

cocking. ]\la(le l3y E. Lafaucheux, Paris. [2123.] 

254 I'acon Revolver, six barrels, cal. 22, metallic cartridge. ]\Iade 

l)y I'acon Arms Co., Norwich, Conn. [2122.] 

255 (iallagher Revolver, six barrels, cal. 22, metallic cartridge, Gal- 

lagher's Patent, July 17, i86o. Made by Richardson & Over- 
man, Philadelphia. [1347.] 

256 German Pistol, cal. 50, percussion-lock with safety guard, brass 

trinunings. From the battlefield of Chester Station, \^a., Alay 
10, 1864. [1900.1 

257 French Pistol, cal. 32. metallic cartridge, carved stock. From 

Charleston, S. C. [962.] 

258 German l^istol, cal. 50, percussion-lock. From l)attlefield near 

Fort Wagner, S. C, July 11, 1863. [961.] 

259 and 260 Pair Sharps' Duelling Pistols, cal. 38, percussion-locks, 

rifled barrels. Made by Sharp, London, Eng. [ 1497 and 1498.] 
261 and 262 Pair Rell-muzzle Pistols, cal. 100, percussion-locks, brass 
barrels, embossed hanuuers (lions' heads), carved stocks, 
marked " \\. Sz Co.. London." [2168 and 2i6(;.| 

263 Pistol, cal. 22, metallic cartridge, iron stock. I'^rom Petersburg, 

\-a. U-V-l 

264 Single-l)arrel Pistol, cal. 38, percussion-lock. l'\)und on the 

1)attlefiel(l of Deep Run, \a., August, i8()4. by C. M. Cadwell. 

265 Single-barrel Pistol, cal. 83. percussion-locl<. brass barrel, b^-oni 

Petersburg, \a. |f)88.| 

266 Derringer Pistol, cal. 38, ])ercussion-lock, siU'er trinunings; 

made by Derringer, Pliiladel])hia. h'rom battlefield o\ Cedar 
Creek, Va., October (). i8()4. | 1005. 1 


267 J)cTrin_t,aT I'istol. cal. 40. pcrciission-lock, silver trininiini^s. 

Made l)y Derringer, I'hiladclpliia. l*'roni battlcticld of Xcw 
Market Road, \ a.. ( )ct<)l)cr 7, 1864. [1906. | 

268 Grabb Pistol, cal. 36. ])crciissi()n-l()ck ; made by J. C. ( Irabb. 

bVoni battlefield of Cliaj)in's J-'ariii. \ a.. September 2(;. 1864. 

269 Pistol, Pell-nuizzle, cal. 100. percussion-lock. l)rass barrel, nia- 

hog-any stock. I'Vom battlefield of Fredericksburg, \'a., De- 
cember, 1862. [1903.] 

270 Pistol, Bell-muzzle, cal. 50. j)ercussion-l(Jck. brass barrel. b>om 

battlefield of Cbester Court House, S. C, February. 1865. 

271 Pistol, cal. 45, ]:>ercussi()n-lock. I'rom battlefield of James 

Island, S. C, June 14. 1862. |2iii.| 

2J2 Ouinnebaug Rifle Co. Pistol, cal. t^z, percussion-lock, banuncr 
underneath the barrel ; made by the Ouinnebaug Rifle Co., 
Southbridge, Mass., E. Hutchinson, agent, lialtimore. I'>om 
Alexandria, \'a. [2118.] 

2/^ Andruss & ( )sborn Pistol, cal. 7,2, ]XTCussion-lock. hannner 
underneath the barrel ; made by Andruss & Osborn, Canton, 
Conn. From Fort Wagner, S. C, July 11, 1863. [2161.] 

274 Ashton Pistol, cal. 32, percussion-lock, hammer underneath the 

barrel; made by P. H. Ashton. Middletown. Conn. [1721.] 

275 French I^istol. cal. 22, metallic cartridge, rim fire, carved stock. 

From Charleston. S. C. [2113.] 

276 Knife l^istol. cal. 22, metallic cartridge, shell handle, has two 

blades: made by I'nwin cK: Rogers, Sheffield. I'Jig. [11 18.] 

1. ^1-INCH .SOLID SHOT, No. L'i:i4. 



CASE No. 6. 


2jy Springfield Breech-loading Ritied :\Iusket and Bayonet, cal. 50, 
model of 1862 to 1864. Alteration to Allen's plan, metallic car- 
tridge. This is one of the 5.000 which were altered over at 
Springfield Armory in 1865. [1533.] 

2yS Green Bolt Breech-loading Rifie and Bayonet, cal. 50. Green's 
Patent, Xovember 17, 1857. Paper cartridge, hammer under- 
neath barrel: made at Millbury. :\Iass. 3.000 of them were 
made for the U. S. Government during the Civil War. [ 1464.] 

279 Bolt Breech-loading Rifie and Bayonet, cal. 50. The Colt's Fire 

Arms Mfg. Co. made 30,000 of these rifles for the Russian Gov- 
ernment in 1869. [1704.] 

280 Merrill's Breech-loading Rifie and Saber Bayonet, cal. 54. Mer- 

rill's Patent, July. 1858. and May 21 and 2S, 1861. Paper car- 
tridge ; made by J. H. Merrill. Baltimore. Md. Many oi them 
were in the service of the United States during the Civil War. 

281 :\Iississippi or Yager Muzzle-loading Rifle and Bayonet, cal. 50, 

made by Robbins «S: Lawrence, Windsor. \'t. Alteration to 
Lindner Patent, breech-loading rifle. Paper cartridge : by 



Anioskcai;- Alf.i;'. CO.. Alanclu'sUr. X. II., iS()2. Man\- oi ilu-ni 
were in the I'liited States scr\icc dnriiiL;- the Civil War. ( 1395.] 

282 Cicrniaii llrccch-loadini^ Kitlc. cal. 54. with four-cdt^c ])a\()nci, 

metallic cartrido^e ; made l)y Lonin Sluilz. Said to have l)eeii 
used in the Southern .\rni\ in the C'ivil War. | 2248. | 

283 Colt's Rei)eatin^- ilreech-loadin^- Kille and liaxonet. cal. 60. 

Colt's Patent. Scptend)er 10. 1850. and Xovend)er 24. 1857. 
Cylinder has five chambers. ])a|)er cartridi^e ; made by Colt's 
Fire Arms Mf,^'. Co., Hartford. Conn. \'er\- few of lliem wvvq 
used b\- the C S. Government during- the fore])art of the Civil 
War. Many of them were used on the southern side. I '531 I 

284 Colt's Repeating lireech-loading Rifle and Saber Bayonet, cal. 

60. Colt's Patent. Xovember 24, 1857. cylinder has five cham- 
bers, paper cartridge ; made by Colt's Fire Arms Mfg. Co., Hart- 
ford, Conn. I 1453.] 

285 Enfield Muzzle-loading Rille and Payonet. cal. 58, alteration to 

H. Berdan breech-loading rifle by Colt's P^ire Arms Mfg. Co., 
Hartford. Conn. A few of them said to have been used in tlie 
Civil War. | 1532.] 

286 Remington Preech-loading Rifle and 1 bayonet, cal. 38, Patent 

December 27^, 1863, and ^lay 9 and Xovember 16, 1864. Me- 
tallic cartridge, rim fire; made by K. Remington Arms Co.. 
Ilion, X. Y . Many of them were used in the Civil War. | 171 3.] 

287 Joslyn P»reech-loa(ling Rifle and liayonet. cal. 50, ])atent July i. 

1856. paper cartridge; made by the I'nited States at Harper's 
I'erry. \'a. Manx- of them were used in the Civil War. | 1465. | 

288 Spencer Repeating Preech-loading Rifle, cal. "^2, ])atented March 

6, i860, seven-shot, metallic cartridge: made 1)\- Spencer Re- 
peating Arms Co.. I'oston. Mass. Many of them were used in 
the Civil War. | 1 530. | 

2?^<) Sharps' I'.reech-loading Rifle and Payonet. cal. ^o. Sharps' new 
model, j)atented Scptenfl)er 12, 184S, ( )ctol)er 5, 1S52; R. S. 
Lawrence Patent, April 12. i83(); primer lock, paper cartridge, 
made by Sharps' Rifle Co., Hartford, ( onn. Many of them 
were used in the Civil War. [ 1466. j 

290 lUdlard Preech-loading Rifle and P)ayonet. cal. 54. j^atented Xo- 
vember 5, 1861 ; metallic cartridge, rim Are; made by T.allard 
Arms Co.. I'\all River. Ma>s. Many of them were used in the 
Civil War. [1463.] 



^. _i 

■ . ^ 

'" .'' ^ 


' -tJ^'' ' "ix 

, ,-«r"^ 



CASE No. 7. 


291 Sixteenth Century Indian ?^Iateh-loek Gun, eal. 60; the barrel is 

four square with fancy muzzle, straight stock, four sheet brass 
bands to hold the barrel to the stock. From the Himalaya 
Mountains, India. [i557-] 

292 Sixteenth Century Afghan ]\latch-lock Gun, cal. 50: peculiar 

shaped stock witli fourteen l)rass bands to hold the barrel to 
the stock, l^^rom Afghanistan. [1555.] 

293 Sixteenth Century Indian Match-lock Gun, cal. 65: l)arrel made 

of wire, linely inlaid with gold and silver; all tlie trinnnings 
finely inlaid with gold and silver. The barrel is winrnd with 
cord to hold the l)arrel to the stock. iM-om Punial). India. 

294 Seventeenth Century Japanese :\Iatch-lock Ciun, cal. 45 : barrel is 

covered with sheet brass, very curious shaped stock, crooked 
like a pistol grip stock. It is made to shoot from the Iiip. Tin's 
gun was presented to the A. V.. T.rooks collection by Goo. Cu 
Accles, October 1 1, 1887. At this time ]\lr. .\ccles was traveling 
agent in foreign countries for the Gatling (am C'o. lie was in 
Taiwang-foo. Island of b\)rmosa. This gun was prrsentcd to 


liiiii 1)\ a native of Taiwan, and he hroui^lit it to Hartford. It is 
said llic ^un was made 1)\ the natixcs of the Island of h'orniosa. 


j»j5 Sixteenth C'entnry Afi^han Match-h)ek ( lun. cal. 75; straii^-ht 
stock, ornaments on the I)arrel ; the barrel is wound to the stoek 
with cord. This came from Afi^hanistan. | 1554-1 

2(j6 Seventeenth Century Spanish hdint-lock (inn, cal. 55. It has 
six silver hands to hold the stock to the l)arrel ; stock finely orna- 
mented with ivory ; some of it is colored. This j^-un was picked 
up on the battlefield of (libraltar by a native, about the yeai 
1765. This battle terminated the Moorish rule at Gibraltar. 
The g-un was kept in the family until about the year 1845. Ilicn 
it was presented to Admiral Clary of the U. S. Navy, who went 
on the retired list a nimiber of \ ears aci'o. and was obtained from 
the Admiral's family. [2005.] 

2^)/" Seventeenth C'enturx' Persian Mint-lock (lun. cal. 68. It has 
six brass bands to hold the barrel to the stock ; very ])eculiar 
shaped stock, h'rom Kerman. Persia. I2253.I 

298 Arabian 1* lint-lock (iim. cal. 68. barrel a little bell-muzzled, 
finely inlaid with gold ; stock covered with ornamental iron, in- 
laid with silver; of great workmanship. From Asia. [1867.] 

2()() I\gyptian Flint-lock Musket, cal. 64, stock painted red; made at 
Liege, Pelgium, for the Fgvptian trade. h'rom lielgium. 

1 1125.] 

300 Seventeenth Century Persiati hdint-lock ( iun. cal. 70; engraved 

barrel, and ])artl\ covered with ornamental sheet brass; stock 
ornamented with tacks, etc. I'rom Kerman. Persia. [2022."! 

301 Sixteenth Century ( ierman Air-gun, cal. 38. The barrel is lined 

inside with brass or some other kind of yellow metal. In the 
butt of the stock is a bellows, and other machinery for making 
the air pressure. It is worked with a crank or key. Tt is said 
that this air-gun is one of the earliest ever made. .All countries 
were forbidden to make these guns. The next invention of the 
air-gun was compressed air, used witli air pumps, which was 
used in the seventeenth and eighteenth ccMituries. | 1334.I 



CASE No. 8. 


302 U. S. ]\Ioclel 1822 Springfield M. L. ]\Iusket and Bayonet, cal. 

69, altered from a flint-lock to percussion, Remington, and 
Justice primer lock. \\'as in the service of the United States 
during the Civil War. [1438.] 

303 U. S. ]Model 1842 Springfield AI. L. Musket and Bayonet, cal. 

69, altered to Remington primer lock, patented 1857. Was in 
the service of the United States during the Civil War. [1469.] 

304 U. S. Model 1843 ^^- L. Musket and Bayonet, cal. 58, made at 

^lill Creek, Pa., for the United States : has been altered to Edw. 
Maynard's primer lock, patented 1845. ^^^> in the service of 
the United States during the Civil War. [1440.] 

305 U. S. Model 1862 Springfield M. L. Rifle Musket, cal. 58. per- 

cussion lock ; made at the U. S. Armory, Springfiekl, Mass.. in 
1862. Many thousand of these rifles were used in the service 
during the Civil War. This rifle was dug up by Alex. McCal- 
very of Sharpsburg. Md.. near Antietam Bridge, September 17. 
1889. There is no doubt that this rifle was dropped by some 
soldier at the battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862. It was 
found about eight rods below Antietam I^ridge in the sand 
which makes land from the flow of hii^h water in the river. It 


was about eighteen inches below tlic surface. I happened to be 
there some fifteen minutes after it had been unearthed. Mr. 
McCalvery said that it was not an unconnnon thini;- to (hi^ u[) 
guns and many other war rehcs in that locahty wliere tliey weie 
digging for sand 'J'he ritle i> ver\- ru.stw having' been buried 
just twenty-seven years to a day. | 1442. | 

306 l\ S. Model i860 M. L. Ride Musket. .<al)er I'.ayouet. cal. 58. 

percussion-lock; made at the l'. S. Armory at llar])er'> l-'erry, 
\'a.. in i860. Was in the service of the I'nited Stalt-s in the 
Civil War. [1470.] 

307 U. S. Model 1862 M. L. RiHe Musket and r.a\nn'.t. cal. 5S, ])er- 

cussion-lock ; made for the I'nited States by W ni. Muir ^: To.. 
Windsor Locks, Conn., in iS6j. Was in the service of the 
United States during the Ci\il War. [1455.I 

308 U. S. Model 1862 M. L. Rifle Musket and liayonet, cal. 5S. jier- 

cussion-lock ; made for the United States by I^. Whitnex , Whit- 
ney ville. Conn., in 1862. Was in the service of the I'nited 
States in the Civil War. [1467.] 

309 U. S. Model 1862 M. L. Ritle Musket and liayonet, cal. 5S. i)er- 

cussion-lock : made for the United States by Wm. Mas(jn, 
Taunton, Mass., in 1862. Was in the service of the Cnited 
States during the Civil War. [1503. J 

310 U. S. Model 1862 M. L. Ritle Musket and r.ayonet. cal. 5S. per- 

cussion-lock ; made for the United States by Norwich Arms Co., 
Norwich, Conn., 1863. Was in the service of the United States 
in the Civil War. | 1504.] 
31 I U. S. Model 1862 M. L. Ride Musket and Bayonet, cal. 58. i)er- 
cussion-lock : made for the United States by E. Robinson of 
New York in 1863. Was in the service of the United States in 
the Civil \\'ar. | 1505.I 

312 U. S. Model 1862 M. T.. Ride Musket and R.ayonet. cal. 58, j)er- 

cussion-lock ; made for the I'nited States l)y Trenton .\rms Co., 
New Jersev, in 1863. Was in the service of the United States 
during the Civil War. | 1502.1 

313 V. S. Model 1862 M. L. Rille Musket and R)ayonet, cal. 5S. per- 

cussion-lock: made for the I'nited States by Savage K. A. T. 
Co.. Middletown, Conn., in 1863. Was in the service of the 
United States in the Civil War. | 1501. ) 

314 U. S. Model 1862 M. L. Rifle Musket and I'.ayouet. cal. 58. per- 

cussion-lock ; made for the United States by S. N. «!v- W. T, Co. 
for Massachusetts in 1863. 130 Massachusetts volunteers used 
this rifle. Was in the service of the United States in the Civil 
War. fH;34l 



315 L . S. Xavv M. L. Ritle, Saber Bayonet, cal. 58. perciission-luck ; 

10,000 of these rifles were made for the United States by E. 
W'hitncv. W hitneyville. Conn. They were made for tlie navy. 
\\'as in the service of the United States in the Civil War. [ I43<; | 

316 U. S. Model 1862 M. L. Ritie ^lusket and Bayonet, cal. 58. per- 

cussion-lock ; made for the I'nited States by Colt's Fire Arms 
Co., Hartford. Conn., in 1862. Was in the service of the United 
States in the Civil War. [2001.] 

317 U. S. Model 1862 :\1. L. Rirte Musket and Bayonet, cal. 58. per- 

cussion-lock : made for the United States by Providence Tool 
Co., Providence. R. T.. in 1864. \\'as in the service of the 
United States in the Civil War. [1^06.] 




CASE No. 9. 

CASK nV OLD I- LI. XT-LOCK (iLXS l'Sl-:i) IN Till-: l-Ki:\(l[ 
AXI) 1XI)L\X WARS: SoMl-: Ol- TllILM l'Si:i) IX Till-: 
KIA■()LL"^I()XAR^■ WAR: 14 Rll'XICS. 

318 Revolutionary I'linl-lock Musket, cal. ys^ ^'^'^^^^ trinuuini;-s. 
niarkf(l on the lock crown. " (i. \\." and " Tower." This L;un 
was carried in the Rc-volutionarv War 1)\- John Pratt, llartlord. 
Conn. Mr. Rratt enlisted in tin- service July 10. 1773. in the 
Seventh Connecticut Regiment: was dischar.^ed December 20. 
1775. lie re-enlisted Deceniher J(;. 1777. was soon promoted 
Sergeant, afterwards to (■a])tain: Au,^u>l <;. 177S. to Assistant 
Commissarv of Supplies in the Arni\. lie was di>chari::e(l De- 
cember 27. 17S0. I'robably this .i^un was in the service in the 
1-rench and Indian W ars. It ha.s hve marks or notches cut on 
the stock, which represents the killini,^ of hve Indians, as it was 
the custom in those days to cut a notch on their .-:un stock for 
c-ver\- Indian slain. |';''>7-| 
J<evolutionary Idintdoek .Musket, cal. 75. brass trinunin-s, 
marked on the lock crown. " C. R."' an.l " Tower."' This -un 
was carried in the Rev. .lutionarv War by John Ibumell. R.erlm, 
C'onn.. who enlisted in the hirst ConnecticiU Re-imeut. May. 
1775: was dischar.ired September 23. 1775: re-culisted Mav 26. 
1777: was dischar.^ed .Xjiril 2r,, 17S0. [i<K)2.1 




320 Rcvoliuionary MiiU-lock Musket, cal. 75, brass trimininj^s, 

marked on the lock crown. " (i. K." and '* Tiiwer." 'Idiis ^un 
was carried in the I'rench and ln(h'an Wars by lv(jbert Avery, 
Stonington, Conn.; akso in the Revolutionary War. Mr. 
Avery enlisted September 8, 1776, in Captain Stoddard's c(jm- 
pany. Kirst Connecticut Regiment; dischar.q'ed November 17, 
1776. \\ e ]ia\'e his old |)o\v(ler horn in this collection, dated 
^7S7- l/)35-l 

321 i\e\-olutionary l*dint-lock Musket, cal. y^, brass trimmin^^s, 

marked on the lock crown. " (i. R.. Dublin Castle." lirass 
plate on the stock marked " F. 10th." This g-un was an heir- 
loom of the Dennison family. Captain Geo. Dennison, Mystic, 
Conn., who had fought Indians many years, on the 8th of May, 
1678. near Groton. Conn., fought a large number of Indians 
and drove many of them into the river, where they soon per- 
ished. This gun was handed down from his family to the fourth 
or fifth generation. It finally came into the hands of Captain 
George Dennison of Mystic, Conn., who carried it in the service 
of the Revolutionary War, and who was a pensioner in 1832. 
It came down to the last surviving one of Captain George Den- 
nison's family, Mrs. R. F. Ford of Mystic, Conn., of whom it 
was purchased. November 20, 1891. [i953-l 

322 Revolutionary Flint-lock Musket, cal. 75, brass trinmiings. 

marked '' ]\Ioore, London." \^ery old gun ; probably it was in 
the service of the French and Indian Wars. This gun was 
carried in the Revolutionary War l:)y John Smith, East Had- 
dam, Coiui.. who enlisted in Captain Holmes's company, April 
15, 1777, First Regiment. Connecticut Line. He was dis- 
charged April 15, 1780. [190.] 

323 Revolutionary l^dint-k^ck ?^lusket. cal. y^, brass trinnnings 

with heavy brass bands ; no maker's name on it. This gun was 
carried in the Revolutionary W^ar by Gudgo Sheppard, Yolun- 
town. Conn., who enlisted in Captain Fly's company. January 
2. 1777. First Regiment, Connecticut Line. lie was dis- 
charged January 2, 1780. [965.] 

324 Revolutionarx l-dint-lock ^lusket. cal. y^, brass trinnnings; 

made by Wilson. London. On the barrel is marked " C S. D. 
24th." It has large letters " V . S." stamped on the lock. On 
the st(^ck is branded " United States." Initials cut on the stock, 
" T. \\'., I. 1^.. 1. K., M." 'idiere is no (knibt but this gun has 
been in the service of the French and Indian War. ft was 
carried in the Revolutionar\- War b\- .*^:\nuiel Stratton. L. I., 
who enlisted ^la\- 6, 1775. in the Sixth C\">iuiecticut RegimeiU, 


and was discharged Xovcnibcr 30. 1775. lie re-cnlistcd in 
Captain Ely's company, February 15. 1777. Thirst Regiment, 
Connecticut Line. He was promoted from Corporal to Ouar- 
termaster-Sergeant, November 1, 1778. [2136.] 

325 Revolutionary Flint-lock Musket, cal. 75, brass trinnnings ; 

])robably made in England. This gun belonged to TIkjs. Bick- 
ford, Rockingham, Xew Hami)shire, which was carried in the 
Revolutionary War by him. Fie was commissioned Assistant 
Commissary of Issues in the American Army in Portsmouth, 
N. FL, June 8, 1778. It is said to be authentic that this gun was 
in the service at the battle of lUuiker Hill. |6Si . | 

326 Revolutionary Flint-lock ^vlusket, cal. 73. l)rass iriinming>. 

marked on the lock crown. " lordan. 1745." Initials on the 
stock, " C. H., W. D." Probably this gun has been in service 
in the French and Indian \\'ars. This gun was carried in the 
Revolutionary War by Cornelius Havens. Pomfret. Coun. He 
enlisted June 30, 1778, in the Third Regiment. Connecticut 
Line; was discharged December 20. 1780. [2137.] 

327 Revolutionary Flint-lock Fowling Piece, cal. 38. brass trim- 

mings; on the lock is marked " Ketland. Allport. London." 
Probably this is not the original lock. This gun ])elonged t<.^ 
John Marsh, Sturbridge, Mass., who carried it in the Revolu- 
tionary \\'ar from September 17, 1775, to September 2j. \'J'j('>. 
We have his old powder horn in this collection. [833. | 

328 Revolutionary Flint-lock Fowling Piece, cal. 38. brass trim- 

mings ; the barrel is a slightly bell-muzzle. The lock is not 
original, probably English manufacture. This gun belonged 
to Israel Brown, Lebanon. Conn., who carried it in ilu- early 
part of the Revolutionary A\'ar. He enlisted May 10. 1773. in 
the Tenth Company, Sixth Regiment, Colonel Parsons. 1773. 
He was discharged December 18, 1773. after eight days' ser- 
vice. ]Mr. Brown enlisted again January 20. 1777, in Captain 
Stevens's companv. Seventh Regiment. C(^nnecticut Line; dis- 
charged August 19. T777. 1^32-1 

329 Revolutionary Flint-lock Musket, cal. 73. brass trinnnings, 

marks on the lock, " \'oig 177^1." The lock has a brass pan 
which is not original. It was altered many years after the gun 
was made. The first brass pans were made by Eli Whitney, 
Whitneyville. Conn., about 1798 or I7()(^ Mnrks on the barrel. 
"67th Reg." Initial on the stock is " K.M." This gun was 
carried in the Revolutionary War by Daniel Munger. Saybrook, 
Conn., who enlisted April 21. }yjy, in the First Regiment. Con- 
necticut Line. He was discharged I'ebruary 26. 1780. [2167.] 



330 Rcvt»lutiunar\ Mint-luck Musket, cal. 75. 'inm trininiings; 

no name on the lock. Probal^ly Eng-lish manufacture It is 
authentically stated that this gun was carried in King Philip's 
War by Stephen Church at the time King Philij) was captured 
near Blount Hope (now Bristol). R. L, October 2y, 1679. It is 
said that it was in many other Indian battles. It came into the 
possession of John Church. Canterbury, Conn., who carried it 
in the Revolutionary War. He enlisted August 20, 1779, ip the 
Second Regiment, Connecticut Line: discharged January 15, 
1780. [1406.] 

331 Revolutionary Flint-lock ^Musket, cal. 75. iron trimmings and 

iron bands. On the lock is marked " Charleville " : of French 
manufacture. In 1799 and 1800, Eli Whitney, Whitneyville. 
Conn., undertook the manufacture of muskets for the United 
States at the Springfield Armory, taking as a model the French 
'* Charleville," flint-lock musket, that being the most improved 
arm in use in Europe at that time. This gun was owned by 
Ehsha Crosby. Ashburnham. Mass., who was one of the Minul-j 
Men. and carried it in the early part of the RevoliTtion in the 
battles of Lexington and Bunker Hill. [2240.] 




CASE No. 10. 


332 Springfield M. L. RiHc Musket and liaxonel. cal. 70, percussion- 

lock, stamped on the barrel, " New Hampshire." I'roljably 
been altered to model 1862. | 146S.J 

333 Springfield M. L. Musket and liayonet. cal. 70. U. S. model of 

1822; altered from Hint-lock to percussion-luck; made at 
Springfield Armory. I1437.I 

334 X'alley Forge M. L. Musket and liayonet, cal. 70, U. S. model 

1833; altered from flint-lock to percussion-lock; made by W. 
L. Evans. \'alley Forge, ^farked on the stock. " 11. A. Shaw, 
79th." I14-MI 

335 Austrian M. L. Musket and Uayonet, cal. 70; altered from flint- 

lock to percussion-lock. Marks on the barrel, " D. 29th." (^w 
stock, *' 1st C. 72.'^ [1423.] 

336 Minney M. L. Musket and I'ayonet. cal. 70. U. S. model 185.^, 

percussion-lock; made at Springheld Armory. 1854. [1540.] 

337 liavarian M. L. Ritle Musket, cal. 70, ])ercussion-lock, brass 

trimmings ; maker, Lemille. Initials cut on the stock, '* E. A. 
R," a star, also " C. White." | 1422.] 

338 Bavarian M. L. Musket, cal. yo, percussion-lock, cone in center 

of barrel, brass trinuuings ; made bv Crani)in. Herzburg. 


.-/. li. BROOKS COLLl-X'TJOX. 


331; lU'li^iuin M. 1.. Muskct. cal. 70, pcrcussiuii-hjck : nia<lc by S. 
lUasian. | 1434-1 

340 l-'rcnch Al. 1.. Kitlc Muskcl Saber liayonct. cab 70, pc-rcussifjii- 

U)ck ; made by \. Scbopcn. Ab^c. | 1433-J 

341 (Icrnian M. L. Rillc Musket and llaxonet, cab 70. percussion- 

lock; made l)y \- . W . Saun. Tbe number un tbe .i;un, i(J4.774. 
I '507- 1 
34J l-ji_!^bsli Ab L. Ritle Musket and i bayonet, cab 60, ])ercu>si<)n- 
K)ck, with safety cone protector, held 1)\- chain on tris^j^er i^uard : 
made by Potts & Hunt, London. [1541.I 

343 bjiheld M. L. Rifle Musket and liayonet, cal. 60, percussion- 

lock ; marked on the lock crown, " Tower 1862." Name carved 
on the stock, " ]\b S. b\rrin." [970.] 

344 Enfield M. L. Ritle Musket and IJayonet, cal. 60, i)ercussion- 

lock : marked on the lock crown, " \'.B.i863 "; marked on the 
stock. " R. (). AL, Enfield." [1538.] 

345 Alississippi or Yager AL L. Rit^e and Bayonet, cal. 50, ])ercus- 

sion-lock, patch box. l)rass trimmings ; made by Robbins & 
Lawrence. Windsor, \'t., in 1850. This arm was a favorite witli 
the forty-niners of California. Many of them were used in the 
Civil War. [1394.] 

346 Springfield AL L. Rifie and Bayonet, cal. 70, model 1850, per- 

cussion-lock ; made at Springfield Armory, Springfield, Alass., 
in 1850. History as told by its former owner: " This gun be- 
longed to L. G. Perry, Dublin, Ga., who was a soldier in the 
Southern Arm\' of the Civil A\'ar. Air. Perry belonged to a 
company in the Fourteenth Georgia Regiment, and was sta- 
tioned at Ox Ridge, September i, 1862, when General Phil. 
Kearney rode into or near the Confederate camp through a mis- 
take. He supposed it to be the L'nion camp. When he saw- 
bis mistake, and rebel guns pointed at him, and ordered to halt. 
he said: 'Don't fire; I am a friend.' On saying this, he 
wheeled his horse and put in full speed to escape if possible. He 
lay flat on his horse to escape the bullets whistling in the air 
near him. But one fatal shot struck and killed him, and it is 
said by authority of Air. Perry and others of his company that 
this gun was the one that sent the fatal bullet that killed General 
• Phil. Kearney, September 1, 1862." This gun was presented to 
this collection by Captain E. A. IVTry of Hartford, Conn., v. ho 
is a brother of L. G. Perry, deceased, of Dublin, Ga.. anil irom 
whom he received the gun with its history. (^731 

347 English AL L. Rifle Alusket and L.ayonet. cal. jo, jiercussion- 

lock ; marked on the lock "Tower i8()2." Alade in bjigland : 
marked on the barrel, " Comjxmy W. 5gth." |m72.| 


CASE No. U. 


348 King- 'l\'lcscopc ^\. L. Rillc. cal. 50, percussion-lock, licavv octa- 

gon barrel; made and stocked 1)\' Dwigiit Sj)encer, West Mart- 
ford. Conn., in 1868. v'^ilver trinniiings. 'relescoj)e made by 
Colt's I'ire Arms Mfg. Co.. Ilartford. Conn. It was made for 
a tine ritle in its daw ( )\\ne(l b\- Rufus King. Ilartford, Conn. 

349 King Telesco])e M . L. Ride. cal. 42. ])ercussion-lock, octagon 

barrel: made 1)\- Kellogg. Xew lla\en. Stocked by Fidel Bub- 
ser, Hartford. SiUer trinnnings furnished by Wesson. Tele- 
scope made 1)\- Daniel Rotter. Ilartford. It is one of the finest 
made ritles of its daw and (juite expensive. It was made about 
18^)7. and owned b\ Rufus King, Hartford. C "onn. I2314.I 

350 Telesco])e M. L. Ride, cal. 50. ]iercussion-lock, hea\y octagon 

barrel: made expressly for lierdan Sharpsliootcrs by R. A. 
Moore. ( ourtland Street. Xew ^'ork. The ritle belonged to 
Captain l>aac R. ju(l>ou of W'w ^'ork. who was an exj)ert rifle- 
man, and belonged to the Rerdan Sharpshooters. He used this 
rifle at Hampton Roads, \ a., and did great service there, killing 
many Confederates at a very long range. This rifle was kni^wn 
to be a terror at long range. It was also in the service in many 
other battles during the Civil War. f R=^35l 



351 Colt's 'IV'lcscoiX' kcpraliiiL; l». 1.. J\ilk-, cal. 34. patc-iitcd 1850, 
cyiiiulcr six chambers, jjapcr cartridge; made by Colt's I*'ire 
Arms Co.. Hartford. C 01111. Many of them were in use diiriiijL( 
the Ci\il War. [ 1 530. | 

35-' Kentucky l■"lilU-locl^ Rille. cal. 45. octaL;on barrel with brass 
liimmin^s and patch box liiiely eni;ra\ed. This rille was once 
the property of an Indian chief by the name of Abraui Antoinc, 
who was* chief of the Stockbridge tribe of Oneida Indians, New 
York State. He was a bad man. and killed many white people 
in his day with this ritle in the vicinity of Morrisville, N. V., 
from 1800 to 182J. The last white man he killed was a Mr. 
Jacobs, for which he was captured and hanged in 1823 in the 
village of Morrisxille. X. \'. His daughter Mary was hanged 
five miles from ]\lorris\ ille. in the village of l^eterboro, for 
murdering a man before Antoine himself was hanged. The 
rifle was broken when Antoine was cai)ture(l. It was rej^aired 
by putting a ril) underside of the barrel. The rifle has been 
owned and used by many since Antoine was captured and 
hanged. h>om Dr. l^dward V. Clark, M.I).. Morrisville. \. V. 

353 Indian Chief Flint-lock M. L. Rifle, cal. 45. octagon barrel, en- 

gravetl. German silver trimmings made by Leman, Lancaster. 
Pa, This rifle was taken from the battlefield of Wounded Knee 
Creek, near Pine Ridge. S. 1).. after the bloody Indian battle, 
December 29, 1890, by a soldier of Troop A. Seventh U. S. 
Cavalry, stationed at Vovi Riley. Kansas, who was engaged in 
that battle. [ 1955-1 

354 Ruggies Rifle, cal. 50. percussion-lock, hammer underside of the 

barrel; made 1)\' Ruggies. Stafford Hollow. Conn., about 1830. 

1 2201.1 

355 Double-barrel ]*lint-lock I'owling Piece, cal. ()0. barrels finely 

engraved, carved stock; made at Liege, lielgium. Im-oiu .\. 
Gerald Hall's collection. Saratoga Springs. N. ^'. [J154.] 

356 Double-barrel Flint-lock h^owling Piece, cal. 60. stock ndaiil 

with silver, silver trimmings; made 1)\ Ketland (S: Co.. London. 


357 Double-barrel Mint-lock l■^n\ling Piece, cal. (h\ brass trim- 

mings; made in bjigland. This gun belonged to .Xbraham 
h\M)t, who bought it in ( ieorgia in 1S17. It was kept in his 
fainil\' until it was purchased (A Mrs. X'ining. (laughter of 
Abraham k'oot. in 181)3. who then li\ed in Silver Lane. East 
Hartford. |Ji<>3.| 

358 Double-barrel l-'liiit-loc]< I\n\liiig Tiece. cal. (>o. The barrels 

are tinel\- made and inlaid with i^old. Stoek has bci-n broken 


and ripairc-d. Made in London. There were orii^inalK- a i)air 
of these double-barrel ^uns. which belonged to a j^entleinan in 
lierwick. b^niii^Iand. The mate of lhi> one was ])resentc(l to the 
Berwick Mnseimi, Eni^land. Said lo be very old. l^>oni Geo. 
Hart, IMlq-rini Street, Xewcastle-ui)on-Tyne, Eni^^land. [1131.] 

359 Double-barrel Shot (Inn. cal. (^, ])erciission-locks, finely en- 

i^raxed. Damascus barrels. The top i)i the barrels are in- 
laid with i^old letters the maker's name, I". Xorwak. I'rague. 
Iron trimmin,i;s, finel>' eui^raved. \"ery rare and ex])ensively 
made m'tm. b>om Moscow, Russia. [2202.] 

360 Double-barrel Shot Gun, cal. 70. ])ercussi(^n-lock ; marked on 

the barrel, "A. H." Damascus twist. ITiiilish manufacture. 
Finely made i^un of its daw and owned 1)\ Kufus Kini;-. Hart- 
ford. Conn. [2316.] 

361 German RiHe, cal. 60. percussion-lock, brass trinnniui^^s, j)atch 

box in butt of stock. It was used in the service on the south- 
ern side during- the Givil War. h^rom Richmond, \'a. [1435.] 

Sl'.\R TORPEDO, No. '.2i:i:i. 



CASE No, 12. 


362 Confederate M. L. Ritle Musket, cal. 60. percussion-lock: marks 

on the lock, " C. S. I-\ayettsville, 1863." All brass triniiuiuq-s. 

363 Confederate M. L. Ritle Musket, cal. 60, percussion-lock : marked 

on the lock, " C. S., Richmond, \'a., 1863." Tliis ritle was in 
the service at the battle of Cold Harbor. \'a.. June 3 to 6, 1864, 
and was disabled. [1952.] 

364 I'. S. Richmond, \a.. M. L. Ritle Musket and liayonet, cal. (>o. 

percussion-lock ; made by the I'nited States at Richmond, \'a.. 
1861. Was in the Confederate service. |212(). | 

365 Confederate M. L. Ride Musket and luixDiiei. cal. i>o, ])ercussion- 

lock : marked on the lock, " C. S., Richmond. \ a.. 1803. '" and 
initial " T. W. E." on :he stock. |2i2(). ] 


366 L'. S. Model 1812 Mint-lock Musket and liaxonet. cal. 70; 

marked on the lock, *' J. State, New Haven." also "* C. S." ; 
marked on the stock, '* 28th Re^q-. South Carolina. " Was in the 
ser\ice on the st)Uthem side the forepart of the Civil War. 
[ 1 193- 1 

367 I'. S. Model 1830 l-dint-lock Musket and liayonet. cal. 70; 

marked on the lock, " C S. \'. 1\" and "C. S. Xorth Caro- 
lina." Was in the service on the southern side the forepart of 
the Civil War. [1408.] 

368 I'. S. Model 1833 Mint-l(jck .Musket and r.ay.)net. cal. 70; 

marked on the lock, *' C. S. A.." which means Confederate 
States America. The barrel and stock has initials " W M., S. 
J.. Ill T. yi. South Carolina." Was in the service on the S(3uth- 
ern side the forepart of the Civil War. [1407.] 

369 U. S. ^lodel 1833 Flint-lock ]^Iusket, cal. 70: made for the I'. 

S. Government by Whitney Arms Co.. Xew Haven. Conn. 

370 French Model Flint-lock Musket, cal. y^; marked on the lock, 

" Manufure De Charleville." The United States Government 
adopted this model when they first made guns at the Spring- 
field Armory in 1799. This musket belonged to Paul David- 
son of Hebron, Conn., who carried it in the service at the battle 
of Xew London, Conn., and (iroton in 1781. [2200.I 

371 U. S. Model 1812 Flint-lock ^Musket, cal. 70: made for the Cnited 

States Government bv E. Buell. Marlborough. Conn.. 1812. 


372 French Model I'lint-lock [Musket, cal. 70, three brass bands, brass 

trimmings. Maker's name on the lock. A. W. Si)ies. I2171.] 
2,72) hdint-lock Musket, cal. 70. four brass bands, brass trimmings : 
made by Tome, Amsterdam, Holland. Marked on the breech 
l)late, " W. L. L Fund." [1403.] 

374 ( ierman hdint-lock Musket, cal. 70, three brass bands, brass 

trinnnings. s(|uare shai)ed butt i:)late. An old (ierman gun. 

I2.70.1 ■ 

375 Austrian Flint-lock Musket, cal. y^. It has a long heavy four- 

edged bayonet. On the lock it has a dog to set the hammer. 



CASE No. 13. 


376 Springfield Flint-lock Musket, cal. y^ : made from the French 
model 1799: one of the first muskets made at the L'nited States 
Armory, Springfield. Mass. On the lock is written letters " L'. 
S.." stamped eagle. " Springfield." On the butt plate is 
1799.** On the stock under the trigger guard is marked 
" \"II.'* which may represent the seventh gim stocked. The 
gim is in fine order, and very rarely found of this date. 1799. 
The model was taken from the French Charleville fiint-lock 
musket. [2135.] 

^~J Springffield Flint-lock Musket, cal. 35. model of 1804 : on the lock 
written letters ** U. S.,** stamped date 1804. and eagle. *' Spring- 
field." These guns are rare of this date. [2024.] 

^yS Pomeroy Flint-lock Musket, cal. j^. V. S. model of 180S: on the 
lock is stamped " U. S.."* eagle. '* Pomeroy, Pittsfield. 1808." 


Made for the U. S. Government by Lemuel Pomeroy, Pitts- 
field, Mass., in 1808. We quote its early history: Eltweed 
Pomeroy, coming from England in 1635, made the first guns 
at Windsor, Conn., A.D. 1637. A.D. 1640 Eldad Pomeroy, 
son of Eltweed, was given a grant of 1,000 acres of land in 
Hampshire county, Mass., for his skill as a gunmaker. General 
Seth Pomeroy, fourth generation from Eltweed, officer in 
French and Indian Wars, seems to have given the Pomeroy 
guns their highest finish, at Northampton, Mass. A.D. 1800 
Lemuel Pomeroy, sixth generation from Eltweed, removed to 
Pittsfield, Mass., bringing same anvil used by Eldad and Seth, 
and continued the manufactory of guns till 1840. A.D. 1893 
anvil and site of musket shop still in possession of the Pomeroy 
family. [1964.] 

379 Harper's Ferry Flint-lock Musket, cal. 75, model of 1812; made 

at the U. S. Armory, Harper's Ferry, Va., in 1812. Stamped 
on the lock, " U. S.," eagle, " Harper's Ferry, Va., 1812." [956.] 

380 Stillman Flint-lock Musket, cal. 75, model 1812 ; on the lock 

stamped " U. S.," eagle, '' E. Stillman, 1812," who made guns 
for the U. S. Government. Ethan Stillman made guns in 
Brookfield, Fairfield county, Conn., in 1812. [1169.] 

381 Springfield Flint-lock Musket, cal, 70, model 1830; stamped on 

the lock, " U. S.," eagle, " 1830 Springfield." Made at the U. S. 
Armory, Springfield, Mass., 1830. [2145.] 

382 Harper's Ferry Flint-lock Musket, cal. 70, model 1833; stamped 

on the lock, " U. S.," eagle, '' Harper's Ferry, 1833." Made at 
the U. S. Arsenal, Harper's Ferry, Va., 1833. [2146.] 

383 North Flint-lock Rifle, cal. 55, model 1829 ; stamped on the lock, 

" U. S.," eagle, " S. North, Middletown, Conn.," who made 
guns for the U. S. Government at Middletown, Conn., in 1829. 


384 Hall's B. L. Flint-lock Rifle, cal. 535/100, paper cartridge; 

stamped on the lock, " John H. Hah, Harper's Ferry, U. S., 
1832." The first American breech-loading gun was the " Hall." 
The first record patented in the United States was dated May 
21, 181 1, and the evidence sustained by records of the Ordnance 
Bureau in the War Department proved that John H. Hall of 
North Yarmouth, the patentee, was the- inventor of the first 
breech-loading arm receiving attention from the Government of 
the United States. Hall at a later date suggested the manufac- 
ture of 1,000 of his patent rifles for use in the campaign of i8t2. 
The official records indicate that in 1816 one hundred of these 
arms were made and issued to a company of riflemen, and the 



reports thereon were favorable. In 1818, 10,000 of these rifles 
were issued to the United States troops. In 1825, two com- 
panies of United States troops stationed at Fortress Monroe, 
Va., were armed with Hall's rifles, and the same were in use in 
1827, during which year 2,000 stand were completed. Mr. Hall 
was sent to Harper's Ferry about 1818 and superintended the 
manufacture of his rifles until 1840. Many of them were made 
after that date. There is evidence that Hall's breech-loading 
carbine and rifle were used with great success in the Black Hawk 
and Seminole wars, and in the war with Mexico ; also 3,520 were 
in the service of the United States the early part of the Civil 
War. [2138.] 

385 North B. L. Rifle and Bayonet, cal. 52, John H. Hall patent, 

181 1, percussion-lock, paper cartridge, sliding bayonet; made 
for the United States Government by S. North, Middletown, 
Conn., in 1839. For history of the Hall rifle, see No. 384. 

386 Hall Breech-loading Rifle, cal. 52, John H. Hall patent, 181 1, 

percussion-lock, paper cartridge ; made by the United States 
Government at Harper's Ferry Armory in 185 1. For history 
of Hall rifles, see No. 384. [1456.] 

387 Joslyn B. L. Rifle, cal. 54, B. F. Joslyn patent, 1864, metallic 

cartridge, rim fire ; made by the United States Government at 
Springfield Armory, 1864. 11,261 Joslyn carbines and rifles 
were used by the United States during the Civil War. [1471.] 

388 Springfield B. L. Rifle Musket, cal. 60, model of 1863, alteration 

to Allen's plan, metallic cartridge. This rifle is one of the 
5,000 that were altered over at Springfield Armory in 1865. 

389 Springfield M. L. Rifle Musket, cal. 60, model of 1862, percus- 

sion-lock; marked " U. S.," eagle, " 1862." Made at United 
States Arsenal, Springfield, Mass. Initials of '' W.B." on the 
stock. It was in the service during the Civil War. [2303.] 



CASE No. 14. 




This .q:un lias been altered 
\\\- some ino^enious black- 

l\ S. Model 1 81 2 Musket, cal. 70. 
from tlint-loek to ])ercussi.)n-l()ck. 
smith, a portion of the barrel has been ent (^ff. 
nally made for United States. It was made by I 
iirookfield. Conn.. 1812. [2128. | 

Kevolntionary Flint-loek Miiskel. cal. 70; on the 
stami)cd " 1763." On the ui<l .)f the lock is " C S 
letters ; has been put on since the i;un was made. The .q:un has 
been altered somewhat. The barrel is cut off; has two bands. 
The butt of the stock has been trinnned off to fit someone's 
face. This £^"11 was carried in the Revolutionary War by John 
Maver. Somerset county. X. J., who was connnissioned as Com- 
missary October 1. 1778. [a^S.] 

Tt was ori.'.^i- 
^tlian Stillman, 

barrel is 
"in lar<je 

.). li. BkOUKS CULLIiCriOX. 


392 Jennings' Repeating;- l-lint-lock Gun, cal. 64; when hjaded shoots 

three charges. It is loaded at the muzzle by putting in three 
charges, one on top of the other. The lock slides on the side 
from one vent-hole to the other. When loaded the lock is 
moved up to the first charge, and held in its place by a dog after 
the first charge is fired ; then it is moved, back to the second 
charge, and held by a dog same as the first charge. Second 
charge is fired ; then it is moved back to the third charge. This 
gun was made by I. Jennings. Xew York, about 1825 ; Patent 
No. 31. It has a skeleton stock with silver ornaments, finely 
engraved. [2244.] 

393 North Repeating Flint-lock Rifle and Bayonet, cal. 60, shoots 

four charges when loaded, one charge over the other ; loading 
and firing is the same as previous number. This gun was made 
by S. North. ^liddletcwn. Conn., about 1825. ^larked on the 
barrel. " U. S. A.H." It has a patch box at the butt of the 
stock. [2241.] 

394 Flint-lock Fowling Piece, cal. 70: made by L. Adams. ^Marked 

on barrel, " I. H. 1827." Brass trimmings. [1168.] 

395 Flint-lock Fowling Piece, cal. 70. barrel ornamented with brass, 

brass trimmings: very finely made gun. [1961.] 

396 Flint-lock Fowling Piece, cal. 70; made by A. W. Spies. Brass 

trimmings. Similar model of the Kentucky rifle. [i575-] 

397 Flint-lock Fowling Piece, cal. 70: marked on the lock. " R. E. 

A." Brass trimmings. [1963.] 

398 Flint-lock Fowling Piece, cal. 70, brass trimmings : said to have 

been used in Revolutionarv War. From Brooklvn. Conn. 


399 Flint-lock Fowling Piece, cal. 70. brass trimmings. It is said 

that this gun was in service at Stonington in 1814. [1050.] 

400 Flint-lock Fowling Piece, cal. 70. brass trimmings : said to have 

been in service at New London in 1781. [i577-] 

401 Flint-lock Fowling Piece, cal. 70: made by J. Turrant. London. 

Brass trimmings. [1482.] 

402 Fowling Piece, cal. 70, percussion-lock, brass trinunings. It is 

said to be one of the first models of the percussion-lock. [2741.] 

403 Fowling Piece, cal. 70, percussion-lock, brass trimmings, half 

stocked, ribbed: one of the early models of the percussion- 
locks. [1717.1 


CASE No. 15. 


404 Seventeenth Century Japanese Mateh-loek (iun. cal. 75. ()cta.q:on 

barrel, finely inlaid with y;okl and silver, brass lock and trim- 
mings, mahoi^any stock. From Japan. [2016.] 

405 Seventeenth Century Japanese Match-lock Gun. cal. 60, octaj^on 

barrel, inlaid with g^old and silver. Japanese inscription on the 
barrel, ebony stock with brass trimminj^s. I'rom Japan. [ 1548.] 

406 Seventeenth Century Japanese Match-lock ( Iun. cal. 100. octai^on 

barrel, finely inlaid with .s:old and silver, brass lock. copi)er and 
brass l)ands. I'roni Ja])an. [2017.1 

407 Seventeenth Century lapanese Match-lock (iun. cal. 65, band in- 

laid with gold and silver, brass lock, hannner and i^uard. coj)])er 
and brass bands. I'rom Japan. |20i8.1 

408 Seventeenth Century Japanese Match-lock (iun. cal. 75, octagon 

barrel, inlaid with gold and silver, brass trimmings, live oak 
stock. I'Vom Japan. |"i54<).] 

.). /■. Hh'OOKS Col.l.liCI !0.\'. 


401J l"'liiU-K)ck lUuiKk'rbuss. hc'Il-inu/./.lc, 2-incli iron harrd ; made by 
R. Ashiiiorc, 1775. 'Iliis hlniidcrbiiss was b(jrr()\\c(l or stolen 
from Jefferson l)a\is's house at JvichnKjnd, \ a., during the 
L"\\'\\ War b\- a xolunieer in the l'de\-entli Regiment, Connecticut 
\c)lunteers. There i> no donbl but this bhmderbuss was one 
of Jeff Davis's tiophies whieli he brouj^ht liome from the Afexi- 
can War. hj54. | 

410 l*dinl-lock lUtuiderbuss. nnizzle il inch, l)rass barreh bell-muzzle, 
brass trinnnini^s w ith spring' bayonet on top oi barrel : made in 
London. l"Jii;lan(h al)out iSoo. [1361.] 

41 I Mint-lock lUunderbuss. muzzle i^ inch, brass barrel, cannon- 
shaped nmzzle, brass trimmings, with spring bayonet on the top 
of barrel; made in London. England, about 1790. [1707-] 

412 and 413 d^\() ]*dint-loc]< lUiuiderbusses, muzzle i-i- inch, brass 
barrel, bell-sha])ed muzzle, brass trimmings. These blunder- 
Inisses were carried on the stage coach for protection of pas- 
sengers, and the mails, from highwa}-men. They were owned 
1)\' a gentleman in Northumberland, England. They had been 
owned in his family more than a century, x^fter his death they 
were sold to George Hart. Xewcastle-npon-Tyne, England. 
I 1 130 and 1 130.] 

414 bdint-lock Blunderbuss, muzzle i-J inch, brass band, bell-shaped 

muzzle, brass trimmings. English manufacture ; on the lock is a 
crown and " G. I\." ?\[a(le about 1800. Erom London, Eng- 
land. [1714.1 

415 Elint-lock Blunderbuss, muzzle 2 inches, heavy brass barrel, bell- 

shaped muzzle, brass trimmings, English manufacture ; marked 
on lock, " Tower " crown " (i. R." This is a very old gun, 
about the time the\- first made blunderbusses. From London, 
England. I2141.I 

416 Elint-lock ])lunderl)uss, nmzzle 1} inch, iron barrel, bell-shaped 

muzzle, iron trinmiings ; an old timer, ^lade in iMigland. 

417 hdint-lock lUunderbuss. muzzle 1 "I inch, brass barrel, camu)n- 

shaped muzzle ; marks on the lock, crown. " Tower i()5i " : brass 
trimmings. ]\Iade in London, Eng. |2io().| 

418 Elint-lock lUunderbuss, muzzle i{ inch, brass barrel, cannon- 

shaped muzzle, brass trimmings : ver\- old arm. Stock eaten by 
worms. I'^rom l*\Miton cv Son. I'jigland. I1715I 

419 Elint-lock lUunderbuss. muzzle i| inch. It is called an Irish 

blunderbuss. r)rass barrel, bell-shaped, brass trinnnings. This 
is the first blunderbuss I e\er bought for my collection. I 
bought it of Daniel Bartlett, XewburypiM't, ^lass. lo-'i.] 


420 Flint-lock iilunderbuss. nuizzlc i inch by 2 inches, iron barrel. 

flat or egg-shaped muzzle, brass trimmings : on the barrel and 
on the lock is marked " Segallas, London." [2245.] 

421 Flint-lock Blunderbuss, muzzle \\ inch, brass barrel, cannon- 

shaped muzzle: marked on the barrel. "London." From 
London. [1360.] 

422 Flint-lock Blunderbuss, muzzle 2 inches, heavy brass barrel, bell- 

shaped muzzle, brass trimmings: made by Bartlett. London, 
181 1. From London. [1886.] 

423 Oriental Flint-lock Arquebuse, muzzle i| inch, iron barrel, bell- 

muzzle, with an arm on the side to carry it on a belt, brass trim- 
mings with ornamental work on the stock. From Mexico. 


424 Oriental Flint-lock Arquebuse. muzzle 1]/^ inch, iron barrel inlaid 

with silver, bell-muzzle, carved gun-shaped stock : said to have 
been used by mounted horsemen : a very fine old arm. It was 
bought in Tunis. Morocco, by Captain Charles H. Saunders of 
Hartford, Conn., in 1889. and presented by him to this collec- 
tion. [1712.] 

OLD IRON C.\NNON. No. L",'32. 



CASE No. 16. 


[These arms were eaptured by Lieutenant Clarke of the Second 
U. S. Cavalry and turned over to the United States Government 
at Cheyenne, and afterwards sent to the Xational Armory at 
Springfield, Mass. Here these rifles went through examination, 
and were finally condemned and sold at auction to Xew York 
parties. It is said by good authority that every brass tack in 
these rifles represents a scalp.] 

425 Indian Muzzle-loading Ritle. cal. -^2, ma^le by H. E. Leman, 
Lancaster, Pa., percussion-lock, octagon barrel, maple stock, 
patch box. brass trinnnings, ornamented with brass tacks. It 
also has a bullet hole through the stock near the patch box. [ i.j 



426 Indian W. L. Ritlc, cal. 50, made 1)\ 11. \\. Lcnuin. Lancaster, 

Pa.. ])crcussion-lock, octagon barrel, maple stock, badlv worn, 
with brass trimmings, ornamented with brass tacks : butt of the 
stock nearly c.n'ered with rawhide. |2.| 

427 Indian M. L. Ritle. cal. 56, made by J. Henry & Son. percussion- 

lock, set trigger, octagon barrel, black walnut stock with iron 
trimmings, ornamented with brass tacks ; stock broken and re- 
paired with rawhide. [3.] 

428 Indian M. L. Rifle, cal. 54, made by H. E. Leman, Lancaster, Pa., 

percussion-lock, octagon barrel, maple stock, brass trimmings, 
patch box; stock ornamented with brass tacks, ])artl\- covered 
with rawhide. [4.] 

429 Indian ]M. L. Rifle, cal. 52, made l)y II. \i. Leman. Lancaster, Pa., 

percussion-lock, octagon barrel. mai)le stock, brass trimmings, 
patch box; stock ornamented willi l)rass tacks, and broken near 
the lock: repaired with rawhide. [5.) 

430 Indian ^1. L. Ritle. cal. 54, made by II. E. Leman, Lancaster. Pa., 

I)ercussion-lock, set trigger, octagon barrel, maple stock, brass 
trimmings, patch box; stock badly worn, repaired with two 
j)ieces of rawhide. [6.] 

431 Indian M. L. Ritle. cal. 54, made by H. E. Leman, Lancaster. 

Pa., percussion-lock, octagon barrel, maple stock, brass trim- 
mings, patch box ; stock ornamented with brass tacks, and badly 
worn: nearly half covered witli rawhide. | 7. | 

432 Indian M. L. Ritle, cal. 58. made by ( i. 1). *.K: Co.. Cincinnati. ( )., 

percussion-lock, heavy round barrel, black walnut st(^ck, badly 
worn, iron trinunings. [8.| 

433 Indian M. L. Ritle. cal. 46. made by II. E. Leman. Lancaster. Pa.. 

percussion-lock, octagon barrel, maple stock, broken and re- 
paired with rawhide, brass trimmings, ornamented with brass 
tacks. f(j.l 

434 Indian M. L. Ritle, cal. ^2. made by (1. (iolcher, percussion-lock. 

octagon barrel, mai)le stock, broken, and re])aired with raw- 
hide, brass trinunings, patch box; stock badly worn, and orna- 
mented with brass tacks. | io.| 

435 Indian .M. L. Ritle, cal. 54, made 1)\ j. ( lolcher, percussion-lock. 

octagon barrel. ma])le stock, l)roken and badly worn, brass trim- 
mings ; repaired with rawhide. | i i| 

436 Indian ^l. L. Rifle, cal. 50. made by H. 1'^. Leman, Lancaster, 

Pa.. ]:)ercussi(in-lock. octagon barrel, maple stock, worn and 
broken: rei)air<d with rawhide. |i2.| 


4J^7 Indian M. L. Killc. cal. 50. niaiK- l)y J. Il.nry ^v: S'.n. ]> i\u>.^i<>n- 
lock, set tri^L;rr, octaj^on barrel, walnnl slock, imn iriiiiinings, 
ornanu'nted willi brass tacks and rawhide; in fair order. [13.] 

43S Indian M. L. Killc. cal. 3J. made by II. \-.. Lmian. Lancaster, 
l*a.. i)crcussion-loc]\. octagon barrel, maple stock, badly worn; 
brass trinnnin^s. ])alch box; ornamented with brass tacks ami 
rawhide'. | 14. | 

4^V) Indian M. L. Kille. cal. 50. made- by 11. IC. Leman. Lancaster, 
Pa., percussion-lock, octai^on barrel, maple stock badly worn, 
brass trimmings, patch box. ornamented with brass tacks ; re- 
paire-d w ith raw hide'. | 1 5. | 

440 Indian M. L. Aluske't. cal. 5S. made by K. Whitnew Xew Haven, 

])ercussion-lock, barrel has been cnt down, walnut stock Ijadly 
worn, iron trinnnin!.js. ornamented witli brass lacks; strii)S of 
buckskin han^ini.^- from tri.^'^'cr Quard. | i().| 

441 Indi.- n M. L. C'arbine. cal. 52, made 1)\- Sharps Rille Co.. Hart- 

ford. C'(nn.; ])atcnt ( )ciober 5. 1S52; primer lock. ])aper car- 
tridge. Number e)f this carbine is 21.788. | I7-| 

442 Indian L. L. Carbine, cal. 50. (lalla.^her ])atent. July 17. i860, 

paper cartridi^e ; made by Richardson & Overiuan Arms Co.. 
Philadelphia, Pa. Ornamented with brass tacks, and a piece of 
rope haui^ing from tri£^\^er ^uard. |i8.] 

JOIIX HKOWX RIl-I.K. No. 44!l 


CASE No. 17. 


443 Sharps Rilled 1). L. Carl)inc. cal. 50, v^harps ])atciu, percus- 

sion, paper cartridge, ^laynard ])aleiU primer. ICS45. 20,000 of 
these carbines were made for the Tiirkisli (iovernment by 
Shar])s Ritle Companx-, llartford, ("onii. | ' 5^^7- 1 

444 Rowe Kitlecl 1;. L. Carbine, cal. 30, percussion. ])aper cartridi^c, 

1\. A. \\n\\c ])atenl, April S. iS()4. This carbine proved to be 
iin'rin^cnKnt on I\. S. Lawrence rillc. l\o\\e ,^ave it to Mr. 
Lawrence, and there were no more ot them made. It was made 
by R. .\. Rowe. Hartford. (01m.. iS()4. | 1 S^h^. | 

445 Shari)s W. L. Carbine, cal. 50. i)atente(l Sei)teml)er 12. 1S48, and 

October :;, \><^2\ made l)v Sharps l-^tle Co., Hartford. Conn. 

446 Lawrence R.. L. Ri'le. cal. 30. pcrcnssiondock. pai)er cartrid.G:e, 

Lawrence patent. 1S32: made by R. S. Lawrence. 1 fartford, 
Coim. X'erv few of them made, and did not come into service. 

447 Shar])s I'.. L. RiMc. cal. 50. percussion-lock, paper cartridge, 

patented October 3. i8'")2. fnielv engraved: made by Sliarps 
Rifle Co.. Hartfoni. ("onn. [13CVI 



448 Sharps Spurtiiii;- \\. L. Ritlc, cal. 42, percussiun-luck, paper car- 
tridge, octagon barrel, globe and peep sights, patch box, 
patented 1859; made b\ Sliari)s Kiile Co.. Hartford. Conn. 
[1 566. J 

44(j John IJrown U. L. Ritie, cal. 38, pcrcnssion-lock, paper cartridge 
and patch box. octagon barrel ; stock beautifully p(jlished. Xo 
maker's name or number on the rilie to show who made it or 
where it was made. Ao doubt that this ritie was made ex- 
pressly for John Urown, who did not care to have any makers 
name on it. Brown carried it on his Kansas campaign. It was 
afterwards presented to Charles Blair of Collinsville, Conn. Mr. 
Blair said that at this time Brown called at his home on the 3d 
day of June, i85(;. and presented him with this rifle. This 
'ritie was made bv ]\la\nard Gun Co.. Chicopee brails. ^lass. 
1856. f 1888.1 

450 Jennings B. L. Rille, cal. 50, patented 1849. This rille was 

known as the Jennings rifle, manufactured by Robbins & Law- 
rence. \\'indsor. \'t., in 1849; niade for Mr. Courtland C. Palmer 
of Xew York. This rilie was called single loader. The charge 
for this ride was contained in the ball, consisting of twenty-two 
grains of j^owder. Soon after this rifle was made it was con- 
ceived that tliere could be attached to it a magazine which would 
make it a re])eating rifle, carrying twenty charges, and a new 
model was made. From R. S. Lawrence. Hartford. Conn. 


451 Jennings Xew ]\lodel Repeating Rifle, cal. 50. patented in 1859. 

This rifle was one of the first repeating or magazine guns made 
in this country in 1849. It is one of a lot of 5,000 manufactured 
at Windsor. \T., by Robbins & Lawrence for Mr. Courtland 
C. Palmer of X'^ew York. This rifle was known as the Jen- 
nings gun ; a portion of the lot was then called single loaders, 
and a portion repeating rifles, carrying twenty charges. Tiie 
charge of powder was contained in the l)all, consisting of twenty- 
two grains of powder. Tyler Henry, an old and first-class 
w(^rkman, was em])loyed in making these guns. It was here 
where lie conceived tlie idea of making Ids Henry magazine 
rifle which w:is made by the Xew ll:i\en Arms Co. | 1322.] 

452 Martini Henry Magazine-rifle, cal. -j2. Tyler Henry patent. (Octo- 

ber i(). i8()o. explosixe i)aper cartridge: made by Xew Haven 
Arms Co.. Xew Ha\en, (\)nn. Many kA these rifles were used 
in the service during the Civil War by sharj)shooters. Through 
some mdvnowii hislorx this rifle fell iiUo the hands i'^i hostile 
Sioux or Cheyenne Indians. Soon after the C'usler massacre. 
Tune 2(). i87(). on Little T.ig IbuMi l\i\er. Wyoming Territory. 



406 Indian (Sioux and Che^ennL-) arms i){ various patterns were 
surrendered to Lieutenant Clarke and turned over to the T. S. 
Government at Cheyenne: afterwards sent to C S. Armory. 
Springfiel(L This 1 lenry rilie was one of the 40^) that were cap- 
tured. [1426. J 

453 -Martini Henry Mai^azine I\ille. cal. 42. Tyler 1 lenry ])atent, Octo- 

ber iC). i860. imi)rove(l March 2(;. iShC), loads at side: made by 
Xew 1 laven Arms Co.. Xew Haven, Conn. The inventor of this 
ritle. Mr. Tyler Henry, an old and hrst-class workman of Rob- 
hins cK: Lawrence of Windsor, \ t., who made ,G^reat improve- 
ments on the JenninLis liiui. afterwards went to Xew Haven. 
Soon after he inventeel his Martini Henr\- rille, j)atented ( )cto- 
ber 16, i860. From that came this ritle with improvements, 
patented March 29, 1866. From this rifle it went into the hands 
of the Winchester Arms Co.. Xew Haven. They have made 
i^reat improvements on the rille and call it the Winchester re- 
peatins^ rifle, which is the outcome ni the old Jennings rille made 
in AX'indsor. AT., in i84<j. | 1534. | 

454 Colt's Re])eatin!L^- I*. L. Sportiui^- Ritle, cal. 35. cylinder si.K 

chambers, |)ercussion. pa])er cartridge, patent Xo. 2.()26 : old 
model made by Colt's b^ire Arms Co., Hartford. Conn.. 1850. 

455 Colt's Rej^eatini^ R. L. Sportiu"- Kitle, cal. 35, cxlinder six cham- 

bers, metallic center fire, patented 1850: alteration from paper 
cartridge, with shell extractor. ^lade by Colt's Fire Arms Co.. 
Hartford, Conn. [i5^'<jl 

456 Colt's Repeating- \\. L. Sporting- Iville. cal. 35, cxlinder six cham- 

bers, percussion, paper cartridfj^e, patented 1850: made by Colt's 
Fire Arms Co., Hartford, Conn. [1568.] 

457 Colt's Repeating- 1*. L. Sportin^c: Rille. cal. 35. cylinder six cham- 

bers. ])ercussion. ]:)aper cartrids^e. with patent lubricator, pat- 
ented 1856: made by Colt's ITre Arms Co.. Hartford, Conn. 

458 Hale Rtpiatini;- \\. L. Sportini;- Ritle. cal. 50. cylinder has eleven 

chand)ers. ])ercussion. paper cartridge. This repeatinj^ rifle is 
a rather crude home-made afTair. and is the onl\ model ever 
made like it. It was made by lohn Hale, ( )ccu.i:iian, \'a.. in 
i85(;. Mr. Hale went south many \ears before the war from 
Connecticut, and caiue home to Hartford, Conn., soon after the 
war broke out. [2243.] 

459 Cane Gun, cal. 60. percussion-lock, hammer underneath pistol- 

grip, brass barrel, covered with leather. Win n not wanted for 
a gun it has an extra handle that screws on to the barrel, and 
then it is used for a cane. [1370.] 

./. /:. J^k'OOKS COLLf.CTlOX. 


CASE No, 18^ 


460 Roper Repeating B. L. Shotgun, cal. 70; its magazine holds four 

steel shells, and revolves and shoots four times : patented April 
10, 1866; made by Roper Repeating Arms Co., Amherst. Mass. 
It is said that the first gun that was made cost $60,000. Pre- 
sented by Charles E. Billings, Hartford. Conn. [1170.] 

461 Colt's 1). L. Ritle. cal. 54, percussion, revolving;- c\lindcr. has six 

chambers, paper cartridge, Colt's ])atcnt ; made by eOlt's Patent 
Fire Arms Company, I*aters»^n. N. j.. about iS4(\ Number 
on the rifie, 202. Colonel Sanuiel Colt came to llartforil and 
manufactured pistols at Xo. 37 Pearl Street in 1S4S. | 1571.] 

462 North Repeating P>. L. Shotgun, cal. ()0, percussion, revolving 

cylinder, six chambers, H. S. Xorth patent, lime u. 1S52 : made 
by H. S. Xorth, ^liddletown. Conn.; finel\ engraved. It was 
made exj)ressly for C. F. Roberts, Hartford. L'onu. |i3oi| 

463 Sharps P. L. Ritle. cal. yo, Shari)s patent. ( V'tober 5. 1S52: also 

patented 1)\ R. S. Lawrence, Ai)ril 1 J. 1S30. This ritle has been 
bored out and altered for a shotgun. Can be loaded as a breech- 
loader or nnizzle-loader. Made by SlKirp^ Uitle Co.. llartford, 
Comi. I 1 ^^^.1 

76 IIJASTRATRD CArALOGili 01' Tlili 

4()4 l>rccch-l()a(lin_L;- Kitlc. cal. 45, ])crcussi(jn-l()ck. lias c\lin(lcr and 
one clianihcr ; tlic cnHikIlt is liirned oiic-(|iiartcr round to load it 
with pai)cr cartridi^c [2140. | 

465 W'eai'cr \\. L. Shotgun, cal. 70. Weaver's patent. October if). 

1805. percussion tap^'-lock : charge clianiber is opened with the 
L;uard le\er to load it; ])a])er cartridge. Made l)\ 11. W. 
\\'ea\er. South Windham. Conn. The only one of its kind ever 
made. | 1392.1 

466 (lerman ]5olt B. L. Rille. cal. 58. percussion-lock. ])aper car- 

tridge: marked on the lock. "Amberg." crown. " 1864." Said 
to have been in the service in the Civil War on the southern 
.i.le. |,S75.1 

467 Snider W. 1.. Rille. cal. 60. metallic cartridge. The T.ritish (Gov- 

ernment having a large stock of h^nheld rilles on hand conceived 
the idea of converting them to breech-loaders. I2131.I 

468 Snider W. L. Rifle, cal. 60. percussion lock, marked " Tower 

1871." I'aper cartridge. Altered from an luifield rille. (2143. | 

469 Foster Repeating !>. I>. Rille. cal. 50, ])ercussion. cylinder has 

eight chambers. pa])er cartridge. hT:)Ster's patent. 1845; made 
at Taunton, Mass. [1874.] 

470 I'orter's Repeating B. L. Rifle, cal. 50. percussion. c\linder has 

nine chambers, paper cartridge, Porter's patent Xo. 450. 1851 ; 
made by P. W. Porter, New York. [2199.] 

471 R\-ans Magazine P>. L. Rille. cal. 44 ; magazine in the stock which 

holds twenty-six metallic cartridges. Rvans j)atent. December 
8, 1868, and September 16. 1871. Made by bA'ans Repeating 
Rifle Co., Mechanics T-'alls, Me. [2021. | 

472 Swiss Magazine I). R. Rille. cal. 38. perctission. When loaded 

it holds eight charges in eight steel shells with percussion cones 
on them; loads at the right side. It has telescope and globe 
sights marked " X'etcrlin." ( )n the frame of the rille is marked 
" Keller .\. Adrau." ( )n the plate is marked " Tean Rivic." 
Hie mnnber of this rille is Xo. i. This ma\- be the first one 
made of its kind. [2i(;8.1 

473 German Xeedle W. L. Rille. cal. 42. percussion lock underneath 

the barrel. pai:)er cartridge. It has a bolt action for inserting 
the cartridge. Said to have done iX^^'^^A service in the late Ger- 
man war. [ 1706.] 



CASE No. 19. 


474 Bavarian Flint-lock Double-barrel Gun, cal. 6o, sometimes called 

" Up and Down " gun, iron trimmings. In this weapon there 
are two barrels, revolving upon a common axis, and each havim,^ 
its own flash-pan. One lock, cock, and Irii^ger. liowcver. 
serves to discharge both barrels, they being turned in succes- 
sion until opposite the cock and in the proper position for firing, 
in which position they are retained by a small spring bolt, moved 
by a stud fixed and working upon the forei)art of the trigger 
bow. The date of its manufacture can be tixed carl\ in the 
eighteenth century. ']Mu'\- were originally from I'.avaria. 
Many of them were used in the Alps. | 1335.I 

475 Oriental Flint-lock Rifle, cal. 50. t)Ctagon ])arrcl. inlaid witii 

silver; four silver bands to hold the barrel to the stoek. It has 
a gold stani]) upon the barrel; lock inlaid with >ilver. I'rom 
ITarran. Asiatic Turkey. | Jj^tj.] 

476 Oriental Mint-lock Rille. cal. 5_j. octagon barrel, tinelv inlaid 

with gold : five silver bands to hold the barrel to the stock. The 

stock is inlaid with gold anil colore 
nople. |iS()S. I 

'r\ . krom ( onstanti- 



477 W hcc-l-lock Ivitlc, cal. 4(S. barrel tincly ciii^ravcd. with ,i;(,)l(l stamp 
upon the harrcl : lock tincly cni^raved. marked " 1. (i. I)."; 
carved stock ; has a sharp-]X)inte(l spur in the butt i)late ; has a 
])atch box. sliding' cover; all brass trinnnini^s. Probablv made 
in ( lermanw | 22}^^. \ 

47X Wheel-lock (iim. cal. 50, barrc-l and lock fniely engraved; carved 
stock; has patch box with slidini^" coxer ; all brass trimmings. 
By the engravin,^- on the lock miL;iu be l'ji,L;iish maiuifactnre. 

47() Japanese Match-lock Gun, cal. 50. octai^'on barrel, finely inlaid 
with gold ; ebony stock, k'rom the island of I'ormosa. [2025.] 

480 Aral)ian Flint-lock (iim. cal. 60, barrel inlai<l with silver; five 

silver l)ands to hold the barrel to the stock ; stock tinely inlaid 
with mother-of-pearl. From Mecca, Arabia. [1553I 

481 Oriental Flint-lock Gun. cal. 70; seven brass bands to hold the 

barrel to the stock ; stock inlaid with mother-of-pearl. LVom 
Constantin()])le. | 1552.] 

482 Moorish I-lint-lock (iun, cal. 75, barrel inlaid with silver orna- 

ments; three bands t(3 hold the barrel to the stock, with silver 
ornaments, h^rom ^Morocco. [922.] 

483 (iernian Airi^un, cal. 45, with ir(jn rece])tacle placed below the 

barrel, l^red by air being compressed into the receptacle by an 
air-pinnp. 11ie air is allowed to escape rapidly when fired. The 
barrel is inlaid with gold and silver ; carved stock. Made by 
C. G. Werner. 1752, who made guns at Leipsic from 1750 to 
1780. [2133.] 




CASE No. 20. 


484 Fourteenth Century Arbalist, with stirrup antl windlass to set 

the l)ow. This crossbow was formerly used in the steen oy 
prison of the Spanish Inquisition at Antwerp, Beli^iuni. The 
windlass to draw the bowstring is provided with two cranks and 
two pulleys ; has no fixed rests, but is always worked by a stir- 
rup. It was secured many years ago by a gentleman who was 
traveling in Europe. It afterwards came into the hands of an- 
other gentleman, who now resides in Hartford. Conn., of whom 
it was purchased. The stock is inlaid. [2233.] 

485 Sixteenth Centur\- Spanish Arbalist or Crossbow-gun. It i.^ 

called Goat's h'oot Crossbow. This weapon was constructed 
either with or without stirrup. The api)aratus employed to 
■ bend tliis crosslxnv is a lever. This crossbow came from Ma- 
drid. Spain. I 2234. 1 

486 (ierman Arbalist or Cross])ow-gun. It has pee]) sight, j)lumb 

bob for level, wind gauge, hair trigger: stock gun-shaped, and 
worm eaten. It has two arrows or bolts which date back to the 
fifteenth or sixteenth centuries. These dates mark the end of 
the [Middle Ages and the beginning i^f the Xew l>a. and also 
inaugurate the introduction of shooting festivals, and the transi- 
tion from the use of the crossbow to firearms. These shooting 
festivals were occasions not only of social enjoyment but of prej)- 


aratiun for whatcvLT niii^iit ccjnic in the sha])c uf invasion or 
internal dissension, and tlie s])irit of liberty was fostered bv these 
L,^atherinn:s. [1333.] 

487 h'uurteenth Century German Pettstol or Crossbow Pistol, which 

has peep sights, iron trimmings, finely engraved ; pistol grip 
stock used for hunting and target shooting. Some of the Ger- 
man archers were experts in shooting this kind of arm. The 
next small arm was the pistol which was first made in Italy, and 
was introduced into England in the year 1521. [1882.] 

488 Fifteenth Century Match-lock Gun. cal. 70; the barrel a little 

bell-muzzle. It has four copper bands on it to hold the barrel 
to the stock. The stock is badly eaten 1)y worms, l-'rom Fen- 
ton & Sons, London. [1556.] 

489 Sixteenth Century Wheel-lock Arquebuse. cal. 75 ; the stock is 

straight ; has a box trap covered with a sliding wood lid. This 
gun was purchased of Jerome Remington of A'osburg. Pa. 

490 Seventeenth Century Turkish Flint-lock lUunderbuss, cal. 2 

inches, iron barrel inlaid with gold, stock inlaid with silver; 
marked on the lock, " Wilson." A'er\- fine old arm. iM'om 
Constantinople. | 1865.] 

491 Flint-lock Blunderbuss, cal. i{ inch, iron ])arrcl with s])ring bay- 

onet on side of barrel, l)rass trinmiings : maker's name on the 
lock, *' IMax \\'ilson." It has silver ornanunts on the stock : en- 
graved lion on it. k^rom London. | 2332. | 

492 Arabian Flint-lock Gun, cal. 70, iron barrel, finely inlaid with 

gold ; stock has a peculiar shape, covered with iron and orna- 
mented with brass and Oriental figures. [1866.] 

493 Turkish Flint-lock Gun, cal. 70. It has four silver band> lo hold 

the barrel to the stock ; inlaid with jXMrl. k^rom Taurus .\b:)un- 
tains, Turkey. [948. 1 

494 k^nglish klail with Chain and Spiked Ball on Shaft. The tkiil, 

which was very well known in Switzerland and ( iermany dur- 
ing the fifteenth Century, was also used in England since the 
period of the Xorman Conf|uest (eleventh century), and existed 
during the reign of Henry \ II. (1509-1547), though then but 
little used and only in the trenches and on board shi])s. I'rom 
Fenton & Sons. London. | 1702.] 

495 Wood Tablet with Hebrew Letters. The inscri])tion top line 

reads: '* Rvsh-Aulef-Shin." which means " Rosh " (new). The 
next line reads: ** Hess-Dowld-Shin." vhich means " Hodesh "' 
(month). " Rosh Hodesh " means new moon or new month. 
This tablet was used as a sign in an ancient old church in South 
America to inform the people of the time of worship. [3<m] 

.-/. li. IlKOOKS COl.UiCI lOS. 

CASE No. 21. 

CASi-: ()!■ nsr()i.s, i'.iki.laks' 'K)()LS. wiiAUXd im- 
i"lI':mi-:.\ rs. and oiiii'iv: (■ii<i()S. i-:'rc.;.M i'ii:< i:s. 

4ij6 ( )ricntal l"liiil-l<ick I'islul, cal. ()5. hrass Ijarrcl 3 inclics loii^, 

car\c(l stock, brass iriniiiiin^s with four silver medalliuiis uf 

l)crlia])s kin,i;s and (|iK'C'ns' heads set in thi- brass triiiiiiiiiij^s ; 

on the barrel is marked \i)\\ ; no otlier mark or nanu- ( «n it. 

I'Vom C"onstantino])le. | 233^). | 
41^7 l)irk-knii'e i'istok cak _'2. i).rcnssiond()ek, selt-eockini(. bhide 45 

inches loni;-, silver-])kited trimniini^s. hVoni battlefield of I->e<l- 

ericksburjT^, \'a., Deceni])er 13, 1863. [2337.] 
4()8 Xew ( )rleans Pistol, cal. 50. percussion-lock ; stamped on the 

barrel. " Xew Orleans." ]^>oni battlefield of James Island. S. C. 

June 1 1 . 1862. (2689.1 
4<j(j Sharp I'dint-lock Horse Pistol, cal. 58. brass l)arrel and bra>> 

trimmings; stamped on the barrel, "Extra J^harp's Proof " ; 

on the lock is stamped '* Sharp." [2319.] 

500 Colt's Revolver, cal. 38. percussion, cylinder six chambers. Colt's 

])atent ; address Colonel Samuel Colt. Xew York. C !^. Anurica. 
kVom battlefield of Xewbern. X. C., March 14. 1862. I2207.J 

501 Lower Revolver, cal. 38. cylinder six chambers, metallic car- 

tridg-e ; made by 1. P. Lower, krom Charleston. S. C. [2264.] 

502 (lerman Pistol, cal. 45, percussion-lock. hVom battlefield of 

Deep Bottom, \'a., Auo^ust 14, 1864. [2687.] 

503 ( ierman Pistol, cal. 28, percussion-lock, finely enj^raved. I'rom 

battlefield of Peach Tree Creek, (ia.. July 20. i8()4. |2()88.| 

504 Derrin.Lier Tistol. cal. 38, percussion-lock; made b\' 1 )errin,L;er. 

Philadeli)hia. I'a. I'rom battlefield kA Winchester. \"a.. Ani^usi 
16, 1864. |2()84.| 

505 Derringer Tistol, cal. },2, percussion-lock; made by 1 )crrin!L:er. 

Philade]i)liia. I'a. kVoni battlefield of Xew Market. \ a.. Mav 
15. i8f)4. I26S3.I 

506 Derrint^er Pistol, cal. 42. jiercussion-lock ; made by 1 )errinL;er. 

Philadelphia. Pa. hVom battlefield of h'ront l\o\al. \a.. Sep- 
tember 21. 1864. 12^)85. 1 

507 RiNttKrr. cal. 38. cylinder tivi- chambers, metallic cartridj;jc. 

Charles .\. llaniilton took his own life with this revolver. Jan- 
uar\ 2. 181)4. oil the Xew N'ork express train, between Spring- 
field and 1 lartford. | 2220. | 



.1 E. BROOKS coi.i.ncriox. 


50S Smith «S: \\'c^S(ln Revolver, cal. 32. cylinder six chanihers. me- 
tallic cartriili^e : made hy Smith cK: Wesson. Sprini^field. Mass. 
With this revolver John C'ronin shot and killed Albert J. Skin- 
ner, South Windsor. L'onn.. on the morning of October 6, 1893. 
Cronin was arrested, tried, antl sentenced to l)e hanq^ed. He 
was hang^ed Tuesday morning. December 18. 1894. [2322.] 

500 Lafaucheux Revolver, cal. 38. cylinder six chambers, metallic 
cartridi^e, self-cockinj^- ; made by Lafaucheux Arms Co., Paris. 
This revolver was taken from a prisoner at the police s'tati(jn, 
Hartford, Coiui. [2700.) 

510 Single-barrel Pistol, cal. 36, percussion-lock. Taken from a pris- 
oner at the police station, Hartford. [2699.] 

5 1 1 Colt's New Model Revolver, cal, 38, cylinder six chambers, me- 
tallic cartridge; Colt's patent, September 19. 1871, July 2, 1872, 
and January 19, 1875. ^Vith this revolver Charles Gong (a 
Chinaman) shot and killed Charley Lee, a fellow countryman, 
April 19, 1891. in Jim Lee's laundry, Foster's block. Hartford, 
Conn. Charles Gong was arrested, tried, and sent to the Con- 
necticut State Prison for life. [1916.] 

512 Hopkins c^ Allen Revolver, cal. ^2, double action *' XL." cylin- 

der six chambers, metallic cartridge ; made by Hopkins & Allen, 
Norwich. Conn. This revolver belonged to Frank ^liner. East 
Hartford, who fired it in self-defense at Hazcn Bellware, who 
had shot Miner in front of his own house in East Hartford. July 
22, 1890. INIincr died two days after. Bellware lived in Glas^ 
tonbury. He was arrested, tried, and sent to the state prison 
at Wethersfield for life. [191 5.] 

513 Red Jacket Revolver, cal. t,2, cylinder five chambers, metallic 

cartridge. This revolver was Xo. 8. made in Xorwich. Conn. 
With this revolver John H. Swift shot and killed his wife, Kate 
^[cCann Swift, July 7. 1887, at Hartford, Conn. Swift was 
arrested, tried, and hanqed April 18. 1889. at 10:16 o'clock a. m. 

514 Revolver, cal. 7,2, self-cocking, cylinder six chambers, pin fire, 

metallic cartridge: finely engraved. Vrom battlefield of Peters- 
l)urg. \'a.. September. 1864. [2338.] 

515 .^mith c^- Wesson Revolver, cal. 22, cylinder six chaiubers. me- 

tallic cartridge: patented in 1864. Made by Smith cS: Wesson. 
Springfield. Mass. [2686.] 

516 Colt's Model Revolver, cal. 32. percussion, cylimler five cham- 

'»ers: unfinislu-d. [1776.] 

517 Pistol, cal. 38. percussion-lock: made by tiu- Washington .\rms 

Co. I'rom battlefield o\ Tames Island. S. C.. lulv i(\ t8()^ 


518 Flint-luck Powder Tester, made to test the strenj^th (jf powder 

in old times. The wheel at the muzzle has numbers on it. 
When shot it turns the wheel to a certain number. [1872.] 

519 Flint-lock Tinder Box, used in olden times to get fire ; made and 

used long before matches were used. \'ery old and rare. From 
Fenton & Sons, London. [1547.] 

520 John Brown's Pike. The blade is 10 inches long by 2 inches 

wide, with double edge and iron guard. This pike, with many 
others, was manufactured by Charles Blair, Collinsville, Conn., 
in 1857, for John Brown, with which he made his famous raid 
at Harper's Ferry, \'a., on Sunday night, October 16, 1859. I^ 
was presented by Warren Burr to E. W. Rowley, Hartford, 
Conn. Mr. Rowlev presented it to A. E. Brooks Februarv 15. 
1888. [1 178.] 

The history of this pike was published in the Hartford Times 
November 2, 1859. It said : 

" Brown's pike we have in our office, through the politeness of Mr. 
A. B. Redfield of this city; one of the pikes made at Collinsville, Conn., 
and intended to be put into the hands of the negroes of the South for 
the massacre of their masters. It was brought back to Connecticut from 
Richmond by Rev. Mr. Willey of Waterbury, on his return from the 
Episcopal Convention in Virginia. Gov. Wise presented it to him. It 
is rather ugly looking. The blade of iron is fashioned like a lance. It 
is about ten inches long, with double edges, and furnished with an iron 
guard at the place where it enters the socket. Into this was fitted an 
ash handle about six feet long. Mr. Willey has removed the handle 
for convenience in transporting the weapon. This pike is stamped No. 
729. It was probably conveyed with thousands of similar weapons from 
Connecticut to the reach of Brown. A new handle has been replaced." 

The following letter from Charles Blair was published in the 

Hartford Times, NovemIxT 5. 1859: 

Collinsville. November 4. 1859. 

" In the latter part of February or early part of March, 1857. Brown 
came to this town and held a public meeting. At the close of the meeting 
or the following day, he exhibited some weapons which he claimed to 
have taken from Capt. H. C Pate at the battle of Black Jack. Among 
others was a bowie-knife or dirk, having a blade eight inches long. 
Brown remarked that such an instrument fixed to a pole about six feet 
long would be a capital weapon to place in the hands of the settlers in 
Kansas, to keep in their cabins to defend tlieniselvcs against any attack 
by border ruffians or wild beasts, and asked me what it would cost to 
make one thousand. I replied that I would make them for one dollar 
each. But to my surprise he drew up a contract for one thousand to 
be completed in three months, he (Brown) agreeing to pay five hundred 
dollars within ten days, and the balance within thirty days thereafter. 
Brown placed five hundred and fifty dollars in my hands within specified 
time, and as it was dull times and the contract profitable, I commenced 
the job, and forged about five hundred. At the expiration of the thirty 
days. Brown wrote me from Springfield, Mass., saying that he was un- 
able to raise the four hundred and fifty dollars to complete his contract. 

" Soon after the receipt of his letter, I stopped the work. Brown 
wrote me Feb. 10, 1858. In his letter he requested me to send as many 

./. /:. BROOKS COLI.liCTlOX. 85 

I- 1 I'clt willing t«) ill tlic unfuu>iied state of tlie contract. The next I 
knew of Brown, he called at my house on the third day of June last, 1859. 
He said to me that he had never l)efore been able to fulfill his contract 
with me, but could now do it, and wished I would go on and finish up 
the job. I replied that I was very differently situated now, and could 
not do it. Soon after Brown left CoUinsville. I agreed with C. Hart & 
Son of Unionville. Conn., to finish up the pikes, as they were called, which 
I had commenced in 1857. and also to make four hundred and fifty more, 
making in all about nine hundred and fifty. CHARLES BLAIR." 

5JI W'lialing Lance, from the whaling' ship .Irmata; sailed from Xew 
London, Conn. Captain Hull of Lebanon. Conn., sailed in her 
in 1837 and many years after. In 1871 this ship was cast away 
on the Xew Zealand coast. [722.] 

5JJ Whaling Gun, Harpoon, and Bomb Lance ; the gun has brass 
barrel ; made by Eben Pierce, New Bedford, Mass., 1867, for 
Captain H. S. Rich, Provincetown, Mass. Captain Rich says 
he has used this gun about eight years, and has taken about 600 
barrels of oil in the schooner Agate of Provincetown, Mass., 
with its aid. [1207.] 

523 C)ld-fashioned Whaling Harpoon ; marked "Allert." It came 

from the whaling ship Allcrt, which sailed on whaling voyage 
from Xew London in 1841, and many years after. She be- 
longed in Xew London, and was cast away in 1875. [718.] 

524 ( )ld-fashioned Whaling Harpoon, which is marked '* Jason." It 

came from the whaling brig Jason of Xew London. Captain 
Elias Coit sailed in her in 1834. She made many voyages and 
was broken u\) in Xew London. [719-] 
^2^ Old-fashioned AMialing harpoon : marked '' Phoenix." It came 
from the oltl whaling ship Phooiix of Xew London. Cap- 
tain Jeremiah Slate sailed in her in 1847. ^^^^^ '^^'^-'^ broken up 
in Xew London, and her wreck lies in Winthrop Cove. Xew 
L..n(l(^n. [720.] 

526 The Xew-fashioned Whaling Harpoon, from schooner FraJids 

.Ulcit of Xew London. Captain Robert Glass sailed in 1877. 
In 1885 she was used for seal catching. Owned by C. A. Wil- 
liams & Co.. Xew London. [721.] 

527 Whaling Spade, used in cutting up a whale : from the whaling 

ship Ac:*.' EiiglaJid. Sailed from Xew London in 1841, and 
remained in service until i860, when it was retired. [2(m)i.] 

528 Swordfish Harpoon. This harpoon was used at lUock Island by 

a Hartford party who were out fishing at l»lock Island in 1888. 
They harpooned a swordfish with it. The swordfish was angry 
about it and turned on them, driving his sword through their 
boat, which created a very exciting time for them for a few 
minutes. But they secured the swordfish. Presented by S. 
M. Bronson, Hartford. [1332.] 


529 Swivel or JJoll, which was ])Uicc(l in the sohd rock in one oi the 

dung-eons in the ceH in the old Xewgate or Connecticut State 
prison at Granl)\-. Conn. It is said that Old Prince, the negro 
who had once been servant to an officer under General Wash- 
ington, died shackled to this swivel and rotted where he died. 

530 Cell Bolt from one of the cells of the old Newgate or Connecticut 

State prison at Granby, Conn. [667. J 

531 Bell Arbor, from the bell tower of the old Newgate or Connecti- 

cut State prison at Granby, Conn. [2693. J 

532 Pair Old-fashioned Sugar Cutters, for cutting sugar loaf for the 

table. [459.] 

533 Pair Old-fashioned Spoon ^Moulds, made of brass; for running 

pewter spoons in olden times. [544.] 

534 Pair Old-fashioned Button ^Moulds, made of brass. They run 

four buttons at the same time. Csed bv families in olden times. 


535 Black Jack, made of leather and filled with sand. Taken from 

a burglar at the police station, Hartford, Conn., in 1893. [2223. J 

536 Slung Shot or Black Jack, about 9 inches long; made from a 

shawl strap w^ound around a piece of lead in the heavy part, with 
the metal buckle so arranged that the tongue stood straight out, 
making a formidable spike. The whole was wound with heavy 
twine. This niurderotts looking weapon was used by John 
Taylor, the negro burglar who committed one of the most das- 
tardly assaults ever perpetrated in Hartford county, at 12:30 
Wednesday morning, October 25, 1893, o" ^liss Juliet Xiles and 
Miss Annie Ennis, who lived alone in a house on the main road 
in Poquonock in the town of Windsor, Conn. He got twenty 
years in the State prison. [2224.] 

537 and 538 Reuthe's Patent Animal Traps, Reuthe's patent, May 

22, 1857; made by AL Loth, Hartford. Conn. The animal trap 
is percussion with two barrels. When loaded with powder and 
ball its fangs are baited, then it is suspended to a tree about two 
or three feet from the ground. The animal takes the bait and 
pulls it a little. The barrels discharge and the animal is shot, 
and caught by the fangs which open in tlie animal's mouth. 
[2692 and 2692.] 
539 Flip-iron, an old-timer which was used for making tlip. a mix- 
ture of beer and spirits, sweetened and heated by a hot tlip-iron, 
usually heated in the old fireplace. In olden times all first-class 
inns had several of these flip-irons in the chinuiey corner ready 
to serve their patrons with tlip. [145I 


54t) i iccc i.)l liuik-r Iron and Xul. from the ruins ot the I'ark Lcnlral 
llotcl disaster. Hartford. Conn. Tins piece of iron and holt 
was from the boiler which exploded in the hotel on Monday 
niornin<;- at 4:50 o'clock, I'ehruary iS. 1S89. Alxjut 23 per- 
si)ns were killed. [1289. J 

541 Jiit and Stock, one of the old-time hit-stocks. It was (jnce tiie 
propertx of Thomas Bickford of Portsmouth, X. H., who was 
a merchant. He received a c(jnmiission from the Continental 
Congress as an .\ssistant Commissary of Issues in the American 
Army, the 8th day of May. 1778. [2695. J 

54J l')elt Strap, with which I.ouis Lauer hanged himself in the Hart- 
ford county jail on the morning- of September 9, 1891. Louis 
Lauer was found dead hanging by this strap in his cell. He was 
arrested at Windsor, August 31, 1891, by Sheriff Hetherton on 
suspicion of murdering Mr. and Mrs. Bushenhagen of Bloom- 
held, August 30 or 31. 1891. [2701.] 

543 Windham Count \ Savings Bank Padlock, which was used on 

the safe vault when the bank was first incorporated at Brook- 
lyn, Conn. The lock has many combinations, and was a fine 
piece of work in its day. New improvements condemned it, 
and it has been laid aside for years. [1059.] 

544 Shackle and Key, which was used on the ankle with chain. It 

was used on l)oard slave ships to shackle slaves together. 
From Richmond, \'a. [557] 

545 Pair of Ancient Shackles for the Ankles, made of l)rass : were dug 

up in Lynn, ]\Iass., many \ears ago. I407.] 

546 Pair Shackles, from TimnuMis plantation. Martinsburg. \ a. 

Have been used on slaves many times. [628.] 

547 Pair Old-fashioned Handcuffs, from Richmond, \'a. [629.] 

548 Pair Old-fashioned Handcuffs, from Petersburg. \'a. [1084.) 

549 Pair Old-fashioned Handcuffs, from Tinuuons ])lantation. Mar- 

tinsburg, Va. [626.] 

550 Old-fashioned Handcuffs, which were used in the old Xewgaie 

prison of Connecticut. |4«^il 

551 I'. S. Xavy Lillie Irons. They are the same kind of handcuff's 

that were used on David K. llarrold, I^dward Spangler. Lewis 
Paxiie, Michael O. Laughlin. and others of the Lincoln assas- 
sination cons])irators, Aj^ril 15. 1865. These irons were in- 
vented by Marine Sergeant Lillie of C S. Xav\. who died with 
them on while in delirium tremens. |557| 

552 Pair Handcuffs, used in Windham jail. Windham. Conn., in 

1770. an<l many years after. | 1174.I 


553 l*air Handcuffs and Key, worn by a Spanish pirate who was 

l>rought into Salem, Mass., in the bric^ Tigress and afterwards 
hanged in Lcvcrctt Street jail, Boston. TVom X. \'ickorv col- 
lection, Lynn. [406. J 

554 Pair Handcuffs, used by Sheriff Henry I']. Smith, l"()i)eka, Kans. 

He used them many \cars. [1320.] 

555 Pair Twisters or Handcuffs, sometimes used by policemen ; made 

in W'aterbury, Conn., many years ago. [1331.] 

556 Knuckle, or round ])icce of iron wound with heavy twine; made 

to strike with, h'ound on a prisoner at the Hartford police sta- 
tion. [2698.] 

557 Jimmy. This jimmy was used by a burglar who broke into Dr. 

G. W. Russell's house, 490 Main Street, Hartfgrd, October 15, 
1 88 1. Miss Johannah Myers had for twenty years been in the 
service of Dr. Russell. The burglar struck her two terrific 
blows on the head with this iron. Her forehead was badly cut. 
The villain fled through the open window and made his escape. 
He threw the jimmy into the back yard, where it was found by 
H. B. Kingsley. He was afterwards captured and sent to State 
prison. [685.] 

558 Two Steel Wedges, with other tools that were used by burglars, 

Saturday night, August 26, 1882, in T. Sisson & Co.'s drug- 
store, Hartford, Conn. These wedges were used in breaking 
open the safe, making it a complete wreck. They obtained 
forty or fifty dollars, which did not ])ay them for their labor and 
the tools left behind them. [1184.! 

559 and 560 Burglar Tools, jackscrew handle, fuse, and wood screw. 

They were taken from a burglar at the Hartford police station. 
[ 1329 and I32(;. | 

561 Brass Knuckles, taken from a prisoner at the police station, Hart- 

ford. ( "onn. [2696. 1 

562 Ih'ass Knuckles, taken from a ])risoner at the j^olice station. Hart- 

ford. Conn. [2697. J 

563 Iron Knuckles. These knuckles were taken off a dead man's 

hand wlio was killed at the Astor Place riot in Xew ^'ork. which 
took ])]ace in the street. May to. 1846: 22 killed and about 30 
woundc-d. PreseiUed 1)\- Captain K\inan Smith. K>78.1 

56-^ Iron Handcuff's, taken troni a ])risi)ner at the police station, Ikart- 
ford. Conn. [1328.] 

565 The Famous vSet of liurglars' Tools; one jack screw, two jim- 
mies, two pair key nippers, one brass key, 11 skeleton keys, 17 
pieces. These burglar tools were used in the famous bank rob- 
bery of 1878, the biggest bank robbery known in history. ( )cto- 

A. li. BROOKS COLUiCri()\ 


l)cr 2J, 1S7S. the Manhattan Savini^^s InMinuK.ii ..i .>^ ^^ Vork 
was robbed ol >crnrili(-s xahud at Sj. 747. 700 and Sll.OOO in 
cash. These tools were the ])i-oi)eri\ 01 Sanuiel V. Jones, a 
noted attorney of llartlord TIun were presented b\ Chief 
George F. liill, Hartford pohee. | -\^v^ ' • I 

566 Piece of Railroad Iron which was used on the Ilousatonic Rail- 
road when they first ran steam cars in 1S36. Presented by 
Isaac N. Bartram. Sharon, Conn. |26»;o.l 

3f)7 Cld Sextant; an instrument of reflection for measuring angular 
distances between objects, esjiecially at sea. Made by Thomas 
Ril)ley. Hermitage Bridge. London. [2913.] 

^f^^ Harpoon with two jointed barbs: iVom I'ortland. Me. [2914.] 




CASE iNo. 22. 


569 Boyington L. L. Rifle, cal. 50. lu^rcussion, cylinder has one cham- 

1)er and is revolved 1)_\- a crank motion. It was not a success, 
and this was the only one made. It was n^ide 1)y John lioyino- 
ton. South Coventry, Conn., in 1S45. | ' 'Z'l 

570 Leonard Double-barrel M. L. Rifle and Shotgun, rifle cal. 35, 

shot cal. 60, rifle barrel over the shot barrel, percussion-locks, 
globe and ])ee]) sights, silver trimmings and mahogany stock ; 
made for a flne gun bv .\. Leonard & Son, Saxons River. \'t. 

571 Richards 1 )oifl)le-l)arrel M. L. Rille and Shotgim. rifle cal. 35. 

shot cal. 70. percussion-locks, laminated barrels: made b\' Rich- 
ards. London, h^ng. I2028.I 

':.y2 Three-barrel M. L. (hm. two barrels, rifles cal. 38: one barrel 
shot. cal. 70. The two rifle barrels have two hannners on to]), 
shot barrel in center mider rifle barrels, hannner underneath all, 
percussion-locks. All shot off by one trigger single, or all three 
at the same time. [955- 1 

573 Four-barrel Revolving M. L. Sliotgun. cal. 58. percussion-lock, 
revolves bv hand. \o maker's name on it. I2545.I 


574 (Icniian I'liiu-lock Ritlc. cal. 75, wall i)iccc' very Ikun \ ; ^iL;iii> on 
it arc- .siLilurd for Soo. i.joo. and 1 .Stjo vards. It has hair trig- 
s^cr. hnlt of stock cnt away to rest it on shuuldcr when fired. 
Made by Cransin. 1 lerzhuri^", (lerniany. iSi8. [1205.] 

},y}, Sliarj)s Si)ortini;- ^Y. L. Rifle, cal. 60. percussion-lock, octagon 
barrel with globe sight; made 1)\- Sharps Arms Co.. Hartford, 
Conn. I I 705. 1 

^yi) Sitting lUill's M. L. Kitle, cal. 42, percussion-lock, octago'n bar- 
rel, brass trimmings, silver patch box, and 23 ornamental pieces 
of silver on the stock. The name on the k^ck is Joe Ccjlcher. 
This rifle was purchased b\- a trader who traded with Sitting 
Bull a B. L. ririe for this ritle in April. 1876. [2335.] 

},yj Whaling M. L. Gun. cal. 88. percussion-lock, brass trimmings; 
shoots lances or harpoons. From the old whaling vessel .Vezc 
England, which made many whaling voyages from Xew Lon- 
don. 1841 to i860. [1390.] 

578 ])rown Whaling M. L. Gun, cal. \\ inch, percussion-lock, all 

brass barrel and stock, weight 36 pounds ; made for Robert 
Brown, New London, by Alberston, Douglass & Co., Xew 
London. 1845. This gun belonged to Captain Horace Champ- 
lin. East Lyme. Conn., who made many whaling voyages from 
Xew London. [2026. | 

579 Brand Whaling ]\L L. Gun, cal. i] inch. ])ercussion-lock. skele- 

ton stock, all made of iron ; shoots bomb lance and harpoons, 
^lade by Brand Arms Co.. Xorwich. Conn., in 1850. [2144.] 

580 Bomb Lance which explodes when shot from the whaling gun. 

This lance is used in the Brand whaling gun. [2144.] 

JOHN HROWN PIKE. No. .->-.'0. 




CASE No. 23. 

OF 1812. AXD CI\ IL WAR: 26 PIECES. 

581 I'. S. Naval Sword, very old; from Morris Island. S. C, July, 
1S63. From John Shaw. Charleston. S. C. [2046.] 

5S2 l\ S. Xon-Commissioned Officer's Sword; from battlefield of 
Spottsylvania Court House. \'a.. May. 1864. From C. L. John- 
son. Washington. D. C. [2045.] 

583 U. S. Xon-Commissioned Officer's Sword: from battlcticoi ■/l 

Winchester. \'a., June 13 to 15. 1863. From O. F. Kn« (X, Win- 
chester. \'a. [624.] 

584 C. S. A. Officer's Sword, brass hilt and iron scabbard. It has 

C. S. A. in the hilt, also C. S. A. engraved on the blade. This 
sword was captured from a Confederate officer at the siege of 
Port Hudson. La., May 25 to July 29, 1863. From Captain 
William Berry. Hartford. Conn. Captain Berry belonged to 
the Twelfth Regiment, Connecticut A'olunteers. [i8()0.] 

585 C. S. Officer's Sword, brass hilt, leather scabbard. It has C. S. 

in the hilt. This sword was picked up on the battlefield of 
Seven Pines. \'a.. May. 1862. From Charles T. Smith. Rich- 
mond. \'a. [627.] 

586 C. S. Officer's Sword, with wood scabbard. This sword was 

made by the Confederates in the town of Cheeve, S. C. where 
thev made some arms during the war. From Fort Wagoner, 
S. C. 1863. [748.] 

587 C. S. C)fficer's Sword, with wood scabbard ; made at Cheeve. S. 

C. ; from battlefield of Bristol Station. \'a.. October 14. 1863. 
From F. C. Mayo, Petersburg. \'a. [1987.] 

588 C. S. Officer's Sword, leather scabbard, brass hilt, with C. S. in the 

hilt: from battlefield of Mcksburg, Miss.. July. 1863. From 
Seth Williams. Washington. D. C. [2032.] 

589 C. S. A. (Officer's Sword, brass hilt, leather scabbard, with C. S. 

A. in the hilt ; from battlefield of Port Hudson. La.. May 25 to 
July 29, 1863. From C. Y. Spencer, New York. [i8<>i.] 

590 L'. S. Officer's Sword, brass hilt, iron scabbard, blade finely en- 

graved. It was used a few years ago, about 1870, in the Fenian 
raid on Canada. [2031.] 

591 C. S. A. Officer's Cavalry Saber and Iron Scabbard, brass hilt. 

with C. S. A. in the hilt : from battlefield of Cedar Creek. \'a., 
( 'ctober U). 1864. by H. Tuttle. Winsted. Conn. [2021).] 



592 U. S. Cavalry SalxT and Iron Scabhard : from batik-tk-ld of Win- 

chester, \'a., Julv 24, 1864. IVoiii llarrv Stead, Harper's 
Ferry, \'a. [618.'] 

593 r. S. Cavalry Saber and Iron Scabbard: from battlefield of An- 

tietam, Aid.. September 17, 1862. IVom John Bovce, Sharps- 
burg". Md. [622.] 

594 I'. S. Cavalry Saber and Iron Scabbard: from battlefield o\ 

Chapin's Farm, \'a., September 29. 1864. From Z. L. liiju^f^er, 
ivichmond. \'a. [1030.] 

595 I'. S. Cavalry Saber, made by X. I'. Ames. Cabcnville. Mass., 

1848; from siege of Port Hudson, La.. May 25 to July 29. 1863. 
I'rom Silas Harrigan, Charleston. S. C. [2033.] 

596 V . S. War of 1812 Saber ; belonged to Sergeant Xef¥ of Wethers- 

field, Conn., who was in the service in 18 12. Presented by Geo. 
1\. Curtis. Glastonbury. Conn. [2038.] 

597 V. S. War of 1812 Saber; belonged to Thomas Coy, Westerly, 

R. I., who carried it in the Civil War in a Rhode Island regiment 
to which he belonged. Presented by C. G. P>eckwith, New 
Fondon, Conn. [1967.] 

598 V. S. A\'ar of 1812 Saber; stamped on it, " X. \. 1812 " : from 

Ijattlefield of Lynchburg, \'a., June 18, 1864. b>om R. S. 
Pigger, Lynchburg, A'a. [2041.] 

599 U. S. War of 18 12 Saber, dated 1805 : from the battlefield of Get- 

tys1)urg. Pa.. July i to 4, 1863. r>om P). L. Sage, I'altimoro. 
Mi\. [2039.J 

600 Foreign Manufacture Re\'olutionary ( )fiicer's Sword : marked 

on the blade. " I. H. I. X'. I." : brass guard, ornamented. From 
Ticonderoga. X. V. [1876.] 

601 Foreign Manufacture Revolutionary ( )fticer's Sword, brass 

guard, finely ornamented. Found in an old house in Xew 
London, Conn. [1877.] 

602 Foreign Manufacture l\evolutionar\' Saber. This saber was 

picked up on the battlefield near Martinsl)urg. \"a. b'rom C. 
Tinunons. Martinsburg, \'a. [623.] 

603 b^)reign Manufacture Revolutionary Sword, from 1^-enton. X. J. 


604 ]-"oreign Manufacture Revolutionary Saber, from Richmond. \'i'.. 


605 Revolutionary ( )f¥icer's Sal)er. blade inlaid with gold, ivory 

handle, silver plated guard, eagle head, shield, stars, etc. [2034.] 

606 Revolutionary Ofificer's Saber, blade inlaid with gold, ivory 

handle, silver jilated guard, eagle head, shield, stars, etc. [2035.] 


CASE No. 24. 

RKLk S I )F THE LT\ IL WAR 1- RuM i86i TO 1865 — Sl'HKR- 


607 Shell. 218 I'ounds. tired from the 13-inch mortar Dictator into 

Petersburg. \'a.. in 1864. by the members of the First Connecti- 
cut Heavy Artillery. [803.] 

608 Shell. 1 1-Inch. 132 Pounds, from Point Battery, near Charleston, 

S. C. :^Iay. 1861. [801.] 

609 Shell. 10-Inch. S/ Pounds, from siege of Petersburg, \'a.. May, 

1864. [1979] 

610 Shell. ic-Inch. Sj Pounds, from siege of Yorktown. \'a.. April. 

i8(«4. [1657.] 

<)i 1 Shell. 9-Inch. 70 Pounds, from the great naval battle of Hampton 
Roads, March 8, 1862. From Newport Xews. [804.] 

'>ij Solid Shot. 9-Inch. 88 Pounds, from battlefield of Drurv's Pduff. 
\a.. May. 1862. [818.] 

"13 Shell. 8-Inch. 45 Pounds, fired from the Confederate battery at 
Petersburg into a battery of the First Connecticut Heavy Ar- 
tillery in ]\Iay. 1864. [1655.] 

'•14 Shell. 8-Inch. 45 Pounds, from ^losquito Inlet. Fla. Battle. 
April. 1862. [1659.] 

^>i^ Shell. 32-Pounder. from James Island. S. C. Battle. May. 1861. 

! 799] 

'•:'• Solid Shot. 32-Pounder. from l)attlefield of Seven Pines. \'a.. 

May 31 to June i. 1862. [S27f.] 
017 Solid Shot. 32-Pouiuler. from l)attlefield near Seven Pines. \'a.. 

June, 1862. [S27,.] 
'•18 Solid Shot, 32-Pounder, from battlefield near Winchester, \'a.. 

August 17, 1864. [812.] 
610 Solid Shot, 32-Pounder. from battlefield Winchester. \'a.. lune. 

1863. [808.] 
"20 Solid Shot. 32-IMunder. from battlefield near Winchester. \'a.. 

June, 1863.' [808.] 
621 Cirape Shot, from battlefield of Peach Tree CVeek. Atlanta, Ga.. 

July 20. 1864. [2850.] 


ii.Li sTRATEi) 01- Tiir. 


()J2 Solitl Shut; lias been tlattciu-(l. Ii was taken from the Mcrrimac 
after the great engagements in J lampion Ivuads. \'a.. March 8 
or 9, 1862. I805.] 

(>2^ Hot Shot. 32-Pounder. from J-Ori I'isher. X. C, wliicli was found 
after the capture of tlie I'Ort, January 15. 1865, by Captain Brad ■ 
dock Chester. C. S. \.. wlio -ent it home to Groton. Conn. 

(>J4 Solid Shot. lJ-re)under. from battlefield of Drury's liluff. \'a.. 
May 13 to 17, 1864. [2657.] 

'•25 Shell. i2-l*ounder. from battlefield of Sharji^lnirj^-. Md.. Septem- 
ber 17. 1862. Extra iron plu.i^" in it. [2665.] 

626 Shell, 12-Pounder. from battlefield of Antietaiu P.rid.L,^'. Md.. 

September 17, 1862. I-Lxtra cupper plu^- in it. [2664.] 

627 Shell. 12-Pounder, from battlefield of Fredericksl)ur,g. \'a.. De- 

cember 12 to 14, 1862. [755.1 

628 Shell, i2-Poun(ler, from battlefield of Deep Run. \a., Au^-ust 14 

to 18, 1864. [2658.1 
62(; Shell. i2-rN3under. from the battlefield of Gaines Mills. \'a.. Mav 
31 to June 20, 1862. [1658.1 

630 Shell, 12-Pounder, from battlefield of Peach Tree Creek. Ga.. 

July 20, 1864. [14 1 3-1 

631 Shell, 12-Pounder, from battlefield of Port Hudson. La.. May 

23 to July, 1863. [1413.I 
<)7,2 Solid Shot, 12-Pounder, from battlefield of Winchester. \'a.. lune 

12 to 14, 1863. [808.1 
()^^^ SoHd Shot, 12-Pounder. from battlefield oi Fisher's Hill. \'a.. 

September 22, 1864. [808.I 

634 Solid Shot. 12-Pounder. from battlefield of Kernstown. \ a.. 

March. 1862. [811.I 

635 Solid Shot, 12-Pounder. from battlefield of Cedar Mountain. \a.. 

August 9. 1862. [811.1 

636 Solid Shot, 12-Pounder. from battlefield of Cold Harbor. \a., 

June 1 to 10, 1864. [820.] 
^M7 Solid Shot. 12-Pounder. from battlefield of F(.rt Moultrie, near 
Charleston, S. C, 1861. [760.I 

638 Solid Shot. i2-l'oun(ler. from battlefield of C"edar Creek, s'a.. 

( )ctober 19. i8()4. [8i(). | 

639 Solid Shot. l2-Pounder. from battlefield ni Chester Station. \'a.. 

May 10, 1864. [2663.1 

640 Solid Shot. i2-IN>under. fn-m battlefield oi Lookout Mountain. 

Tenn.. \<tvember 24. 1S03. |2()^)5.] 


641 Solid Shut. J2-l\)un(kT, from battlefield of Sailor's Crock. \'a., 

April 6. 1865. IjOCm;.] 

642 Solid Shot, i2-Potin(k'r, from battlefield of Keiiesaw Mountain. 

Ga., June 22, 1864. \7(\^.\ 

643 Solid Shot. 6-Poundcr. from battlefield of Hunker's llill. \'a.. 

September. 1864. [813.] 

644 Two Solid Shots that were used for chain shot: from battle of 

IJunkcr's Hill. \'a., September. 1864. [813. | 

645 Six I'cct of Chain, from the iron-clad Mcrriinac, Norfolk. \'a.. 

October 6, 1886. " This is to certify that we have this day sold 
to A. E. Brooks of Hartford, Conn., a piece of old chain weii^h- 
ing 83 pounds, said chain having come out of the oXiX iron-clad 
Mcrriinac. Signed, James Powers & Co.. Wreckers and Sub- 
marine Contractors, 26 Roland Wharf. Norfolk, \'a." [824.] 

646 U. S. Canteen, from battlefield of Kenesaw Mountain. (Ja.. June 

22, 1864. ]'^ound bv A. E. Brooks. Hartford. Conn.. ( )ctober. 
1880. [33.1 

647 Confederate Tin Canteen, from battlefield of Seven Pines. \^a. 

P)attles. ]May i to June i. 1862. [1647.] 

648 Revolutionar\- Har-shot. It is said that this shot was fired from 

battleshi]) Iluroii into New London diu'in^- the Revolutionary 
\\'ar. [20(^3.1 
64() Solid Shot. 32-Pounder. This cannon ball was found 17 feet 
below the surface of the ground. It was dug out of the bank 
where the new depot was built, near the ri\-er in Harlem. X. Y., 
by the N. Y. & H. R. R. Co.. June 2^, iS(ji. It was ])resente(l 
1)\- J. 1). Miller. Hartford. Conn., who had charge of the work. 
Pr()l)ably fired at battle of Harlem Heights. September 16. 
1776. [2091.] 

650 Solid Shot. i8-Pounder. This cannon ball was fired into Ston- 

ington. Conn., from the English shi]) Terror. August 10, 1814. 
I'Tom the ( lates family. Stonington. [1013.] 

651 Solid Shot. T2-Pounder. from battlefield of Peach ( )rchar(l. Get- 

tyslnu-g. Pa.. July i to 3. 1863. [2860.1 

652 Solid Shot. 12-Pounder. said to be Revolutionary. It was found 

in an old well in the old fort near Winchester. \'a.. by X. J. 
Xopp. Winchester, \'a.. before the Civil War. | 2o8<). | 

653 Solid Shot. i2-Pounder, Revokitionary camion ball. It was 

found by M. R. ?^Ioran, Xew London. Conn., on Winthrop 
Point, about three feet bebnv the surface of the ground, near 
Xew London. [ C^'-l 

654 Solid shot, i2-Poundcr, Revolutionary cannon ball, from the 

lir-ttlefield of Monmouth, June 2?>, 1778. f2843.1 



(155 >Mhtl Shot. 4-Poundcr. Kerolutionary cannon hall, from tiie hat- 
tlcfiokl of New Haven. Conn.. July 5 to 10. 177 >. I2092.] 

h^t) Solid Shot, 2-Ponndcr. Revolutionary cannon hall, from the bat- 
tlefield of Trenton. X. J.. Deceniher 25. 1776. [2844. | 

(>57 Solid Shot, 2-Pouiuler, Revolutionary cannon hall, from the 
battlefield of P.unker Hill. June 17. 1775. [2845.] 

658 Solid Shot. 2-Pounder. Revolutionary cainiun ball, fired into 
Xewburyport, Mass., in 1776. [9^3] 

65() S( lid Shot, 2-Pounder, Revolutionary cannon ball, from Arnold's 
attack on New London. September 6. 1781. [898.] 

660 Solid Shot, 2-Pounder. Revolutionary cannon ball, from the bat- 

tlefield of Bennington, August 16. 1777. [858.] 

661 Solid Shot. 2-Pounder, Revolutionary cannon ball, from l)attle- 

field of Brandywine, September 11, 1777. [^9^] 

662 Solid Shot, 2-Pounder, Revolutionary cannon ball, from one of 

the battlefields of Saratoga, September 19 and October 7. 1777. 


663 Solid Shot, 2-Pounder. Revolutionary cannon ball, from battle- 

field of Yorktown, September and October. 1781. [761.] 
()64 Solid Shot, 2-Pounder, which was fired into Stonington. Conn.. 
August 10, 1814. [1142.] 

665 Shell, 1 2-Pounder, Revolutionary shell, fired into Xew London. 

Conn.. September 6, 1781. [1138.] 

666 Shell. 4-Pounder, Revolutionary shell, fired into X'ewburyport. 

Mass.. in 1776. [923.] 

667 Shell. 4-Pounder. Revolutionary shell, from battlefield oi Long 

Island. August 2y. 1776. [1143I 


OLD CANNON. No. •.'•.'•.>4. 


.-/. R. BROOKS COIJJXriOX iqi 

CASE No, 25. 

CI\ IL WAR. 1861 TO 1865: 54 PIECES. 

f)68 English Xa\ \ Luilass. with cruun aiul " d. \\.." iiuu i^uard and 
hilt; prc)l)al)ly Rcvoliui(^)iiar\ . IVc^mi New Loiuloii. [2051.] 

(Axj U. S. Army Anillcry Sword, leather scabbard. hilt; 
cuninionly called Ruiiian sword. Made tor the L'nited States 
by X. P. Ames, Springheld, Mass., 1832 to 1841. These swords 
were used in the service of the l'nited States diiriniT: the Mexican 
and Civil Wars. [625.] 

(170 C. S. Army Artillery Sword, with wood scabbard, iron trinmiings, 
brass hilt, and grnard ; marked ** C. S." W as in the service in the 
Civil War on the southern side. E>om Richmond, \'a. [2589.J 

()7i I/. S. Xavy Civil War Cutlass, brass hilt, with lar«^e heavy leather 
i:::iiard. Was in the service during the Civil War. [1696.] 

672 ( )thcer*s Sword, blade is dated 1742 : probably used in the Indian 

and Revolutionary Wars. It has been owned in the Smith fam- 
ily over a hundred years. From Sidney Smith. Waterford. 
Conn. [29.] 

673 C. S. Civil War Socket Saber Bayonet ; made by the Confederates 

and was in the service during the Civil War on the southern side. 
From Baltimore. Md. [1103.] 
()74 I'. S. Xavy Sword, leather scabbard, brass hilt and guard; made 
for the United States by X. P. Ames. Springfield. Mass. Was 
used in the service of the United States during the Civil War. 

(tj^ U. S. Army Artillery Sword, leather scabbard, brass hilt and 
guard ; made for the United States by X. P. Ames. Cabot ville. 
Mass.. in 1842. Was in the service at the siege of Vorktown. 
\"a.. Ajiril 30 to May 4. 1864. I2048.I 

676 C. S. Army Artillery Sword, wood hilt, brass guard: stamped on 

the handle. '" C. S. A." Was captured at the battle of Pea 
Ridge. March 7 and 8. 1862. ( i88t).l 

677 I'. S. Army Artillery Sword, leather scabbard, brass hilt and 

guard: made for the l'nited States by X. P. Ames, Cabotville, 
Mass., in 1845. Was in the service at the battle of Cold Harbor. 
\';i.. June i. 18^4. |8o«).1 


6/8 C. S. Army Ariillcry Swcjrd. wood liandlc. in;n hilt ; ivifm llic bat- 
tlctield of Sailor's Creek. \'a., A])ril 6. 1803. l<Voin Jojm Crab- 
tree, lialtiniore. Md. I2050.I 

6ji) C. S. Army Sword, leather scabbard. rii])ber Iii.t with bra^s ,i;uard. 
It is one of a lot of army stores, swords, ji^uns. etc.. which were 
captured from a blockade runner on the coast of Cuba in 1861, 
and which became an international question with Spain and was 
not settled until 1867. This sw^ord is stamped " ( ..nrtney <S: 
Tennent. Charleston. S. C." [ 1397-1 

680 C. S. Army Artillery Sword, wood hilt and iron i^uard ; t'mm bat- 

tleheld of Drury's lUuff. \'a.. May 13 to 17. i8()4. i'rom \\. 
l^eW'olf, Salem, Conn. [1966.] 

681 C. S. Army Artillery Sword, wood hilt and iron guard, marked 

" C. S. A." on the guard ; from battlefield of Deep I'ottom. \^a., 
August I, 1864. From R. Hill, Richmond. A'a. | n/)8.] 

682 C. S. JJowie-knife. E. AT. Phillips of the Xew York Hospital 

Corps took this knife from a Confederate at the first l)attle of 
Bull Run, July 21, 1861. [1203.] 

683 C. S. Louisiana Tigers' Bowie-knife, wood hilt, an ugi\- looking 

blade ; from the battlefield of the first battle of Bull Run. July 21. 
1861. By Simon F. Dodge, Winchester. \'a. 12032.1 

684 C. S. Bowie-knife, wood hilt, iron guard. It was found in a grave 

where several soldiers had been buried on the battlefield of 
Seven Pines, Va. Found by J. E. Lyne, who has taken many 
bodies from the battlefield for burial in the United States Cem- 
etery at Seven Pines. |i()r)(j.| 

685 U. S. Admiral Dahlgren Xavy Knife, used for saber bayonet; 

made for the United States Government by Ames Mfg. Co.. 
Chicopee, Mass., in 1861. Many of them were in tlie early part 
of the Civil War. They were soon condenmed. | i2i(xl 

686 C. S. Knife, made from an old sword, wood hilt, brass guard. 

Taken from a Confederate at the battle of Pea Ridge. March 7 
and 8. 1862. [855.] 

687 Confederate Dagger, brass guard, stamped " C. S." on liilt ; from 

South Mountain battlefield, ]\Id., September 14, 1862. | 1948.] 

688 Confederate Dagger, wood hilt, iron guard ; from the battlefield 

of Fredericksburg, \a.. l)ecend)er 12 to 14. 1862. b>om S. 
Irish, Fredericksburg. \'a. [753-1 

689 Confederate Dagger, wood hilt, iron guard; from battlefield of 

Bolivia Heights, \'a.. July 14. 1862. 1-roni S. R. Vantes, Har- 
per's FcTT}', Va. [856.] 

690 Confederate Dagger, wood hilt, iron guard ; from James Island. 

S. C. battlefield, July 16. 1863. From F. L. Hofi'nian. Rich- 
mond. \a. f 1233.) 

.-/. R. BROOKS COl.LIiCTIOX. 103 

6<;i Pair I'. S. Arni\ Soldier's Intrciicliinj^ Tools, used f(3r thrmvinj^ 
up ritle pits. Were in the service during the Civil War. [ 121 1.] 

(hj2 Surgeon's Knife. This knife was found hy R. A. (J'lirian. Ap- 
pomattox Court House. A a. He found it where General Lee's 
hospital was, near O'Brian's farm, after the surrender of Lee, 
April. 1865. fi-'75.] 

oi)3 C. S. Arm\' Knife; presented 1)\- Major C. T. Martin of Hart- 
ford. Conn. It is the knife which he used when he was in the 
service in the Civil War in 1863. [526.] 

694 Enfield Ritie Saber liayonet, leather scabbard, rubber hilt. Many 

were used by the Confederates during the war. l-Tom the bat- 
tlefield of Cedar Creek, \a., October 19. 1864. [2049.] 

695 U. S. Saber Bayonet, leather scabbard ; from battlefield of I'ort 

Hudson, La., May 25 to July 9. 1863. [1698.] 

696 I'. S. Saber Bayonet, leather scabbard ; made for the United 

States by Collins ^Ifg. Co.. Collinsville, Conn., in 1861. From 
battlefield of Wilderness. \'a.. ^Liy 5 to 6, 1864. [2047.] 
6()7 C. S. Saber Bayonet, leather scabbard tipped with copper, brass 
hilt ; from battlefield of Laurel Hill, \'a.. May 10. 1864. [1525.] 

698 C. S. Saber Bayonet, iron scabbard, l^rass hilt, stamped C. S. ; 

from battlefield of Spottsylvania, \'a.. May 12, 1864. [1526.] 

699 C. S. Saber Bayonet, leather scabbard, iron tipped, brass hilt, 

stamped C. S. : from battlefield of Drurv's Bluff. \'a., Mav 16, 
1864. [1524.] 

700 liavonet. from battlefield of Bolivia Heights. \'a., Tulv 14. 1862. 


701 l*)avonet. from battlefield of Kenesaw Mountain. Ga.. Tune 22, 

1864- [762.] 

702 r.avonet, from battlefield of Peach Tree Creek, Ga., Tulv 20, 1864. 


703 Broken Crutch, from Andersonville Prison. IVesented by J. 

B. Clapp, Hartford, Conn. [844.] 

704 l*u(lding Stick, from Andersonville Prison. Presented by J. V>. 

Clai)p. [843.1 

705 Libby IVison Padlock ; probably used man\ years beft^-e the war. 

P>om J. C. Smith. Richmond. \'a. h\^4| 

706 Cow Bell, from C'. (.'. Timmons' farm between Winchester and 

Martinsburg, \'a. The bell was on one of his cows. In May. 
1862, some of the soldiers thinking it a good mark fired a few- 
shots at it. Two or three times bullets were sent thr»nigh it 
without hitting the cow. |(>2i.| 



707 Saddle Tree, from battlefield of Si)()tts\lvania, \'a.. May 12 to 

22. 1864. [2056.1 

708 U. S. Xavy I'owder-Hask ; was hit with spent bullet. From 

:\Iorris Island. S. C July 10, 1863. | 1267.] 

709 Gun Butt, from battlefield of I-'isher's Hill. \a.. Sejitember 22 

1864. [1245.1 

710 Gun Guard, from battletield of Gaines ^lill. \'a., June. 1862. 


711 Two Ramrods, from battlefield of Spotts\l\ania. \'a.. Ma\' 12. 

1864. [1159-1 

712 Confederate Tair I'rass Stirrups, from battlefield near Winches- 

ter. A'a.. ]\ray 2^, 1862. [2060.I 

713 Confederate X'irqinia Ik'lt. from battlefield of b^isher's Hill, \'a.. 

September 22. 1864. [1947.] 

714 G. S. lielt. from battlefield of Xew Market R(xad, \'a.. ( )ctober 

7, 1864. [2059.1 

715 Confederate " C. S." IJelt. from battlefield of Cedar ^lountain. 

A'a., Aug^ust 9, 1862. [2057.1 

716 Confederate '' C. S. A. '' Officer's IJelt. from battlefield of Chester 

Station, \'a., ^lay 10, 1864. [2058.I 

717 Confederate " C. S." Officer's V.elt, from battlefield of Port Hud- 

son. La.. Afay 25 to July 9. 1863. [^94^-1 

718 Confederate " C. S." Belt, from battlefield of Suffolk. \'a.. April 

and May, 1863. [1972.] 

719 U. S. Carbine, Slin£2;- Swivel, used by mounted cavalry; from bat- 

tlefield of Chapin Farm. \'a.. September 20. 1864. [2061.! 

720 U. S. .\rmv Bit, from battlefield of Petersburg-. \'a.. lulv. 18^)5. 


721 U. S. Army from battlefield of the Wilderness, \a.. May 5 

and f). iSr)4. I2053.I 



CASE No. 26, 

RI'J. RS OF TIIK C1\1L WAR IRoM 1861 TO 1865. CONI- 

SIK )T AXl) Slll-LL; -m ni-Ci:S. 

~J2 V. S. 8-Inch Farrott Shell, weight 145 pounds, which was fired 
from the Szami/^ .-higcl into Charleston. S. C. August 22 
or 23. 1863. The distance was /(^.ooo yards. At half-past one 
on the morning of August 22d the first shell was fired from the 
Swamp Augcl. Sixteen shells were fired at that early hour, 
and on August 23d twenty more shells were fired ; six of these 
shells exploded in the gun. On the thirty-sixth discharge of the 
S:cani/> A)igcl the breach of the gun just behind the vent 
bkw out of its jacket and the gun was thrown forward on the 
])arapet. The Szca))ip Aii^^cl is now mounted as a monu- 
ment m Trenti^n. X. J. [1643. J 

723 I'. S. 7- Inch Farrott Shell, weight (;^ i)ounds. from l)attlcfield of 

Malvern Hill. \a.. July 1, 1862. [817.] 

724 U. S. 8-lnch Farrott Shell, weight 115 pounds; relic of the naval 

engagement near X'icksburg, ^liss., April 16. 1863. [2680.] 
y2^ C. S. 8-Inch Frooke Shell, weight no pounds, from Xurfolk. 

\'a., 1864. [1611.] 
726 C. S. 7-Inch lirooke Shell, weight i)i pounds, from battlefiekl of 

:\Ialvcrn Hill. July i. 1862. |i(Sio.] 
J2- C. S. 7-Inch Frooke Shell, weight 88 pounds. fn-»m battlefield of 

"S'orktown. \"a.. April 30 to May 4. 1864. [2847.] 
72X C. S. 7-Inch Frooke Shell, from battlefield oi X'icksburg. Miss., 

Ai)ril. i8\v [-'681.1 
y2i) C. S. 7-lnch FnH)ke Shell, weight 06 i)ounds. from Fort Harri- 
son, \'a., October, 1864. [16 [2.) 
y^^o V. S. 8-inch Farrott Shell, relic of bombardment oi Charleston, 

S. C. August, 1863. [2692.] 
731 C. S. 7- Inch I'rooke Shell, broken, from battlefield of Fort Royal, 

S. C.. April. 1863. [2650.] 
'^7^2 C. S. ()-lnch \\vc^\ Shell, weight 48 pounds: not fired. Taken 

from a prize vessel. | 1635.] 

733 r. S. 4- Inch Farrott Shell, weight 2^ poimds. from Ciunmings 

Foint. near Charleston, S. C. |8oo.] 

734 F. .^. 4-Inch Farrott Shell, weight 24 pounds, from Hutch dap, 

\ a.. June. 1864. [822. 1 
/T^S ^ ■ ^- 4-lncli Tarrolt Shell, weight 24 pounds, from battlefield of 
H^ ;' r."itMni. \a.. August 14. i8()4. |2(>5().l 



7V , > o-Iiich Siege Parrott Solid Shot, from battlefield of Fred- 
ericksburg, \a., December ii to 15. 1862. [1613.] 

737 ^ -^- 4-Inch Shell, new. never was fired : taken from a blockade 
runner. [1636.] 

y^S V. S. 4-Inch Parrott Shell, from battlefield of Port Huds..n, La.. 
May, 1863. [2653.] 

J7,i) C S. 5-Inch C. S. Reed Shell, relic of siege of Island Xo. 10, 
Tenn., ]^Iarch, 1862. [2653.] 

740 C. S. 5-Inch Blakely Flanged Shell, weight 25 pounds, from Fort 

Fisher, X. C January, 1865. [1607.] 

741 C. S. 5-Inch Blakely Flanged Shell, weight 20 pounds, from bat- 

tlefield of Cold Harbor, \'a., June i to 10, 1864. [820.] 

742 U. S. 4-Inch Parrott Solid Shot, from battlefield of Port Hudson, 

La., May 23. 1863. [1478.] 

743 C. S. 6-Inch Solid Shot : it has six strips of copper running its 

length, Parrott-shaped. L'nknown. from Fon Wagner. S. C, 
July, 1863. [1608.] 

744 V. S. 6-Inch Siege Parrott Solid Shot, from battlefield oi Cold 

Harbor, \'a., January i to 10, 1864. [1613.] 

745 C. S. 3-Inch Armstrong Shell, from battlefield of the A\'ilderness, 

\'a.. [May 5 and 6. 1864. [1414.] 

746 C. S. 2-Inch Rifle Solid Shot, from battlefield of Culp's Hill, 

Gettysburg, Pa., July i to 4, 1863. [1446.] 

747 C. S. 3-Inch Whitworth Shell, from battlefield of Little Round 

Top, Gettysburg. Pa.. July i to 4. 1863. [1444.] 

748 C. S. 2-Inch Whitworth Shell : presented by Captain G. F. Bill, 

First Regiment. Connecticut Heavy Artillery, who took it from 
Fort Fisher. X. C, January, 1865. [1634.] 

749 C. S. 3-Inch Whitworth Solid Shot: presented by Captain G. F. 

Bill, chief of the Hartford police, who belonged to the First 
Regiment. Connecticut Heavy Artillery. This shot was fired 
by the Confederates from Chesterfield Heights on the north 
bank of the Appomattox River at Petersburg. The battery was 
nicknamed the *' Scab " by the L'nion soldiers. This shot 
killed James Kelley of Battery I, who was working a mortar in 
front of Petersburg. \'a., July 6, 1864. [149.] 

7 50 L'. S. 4-Inch Parrott Shell, from battlefield of Petersburg, \'a.. 

May, 1864. [1625.] 

751 L'. S. 3-Inch Parrott Shell, from battlefield of Seminary Ridge, 

Gettysburg. Pa.. July i to 3. 1863. [2671.] 
y^2 C. S. 3-Inch Schenkl Shell, from near Ptt. r.[>nr- \' . ].u^l.- 
field. June. 1864. [1628.] 


iLi.rsiKATiin c.rr.iLocri: or rnr: 







r. S. 3-lnch lloichkiss Shell. I'ruiii Siarr lM»rl. W'inclK'sicr. \'a.. 

C. S. 3-inch KcL'd Shell, troni halllchcld of Roanoke Island. X. 

C. l-ebrnan- S. iS()j. | if)J4.| 
C. S. 3-lnch Rccd Shell, from hatllefield of Sirawherrv 1 Mains. 

\a.. Jnl> 2() and jy. 18^4. | i()ji.| 
e". S. 3-lnch \\L'L-i\ Shell, from hallletield of i-\'iir ( )aks. \'a. ; two 

da\s ha.ltle. Ma\- 31 and jnne i, iSf)2. | i2f)4.J 
r. S. 3-lnch James Solid Shot, from hatlleheld of Twin Houses, 

\ a.. June. iS()2. IS23.I 
C. S. 3-lnch Schenkl Shell, from battlcticld of L"ul|)'s Hill, ( 1 .'ttys- 

I'ur^-. I'a.. Inly 1. J. and 3. 1863. [2660.] 
(". S. 3-lnch Schenkl Shell, from hatllefield of the Wilderness, 

\a.. May 5 and 6, 1864. \2(\(u.\ 
V. S. 3-lnch Hotchkiss Shell, from hatllefield of Atlanla. (ia.. 

|ul\- 20. i8()4. I 2662. 1 
C. S. 3-lnch Armstrong Shell, from halllefield of Peach Tree 

Creek. Allanla. July 20, 1864. | iC)i7.1 
C. S. 3-lnch \\cv(\ Shells, from hallletield near W'inchesler. \'a., 

Jnne 13 lo 15. 1863. [ 1626.] 
C. S. 3- Inch KcL'd Shell, from battlefield near Dunker Church. 

Shar])sl)ur,«;-. Md.. September 17, 1862. |i45'-l 
r. S. 3',-lnch I'arroll Shell, from halllefield of ihe Crater. Peters- 

bur,^-. \'a.. July 30. 1864. I2085.I 
r. S. 3-inch Parroll Solid Shot, from battlefield of Drury's iUutl, 

\a.. May 13 to 17. 1864. 12657.] 
r. S. 3-lnch I'arrott Shell, from battlefield of Xew ^iarkel. \'a.. 

\iav^5. 1864. I 1620.1 
C S. 3.',-lnch i'arrolt Shell, from battlefield of Lookout Moun- 
tain. Tenn.. Xovend)er 24. 1863. | 2^)53. | 
C. S. 3.1-inch i'arroll Solid Shot, from ])altlerKld of Deep Run. 

\a.. Au-u>t 18. 1864. 12658. 1 
['. S. 3^inch I'arroll Solid Shot, from battlefield of i'ort Wa.i;- 

ner, S."C.. Julv 18. 1863. |2f)5().l 

['. S. 3.',-inch I'arrott Solid Slmi. from battlefield uciw I'eters- 

bur-.^Va.. July. i8r)4. I2084.I 
C. S. 4-lncii Keed Solid Shot, from battlefield of Missionary 

Kidi^'c. Tenn.. Xo\-ember 25. l8f)3. | 267 i . | 
r. S. 3-lnch I'arroll Solid Shot, from battU-field of i 'orl Hudson. 

La.. Mav j^ to July <). i8(')3. I2653.I 
C. S. 3-lnch Schenkl Solid Shot, from battlefield of Suffolk. \'a., 
Aprd 24. i8h3. I 2672.1 

C. S. 4-inch Keed Shell, from near the fort. \\ mchester. A a., 
,863. 1 8. 4-1 


;y^ C. S. 3-IikIi kct<l Shell. I' hattk-fuM ..i Scvcii I'.,. 

June 1. iS(._>. IJO74.J 
--'. C. S. 3-liK-li Schciikl Shell, tnnii hatlKf!- '^ ■■'' ^-""i' m --»•..., 

M(l.. Stptemhcr 14. iShj. I1415.I 
/;; I'. S. 3-liich Rccd SIkII. iroiii hattlchclM ..1 . au * 'a^-. ^ .1 . juij 

I. 1862. [J675.] 

778 I'. S. 3-Inch Parrott Shell, fmni hatlletield «)f Chester Station. 

\'a.. -May 10. 1864. (jo8i.) 

779 I'. S. 3- Inch Tarrutt Shell, from hattletield near Suffolk. \'a.. 

May 4. 1803. I 1 450. J 

780 C. S. 4- Inch Reed Solid Shot, from battlefield of Fort Donelson. 

Tenn.. I-el)ruary. 1862. [2654.] 

781 L'. S. 4- Inch l*arrott Shell, from hattletield of l-\)rt I)a^linl,^ \'a.. 

.May 12 to 16, 1864. [1616.] 

782 L'. S. 4- Inch Parrott Shell, from battlefield of Fort Ha-ar. \a.. 

April II to 19, 1864. [1619.] 

783 U. S. 5-Inch Parrott Shell, from battlefield oi Fort Harris .n. \'a.. 

September 29 to October 24. 1864. [^-i-] 

784 I'. S. 5- Inch Parrott Shell, from battlefieUl of Harper's Farm. 

\a.. April 6, 1865. [615.] 

785 U. S. 3J-Inch Hotchkiss Solid Shot, from battlefield oi Irish 

Bend. La.. Jnne 26. 1863. [2676.] 

786 C. S. 3^-Inch Reed Solid Shot, from battlefield of Port Hudson. 

La.. May and July. 1863. [2079.] 
^Sj C. S. 3-Inch Reed Shell, from battlefield of liriste^l Station. \'a.. 

October 14. 1863. [2673.] 
788 U. S. 4- Inch Hotchkiss Shell, from battlefield of Fort Harrison. 

\'a.. September 29 to October 24. 1864. [821.] 
78<) C. S. 3- Inch Hotchkiss Shell, from battlefield of Five 1'. rks. \'a.. 

Apri^l I. 1865. [823.] 
/iX) 1'. S. 3-Inch Hotchkiss Shell, fmm battlefield oi New r.erne. 

X. C September 17. 1862. [207^).] 

791 V. S. vlnch Hotchkiss Shell, from battlefield oi Xew Market. 

\'a.. May 15. 1864. [2678.] 

792 C. S. 3-Inch James Shell, from liattlefield oi I>ont R<>\ai. \ .1 . 

Sejnember 21. 1864. [819.] 
y^)}, V. S. 3-Inch Hotchkiss .Shell, from hattletield of Mechanicsville. 

\"a.. Jnne 26. 1862. [2676.] 
7t>4 < ". S. 3-Inch Hotchkiss Soliil She^t, from hattletield of Ri>und 

Top. Ciettysburc:, Pa., July i to 3. 1863. [^27^.] 
p)^ C. S. 3-Inch James Solid Shot, from battlefield of Seven Vines. 

\'a., June, 1862. I823.I 
yi)6 C. S. 3-Inch Schenkl Shell, from battlefield lua'- Winchester. \'a.. 

September 10. 1864. [812.] 


797 U. S. 3-Inch llcjtchkiss Shell, from battlefield of Chickahoniiny, 

\'a., June 25. 1862. [2677.] 

798 C. S. 3-Inch Schenkl Shell, from battlefield of Sailor's Creek, 

\"a.. April 6. 1865. [812.] 

799 U. S. 3-Inch Hotchkiss Shell, from battlefield of Lost Mountain, 

(la.. June 15. 1864. [819.] 

800 C S. 3-Tnch Schenkl Shell, from battlefield of Silver Run. X. C. 

March 2. 1865. [819.1 

801 U. S. 3-tnch Hotchkiss Shell, from battlefield of Chesterfield 

Court House, S. C, February 4. 1865. [141 1.] 

802 Hand Grenade, i| pounds, which is fired by means of a fuse, and 

thrown among the enemy. From battlefield of Port Hudson, 
La.. ^lay 25 to July 9. 1863. [1639.] 

803 Hand Grenade, 3 pounds, which is fired by means of a fuse, and 

thrown among the enemy. From battlefield of Port Hudson, 
La., Alay 25 to July 9, 1863. [1640.] 

804 Two Hand Grenades, Excelsior. W. W. Hanes. ])atent August 

26. 1862. This grenade is filled with powder, and percussion- 
caps are put on the cones. When thrown it is exploded by the 
percussion-caps. [1402.] 

805 Three Pieces Broken Shell, from battlefield of first battle of lUili 

Run, July 21, 1861. [41.] 

806 Piece of Broken Shell, from battlefield of Hatcher's Run. \'a.. 

February 6, 1865. [1452.] 

807 Piece of Broken Shell, from battlefield of Chapin's Farm, \'a.. 

September 29, 1864. [T280.] 

808 Piece of Broken Shell, from battlefield of Fort Darling-. \'a.. May 

12 to 16, 1864. [1265.] 
8o(; Six Grape and Four Canister-shot, from battlefield of the first 
battle of Bull Run. P»attle July 21. i86i : to pieces. [400.] 

810 Six Grape Shot, from Xewj^ort News. \'a.. 1862. [807.] 

81 1 Fight Canister-shot, from battlefield near Little Round Top. Get 

tysburg. Pa.. July i to 3. 1863. [808.] 

812 Brick, from Libby Prison, Richmond. A'a. This brick was taken 

bv its present owner from the main wall on the top fioor of 
Libby Prison. October 3, 1885. \?^2':..] 

813 Piece of Oak with a piece of shell in it. from the battlefield near 

the Devil's Den, Gettysburg. Pa.. July i to 3. 1863. [1440.I 

814 Wood Canteen. State of New \\n-\<. marked "'S. X. ^^": from 

Gettvsburg, Pa. Probably some Xew York soldier left it there 
on the battlefield in 1863. [180.] 

815 C. S. Wood Canteen. This canteen was taken from a dead Con- 

federate soldier by Captain John A. Bowen, Norwich, Conn., 
after the battle near Xashville. Tenn.. December 15 and 16. 
1864. [1646.] 


CASE No. 27. 

THE Cl\ IF WAR, 1861 TO 1865; 875 PIECES. 

816 V. S. r.cll Plate and Six lUiUcts, from l)attlcficld of Bolivia 

Hcio-hts. July, 1862. I 1809.] 

817 Piece of Shell and Fight P)nllets, from battlefield near Sharps- 

burg, '\i(X., September 17, 1862; 9 pieces. [1810.] 

818 U. S. Eagle Breastplate and Ten Bullets, from battlefield of Deep 

Run, A'a., August 14 to 18. 1864. [1807.] 

819 Jackknife and Eight Bullets, from battlefield of Little Round 

Top, Gettysburg, Pa., July i to 4, 1863. [1833.] 

820 Pieces of Crockery, Pipes, Iron, etc., from the site of the Con- 

federate battery on Stafford Heights, I^Vedericksburg, \ a., in 
1862. [779.] 

821 U. S. P)elt Plate and Eight lUillets, from l>attlefield of Plymouth. 

X. C.. April 17 to 20, 1864. [1811.1 

822 Shell Plug and Ten Bullets, from l)attlefield of Franklin, \'a., 

]\Fiy 11 and 12, 1862. [1834.] 

823 Cannon Linchpin, taken from General Lee's division at ^^lanas- 

sas Plain battlefield, [ulv 21, 1861. From E. G. Wheeler, 
Washington, D. C. [1113.] 

824 Pair Spurs and Eight Bullets, from battlefield of Petersburg. 

A'a.. April 2, 1865.^ \7^7-\ 

')^2-^ T(^n\> and Cnfinished Work of A. W. Davis, Hartford, Conn., 
who enlisted in Company G, Fourteenth Xew Hampshire Regi- 
ment, under Colonel Wilson, September 23, 1862. He was dis- 
charged v^e])teml)er 26, 1865. These tools and bone work he 
made while in the service, together with many other relics in 
this collectic^n. f 1282.] 

826 C S. Army Knife, Spoon, and I-\)rk, and iught lUillets, jire- 
sented by Captain George l-". liill, Hartford. Conn., h^irst Con- 
necticut Heavv Artillerv. l-'rom Vorktown, \'a., Mav, 1864. 

't^zy Cp.nnon Primer. This primer was used in l-\)rt Fisher. X. C 
by the I'onfederates when the l\)rt was captured. January 14 and 
15. 1865. h)74l 

828 Piece of Oak, from Libby I'rison, Richmond. \'a. |<V"4.1 

829 (\)lt's Paper Cartridge-box. from baltletield o{ Xew Market 

Road. \'a.. ( )cti)l)er 7, i8()4. | 1202.] 




830 Piece of Wood, from the Confederate ram Mcrriiiiac. [850.] 

831 Saber Bayonet Handle and Seven Bullets, fr(jm battlefield of 

Kearnstown, Va., 1862. [838.] 

832 U. S. OfHcer's Belt-plate and Eleven Bullets, from battlefield of 

Plymouth, N. C, Ai)ril 17 to 20, 1864. [i/'AVj 

833 Grapeshot, Two Buttons, and Ten Bullets, from battlefield of 

Antietam, Md., September 17, 1862. [1792.] 

834 A. P. Belt-plate and Nine Bullets, from battlefield of Fredericks- 

burg, Va., December 12 to 14. 1862. [756.] 

835 Shell Plug, Two Buttons, and Two Bullets, from battlefield of 

Gettysburg, Pa. [1783.] 

836 Five Buttons, from the crater at Petersburg, \'a., July 30, 1864. 


837 Three Confederate Buttons, one with letter ''A," the other two 

" C. S. N." From the battlefield of James Island, S. C. July 
10, 1863. [2549.] 

838 Confederate '' C. S." Navy Buttons. These buttons were made by 

Fermin & Sons, London, England. From Norfolk, \'a. [1797.] 

839 Confederate *' C. S." Navy Vest Button, made up for scarfpin. 

From Fredericksburg, \d.. [1798.] 

840 Two Metallic Cartridges, made for the Burnside breech-loading 

carbines, same as were used during the Civil War. [1326.] 

841 Two Paper Cartridges, made for the Martini Henry breech-load- 

ing rifie in the early part of the Civil War. [1813.] 

842 Hollow Bullet to Fill with Powder, made for the Robbins & 

Lawrence breech-loading magazine rifle, 1849. [i8i4-] 

843 Cartridge, made for the German needle rifie. [181 5.] 

844 Bullet, unknown, from R. S. Lawrence collection. [1816.] 

845 Cartridge, Russian Army cartridge, 1892. [1822.] 

846 Two Paper Cartridges, made for Sharps sporting breech-load- 

ing rifle. [1821.] 

847 Eight Bullets, made for Sharps B. L. carbines, used during the 

Civil War. From R. S. Lawrence, Hartford, Conn. [1817.] 

848 Three Paper Cartridges, and Three Primers, such as were used 

during the Civil War. PVom R. S. Lawrence. [1818.] 

849 Shell Plug. Grape Shot, and Twelve Brass Buttons, from battle- 

field of Seven Pines, \'a., June, 1862. [1263.] 

850 Nine Civil \\'ar Buttons, two Connecticut, two \'irginia, one 

South Carolina, and four United States, from battleheUl of Port 
Hudson, La., May 25 to July 9, 1864. [2550.] 


851 Nine L". S. Xavy ( ){ticer"s IJuttuns. three sizes, coat, blouse, and 

vest buttons. Made by Ferniin «!s: Sons, \t^t^ Strand. London, 
En.G^land. [2554.] 

852 Xine Confederate lUutons. I'rcjni battlefield of Cedar Creek. \'a., 

( )etol)er k;. 1864. | ijgo.] 

853 Twelve War lUntons. from battlefield of Fair Oaks. \'a., 1862. 


854 Two Army Corps luidi^es. one red and one orreen center, from 

Gettysburg, Pa., battlefield, July i to 3. 1863. [2553-1 

855 Three Stars from ( )fficers' Coats, froni Cold Harl)or, \'a., June 

I, 1864. [2y:.2.-\ 

856 Pair P)one Cufl lUittons, made by A. W. Davis while in the ser- 

vice during- the Civil War. See No. 825. [-2551.] 

857 ( )rnaments. Letters, etc., 17 pieces, from battlefield of Seven 

Pines, near Richmond, \'a., May and June, 1862. [1796.] 

858 Badge and Copper Plate from a Shell, from battlefield of Ceme- 

tery Hill, Gettysburg, Pa., July, 1863. |i 779-1 

859 Piece of a Confederate Soldier's Hat, from l)attlefield of Seven 

Pines, near Richmond, \'a., June, 1862. [1270.] 

860 Grape Shot and h'ive lUdlets, from battlefield of Cedar Moun- 

tain, \'a., August 9. 1862. [1837.] 

861 Tennessee Badge, Two P)Uttons, and h\)iu" lUillets, from battle- 

field Alorris Island, July 10. 1863. [1838.] 

862 Grapeshot, from battlefield of Gettysburg, Pa.. July. 1863. b'oimd 

September 16, 1889, by A. E. Brooks, Hartford. Conn. [1784.] 

863 Two Bullets, from Ixittlefield of Antietam. Md.. September 17, 

1862. Found September 17, i88(j, by A. L. Brooks. Hartford. 
Conn. [1785.1 

864 Confederate Puttons and Six Pone lUutons, taken from ship 

Princess Ro}-al, blockade runner. ca])tured in 1862. | 1788.] 

865 Idiree lUdlets, one of which struck the end of a ramrod : tlie other 

two are double. ( )ne bidlet chased u]) the other and they were 
welded together, h'rom battlefield near Winchester, \'a., Sep- 
tember 19, 1864. [2548.1 

866 Confederate Explosive lUillet, foimd on battlefield of Gettys- 

biu-g, T\'i., lulv I to 4. i86^. Found near Little Round Top. 

1 1 780.1 

867 Confederate Exjdosive r.nllet which has been cut open to sliow 

the explosion. ]'^)im(l on battlefield near Cemetery Ridge, 
Gettysburg. Pa., l^attle July i to 4. 1863. [T781.I 



S()S ( nil l\"(k rate l-".\i)l()stvr lUilKt which has been cxplixkd. l-"<juii<l 
mar the I )i\ il's |)<.n. I)attlcrul(l of ( icttysbiir.L;-. I'a.. July I to 

S()() ( unfcdcratt' lliillfl with hhinl i)i)im and wood phi^. found near 
(nip's Hin. balllrrK'ld of ( ictt \ shuri^". I'a.. juK i to 4, iS6v 

870 Two Minic-haUs that met ])oint to point in michiir and welded 

toi^cther. which is \ery rare, and seldom seen: aUo four \\'i>- 
consin hadi^es. all found on (nip's Hill, haltlefield of (jettys- 
hm-g. Pa.. July 1 to 4. 1S63. [ 1777.] 

871 Two lUillets; one overtook the other in midair and they welded 

to.L^ether. l-\)und in the Peach (Jrchard, battlefield of Ciettys- 
buri^-. Pa.. Jul\' 1 to 4. 1863. [2547.] 

S/2 Two Minie-balls that met ])oint to point in midair, and is a very 
rare occurrence. h\)un(l on the battlefield of the Crater, Peters- 
burg, \'a.. July 30. 1864, by Mr. Armstrong of the firm of Arm- 
strong & Steer. Petersburg. \'a. [2546.] 

SjT^ U. S. Belt-plate with a Alinie-ball in it, the ball going nearly 
through it. Found on battlefield of Lookout T^Iountain. Tenn., 
November 24. 1863. bv W. E. Cheever. Chattanooga, Tenn. 


874 Splinter from the flagstaff of h\:)rt Sumter, shattered by the Con- 
federates April 12, 1861. It was brought from the fort by Lieu- 
tenant Talbott of Major Anderson's staff, by whom it was pre- 
sented to P. D. Whittemore of New York. By the latter it was 
presented to E. P. Tiffany of Hartford, Conn. [1847.] 

S/^ Piece of Wood from the U. S. gunboat Gahiia. The new iron- 
sides, built in 1861. [849.] 

876 Piece of Wood from the iron-clad Mcrn'niac. The first fight of 
iron-clads was in Hampton Roads. ?^larch 8. 1862. 1 850. | 

i^JJ riece of Wood from the banister i)i the stairs ui)on which C\>lonel 
I'.llsworth was shot in the Marshall House. Alexandria. \ a.. 
May 24. 1861. [847.1 

^/>< Piece o\ Wood from the tree that concealed the negro sharp- 
shooter shot b\- California loe at the siege of Vorktown. i8(>4. 

871; Piece of \\\iod cut from the llagstatt that was on Libby Prison 
during the war at Richmond. \ a., from i8()i to i8()5. [i-O.] 

880 Piece oi Wood from a post of the dead line at Andersonville 

Prison during the Civil War. August i. i8()4. I852.I 

881 Thrc-e Pieces oi Wood turned iiUo goblets from \ellow pine. 

from Anderson\ille Prison. August. 1S04. I851.I 


882 Piece of Wood or Claj^ljoard from tlic Twin Houses of the bat- 

tlefield of Seven Pines, June 25 to Jul\ 1. 1862. [1265.] 

883 Two IMeces of Wood from poplar tree near Appomattox Court 

House. \'a., under w liicli ( leneral Lee made his farewell address 
to his army of Northern X'ir^^inia, April 10, 1865. [•-73-1 

884 Piece of Wood with Minie-ball in it. from battlefield (jf-Seven 

Pines, \'a., June, 1862. [1272.] 

885 Piece of Wood with Minie-ball in it. from ])attlefiel(l of h\air 

Oaks, \'a., June 27, i8f)2. I1271.I 

886 I^iece of Wood, with Alinie-ball in it. from l)attlefield (jf Si)ottsyl- 

vania Court House, \'a., ^lay, 1864. | ' 1 57.] 

887 Lead Shell Plug from Peach Orchard, battlefield of ( iettysburg. 

Va.. July I to 4, 1863. [1801.] 

888 Three Bullets, paper cartridge, and paper caps, from battlefield 

of Devil's Den, Gettysburg, Va., July, 1863. [1787.] 

889 Army Pipe and Stem; belonged to Captain Henry C. Smith, 

Hartford, Conn., Company C, Twentieth Regiment. Connecti- 
cut \\)luntcers, who was killed bv the fall of a tree. lanuarv 28, 
1863. [1804.] 

890 " S. N. Y." Breastplate, State of New York, and eagle and other 

ornaments, from battlefield of Culp's Hill, Gettysburg. Pa., July 
I to 4, 1863. [1778.] 

891 Army Clay Pipe, found on the battlefield of Seven Pines, \'a., by 

F. A. Heyer, Seven Pines. Mr. Heyer w-as a spy for the Union 
Army, and the Confederates offered a reward for his head, dead 
or alive. [ 1300.] 

892 Book of Clay, made from the clay of the crater at Petersburg. 

Va. The mine exploded July 30. 1864. [782.] 

893 Gun Band and Five P)ullcts. from battlefield of Craig's Church. 

\'a.. May 5. 1864. [1836.] 

894 Army Briar Pipe, made by John A. Bowen while in the army 

near Nashville, Tenn., 1864. Presented by John A. Bowen. 
chief of police, Norwich. Conn. [1803.] 

895 I'air Iron Boot-heels, Hooks, etc., from battlefield near Spottsyl- 

vania Court House, Va., May, 1864. [1151-] 

896 Piece of Plag from the officer's gig of the frigate Cumberland. 

Sunk by the Mcrriniac in Flampton Roacks, March 8. 1862. 


897 Army Cartridges, different kinds, found in an old cartridge box. 

From Washington. 1). C. |iii4.| 

898 Bayonet ^fade into Pickax, and I^.ight Bullets, from battlefield 

of Seven Pines. \'a. [631.] 

./. /:'. Hh'OOKS COI.IJ-.CnOX. 


S(j(; Army liadj^cs. ( )rnaiiu'nls, etc.. 10 pieces, I'r. )iii hattlcticld 

Tori Hudson. La.. Ma\ 25 and jd, iS^.V l'7'^5l 
i)(K) r)elt-i)late "A. \'. C," and TwcKe Army IhiUons. I'roiii hattlc- 

tkld ol IV-ach Tree Creek, (ia., July 20, 1SO4. |ij60.| 
()Oi r. S. l^aj^ie IJreaslplate and Ten liullets, from hatllefield of 

Kenesaw Mountain, Cia., June 22, 1864. [646. J 
002 I'. S. Officer's IJelt-plate, L\)ur lUittons, and '\\\o IJullets. from 

haitlefield of Chester Station, \'a., May 10, 1864. [1266.] 

903 C S. ( )fficer's Belt-plate, and Fourteen Army lUittons, from 

battlefield of Deep Run, Va., Aui^ust 14 to 18, 1864. [1266.] 

904 J'iece of W'c^od with Minie-ball in it, from liattlefield of Cedar 

Creek, October 19. 1864. [608.] 

905 IMece of Wood with Alinie-ball in it, from battlefield of Spottsyl- 

vania, \'a., May 12 to 22, 1864. [1158.] 

906 Submarine Electric Wire used in Charleston harbor to explode 

torpedoes during- the Civil War. [ii37-| 

907 Piece of Soap ; the last piece of soap issued by the United States 

to A. W. Davis, Company G, Fourteenth New Hampshire Rej^-- 
inient. [2590.] 

908 Tintxpe Picture of A. W. Davis when in the army, in a l^one 

frame which he made. [ 1799-1 
90() I'. S. P)reastplate (small size), from battlefield of Cold Harbor, 
A a.. June, 1864. [1800.] 

910 P)ullet found in the head of the remains of a Union soldier when 

being taken up by J. E. Lyne on the battlefield of Seven Pines, 
for burial in the l\ S. Cemetery at Seven Pines, \'a. [1224.] 

911 ]Minie-ball ; the last bullet which was drawn from A. \\'. Davis' 

gun at the close of the war. See Xo. 825. | 1225.] 

912 Ring [Made from a Mule's Hoof by Henry H. Cray in camj) 

Twenty-first Regiment, Connecticut A Olunteers. near Suftolk, 
A'a., April, 1863. [724.] 

(JI3 Ring Made from Bone, in 1862, by a soldier at Camp Convales- 
cent, near Arlington Heights. It has the emblems of lodge and 
chai^ter, and on the top a carved figure of a Templar in Pilgrim 
garb. From C. C. Adams, chaplain of the Twenty-second Reg- 
iment, Connecticut Volunteers. [848.] 

914 Piece of P»attle-t1ag Tenth Regiment. Massachusetts X'olun- 
teers, which was carried thrt)Ugh the War o\ the Rebellion. 
1diis piece was clip])ed from the tlag June 21. iSSi. at the four- 
teenth reunion held at I'elchertow n. Mass. I255.I 


1J15 Piece uf Hattlc-tla^, lO^tli Kci^iiiK'nt. W-w \'()rk Xnlunicers. 
which ihc\- carried through the War (jf ilie ReheUion. IVe- 
sented l^y E. A. Perry, a volunteer of this regiment. | 2586. J 

916 Confederate Belt-plate and Two Coat lUutuns which were worn 

by the Atlanta Greys wiien they went to war in iSOi. ]->oni 
Atlanta, Ga. [222,.] 

917 C. S. P>elt-plate and Twelve lUittons, from l)alllehel(l of L'lian- 

cellorsville, Va., ]^Iay 2 to 3, 1863. [1267. J 

918 C. S. Officer's Belt-plate. Four Bullets, and Two Buttons, from 

battlefield of Cedar Mountain, August 9, 1862. [1251.] 

919 C. S. A. Officer's Belt-plate and Thirteen Bullets, from battle- 

field of New Market Road, \'a., October 7, 1864. [7<;i.l 

920 C. S. A. Officer's Belt-plate and Eight Bullets, from battlefield 

of Auburn, Va., October 14, 1863. [1249.] 

921 Two Confederate Belts ; on one of the belt-plates is a lion's head, 

the other has the English coat of arms. These belts, with 
others, were captured from a blockade-runner. [1805.I 

922 A. \'. C. Belt-plate and Seven Bullets, from battlefield of An- 

tietam. Md., September 17. 1862. [1265.] 

923 S. X. Y. Belt-plate and Xine Bullets, from battlefield Beach Or- 

chard, Gettysburg, July, 1863. [1250.] 

924 S. X. Y. Belt-plate and Fourteen Bullets, from battlefield of 

Port Hudson, La., ^lay 25 and July 9, 1863. [647. | 

925 Piece of Shell from battlefield of Chancellorsville. \ a.. May i to 

3, 1863. [1 152.] 

926 Piece of Shell from battlefield of Twin Houses, near Seven Pines. 

Va. [1265.1 

927 Piece of Shell and Gun-trigger from battleheld of Seven Pines, 

June 25 to July i, 1862. [1263.] 

928 Lead Shell Plug from battlefield of Petersburg. \a.. May. 1864. 

to April. 1865. [1253.] 

929 Brass Shell Plug, name on it J. P. Shenkl. patented ( )ctober 16. 

1861. From Morris Psland. S. C. July. 1863. [1260.] 

930 P.adge of the Xinth Corps of the .\rmy of the Potomac, under 

General Hooker. [1281.] 

931 C. S. Breast-plate A'. M. 1. (X'irginia Military Institute), from 

Beaver Dam battlefield. June 27. 1862. |i 2(^2.1 

932 Massachusetts Breast-plate and Cartridge, froiu battlefield of 

Winchester. \^a., June, 1863. f7<;7.1 

933 P.adge taken from a dead bushwhacker after the battle of the 

Wilderness, \'a.. May 5 and 6. 1864, by J. F. Williston, Com- 
pany E, Fourteenth Regiment, Connecticut \'olunteers. [256.] 

./. /:. Hk'OOKS COLLIiCTJOX. I 19 

(^34 Xiil l'r<:ni OIK' of llu- lK':i\y _i;iiii rarria^cs in l'"orl Siiiiilrr, ><>i>\\ 

alter the honibanlincnt, .\]>ril. iS()i. I743.I 
()^^3 War Ivclics. 15 pieces, from hattletk-ld of ( "edar l\iin ('«>urt 

House. \a., October 17, lS()4. 1 75S. | 
936 ArniN Uullets. 14 i)ieces. from l)attletiel(l of Malvern Hill. July 

I, iS()2. |(.4(;.| 
ij37 Army lUillets. 11 pieces, from hattletield of Kenesaw Mountain. 

(ia., June 22, 1864. [1 155. | 
(j^S Arm\- Cartridges and lUillets. 1 1 pieces, from Drurx's lilutt. \'a., 

May 15. iS()2. [644.1 

939 T\\i> Iunpt\- Shells and iMt'teen lUillets, from hattlepLeld of the 

Crater. Petersburg-. \'a.. July 30. 1864. [643. ) 

940 Piece of a Cartridge-box and Plate. " \'. ^L ^L." from Ijattlefield 

of Sharpsburg. Md., September 17, 1862. [1812.] 
(j4i ,\rmy r)ullcts. 15 pieces, from l^attlefield near Winchester. \^., 

September 19, 1864. [610.] 
942 .\rmy lUillets, 12 pieces, from battlefield of Parrxville. \ a.. Sep- 

tem1)er 3. 1864. [*^4i-l 
94^ Armv Ikillets, 15 pieces, from battlefield of Plymouth, I-'ebruarv 

5, 1865. [845.1 

944 Two Shell Plugs, from battlefield of the Crater, Petersburg. A'a., 

July 30, 1864. [1256.] 

945 Two Shell Plugs, from battleheld of Cold PTarbor, \'a.. June i, 

1864. [1254-] 

946 Two Shell Plugs, from l)attlefield of ^lalvern Hill, \'a.. Tulv i. 

1862. [795.]^ 

947 Three Shell Plugs, from battlefield of Kenesaw Mountain. Ga., 

June 22, 1864. [764.] 

948 Idiree Shell Plugs, from battlefield of P)olivia Heights. \a.. Tuiv 

14. 1862. [1243.1 

949 Idiree Shell Plugs, from battlefield of Drury's P.luff. \a.. May 

13 to 17. 1864. [1258.] 

950 Two Shell Plugs and Canister Shot, from liattlefield of Cedar 

Creek. \'a.. ( )ctol)er uj. i8()4. [1257. [ 
()^i Two Shell Plugs, from battletield of Petersburg. \'a.. May. 1864. 

to April. i8()5. [ 1255.1 
()^2 Hiree Shell Plugs, from l-\)rt lusher. \. C.. battle lune 14 to 15. 

1865. |125.).[ 

953 ^'. ''^. b-'i.i^l''' i'reast-j)lale and Ten Ibillets. from battletield of 

Antietam. Md.. Se})tember 17. i8()2. [1244.I 

954 l\ S. Eagle r.reast-plate and Twelve lUillets. from battletield 

siege of Pet(. rsbiirg, \ a.. Ma\. i8()4. |<>48. | 


955 L'. S. r.rcast-plate and Ri.crlit lUiUets, from l)attlcfiel(l Harper's 

Ferry. \a., July, 1862. [1243.] 

956 Part of V . S. Officer's IJelt-plate, Eight Bullets, and Two But- 

tons, from battlefield of Xewbern, X. C, March 14, 1862. 


957 I'. S. l')elt-i)late, I'^our Jiullets. ( )iie I*'mi)ty Shell, and liutton, 

from battlefield of Malvern Hill. \'a., July i. 1862. [650.] 

958 U. S. Belt-plate and Nine Bullets, from battlefield of Xewbern, 

X. C, March 14, 1862. [757.] 

959 ^'- '^- B>elt-plate and Ten l'')ullets, from battlefield of Cross Keys, 

A'a., June 8, 1862. [1245.] 

960 U. S. Belt-plate and Xine Bullets, from battlefield of Twin 

Houses, Seven Pines, \'a., June 25 to July i, 1862. [1265.] 

961 U. S. Belt-plate, Xine Bullets, Empty Shell, and Button, from 

battlefield near Dunker Church, Sharpsburg, Md., September 
17, 1862. [1246.] 

962 Army Bullets, 8 pieces, from battlefield of Fort Hagar, \'a., April 

II to 19, 1864. [1153-] 

963 Arm\' Bullets. 5 pieces, picked up on battlefield near Atlanta, 

Ga.. by A. E. Brooks, Hartford. Conn., October 20, 1880. [123.] 
c^64 Armv Bullets, 8 pieces, from battlefield of Harper's Farm, \'a.. 
April 6, 1865. [642.] 

965 Grapeshot and Five Bullets, from battlefield of Cedar Creek, 

A'a., October 19, 1864. [1252.J 

966 Two Bullets, from the battlefield near Atlanta, Ga.. where Gen. 

]\IcPherson was killed, July 22, 1864. Picked uj) by Win. H. 
Lockwood of Hartford, Conn., October 20, 1880. [1156.] 

967 Two Bullets and Exploded Guncap, ])icked up by A. \\. Brooks, 

Hartford, Conn., C)ctober 4. 1885. on the battlefield of the 
Crater at Petersburg, \'a. [641.] 

968 Three Cartridges, not exploded. They were found in a I'. S. 

cartridge-box which was plowed out on a battlefield near Win- 
chester, \'a.. in the spring of 1885. I842.I 

969 Shell Phii: from Fort Sumter after the Ijombardment in 1861. 


970 l-jiipty Shell which was fired by R. .\. Powers of the Seventh 

Xew ^'ork KegimeiU over ( ieneral (irant's grave, August 8, 
1885. [661.1 

971 Mi nit-ball taken from soldier's skull which had washed out of 

the bank at Morris Island. S. C, where thousands of soldiers 
had been buried during the Civil War. Found by George 
Lunz, Charleston. S. C. May. i88(\ [746.] 

.-/. /:. lUa)OKS COLLl:CllO\. 121 

972 Two Minio-I)alls and Cartrid^c-slu 11. from a farm house on Bo- 

livia Mcii^lits. \ a. They were hrcd into the housr durini;- the 
battle of |iil\ 14. 1S62. |()JO.| 

973 Two lUitlons. (inn Screw-drivcr. and Two Hooks, from Spott- 

sxlvania Court House battlcheld. May 8, 1864. | 1 1 54- 1 

974 Clim luiiid Screw -driver, Three llidlets, etc.. from battlefield 01 

Kini^ston. S. C. March 28, 1863. | 1 130.] 

975 Ciim Slight S])ring and wSix Bullets, from 1)attlelield of Laurel 

Hill. \a., :May ^o, 1864. [1263.] 

976 End of Uayonct Scabbard and Eleven Bullets, from battlefield 

of l"\)rt l^^isher. X. C. January 15 and 19, 1864. f75<)-] 

977 Gun liand and Idiirteen Bullets, from battlefield of Charles City 

Road. ( )ctober 2J, 1864. [399.] 

978 Gun Band and Six Bullets, from battlefield of Xew [Market Road, 

\'a.. October 27, 1864. [1263.] 

979 Two Grapeshot and Ten P)ullets, from battlefield of Peach C)r- 

chard. Gettysburg, Pa., July i to 4, 1863. [1248.] 

980 Two Grapeshots, Six Bullets, and One Cartridge, from battlefield 

of Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Ga., July 20, 1864. [1280.] 

981 Gra])eshot and Ten Bullets, from battlefield of Second l>ull Run, 

August 30, 1862. [1247.] 

982 Two Shell Plugs and Eight Bullets, from battlefield of Cross 

Keys, \a.. Jime 8, 1862. [1808.] 

983 Cross l)elt-i)late and Fourteen Bullets, from battlefield of lirst 

lUdl Run, July 21, 1861. [1266.] 

984 Arm\ lUdlets, 15 pieces, from battlefield of Xewbern, X^. C, 

^larch 14, 1862. [645.] 

985 .\rm\- Bullets and Two lUittons. from battlefield of the Wheat- 

field, Gettysburg, Pa., July i to 4. 1863. [1786.] 

986 P)ayonet, Scabbard Ti]), and Twelve Bullets, from battlefield of 

East Woods, Antietam, Md., September 17, 1862. [1794-] 

987 Three lUuions and lu)urteen lUdlets, from battlefield o\ Harper's 

I-'arm. \'a.. April 6, 1865. [1263.1 

988 Officer's S])ur and Seven Pullets, from battleticld of Waterford. 

\'a.. August, 1863. I 1835. 1 

989 Wooden Chain, made from one piece of wood by a Cnion soldier 

in Castle Thunder, near Richmond, A'a.. in 18(13. PreseiUed 
to A. E. Brooks by Henry H. Gra\ (^f the rweniy-tirst Regi- 
ment, Connecticut X'olunteers. in 18(14. I725.I 




CASE No. 28. 

TO 1865; 57 ITECES. 

\)(jo Contedcrate 8-Inch Armstrong Shell, 150-poundcr : called a 
blind shell, weight 145 pounds, with copper studs : made by 
Armstrong. England ; charge 24 pounds, range four and a half 
miles, time 36 seconds ; shell charge six pounds, fuse nun-blind, 
exploded bv impact. From Fort Fisher, X. C. lanuarv, 1865. 

991 U. S. ii-Inch Stand of Xavv Grapeshot, 130 pounds, same as 

used by the L'nited States Xavy gunboats during the Civil War. 
It was purchased of the government soon after the war. [ 1978.] 

992 V. S. ii-Inch Stand of Xavy Grapeshot, 130 pounds, same as 

last number, the canvas casing having been partlv burned off 
while being in transportation on board the steamer Citv of 
Richmond, which burned at her dock. Peck Slip. Xew York, 
^larch 5. 1891. From L'. S. Government. [1980.] 

993 U. S. 8-Inch Stand of Xavy Grapeshot. for 8-inch seacoast how- 

itzer, the same as used by the United States Xavy gunboats 
during the Civil War. From U. S. Government. [1474.] 

994 U. S. 8-Inch Stand of Xavy Grapeshot for seacoast howitzer, the 

same as used by the United States Xavy gunboats during the 
Civil War. From U. S. Government. [1475.] 

995 ^ ■ ^- 7-Inch Stand of Xavy Grapeshot for 42-pounder gun. the 

same as used by the United States Xavy gunboats during the 
Civil War. From U. S. Government. [1476.] 

996 V. S. 8-Inch Canister Filled with Shot, for 8-inch siege howitzer 

gun, the same as used by the Ignited States Xavy gunboats 
during the Civil War. IVom U. S. Government. [1473.] 

997 ^ • S. 8-Inch Canister ITlled with Grapeshot, for 8-inch seacoast 

howitzer gun. the same as used by the United States Xavy gun- 
boats during the Civil War. From U. S. Government. [ 1472.] 
9<;8 C. S. 4-Inch Canister Filled with Shot, from Oak Ridge battle- 
field. Gettysburg. Pa.. July i to 3. 1863. [1443.] 

999 v. S. lames 4-Inch Canister, filled, from I'. S. Government. 


1000 V . S. James 4-Inch Canister, tilled, (ieneral James patent. 1856. 

I>om State Arsuial. Hartfunl. Conn. |jo8S.] 


lOOi U. S. liutchkiss 3-lnch Canister, tilled, Hotchkiss patent, July 
7. 1862. FroniL'. S. Government. [1410.] 

1002 U. S. 2-Inch Canister Filled Shot, from V . S. (iovernmcnt. 


1003 I'. S. 3-Inch Canister Filled in Canvas Sack, from C. S. Gov- 

ernment. [1428. J 

1004 U. S. 8-Inch Shell, with wood sabot, as they were used during 

the Civil War. From U. S. Government. [1420.] 

1005 I'. S. 8-Inch Shrapnel, filled with pieces of iron; sometimes 

filled with canister shot with wood sabot. Invented by Gen- 
eral Shrapnel. Same as used during the Civil War. From 
U. S. Government. [1421.] 

1006 I'. S. 6-Inch Shrapnel, with wood sal>ot filled with canister 

shot. Same as used during the Civil War. From U. S. Gov- 
ernment. [1419.] 

1007 U. S. 5-Inch Shrapnel, with wood sabot filled with canister shot. 

Same as used during the Civil War. From U. S. Government. 


1008 L'. S. 4-Incli ShraiMiel. with wood sabot filled with canister 

shot. Same as used during the Civil War. From U. S. Gov- 
ernment. [14.] 

1009 U. S. 3-Inch Hotchkiss Shell, filled with canister shot, from 

battlefield of Peach Orchard. Gettvsburg, Pa., julv i to 3. 

1863. [I447-] 

loio C. S. 3l-Shell. taken from a prize vessel in 1862. [1637.] 
loii Piece of 4-Inch Parrott Shell, from Norfolk. \'a.. which ex- 
ploded in the citv and killed and wounded several jxTsons in 
April, 1862. [87.] 

1012 Piece of 4-Inch Parrott Shell which was thrown from Fort 

^loultrie into Charleston. S. C. in 1861. This shell came 
down through the roof of a house and exploded in one of the 
rooms and killed four persons. [173.] 

1013 Piece of Shell, from battlefield of Winchester. \'a., June 13. 14, 

and 15. 1863. [808.] 

1014 iJ-P()under Shell, from battlefield of Lynchburg, \'a.. June 18, 

1864. [2667.1 

10 1 5 i2-Pounder Solid Shot, from Ajipc^mattox Court House, April, 

1865. [2668.] 

1016 i2-Pounder Solid Shot, from battlefield of Chickahominy, \'a., 

June 2},, 1862. [2677.] 

10 1 7 12-Pounder Solid Shot, from battlefield of Mechanicsville. \'a., 

June 26, 1862. [2676.] 



1018 iJ-lVuHulcT Solid Shot, from battlchckl of Cold Harl'^r \ a . 

June I. 1864. [820.] 
loiij 12-ruundcr Suiid Shot, from battlefield of Bristol Staiiuu. - -cio- 

bcr 14, 1803. L^^^3-J 

1020 12-Pouiuler Solid Shot, from battlefield of Cedar Creek. \'a., 

October 19. 1864. [816.] 

1021 i2-Pounder Solid Shot, trom battlefield of the \\'ilderne>.>. \'a.. 

May 5 and 6, 1864. [2087.] 

1022 i2-Pounder Solid Shot, from battlefield near Dunker Church, 

Sharpsburg, Md., September 17, 1862. [2666.] 

1023 i2-Pounder SoHd Shot, from battlefield near Sharpsburg. Md.. 

September 17, 1862. [1644.] 

1024 1 2- Flounder SoHd Shot, from Seven Pines. \'a. (Seven days' 

battle, June 25 to July i. 1862.) [2674.] 

1025 6-Pounder Solid Shot, from battlefield of Bolivia Heights. \'a., 

July 14, 1862. [822.] 

1026 6-Pounder Solid Shot, from battlefield of Franklin. \'a.. May 

II and 12, 1862. [822.] 

1027 6-Pounder Solid Shot, from battlefield oi Bunker's Hill. \'a., 

September 18, 1864. [813.] 

1028 6-Pounder Solid Shot, from battlefield of Port Republic. \'a.. 

June 9, 1862. [809.] 

1029 3-P\iunder Solid Shot, from battlefield of Martinsburg. \V. \'a., 

September. 1862. [809.] 

1030 i2-Pounder Shell, from battlefield of Deep Bottom. \'a.. Augu^t 

14. 1864. [2656.] 

103 1 i2-Pounder Shell, from battlefield of Xew Market. \'a.. Mav 

15. 1864. [2678.] 

1032 6-Pounder Solid Shot, from battlefield of Lost Mountain. Ga.. 

June 15, 1864. [822.] 

1033 C. S. 5-Inch Reed Shell, from battle oi Port Hudson. La.. May 

and June. 1863. [1614.] 

1034 C. S. 6-Inch Reed Shell, from battle of James Island. S. C. lune 

14. 1862. [2652.] 

1035 Ball and Chain which was used in Libby Prison during the 

Civil War. From Richmond, \'a. [1878.] 

1036 Confederate Tin Canteen, from battlefield of Little Round Top, 

Gettysburg, Pa.. July i to 3, 1863. [1448.] 

1037 Two I'. S. Army Tin Plates. These j)lates were used in the 

Civil .War by A. W. Davis. Hartford. Conn. He enlisted in 
Company G. I'ourteenth Regiment. Xew Hampshire \"olun- 



tecrs. Sci)lcnil)cr 2^. 1S62. I )ischar,<^\'(l September 26. 1865. 

1038 L'. S. \a\-\- Lei4" Irons with Key. Thex- are the same as were 

used in the navy and ])ris()ns chn-ini^- the C'i\il War. | i(')5i.| 

1039 U. S. Xa\'\' llandcnff with Kew Thex- are tlie same as were 

used in the na\\- and prisons (hn-in:^- the ("i\il War. | 1650.] 

1040 I'. S. Lilhe Army and .\a\\- Irons, used helore the war. In- 

vented ])>• Marine Seri^eant Lilhe of l'. S. \a\\-, who (Hed 
with thcni on while in delirium tremens. | if)4<j. | 

1041 L'. S. Shell-hook and Toui^^s, used for handling- shells and load- 

iui^ cannon (lurin_L;- the Civil War. l'"rom I'. S. ( lovernment. 


1042 r. S. Loadiui;- Hook" and Toni^'-s. used for loading- cannon and 

mortar dm-ini;- the Civil War. I'^rom I'. S. (iovernment. 


1043 (the iron part of a bridle), from battlefield of Seven Pines. 

\'a., June 25 to July i. 1862. I2853.I 

1044 Piece of Cornice or Weather-board from John Pitzer's house, 

127 Chambers Street, Gettys])ur!Li-. Pa. Durinj^ the first day's 
battle of Gettysburic^ a shell went through this l^oard into the 
liouse and ex])lo(le(l, doin^- !.;reat dama.G^e in the house. It 
was fortimate that no one was in the house at the time. [20(^4.] 

1045 Piece of a Poard from Antietam Pridt^e. near Sharpsbiu'g", Md., 

the site of the great battle September 17, 1862. Presented 
by Captain William H. Lockwood, Hartford, Conn. [2852.] 

1046 Shingle from the roof of the McLean house. Appomattox Court 

Tfotise. A'a.. imder which General I\. K. Lee siu'rendered his 
army of Xorthcrn X'irginia, .\])ril <;. 1865. I1277.I 


C. S. GUIDOX, No. *>i:{!» 

./. /:. IJNOUKS CULLI.LllUS. 127 

CASE No. 29. 

ol- Tin-: STOXI-: ACI-:: -:,7-:s PlI'XES. 

1047 Si)c:irhca(l, 4d\i '1. iroin Mead LO.. Iw. [i.J 

1048 Spearhead, 4:]xi4. train Iredell CO., N. C. \2.\ 

1049 Spearheads, 7 pieces, from Montgomery Co.. i'a. [3.] 

1050 Spearheads, 5 pieces, from Cooper Co., Mo. [4.] 

1051 Arrow-points. 12 pieces, from Clinton Co.. 111. I5.J 

1052 Arrow-points, 12 pieces, from Hadle\-, Mass. |C).| 

1053 Arrow-points. 16 pieces, from Rhea Co., Tenn. | 7. | 

1054 Spearlieads, 7 pieces, from Greenfield, Wis. |S.| 

1055 Spearheads and Arrow-points, 7 pieces, from Trenton. N. J. [9.] 

1056 Si)earheads. 5 pieces, from Westfield. [Mass. [10.] 

1057 Spearhead, 4^x1:1, from Swain Co., X. C. [ii.| 

1058 Spearhead, }f\x2, from Lawrence Co., Ind. | 12.] 

1059 Si)earhead, 3IXI2, from Oneida Co.. N. Y. | 13. | 

1060 S]:)earhead, 3x1 i, from jMadison Co., X. Y. | 14.] 

1061 S]:)earhead. 2^x17], from Lincoln Co.. Tenn. hsl 

1062 Spearhead. 2-\xi\. from Cumberland Co., K}'. | 16.] 

1063 J-1int Knife, 3ixif, from Washington Co.. Ark. [17.] 

1064 Si3earhead, 3|x2, unfinished, from Henry Co., ( ). [18. J 

1065 Spearhead, 4x2^, from Allen Co.. Ind. [19.] 

1066 Flint Knife, 4x2^. from Henry Co.. (). [20.] 

1067 Spearhead, 3jxi:s, from Lincoln Co., Tenn. [21.] 

1068 Spearhead, 6^x2, from Lancaster, Pa. [22.] 

1069 Spearhead, 3x1 J, from Stark Co.. (). I23.I 

1070 Spearheads. 6 pieces, from I'erlin, Conn. | 24. | 

1071 Spearheads and Arrow-points. 8 pieces, from IClkhorn. Wis. 


1072 .Arrow-points. 11 i)ieces, from ( Ireenfield. Wis. I26.] 

1073 Spearheads and Arnnvs, 7 ])ieces. from Clay L'o.. N. C. I27.] 

1074 Arrow-points. 13 pieces, from Lincoln Co.. Tenn. |28.| 

1075 Spearheads, 5 pieces, from Martin Co.. Ky. |2(). | 

1076 Spearheads, 7 jMcces. from Martin L'o., I\\. 1 30. | 

1077 Drills and .\rrow-])oints. 14 pieces, from Lawrence Co.. Ind. 

1078 Spearhead and .\rro\\s. 3 pieces, from ( )ld 1 ladley, Mass. I32.I 
I07(j Arrow-poinls. (> pieces, from .\ndierst. Mass. [33-1 

1080 Arrow-poinls. j)ieces. from l-'ulton ^\^., ( ). | 34. | 

1081 Spearheads. 3 ])ieces. from l-\dton i\\, (V I33.I 

1082 Spearhead. 2.KjL hi^veled edi^e. from l^lkhorn. \\i-. \^^(\.] 

1083 Si)earhead, 2\\\\, from Iredell C"o.. \. C. I37.I 




^ ^_ 





■" "^ 



' ^.'T^ 







•>,. •) 





7 / 


1 • 

-^ j" 




' « 



'.. -.^ -; 


•-— >^- 


' i-^^^ 

1 J r 




■".'» ;• 

'- ;"■; 



: ^-- 







^^ — 













, >' . 






) ) 

). ■ 












' -) 

'i ) 




■; ! 


! 'l 



IUIS4 l\iii\e> .'i- Lances, 4 pieces, from Cuoper Co.. Mo. I38.] 

1085 Knives or Lances, 3 pieces, from Salem, Mass. [39.] 

ic86 Arrow-points, 5 pieces, from Seneca Co., O. [40.] 

1087 Knife or Hoe, 3^x2^^, from Seneca Co., O. [41. J 

1088 Hoe, 7xZhy ^rom Trenton, X. J. [42.] 

1089 Hoe, 7\x2i, from Burlington. \. V. [43.] 

1090 Spearhead, 45x2^, from Lincoln Co., Tenn. [44.] 

1091 Spearheads, 5 pieces, from Green Bay, Wis. [45] 

1092 Spearheads, 7 pieces, from Lancaster, Pa. [46.] 

1093 Spearheads, 7 pieces, from Clinton, 111. [47.] 

1094 Spearheads and Arrows, 10 pieces, from Berlin, Conn. [48. J 

1095 Arrow-points, 13 pieces, from Cooper Co.. Mo. [49.] 

1096 Arrow-points, 13 pieces, from Cooper Co.. Mo. [50.] 

1097 Spearhead, 3^x1 J, from Cooper Co., Mo. [51.] 

1098 Spearhead. 35x1^:, from Lincoln Co., Tenn. ['^2.] 

1099 Spearhead, 35xi^, from Clinton, 111. [^2)] 

1 100 Spearhead. 3^xi|, barbed, from Clinton. 111. [54.] 
[loi Spearhead, 4^xiJ, from Montgomery Co., Pa. [55.] 
[102 Spearhead, 33xi^, from Montgomery Co.. Pa. [56.] 
[103 Spearhead, 34X1!. from Lincoln Co.. Tenn. [^J.] 
[104 Hoe, 4x2, from Camden, X. J. [58.] 

105 Hoe, 4x2^. from Fulton Co.. O. [59.] 

[106 Spearheads. 4 pieces, from Amherst. ^lass. [60.] 

[107 Spearheads, 5 pieces, from Fulton Co.. O. [61.] 

1 108 Spearheads, 10 pieces, from Fulton Co.. O. [(>2.] 

109 Spearhead, 5x2, from Washington Co., Ark. [63.] 

1 1 10 Arrow-points, 14 pieces, from Cumberland Co., Ky. [64.] 

[Ill Spearhead, beveled eds^e. and ei^fht arrows, from Cooper Co., 
Mo. [65.] 

2 Arrow-points. 15 pieces, from Trenton, X. J. [66.] 

[1 13 Spearheads and Arrow-points, 9 pieces, from Swain Co.. X. C. 


[1 14 .Spearheads and Arrow-points. 9 pieces, from Swain Co.. X. C. 

115 Spearhead, 4x1^. from Seneca Co.. O. [69.] 

1 1 16 Spearhead, 33xif, from Green Bay. Wis. [70.] 

[1 17 Spearhead. 3^x1^, from Lincoln Co., Tenn. [71.] 

[1 18 Spearhead. 4^x2^, from Lincoln Co., Tenn. [72.] 

[ n; Spearhead, 3Jxii, from Abington, Mass. [73.] 

[120 Spearhead. 3^x1^, from Bloody Brook. Deertield. ^Liss. [74 ] 

[121 Spearhead, 3^x1^. from Salem, Conn. [7z,] 

12 Hoe. 4^x2, from Columbus, O. [76.] 

23 Knife. }>%k2, from Lancaster. Pa. [77.] 

[124 Spearheads, 7 pieces, from Fox Lake. Wis. [78.] 

[125 Spearheads. 3 pieces, from Macon, X. C. [79] 



j() Spearhead, 52. frum Linculn L"«).. 'l\nn. | •'^o. | 

jj Spearhead, 5;-:2, fn^ii Salem. Mass. \>^i.\ 

jS Si)earhcad, 5- 1','. from Rhea Co.. Tenn. |!^2.| 

2(; Spearhead, 3] i.l. ironi Khea CO.. 'Jeiin. h^.v] 

30 Spearheads and Arrow -points. <j pieces, from Salem. Mass. [84.] 

31 Arrow-points. 11 ])ieces. from lirookficld. \\'i>. |J^5.| 

32 Arrow-])oints. 16 ])ieces. from Xew Castle. l)el. \^^^-\ 
^^;^ ])rills. 5 pieces, from Xew Castle. Del. [Sj.] 

34 Drills, 7 pieces, from h^dton Co.. ( ). |SS.| 

^=i S])earhcads and .\rrow -points. <; ])ieces. irMin Mason Co.. X. C. 

36 Mint Knife. 31. and S])earliead. from Jutland. |<jo.| 

T^j Knife, 2)>^2, from Mohegan. Conn. |<;i.| 

38 Knife, 4^x1:}:, from Elk Horn. Wis. |()2.] 

39 Spearhead, 3:|xi^, from Economy. Ind. [03-] 

40 Spearhead, 3]xi|, from Cooper Co.. ]\lo. [94. 1 

41 Hoe, 4^x2 J, from Greenfield, ^lass. I95.I 

42 Pendant, perforation, 3x15. from ]-\ilton Co.. ( ). |</>-l 

43 Rnbbing-stone, 3^x1^1, from Stark Co., ( ). [07.] 

44 Banner-stone, perforation, 3^x3, broken, from I 'niton l"o., O. 

I9S. I 

45 Arrow-points, 12 pieces, from W'aterford. Conn. {[)<)■] 

46 Si)earheads and Arrow-points. 9 pieces, from Clinton, Til. | 100.] 

47 Arrow-points. 12 pieces, from Salem. Mass. fioi.] 

48 S])earheads and Arrow-])oints. 9 pieces, from Clinton. 111. 

4*; Arrow-points. 12 ])ieces. from Clinton. 111. | 1(^3-1 

Spearheads. 6 pieces, from Sandy Hook. Md. I104.I 
Spearheads and Arrow -])oints. 6 pieces, from Sandv Hook. Md. 


\rrow-])()ints, 14 ])ieces. from Washington Co.. Ark. | 106.] 
^^^ .Xrrow-points. 9 ]:)ieces, from Lincoln Co., Tenn. | 107.] 
54 I'aint])ots. 2 ])ieces, from k^dton Co.. ('). [108.] 

r*ainti)ots an<l Sinker. 3 ]iieces. fn^m T^idton Co.. C). [lO().] 
56 I'aintpots. 4 pic-cc-s. from ( )hio. | i 10.] 

Paintpots. 3 pieces, from ( )hio. |ni.| 
58 Pipe of reddksh stone, 3 1 j. from r.erlin. Conn. | 1 12.] 
9 Rnbbin,G:-stone, ijxj, from Portland. Coim. |ii3.| 

60 Stone Read, ilxl^, perforated, from Windsor. Conn. IM4.) 

61 1-dat. Ponnd Plummet Stone, r] • ]. from Clay Co.. X. C. | 1 15.] 

62 T-dat. Kotind Plummet Stone. | ■ }. from West Xiri^inia. | 116.] 
T)^ { )rnament. i)erforated. round, and l1at. r, !. from (ieori^ia. 


64 Ornament, perforated, i ^' inch, from Milton Co.. ( ,a. fii8.] 

65 Rubbing-stone, i^xij, from Gwinnett Co.. Ga. |ii<>.| 


166 kubbing-stunc. lit'-.i:,. from Sciu-ca Co., ( ). |i-^<>| 

167 I'clt. 3xii, from Alison River. 111. |i2i.J 
ii()8 l\lt. 3iKiY from licllcvilU'. 111. | ij_>.| 

l6(j Celt. 3]\i^, Irtmi Lawrence Co.. Ind. I123.I 

1170 Celt. 2^x1^, from liast Haven. Conn. | 124.J 

[171 IMpc, 2jxiJ, from Fulton Co., O. [125.] 

1172 Pipe, 3ixU, from Collins Co.. O. [126.] 

117^ Pipe, 2ix2j. with Indian face on it. from Lawrence Co.. Ind. 

['-'/-■] " 

1174 L'.anner-stone. 6^x2^. perforated, from Berlin. Conn. [128.] 

1175 ilanner-stone, 5ix2j. perforated, from Berlin, Conn. [129.] 
[176 Banner-stone, 4x1^-, perforated, from Clinton, 111. [130.] 

[1 77 Banner-stone, 5x15, perforated, from Clay Co., X. C. [131.] 

[1 78 Spearheads and Arrow-points, 11 pieces, from East Hartford, 
Conn. [132.] 

179 Two Polished Egg--shaped Ornaments, ijxi, from Berlin, 

Conn. [133.] 

180 Pestle or Muller, 3x1^, from East Windsor, Conn. [134.] 
[181 Flat. Round Plummet Stone, from Milton Co., Ga. [135.] 
[182 Stone Ball, a little flat, 2x2, from Berlin, Conn. [136.] 

1183 Flat. Round Plummet Stone, 2x2, from ^lilton, Ga. [137.] 

1 184 Flat, Round Plummet Stone, 2^x2\, from Fulton Co., O. [138.] 

1 185 Flat, Round Plummet Stone, 2^x2^, from Fulton Co., O. [139.] 
[ 186 Flat, Round Plummet Stone, 2jx2^. from ^lilton Co.. Ga. [140.J 
[187 Flat, Round Perforated Stone, 2\x2\, from East Hartford, 

Conn. [141.] 

[188 Pendant. 4x2^, dark stone, from Cherokee Co.. S. C. [142.] 

189 IVndant. 4x2^, ribbon stone, from Wyoming, Pa. [i43-] 

[190 Pendant, perforated, 4X2J, from Saybrook, Conn. [144.] 

1 191 I'endant, perforated, 3^x2^1, from Berlin, Conn. [145-1 

192 Pendant, 4-^x2, from Deerfield, Mass. [146.] 

[193 Pendant, perforated, 37x1^, from Milton Co., Ga. [147.] 

1 194 Celt, 4x1 i, from Fulton Co., O. [148.] 

[195 Celt. 3^x1, from Henry Co., O. [149.] 

[196 Flint Knife. 4x1^, from Belleville. HI. [150.] 

[197 Ornament, perforated, 5x1^, from Henry Co., O. fi?!-! 

[198 Knife. 3^x1. from Deerfield. Mass. [152.] 

iig(j White Egg-shaped Stone. 2\U. from Hadlyme. Conn. | 153.] 

1200 Dark Grav. Egg-shaped Stone. 2xii. from Windsor. Cimui. 

i 154.1 

1201 R(_.und Stone Ikill. Uxi^. from I^ast Hartford. Conn. I155.I 
[202 Round Stone P.all. UxU, from Rocky Hill. Conn. [156.] 
1203 I'ive Round Stone lialls. from lUirlington. Conn, fc^z-l 
[204 Two Egg-shajKHl Stones. 2\U. from l)rookheUl. Mass. | 158.] 


CASE No. 30. 


1205 Grooved Axe, 8^x4^ ; polished stone axe which was used by 

the Indians at the battle of Oesboko in the French and Indian 
\\'ar. Found on the field and taken to the old museum at 
Utica, N. Y., which was destroyed by fire about the year 1845. 
Presented to S. W. Cowles of Hartford, Conn., bv Miss Mabel 
J. White, Utica, X. Y. I2372.I 

1206 Grooved Axe, 10x4^, from Trenton, X. J. I2364.I 

1207 Grooved Axe, 8x4i, from Berlin. Conn. [2.| 

1208 Grooved Axe, 6x3^, polished stone, from Stark Co., ( ). [3.] 

1209 Grooved Axe, 5x4, from Lynn, Mass. [4.] 

1210 Grooved Axe, 5jx3i, from Clarkston, Fayette Co., O. [5.] 

121 1 Grooved Axe, 5ix3j. from Charleston, Pasco Co.. C). [6.] 

1212 Grooved Axe, 4^x3^, from Salem, Conn. [7.] 

1 2 13 Grooved Axe, 5ix3i. from Allen Co.. Ind. |8.1 

1214 Grooved Axe, 4x3], from Robtown, ( ). \}).] 

1215 Grooved Axe, 4^x3^, from Sufficld, Conn. | 10.] 

1216 Grooved Axe, 4^x3, from Stark C(x, O. [11.] 

1217 Grooved Axe, 4x3, from Hadley, Mass. [12.] 

1218 Grooved Axe, 3x2, from Franklin Co.. O. [13.] 

1219 Grooved Axe, 23x2, from Seneca Co.. O. | 14.] 

1220 Axe with Perforation, 4x2, from Fulton Co., O. [15] 

1221 Grooved Axe, 3x1^, from Clay Co., X. C. [16.] 


1222 Ciroovod Axe. 4x2^. from Madisun Co., X. \. I17.) 

1223 lirouvod Axe, 4K2.I, Irom Cass Co., Tex. | iS.| 

1224 ( irooxed Axe, 4 -.2^, from J\uss Co., C). [19. J 

1225 (ii'ooxed Axe. 42-3:!:. Irom W esttield, Conn. |2(j.| 

122O drooved Axe. 43x3. from Milltiekl, Alliens Co., ( ). [21. J 

1227 (irooved Axe, 6x3], from Dolphin Co., i'a. [22. J 

1228 (Irooved Axe, 6x3. from Windsor, Conn. [23. J 

i22() (Irooved Axe. /x^, from Montgomery Co.. i*a. [24.] 

1230 Grooved Axe. 7x3^1, from lUoodx' l>rook, Ueertield, Mass. 


1231 Grooved Axe, 6^x3^, from Rocky Hill, Conn. [26. | 

1232 Grooved Axe, 7x4^, from Old Hadley, Mass. [-^7- J 

1233 Grooved Axe, 7x3^, from Windsor Hill, Conn. [28.] 

1234 Grooved Axe, 9^x3?, from Hadlyme, Conn. [2371.] 

1235 Grooved Axe, 2^x1^-, from jNlartin Co., Ky. [55] 

1236 Celt, 9^x3^, from Rocky Hill, Conn. [2366.] 

1237 Celt, 7x30, from Chester Co., Pa. [30.] 

1238 Celt, 6x30, from W'ood Co., \'a. [31.] 

1239 Celt, 6x2 j, from Clay Co., O. [^,2.] 

1240 Celt, 5x2j, from Windsor, Conn. [33.] 

1241 Celt, 5^x2^, from Middletown. Conn. [34.] 

1242 Celt, 5jx2^, from Berlin, Conn. [35.] 

1243 Celt, 5^x3, from Burlington, Conn. [36.] 

1244 Celt, 5^x23, from Newington, Conn. [37.] 

1245 Celt, 5x2^, from Fairfield Co., O. [38.] 

1246 Celt, 5x2:^, from Hadlyme, Conn. [39.] 

1247 Celt, 4x2}, from Saybrook, Conn. [40.] 

1248 Celt, 4^x2, from Niantic, Conn. [41.] 

1249 Celt, 4:lx2j, from Portland, Conn. [42.] 

1250 Celt, 4^x2, from Windsor Hill, Conn. [43.] 

1 25 1 Celt, 5x2^, from Camden, N. J. [2367.] 

1252 Celt, 5x2, from Warehouse Point, Conn. [45.] 

1253 Celt, 4^x2^, from Rhea Co., Tenn. [2368.] 

1254 Celt, 5x2, from Clay Co., N. C. [47.] 

1255 Celt, 3x2, from East Windsor, Conn. [49.] 

1256 Celt, 4x2 J, from East Hartford, Conn. [2369.] 

1257 Celt, 5x2^, from Bloomfield, Conn. I51.I 

1258 Celt, 4x2j, from Mystic, Conn. [52. | 

1259 Celt, SxU. from Rockaway Co., ( ). \=,^^.] 

1260 Celt, 4x1 j. from Cass Co., Tex. (48.] 

1 26 1 Celt, ifxii, from Trenton, \. J. [54.1 

1262 Grooved Hammer, 23x2|, from Ihooktield. Mass. [7S-] 
T263 (irooved Hannuer, 2^^x2, from P\ nie. Conn. | 7(>. 1 

1264 (irooved Hannner. 2^x2, from Windsor. Comi. I77.I 

1265 (irooved Hannner. 2x2, from West SpringfieKl. Mass. I78.] 


1266 ( iroovcd IlaninuT, 2;-:ii. from Trenton. X. J. [jn-l 

1267 Stone Egg or Ball, 2xi:]. frt/.n elay Co., X. C [t<u.\ 

1268 Egg-shaped Stone, from Khca Co., Tenn. [81. J 

1269 Egg-shaped Stone, from Chattanooga, Tenn. [82.] 

1270 Stone Ball, Indian face, 2x2, from I'urlington, Conn. I83.J 

1271 Stone Ball, 2x2, from Brookfield. \\ is. IS4.] 

1272 Stone Ball, .flattened. 3x3, from West X'irginia. [85. | 

1273 Stone Ball, 2x2, from Bloody Brook, ]^Iass. [86.] 
1,274 Stone Ball, flattened, 2x2, from Mohegan, Conn. [87.] 

1275 Egg-shaped Stone, 2x15, from Rocky Hill, Conn. |SS.] 

1276 Stone Ball, 2|x2j, from Trenton, X. J. [89.] 

1277 Stone Ball, ijxi^, from West Springfield, Mass. [90.] 

1278 Egg-shaped Stone, 2^x2, from Hadlyme, Conn. [«;i.| 

1279 Stone Ball, 3x3, from Salem, Conn. [92.] 

1280 Stone Ball, 3^x3^, from Milton Co., Ga. I93.I 

1 281 Stone Ball, 4x4, from Clay Co., X. C. [94.] 

1282 Flint Knife, 5-Jx2j, from Lincoln Co., Tenn. [23()5.| 

1283 Flint Knife, 5^x2^, from Schuyler Co.. 111. [2396.] 

1284 Flint Knife, 53x2^, from Chariton Co., Mo. [2397.] 

1285 Flint Knife, 45x2^, from Jutland. [2398.] 

1286 Flint Knife, 4fx2-i, from Jutland. [2399.] 

1287 Flint Knife, 55x2^, from Jutland. [2400.] 

1288 Round Polished Stone, 5x5. from East Hartford, Conn. [95.] 

1289 Stone Ball, 4x34, from Berlin, Conn. [74.] 

1290 Disk, 5x5, from Clay Co.. X. C. I72.I 

1291 Hoe, 7x4, from Cooper Co., ]\Io. [73.1 

1292 Unknown Stone, 8x1^, from PUirlington, Conn. [2415.] 

1293 Knife, 4x1 J, from Windsor Hill, Conn. [2386.] 

1294 Spearhead, 2gxiJ, from Greenfield, Wis. [2387.] 

1295 Spearhead, 2xjii, from Franklin Co.. Mo. I2388.] 

1296 Spearhead, 2jxiJ, from Greenfield, Mass. [2389.] 

1297 Spearhead, 2^xiA» from West \'irginia. [2390.] 

1298 Spearhead, 4x1}, from Mitchell Co.. X. C. [2391.] 

1299 Spearhead, 4^x5, from Henry Co., O. [2392.] 

1300 Spearhead, 4^x2, from Camden, X. J. [2393.] 

1301 Spearhead, 4^x2^, from Montgomery C(^.. X. V. [2394.] 

1302 Spearhead, 5x1}, from Lake Muskego. Wis. I2374.I 

1303 Spearhead, 4^xiJ, from Oneida Co., X. Y. [2375.] 

1304 Spearhead, 4x2, from P>loody Brook. Dcerfield, Mass. [2376.] 

1305 Spearhead, 4JX1J. from Windsor, Conn. [2377.] 

1306 Spearhead, 3x2^, from Bloom field. Conn. [2378.] 

1307 Spearhead, 3<iJ. l)eveled edge, from Cherokee Co.. X'. C. 

1308 Lead Cast, 3ixi3. from Trenton. X. J. [2380.] 

1309 Spearheads. 2 pieces, from Mohegan. Conn. [2381.] 



1310 Deads or W anipiun. 13 pieces, from an Indian j^^rave. Xorth 

Carolina. [-^^J^-^| 

1311 Shell \\'anii)uni. 15(3 pieces, from Mound l-^ast. Tenn. I-2383.J 

I ^IJ Shell Wampum. ^^ pieces, from Indian mound. Missouri. 

1^1^ Shell Wampum. 94 pieces, from an Indian f^rave. Pennsxlvania. 


1314 Pipe or Celt. 7 J'j'. carxings. owl's head, elephant's head, croco- 

dile, birds, etc., South Africa. [2373.] 

1315 Pendant, perforated, 5^x1 J, from East Hartford. Conn. [2401.] 

1316 Pendant, perforated, ^x2-}, from Hadlyme, Conn. [2402.] 

13 1 7 Pendant, perforated. 3x1 v, from W'aterford, Conn. [2403.^ 

1318 Pendant, perforated. 3x2^, from P)rookfield, Mass. [2307.] 

1319 Pendant, perforated, 3^x1, from Allen Co., Ind. [2405.] 

1320 Pendant, perforated, 2^x1, from Allen Co., Ind. [2406.] 

1321 Pendant, perforated, 2xi. from Henry Co.. O. [2407.] 

1322 Pendant or Ornament, perforated, 3^x3, from Stark. ( ). [2408.] 

1323 Discoidal, perforated, 2|xi. from Haysville, O. [2409.] 

1324 Pendant, perforated, GJxiJ, from Holmes Co., O. [2410.] 

1325 Pendant, perforated, 2x1^, from Madison Co., X. C. [241 1.] 

1326 Pipe, unfinished, 5x3, from Anastasia Island, Fla. [778.] 

1327 Gouge, 3xU. from Rocky Hill, Conn. [2412.] 

1328 Polished Stone, perforated, broken, 3^x1. from Clay Co.. X'. C. 


1329 Whistle, perforated, 3x^, from Cooper Co., Mo. [2404.] 

1330 ^^ histle, perforated, broken. 5x1, from Cooper Co., Mo. [2414.] 

1 33 1 Pestle or ]\Iuller, 6x3^-, from Chelsea. ^lass. [62.] 

1332 Pestle or ^luller, 5x3^, from Logan. Hocking Co., O. [63.] 

1333 Pestle or ]\Iuller, 4^x3^, from Barnstead, X. H. [64.] 

1334 Pestle or [Muller, 5x3^, from ^Madison Co., O. [65.] 

1335 Pestle or ^Muller, 5x23, from Mount Holly. X. Y. [66.] 

1336 Pestle or Muller, 5x3, from Big Darby Creek. O. [67.] 

1337 Pestle or Muller, 6x2, from Hadley. Mass. [68.] 

1338 Pestle or Muller, 5x2, from Windsor. Conn. [69.] 

1339 Pestle or ^luller, 5^x2-^, from Big Darby Creek, O. [70.] 

1340 Pestle, 8Jx2j, from Windsor. Conn. [61.] 

1341 Pestle, ic4x2|. from Trenton. X. J. [2370.] 

1342 Pestle, 12x2. from Cromwell, Conn. [2310.] 

1343 Pestle. i2V\2.l. from Berlin, Conn. [59.] 

1344 Pestle, I4]x2], from Berlin, Conn. [58.] 

1345 Pestle, 15x2^. from Saybrook, Conn. [2311.] 

1346 Pestle, t8^x2:}, from Rocky Hill. Conn. \^j.] 

1347 Pestle. i9o^-2]. from Ka^t T.erlin. C'onn. [56.] 




CASE No. 31. 

PREiiisroRK" SToxi-: lmpiJ':mI":xts axd ()kXA.\ii:.\'TS 
DF 'j'lii': sToxb: A(ii-:; 1780 pii-:ces. 

1348 Iron Tomahawk and Slrini;- of Wampum. This tomahawk and 

wampum were taken lrt)m an huhan s^ravc which was un- 
earthed in a sandhill near Appanaug, R. 1., October, 1893. In 
this grave there were found this iron tomahawk and wampum 
of shell. Other relics were found, kettle and its bale of iron, 
spoon, glass bottle, and stone pipes. It is assumed that this 
burial was made a1)out the year 1676. From J. T. Lockwood, 
Appanaug. R. 1. [2230.] 

1349 Si)earhea(ls and Arrow-points, found near Collinsville, Conn. ; 

II pieces. [2099. J 

1350 Arrow-points, from Waterford, Conn.; 17 pieces. [271.] 

1351 Arrow-points, from Catskill Mountains, X. Y. ; 15 pieces. 


1352 S])ear and Arrow-])oints, from East Hartford, Conn. ; 9 pieces. 

1353 Arrow-points, from Catskill ^Mountains, X'. Y. ; 14 pieces. [271.] 

1354 Arrow-points, from Catskill Mountains, Xf. Y.; 15 pieces. [271.] 

1355 Arrow-points, from East Hartford, Conn.; 10 pieces. [483.] 

1356 Spearheads and Arrows-points, from the Ralston-Spang collec- 

tion ; 10 pieces. [257.] 

1357 Arrow-points, from Arkansas; 11 pieces. [2282.] 

1358 Spearheads and Arrows-points, from Tennessee; 5 pieces. [305.] 
^?>5'-) S])earheads and Arrow-points, from East Hartford, Conn.; 7 

])ieces. [1134.] 

1360 Mint Flaked Knife, 5sXi inch, from \'iborg, Jutland. [340.] 

1 361 S])earheads and Arrow-points, from Richmond. \'a.; 7 pieces. 


1362 S])earheads and Arrow-points, from Richmond. \ a. ; 7 pieces. 


1363 Si)earheads, from Xew^ Jersey; 4 pieces. [2279.] 

1364 I'lint Knives and Si)earhead, from Ralston-Sjxang collection; 3 

])ieces. \2sS>.\ 

1365 I'^lint Knives and !^])earhea(l. from l\alston-Spang ct'lllection ; 

4 ])ieces. | 258. | 

1366 Spearhead, found near rnionxille. Conn. | 1 74 1 . | 
T367 Sj^earhead. found near Xatick. I\. 1. I4.I 

T368 Si)earhea(l. from Suftield. Conn. I1735I 
1369 Knife, from .*^e\-en Fines. \ a. [uio.] 


1370 SiK-arlu-ad. shield-shape. Xorih I'arohna: from Ralsi. m-Spaiii^ 

collection. [2/2.\ 

1371 Spearhead, round point, harhed. with stpiare base. Illinois; 

from Ralston-Spang collection. [312. | 
137J Spearhead, from Charlotte Harbor, West Idorida : Kalsion- 
Spano;- collection. | 3 i (). \ 

1373 Spearhead, leaf shape, hranklin Co.. ( ). ; from Ralsi. )n-Span^ 

collection. [280.] 

1374 Spearhead and Arrow-points from Kentucky; 3 i)ieces. I30S.J 
I ^7S Arrow-point, 2\,:\\, from lUoodv llrook. ( )ld Deerheld. Mass. 

1376 Arrow-point, i;-;'. rounded base. ( )hio ; from I\alsi< •n-S])an,«^ 

collection. I315.] 
^?>77 I riani^ular Arrow-])oint, li^x^,. JtUland ; from Ralston-Spanj.]^ 

collection. [270.] 

1378 Bead, li^ht ferrous stone, nearly s(|uare. lari^e ])erforation, 

lilxii;; from North Carolina. I3-24.I 

1379 Bead or Rino^, mound builders' ])otter\-. from a mound in Mis- 

souri. [328.] 

1380 Spearhead, varieg-ated jasper, Tennessee; from Ralston-S])anj::^ 

collection. [276.] 

1381 Spearhead, barbed, Tennessee: from Ralston-.'^pan^- c*)llection. 


1382 Spearhead, trian^-ular form, 2\y2, ( )hi() ; from l\alsl< •n-.'^pan,*^ 

collection. [313.] 

1383 Spearhead, barbed, 2x5, Arkansas; from Ixalston-Spani;- collec- 

tion. I 275. 1 

1384 Spearhead, white (|uart7 from Petersburg'. \'a. f2<)<)-] 
C385 Spearhead, from Brookfield, [Mass. | 54<^>. | 

1386 Arrow-point, from East Hartford, Conn. |<'i87.] 
C3<^7 Spearheads and Arrow-points, from Xewin^ton. Conn.; 3 
pieces. |i733-] 

1388 Spearheads and Arrow-points, from Arkansas ; 10 pieces. [303.] 

1389 Spearheads and Arrow-]:»oints, from Ralston-Span^c^ C(»llection; 

12 pieces. \2^y.\ 
I3C)0 Spearheads and Arrow-points. Tennessee: from Ralston-.^pang 

collection: 7 pieces. 1306.] 
i3fH Spearheads and Arrow-points. Arkansas; 8 pieces. \ ,V\^■] 
T3f;2 Arrow-points, from liurlin^ton. Conn.; 3 pieces. [1742.] 
I3(j3 Spearhead and Arrow-points, from New Hartford, Conn.; 3 

pieces, f 1734-1 

1394 Spearheads, from Canton. Conn.: 2 jiieces. \22/j.] 

1395 Spearheads, from Windsor, Conn.; 2 pieces. [2278.] 
1306 Bead of .Xmber. from Prcl^to. Xorway. \2C)J.] 



1 v>7 Shell licad. iroiii Stcrrit's Aiound. liluiint Co., Mast Tennessee. 

1398 Spearhead and Arrow -points, ftjund on Dantani Hill, near 

Mystic, Conn. ; 3 pieces. [767.] 

1399 Arrow-points, from a mound on the Matanzas River, h lorida ; 

3 pieces. [1135.] 

1400 Spearhead, transparent tiesh-colored stone, from West Morida. 


1401 Spearhead, variegated chalcedony, 2^x1^, Ohio; from Ralston- 

Spang collection. [314] 

1402 Spearhead, white, from Bloody Brook, Deerfield, Mass. [868.] 

1403 Spearhead, barbed, Arkansas. [274.] 

1404 Spearheads, from \\'right's Town, X. J. : 3 pieces. [2283.] 

1405 Spearheads, from Burlington, Conn. ; 7 pieces. [2098.] 

1406 Unfinished Spearhead, from Goodspeed's Landing, Connecti- 

cut River. [491.] 

1407 Pendant, large perforation, of beautiful workmanship, hand- 

some striped slate, 4^x2^, from Seneca Co., O. [262.] 

1408 Spearhead, very large size, 5x3^, found by John X. Mitchell on 

his farm in East Glastonbury, Conn., 1884. [673.] 

1409 Spearhead, flint, 4x1^, Jutland; from Ralston-Spang collection. 


1410 String of Beads, from an Indian grave in Pennsylvania, various 

colors, all fine glass; 136 pieces. [268.] 

141 1 String of Beads, from Seminole Indians, Florida: ^o pieces. 


1412 String of Beads, from a grave at Turkey Bend, Fla. : 120 pieces. 


1413 Arrow-points, jasper, some serrated, mostly barl)ed. Xorthwest ; 

from Ralston-Spang collection: 25 pieces. [318.] 

1414 Arrow-points, red jasper, from Xorthwest; 20 pieces. [264.] 

1415 Arrow-points, jasper, from Xorthwest: 8 pieces. [310.I 

1416 Arrow-points, all war points, from Xorthwest: 12 pieces. [263.] 

141 7 Flint-flaked Knife, S^xh from Denmark. [341.] 

1418 Flint Oyster Knife, 3|xi^, from Germany. [c,S7-] 

1419 Xecklace of Beads and ^lonkeys' Teeth, worn by the South 

Sea Islanders; 40 pieces. [730.] 

1420 String of Beads, from an ancient grave in Xorth Carolina, disk- 

shape, glass ; 23 pieces. [327.] 

1 42 1 String of Wampum, from a grave in Ohio : 1 1 1 pieces. [2271.] 

1422 Stone Beads, grayish color, from Africa: 3 pieces. [1740.] 

1423 Shell Beads, from a mound. Lick Creek, (>een Co.. luist Ten- 

nessee ; 3 pieces. [326.] 

1424 Iron Arrow-point, 2^ inches long, from South Sea Islands. 



1423 Stone licar or Idol, 5^x2. taken from a mound on Anastasia 
Island, near St. Augustine. VVd. \777.\ 

1426 Stone Plumb or Ornament, Anastasia Island. I'lorida. I335.] 

1427 Spearhead, 4xi|, from Fulton Co., 111. [311.! 

1428 Spearhead, 4^x1 C'. from Franklin Co.. Mo. [309.] 

1429 Copper lieads. Indian Jlill. Middletown. Conn.; 2 pieces. 

1430 Copper spearliead. 4^x1, from liurlini^lon. Conn. [2095.] 

1431 Spearhead. 3^x1^, from Newbern. X. C. [273.] 

1432 Spearhead, 33xi3, from Fulton Co.. 111. [259.] 

1433 Spearhead, 4^x2^. This spearhead was dug up on the corner 

of [Main and Talcott Streets, Hartford, Conn., October 6, 1887. 

1434 liarbed Hari)oon, 4]x4|. found in Denmark (rare). [339-1 

1435 Spearhead, 4x2, from Bloody Brook, Deerfield, Mass. [1731.] 

1436 Spearheads and Arrow-points, found near Collinsville. Conn.; 

6 pieces. [2096.] 
14^7 Spearheads, verv large size, from Richmond. \'a. ; 3 pieces. 

1 1224.1 

1438 Tomahawk, perforated, 4x1-2. It was dug u]) 1)y J. Monroe 

Grant on his land on \'ine Street. Hartford. Conn.. ( )ctol)er. 
T887. [1063.1 

1439 Arrow-points cind ( )rnaments. from Xew Iersc\' : 4 pieces. 

1 2284.] 

1440 Spearhead. 3^x1], S()uarc thin l)ase. I'ranklin Co.. Mo. [279.] 

1441 S])earhead, 3ixif, found near Sanford. i-da. [786.] 

1442 Spearhead. 3x1, from Titusville, Fla. [732. 1 

1443 Spearhead, 3]x2], from Athens Co., O. [698.] 
T444 Spearhead, 3x2, from Brookfield. Mass. [545-] 

1445 Mint Lance Head. 5^xi-j, elliptical, from Denmark. [358.] 

1446 \\'ampum from an Indian grave, from Xew Jersey: 150 pieces. 

T447 \\'am]nuu from an Indian graw. from vSay1)rook. Comi. ; t^t^}^ 

pieces. [22/T,.\ 
1448 Wampum from an Indian gra\-e, from Deerfield. Mass.: 186 

pieces. [2274. 1 
1440 Spearheads and .\rrow-])()ints. from Wigwam Hill. W'aterford, 

Conn.; 10 pieces. [520. 1 

1450 Flint Drill. 2 inches, froiu I'loodv I'.rook. Deerfield, Mass. 


1451 Flint Drill. 2^ inches, from Clav Co.. 'I'enn. | 351-1 

1452 Flint Drill, 2} inches, from Athens Co.. ( ). I582.I 

1453 Mint Drill. 1', inches, froiu Lincoln Co.. Tenn. I583.I 
T454 Flint Drill. 2J inches, from Deerfield. ^Lass. [584. 1 

T455 ^'^l'"* Drill. 2\ inches, from Fast Windsor Hill. Conn. I585.I 



1456 SpcarlK'iul from Ohio River, haviiiL;- been washetl smooth by 

the action of the water; 3 pieces. [2340. J 

1457 Arrow-points, from St. Augustine, Fla. ; 3 pieces. I729.J 

1458 Spearheads, from Mystic, Conn.; 3 pieces. [2285.) 

1459 Arrow-points, from Mohegan, Conn. ; 3 pieces. [2286.] 

1460 Pipe of Peace, dark jasper, ifxi inch scpiare. stem with round 

bowl, from Gwinnett Co., Ga. [588.] 

1461 Pipe, black stone, 25x1:^, ornamented with a series <>i white 

dots, from Gwinnett Co.. Ga. Is^j-] 

1462 Pipe, soapstone, 2^x2, unfinished, found near Collinsville. Conn. 


1463 Stone Ball, from Suf¥ield, Conn. [1738.] 

1464 Flint Knife, 34x2$. oval, nearly circular, finely wrous^ht. from 

Michigan. [350.] 

1465 Celt. 2^x15. head shows marks of use. from Bucks Co.. Pa. 

1466 Spearhead. 3x1^, from Bloody Brook, Deerfield, ^lass. [869.] 

1467 Spearhead, 3^x1^, from Athens Co., O. [281.] 

1468 Spearhead. 3^x1 J, beveled, from Franklin Co.. 'Mo. [310.] 

1469 Spearhead, very large, and Arrow-points, from Hadlyme, 

Conn. ; 7 pieces. [25.] 

1470 Spearheads and Knives, from Mohegan. Conn. ; 4 pieces. [259.] 

1471 Spearheads, from Berlin. Conn. ; 2 pieces. [2276.] 

1472 Spearheads, from Canton. Conn. ; 2 pieces. [2"//.] 

1473 Celt, black stone, 3xii, from Yancey Co.. X. C. [322.] 

1474 Celt, triangular top, nearly pointed, from West Mrginia. [321.] 

1475 Stone Ball, 2 inches, from Lincoln Co.. Tenn. [333.] 

1476 Discoidal Stone, ijxf, from Rhea Co.. Tenn. [295.] 

1477 Disk, bung-shape, i^xf, from Clay Co.. X. C. [296.] 

1478 Pipe, soapstone, unfinished, i^xi^, from Clay Co., X'. C. [293.] 

1479 Pipe, soapstone. perfect. 23x1^. from Clay Co.. X. C. [294.] 

1480 Spearheads and Arrow-points, from Gwinnett Co.. Ga. ; ^ pieces. 


1481 Spearheads, from Yancey Co., X. C. ; 3 pieces. [2288.] 

1482 Spearheads, from East Hartford, Conn.: 2 pieces. [2227.] 

1483 Spearheads and Arrow-point, from Swain Co.. X'. C. ; 3 pieces. 


1484 Spearheads and Arrow-points, from Macon Co.. X. C. ; 10 

pieces. [2341.] 

1485 Spear and Arrow-point, from Clay Co., X. C. [301.] 

i486 Spearheads and Arrow-points, from Atlanta. Ga. : 1 1 pieces. 


T487 Arrow-points, from Windsor. Conn.; 8 pieces. [1728.] 
1488 Spearheads and Arrow-points, from Seven Pines. \'a. ; S pieces. 

[I -'83] 



1489 Arnjw-pcjinls. I'roni llatll\nic. Conn.; 12 ])iccL's. [1727.] 

1490 Spearhead. 5! \\, from Cooper Co.. l\nn. I-378.] 

1491 Spearheads, from Catskill Mountains. X. V.; 6 pieces. [1730.] 

1492 Arrow-points, from East Hartford, Conn.: 10 pieces. [1727.] 
149^ Spearlieads and Arrow-points, from Swain Co., Tenn. : 8 i)ieccs. 

,[307. 1 

1494 Spearlieads and .\rrow-]M;)ints. from Cromwell. Conn.; 8 pieces. 


1495 Sj^earhead, lari^e size, and Arrow-])oints. from lladlev. Mass.; 

9 pieces. [2097.] 

1496 Pieces of Indian I^otterv, from Turtle Mound, l-'la. ; 4 jmcccs. 


1497 Spearheads and Arrow-points, from TetersburLi'. \ a.; 14 ])ieces. 


1498 Spearheads and Arrow-points, from Bloody Angle, near S])ott- 

sylvania Court House, \'a.: 12 pieces. [1161.] 

1499 Spearheads and Arrow-points, from Clay Co., X. C. : 9 jiieces. 


1500 Spearheads and Arrow-points, from head of Xiantic River, 

Conn.; 15 pieces. [1225.] 

1 50 1 Spearheads and Arrow-points, from Wigwam Hill. W'aterford. 

Conn.; 22 pieces. [1221.] 

1502 Spearheads and Arrow-points, from Sidney Smith's farm at the 

head of Xiantic River, Conn.: 12 ]:)ieces. [474-1 





Y T / 

CASE No. 32. 


1503 Grooved Axe, granite, 7-0x4], found in Ohio. [291.] 

1504 Grooved Axe. 7^!x4. from Indian Hill, ^liddletown. Conn. 


1505 Cirooved Axe, 6-Jx3. from East Haddam, Conn. [4S8.] 

1506 Grooved Axe, 5^x3^, from Seven Pines, \'a. [1283.] 

1507 Grooved Axe, 5^x33, from Alexander, X. C. [2Sy.] 

1508 Cirooved Axe, 5x3, from East Haddam, Conn. [489.] 

1509 Oooved Axe, 5Jx2^, from ^lacon Co., X. C. [28S.] 

1510 Grooved Axe, 5^x3^, from Stark Co., O. [292.] 

151 1 Grooved Axe, 55x3^. from Stark Co., O. [292.] 

15 12 .\xe or Tomahawk, 5-]x3, from Granby, Conn. [1694.] 

15 13 Axe, 5^x3, unfinished, from Hadlyme, Conn. [2y.] 

15 14 Axe, 5x2j, unfinished, from Hadlyme, Conn. [26.] 

1515 Grooved Axe. 55X2J, from P>urling^on. Conn. [1671.] 

1 5 16 Axe or Tomahawk. 5x3^. from Haddam, Conn. I400.I 

15 17 Grooved Axe, 3^x3, from Franklin Co., Mi). [281). | 

i;i8 Grooved Axe, 4?.\^. from lUoi^dv P.rook, Deorfiold. Mass. 

1 5 19 Grooved Axe, 5^x3^, from l'>anklin Co., M(\ \2()0.] 

1520 Grooved Axe, 6x4. from Fulton Co., O. I354.I 



152 1 Grooved Axe, 3x2:[, from Allen Co., Ind. [2356. J 

1522 Grooved Axe, 4^x2^, from Jersey Banks, X. J. [1595] 

1523 Grooved Axe, 5-^x2, from Bloodv Brook, Deerfield, Mass. 


1524 Grooved Axe, 5^x2^-, from lUoodv Brook. Deerfield, Mass. 


1525 Grooved Axe, 5x3, from Bnrlington, Conn. [2357.] 

1526 Grooved Axe, 7^x3, from Granby, Conn. [1666.] 

1527 Grooved Axe, 8x2^, from Hadlyme, Conn. [1668.] 

1528 Grooved Axe, 4-|x3, from East Hartford, Conn. [2358. J 

1529 Grooved Axe, 6x45, from Saybrook, Conn. [2359.] 

1530 Grooved Axe, 7^x4^, from North Cromwell, Conn. [2309.] 

1 531 Grooved Axe, 4x2^, from Hadlyme, Conn. [28.] 

1532 Grooved Axe, 5^x3^, from Mohegan, Conn. [1670.] 

1533 Grooved Axe, 3^x2, from Windsor, Conn. [2227.] 

1534 Axe or Tomahawk, 5^x4^, from Anastasia Island, Fla. [2355.] 

1535 Grooved Axe, 9x5, from Rocky Hill, Conn. [2308.] 

1536 Grooved Axe, 4x2^, with handle, from ^lohegan, Conn. [2363.] 

1537 Flint Tomahawk, 5-2X2L with handle, from Clay Co.. X. C. 


1538 Grooved Axe, 8x5, with handle, from South Sea Islands. | joi.] 

1539 Grooved Axe, 5^x2^, from Waterford, Conn. [1672.] 

1540 Grooved Axe, 6x3, from Rocky Hill, Conn. [1667.] 

1 541 Celt, 6^x3, from Manchester, X. H. [361.] 

1542 Celt, 8xU, from Windsor, Conn. [1216.] 

1543 Celt, 6^x2^, from West Mrginia. [285.] 

1544 Celt, 7fx2j, from Veile, Jutland. [336.] 

1545 Celt, 5x14, from East Hartford, Conn. [1691.] 

1546 Celt, 5ix2i, from Macon Co., N. C. [286.] 

1547 Celt, S^xij, from Bloody Brook, Deerfield, Mass. [548.] 

1548 Celt, 4|x2j, from Windsor Hill, Conn. [700.] 

1549 Celt, 4x3, from Nahant. R. I. [374-1 

1550 Celt, 4^x2^, from Clay Co., X. C. [260.I 

1551 Celt, 4fx2, from Windsor Hill. Conn. [701. 1 

1552 Celt, 3txU, from New Zealand. | 337-1 

1553 Celt, 35xii, from New Zealand. [2r)(;.l 

1554 Celt, 34xi-J, from Hadlyme, Conn. fS'^^.l 

1555 Celt, SixiJ, from Sandwich Islands. [1284.1 

1556 Celt, sIxU. from Jutland. [338. 1 

1557 Celt, 53x2, from Guilford, Conn. [672. 1 

1558 Celt, 63x3. from Hocking Co.. O. [284. 1 
T559 Celt, 7ix2\, from Rhea Co.. Tenn. [353. 1 
T560 Celt, 4^x2^, from Enfield. Conn. [458. 1 

1 561 Celt, 4ix2i. from Chester Co.. Pa. [283.I 

1562 Celt, 3x2, from Clay Co.. X. C. [261. 1 




1563 Celt, 3x2, from Sayl^ruok. Conn. [1J15.J 

1564 Celt, 6x2^, from North Cromwell, Conn. [23 12. J 

1565 Celt, 8^x3, from Mohegan, Conn. [1676. J 

1566 Celt, 7xT,i, from lUoody Brook, Deerfield, Mass. [1597.] 

1567 Celt, 8^x3, from Berlin. Conn. [1676. J 

1568 Celt, 4jXi5. from Waterford, Conn. [1675.] 

1569 Gouge, 5^x2^, from W'estfield, Mass. [355.] 

1570 Gouge, SixiJ, from Mystic, Conn. [1690.] 

1 571 Gouge, 5x2, from Buncombe Co., X. C. [297.] 

1572 Gouge, 5^x2^, from Glastonbury, Conn. [702.] 

1573 Gouge, 47XI7, from Mohegan, Conn. [298.] 

1574 Gouge, 5ix2^V, from Salem, Conn. [917.] 

1575 Gouge, 5x2^, from Stonington, Conn. [1689.] 

1576 Gouge, 5jx2^, from Blackstone, Charleston. R. I. [1689.] 

1577 Gouge, Sjxi^, from Xatick, R. I. [1692.] 

1578 Sinker, 5x4i, perforated, from ^lacon Co, X. C. [33-2.] 

1579 Sinker, 6x4^, perforated, from W'ethersfield, Conn. [1674. | 

1580 Hammer, much elongated, with perforation near the head, 

65Xif, from Xew Zealand. [342.] 

1581 Grooved Hammer, 3^x2^, froni Allen Co., Ind. [352.] 

1582 Grooved Hammer, 3^x2^, from Hancock Co., O. [606.] 

1583 Grooved Hammer, 2^x2^. from Windsor, Conn. [2743.] 

1584 Polished Stone. 6x3^. Drawings of ships, forts, etc., found near 

cove or pond in ^ladison. Conn. [1693.] 

1585 Polished Rubbing-stone, 3x3, from Willimantic, Conn. [1233.] 

1586 Singular Shaped Stone, '/x2, from Little Indian Pond, ^le. 


1587 Polished Rubbing-stone. 3^xif. from Sturbridge, IMass. [865. j 

1588 Disk or Hammer Stone, 2^x1^, from ^^ladison Co., X'. C. 

1589 Disk, bung-shaped, 2^x1^, from ^ladison Co., X'. C. [265.] 

1590 Spade, 7x2^2' from Fulton Co., O. [22 t^.] 

1 59 1 Spade, 6x2^, from Chariton Co., ^lo. [266.] 

1592 Spade, 8x2^, from Brookheld, ^lass. [1668.] 

1593 Piece Soapstone Dish, from Hadlyme, Conn. [1234.] 

1594 Unknown Stone, 5^x2. from \\'indsor. Conn. [1673.] 

1595 Muller, red stone. 5^x4. from ^^lamacoke Point, near Xew Lon- 

don, Conn. [152.] 

1596 Indian Face on Stone, 6x4, from Henry Co.. (). [2360.] 
1507 Double Mortar, 7-2x2, deep depression on one side and a shallow 

one on the other, from ^lassac Co., Southern Illinois. [331 -1 

1598 Mortar, deep depression. 5x30, dug up on Santa Crag Moun- 

tain. Cal. [160.] 

1599 Soapstone Drinking Cup. 6x4. deep depression on the top an 1 

bottom, found near Collinsville, Conn. [1683.] 



1600 UaniKT-stonc. S>^3'^' from l-'indlay Co.. ( ). 1334-] 

1601 Flathead Pestle, 44x3!, from Stark Co.. ( ). | 330. | 

1602 Flathead Pestle. 4x3. from Xahant. R. 1. I3O8.J 

1603 Pestle, 7x1}, from Xahant. R. I. |372.| 

1604 Pestle, 8x2j, from liristol. Conn. I1594I 

1605 Pestle, gx2h from Xahant. R. 1. l3<')i;. | 

1606 Pestle, 10x2, from lUirlington. Conn. [1688.] 

1607 Pestle, iox2j. from Rocky Hill, Conn. [1687.] 

1608 Pestle, 10^x2, from West Warren, Mass. [468.] 

1609 Pestle, 1 1x2^. from SturhridLre. Mass. [864.] 

1610 Pestle. Iijx2-J. from Hadlymc. Conn. [480.] 
i6ti I'estle. 14x2, from Collinsvilk'. Conn. [1686.) 

1612 Pestle. 14-JX2J, from r>loody Hrook. Dcerficld. Mass. [1071. 

1613 Pestle. 15X2J. from Wappin"^. Conn. [1195.I 

1614 Pestle. 16^x3, from \\'indsor. Conn. [1685.] 

1615 Pestle, 19x2, from Cdastonbury, Conn. [2353.] 

1616 Pestle, 13x2^, from Farmington. Conn. [2742.] 

1617 Pestle, I2x2j, from East Hartford. Conn. [1677.] 
i6t8 Pestle, iiixsj. from Burlington. X. J. [^354-1 

C. S. 11-INCH SOLID >HOT R1FL1-: I'ROJ I-XTII.E, No. '.'l.-J.) 


CASE No. 33, 

Misc i:llaxi:()US collectiox of ixdiax cl'rkjs, 


1619 Pi])c of iron. 74X2-^ inches, form of a tomahawk, liard wood 

handle or stem, perforated, 21 inches long. This tomahawk 
was once the property of the Indian chief Tecumseh, a power- 
ful and intelligent Shawnee chief wdio lived on the Scioto 
River, Ohio. Tecumseh fought with the English under Gen- 
eral Proctor at the battle of the Thames, on the Canada side, 
near Moravian Town, October 5, 1812, and w^as killed in this 
battle; said to have been shot by Colonel Richard M. John- 
son of Kentucky. Tecumseh's merits w'ere duly appreciated 
by the British Government, and they made him a Brigadier- 
General in their service. Tecumseh w^as armed with a spear. 
This tomahawk was in his girdle when killed. It at once came 
into the possession of General Russell, who gave it to his son, 
Luther Russell of Burton, O. He gave it to his son, E. E. 
Russell of Canton, O., who sold it to S. W. Cowdes of Hart- 
ford, Conn., in 1881. From Cowles collection, 1896. [2361.] 

1620 Pipe of Iron, 9jxil inches, form of a tomahawk, hard wood 

handle or stem, 21 inches long, ornamented with rosette of 
eagle feathers. It was purchased of L. \Y. Richards, Troop 
A, Seventh U. S. Cavalry, stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, 
April, 1891. Mr. Richards picked up this pipe and stem from 
the battlefield of Wounded Knee Creek, near Pine Ridge, S. 
D.. December 29, 1890. Mr. Richards says this pipe and stem 
were lying by the side of Big Foot's squaw. [1583.] 

1 62 1 Pi])e of Catlinite, 6Jx2j, form of a tomahawk, stem perforated, 

18 inches long. From Vickerv's sale in Boston, December 

1622 Catlinite Pipe, 4^x3 inches, stem made of buffalo horn. 14 inches 

long. From the Sioux Indians. [2072.] 

1623 Pipe of Catlinite, y^x2 inches, in the form of a tomahawk, stem 

ornamented with ])aint, 2\ inches long. From Simix Indians. 

1624 Pipe of Catlinite, 9x4! inches, catlinite stem. 18^ inches long by 

i] inches, stem perfectly round. From Crow Indians. [2179.] 

1625 Pipe of Catlinite, 9x4! inclies. catlinite stem, 15 inches U^ng. U 

inches wide. From Sioux Indians. [2071.] 



J. /:. JHx'OOKS COLLI-Cl lO\. 


1026 lM])c of ("allinilc. i)\ 3^ inclu'S. hard wood slcni. 17 inches 1(J^^^ 
It was ])urchasL'd of L. W. Ivichards. Trcjop A. Sf\c-mh l'. S. 
C'a\ah-\ . stationed at i-'ort Riley. Kansas. April. iSiji. Jle 
j)icked lip this j)ipe and stem from the battlefield after llu 
battle of Wounded Knee Creek, near Tine Ridi^c\ S. D., De- 
cember 29, 1890. [1743. J 

1627 Pipe of Catlinite. 5x2| Indies, l)owl ei^ht s(|uare. carved stem 

22 inches loni;-. h'rom A])ache Indians. [550. J 

1628 ri))e of Catlinite, 9-4x4 inches, fiat, painted stem. 22i inches 

lonq-. b>om Apache Indians. [1585. J 
i62() Pi]:)e of Catlinite, 6tfX3 inches, fancy flat stem. 34 inches lon^. 2 
inches wide, ornamented with colored porcupine (juills. bVom 
Lomanche Indians. [1941.I 

1630 Indian IJone-breaker. polished ston.e, rawhide casing on handle, 

17 inches long-. This murderous implement was owned by a 
Crow chief named White Blanket, who died about 1830; very 
heavy and fine piece. From the Henry Stratton collection. 

163 1 P>one-breaker, ])olished white stone, 75 inches long, sharp 

pointed, handle 29 inches long, covered with rawhide, painted, 
ornamented with pony's tail, beaded, and eight scalp locks 
wound with colored porcupine cjuills. From Apache Indians. 


1632 I>one-breaker, polished white stone, 6\ inches long, sharj) 

pointed, handle 28 inches long, covered with rawhide, painted, 
ornamented with pony's tail, beaded, scalp locks, etc. From 
Cheyenne Indians. [2186.] 
'^^^Z?) P>one-breaker, grayish stone, 3q:X2 inches, handP' 2^ inches 
long, made of telegraph wire, ornamented with pony's tail and 
colored eagle feathers. From Sioux Indians. [1578.] 

1634 Bone-breaker of Catlinite. 4x2 inches, handle 26 inches long. 

covered with rawhide. From Cheyenne Indians. [1580.] 

1635 Bone-breaker of Catlinite, 4x2, handle 27 inches long, covered 

with rawhide, ornamented with string of beads. From Chey- 
enne Indians. [1579.] 

1636 Bone-breaker, round, flat, stone, 2\ inches, covered with raw- 

liide. handle 16 inches long, ornamented with horse tail and 
I lead work. f-Vom Crow Indians. [2485.] 

1637 Bone-breaker, round, flat stone. 3 inches, covered with raw- 

hide, handle 17 inches long. (Ornamented with horse tail and 
bead work, facsimile of last number. b^rom Cnnv Indians. 


1638 Bone-breaker. \ell(n\ish sti^ne. pointed. 5.! inches K>ng by 2\ 

inches, handle 25 inches long, covered with rawhide. It was 
found in the Gentlemen's Driving Park, Hartford, Conn., soon 
after Buffa1(0 Bill had given an exhibiti(on there in i8')h. [2486.] 



1639 Indian War Club. 24 inches Umi^, urnanR'ntcd willi ])aint, iron 

dagger-shaped knifeblade, 6x1] inches; dangerous looking 
weapon. From Sioux Indians. [2440. J 

1640 IJlacktoot Indian's Stone Tomahawk, with grooxed head, Sx^'i 

inches, handle nj inches long, covered with buckskin, orna- 
mented with colored porcupine (piills and bead work. kVom 
Cheyenne Indians. [2483. J 

1641 Whip, stock of catlinite, whipstock 16 inches long b\ 1! inches 

wide ; whi])lash 29 inches long, made of horse hair, ornamented 
with buckskin tassels, wound with colored porcupine (juills. 
J'Vom Sioux Indians. | 1 5'AV I 

1642 Indian Signal Pitch Stick, to burn at night for a >ignal. It 

was found by L. W. Richards on the battletield of Wounded 
Knee Creek, near Pine Ridge, S. D. T.attle December 29, 
1890. [2188.] 

1643 ^'U^ Islander's Two-edged Sword, 30 inches long ; the two edges 

are made of sharks' teeth. From Sidney E. Lester. Xew Lon- 
don, Conn. [2184.] 

1644 Fiji Islander's Three-edged Sword. 29 inches long. The three 

edges are made of sharks' teeth. r>om C. G. Peckwith, Xew 
London. [187.] 

1645 Arrow, steel point. 25 inches long, feathered. I-'rom Sioux 

Indians. [2190.] 

1646 Arrow, steel point. s])ike-shaped. 33 inches long, feathered. 

From Sioux Indians. [2189.] 

1647 Arrow, steel point, barbed. 26 inches long, feathered. h>om 

Cheyenne Indians. [2187.] 

1648 Indian Pow, 36 inches long, partly covered with rawhide: very 

old. From Sioux Indians. [ 1939-1 

1649 Indian Pow, 39 inches long. From Chexenne Indians. | 1038.] 

1650 Indian Arrows. 8 pieces from lUiffak^ I'ill's exhibition in Hart- 

ford. 1892. [2192.] 

165 1 Fiji Islanders' Cane Arrows, sharj) pointed. They were brought 

from the islands by Rev. F. StanclifT, Hartford. Conn. Pre- 
sented to S. W. Cowles ; 6 i)ieces. [2543.] 

1652 Indian Arrows, steel pointed. 2"/ inches long, feathered. They 

were purchased of C. !>. Latimer. Troop A. Seventh C S. 
Cavalry, stationed at Fort Riley. Kansas. April 20. iSm. Mr. 
Latimer picked up these arrows the next da\ after the battle 
of Wounded Knee Creek, near Pine Ridge, S. 1)., I )ecember 
29. 1890: 22 pieces. [2182.] 

1653 Knife an-d Leather Sheath, knife badly worn, sheath ornamented 

with brass tacks. I'rom W. J. Slaughter. Troop A. Seventh 
U. S. Cavalry, who picked them uj) after the battle of 
Wounded Knee Creek, near T'ine Ridge, S. I).. Deceml)er 29, 
1890. [ 1 745-1 

A. /:. lik'OOKS COI.lJiCriOX. 


](j54 Indian Scalpini^-knifc. blaiK- ()\ inrlus loni;'. wood liandle ; 
marked 1750. It l)cl()nL;cd to a tribe of Indians wIkj lived 
near Middletown. Conn., nian\ years ai^o. |i<;«*^.| 

1655 JUitfalo l\nitel)lade. /'I-j!, buckskin sheaf, perforated. |-"roni 

Sii)nx Indians. | 206S. | 

1656 Es(|ninian.\ Seakskin Tobacco-pouch, with bone jiipe-cleaner. 

From South Sea Iskincks. I387.I 

1657 Es(|uiniaux Seakskin T()l)acco-pouch, l)eade(k J-'rom South 

Sea Ishmds. [388.] 

1658 C'lotli l)c!;; which once served a useful ])ur])ose by bein^- drawn 

o\er the head of a ]\Iodoc Indian before han^ini^' him. [392.] 

1659 l^iece of Ihickskin, beaded and leather fringed. From Crow 

Indian chief's scpiaw's leggins. [1590.] 

1660 Knife Sheath, 8x2^ inches, buckskin, ornamented with colored 

porcupine (|uills. From Crow Indians. [2464.] 

1661 Knife Sheath. iOx2j inches, pendant 9^- inches long, finely 

beaded with colored beads and brass chain. From Cheyenne 
Indians. [1588.] 

1662 Knife Sheath, 10x3 inches, made of buckskin, finely beaded with 

colored beads. From Sioux Indians. [2465.] 

1663 Knife Sheatli, 5^x2 inches, made of buckskin, beaded with col- 

ored beads. From Sioux Indians. [2463.] 

1664 Cartridge and Bullet-moulds, from the battlefield of Wounded 

Knee Creek, near Pine Ridge. S. D.. December 29. 1890. They 
were picked up after the battle by W. J. Slaughter. Troop A. 
Seventh U. S. Cavalry. [1746.] 

1665 Cane Handle of Catlinite. 4x2^ inches, inlaid with lead. From 

the Crow Indians. [1591-] 

1666 Pair Indian Bracelets, copper, wrought by Indians of Central 

Xew York. Presented to S. \\\ Cowles. Hartford, by Miss 
Mabel J- White, Utica. X. Y. [2417.] 

1667 Pair Indian Earrings, ornaments brass. From Cla>- C(^.. X. C. 


1668 Fs(|uimaux Carved Trencher. ii\8 inches, oval in shape, made 

of hard wood, finely carved. It wa^ taken by a former »^wncr 
from an Esquimaux hut on the coast of Labrador. [350.] 

1669 Indian Purse or Trink'et-bag. buckskin, finely beaded with col- 

ored beads, ornamented with large stone bead. From Chey- 
enne Indians. [2744.] 

1670 Three Indian Arrows, 2y inches long; two oi them have steel 

points placed in barbed bone Up^. the other has barbed bone 
points ; all of them are feathered. The\- came from about 1,800 
miles up the Yukon River, Alaska, and were brought home 
by "Missionary Chapman. X'ergennes. \'t.. in 1S88. |'28fS7."| 



.1. li. BROOKS COLLIiCTlOW 153 

CASE No. 34, 


F1N1-: i'.i:ai) and porcupinI': olill work ox 


1671 Sittiiii;- P)uirs Ihickskin Coat. bcaiitifull\- made of buckskin, and 

trinniicd with l)uckskin fringes, ornamented with tine-colored 
porcupine (piill work. i)erforated on the left breast and on the 
sleeves. This coat was obtained from Sitting Bull in 1870, 
with many other relics, by H. F. Spencer, an Indian trader. 
[1 935-] 

1672 Indian Shirt, 40 inches long, 26 inches wide, made of buckskin, 

covered with colored beads, fringed with buckskin ; very old 
and rare. From Yama Indians. [2487.] 

1673 Iiidian Came I'ag. 21x15, made of buckskin, fine colored bead 

w ork, trinuned with tassels made of colored horse hair and col- 
lared porcupine cjuills. From LUackfoot Indians. [2482.] 

1674 Indian Papoose Carrier, 38 inches long, made of buckskin and 

flannel. The hood is made of buckskin, finely ornamented 
with colored porcupine quills. The dummy shows how the 
papoose is carried on the squaw's back. From Blackfoot In- 
dians. [1592.] 

1675 Indian Papoose Carrier, ;i^j inches long. The hood is made of 

buckskin covered with solid bead work, some beads in colors. 
From Sioux Indians. [2491.] 

1676 Indian Papoose Carrier, 35 inches long. The hood is made of 

buckskin covered with solid bead work, some beads in colors; 
a fine \)\qqq of work. F^'rom Crow Indians. [24^0.] 

1677 Indian Papoose Carrier, 38 inches long. The hood is made of 

buckskin covered with solid bead work, some c.Mored beads. 
iM-om Sioux Indians. [2489.1 

1678 Indian Pa])oose Carrier, ^^j inches long. The hootl is made of 

br;ckskin, finely trinnued and ornamented with colored i)or- 
cupine (piills and brass bells. F^rom Yama Indians. [2488.J 

1679 Iii'han Necklace. 52 inches kuig. made of colored beads and 

v!ks' teeth. 142 beads and jo elks" teeth: 212 pieces. FYom 
^ ama Indians. | 24(^7. | 

1680 Necklace. 6 feet ItHig, (S3 pieces. Made oi some kind of un- 

known nuts nicel\- wired t(\i;ether. I'rom the South Sea 
Islaiuls. |.>444.| ' 



1681 Si(Hix Indian Uow and (Juivcr-casc. The (juivcr-case is made 

of buckskin trimmed with buckskin frini^es ; it has the 1)()\v and 
arrows in it. It was purchased of an ln(Han in Denver for a 
|)int of tire-water. [2352.] 

1682 Indian Uow and (Jiiiver-case. the 1)()W case made of cotton sack- 

ing- attached to the (|ni\er-case. which is made of cah" skin; it 
has the Ijow and ten feathered and steel-pointed arrows in it. 
It belonged to Big Foot band of hostile Sioux Indians. It was 
picked up by C. 1). Latimer, Troop A, Seventh U. S. Cavalry, 
the next da\- after the l)attle of Wounded Knee Creek. De- 
cember 29, 1890. l->()m C. 1). Latimer, F(^rt Riley. Kansas. 

1683 Indian P)Ow and Two Arrows, feathered. Tlie arrow > are bone, 

tipped with stone points. From Es(|uimaux Indians on the 
coast of Labrador. [905.] 

1684 Indian Bow, came from a tril)e of Indians near Hot Sjjrings in 

California. It was purchased of the Indians by William H. 
Lockwood. Hartford, Conn., in 1882. [2101.] 

1685 Esquimaux Kwick, from the coast of Lal)rad()r. made of seal- 

skin. [1209.] 


A. /:. Jik'OOKS COLLECriOX. 155 

CASE No. 35. 

.mis(1':llaxi-:( )rs (( )Lij-:( tk ).\ ( )i- ixdi.w kiclics; 
I'lM-: in-:.\i) and pouei'iMXb: (jimij. wouk oX 


i()86 Jiuliaii S(|ua\\ Saddle. 2^ iiudics lon^, ih iiichcs wide, made of 
buckskin. TIk" saddle is tinel>- headed with cohered beads, the 
corners ornanienled with worsted and buckskin frin^'es, large 
beads and small brass bells, red tlannel in the center, with 
worsted tassels; a tine ])iece of work, b^rom Sioux Indians. 


1687 Pair Indian Aboccasins, made of buckskin, ornamented with col- 

ored bead work. Have been worn b)- Indians, l/'rom Sioux 
Indians. I2351.I 

1688 Pair Indian ]\Ioccasins, made of buckskin, ornamented with col- 

ored bead work. From Sioux Indians. [2066.] 

1689 Pair Mohegan Indian jMoccasins, made about 1815. by Cynthia 

Hascott, who w-as a descendant of the Mohegan Indians. They 
wTre made of buckskin, fine colored bead work, l-'rom ]\Ioses 
Fielding, son of Cynthia Hascott, Mohegan, Conn. | loic] 
i6(;o Pair Indian ^Moccasins, made of buckskin, ornamented with 
colored bead work. FrcMii Crow Indians. [2067.] 

1691 I\'iir Indian Moccasins, small size, made of buckskin, \-ery high 

in the ankle; for some \oung s(|uaw. i'^rom Crow Indians. 
[-'35". I 

1692 l^air Indian Moccasins, made of buckskin, ornanunted with 

colored porcupine ciuills. hue i)iece ol work; have ])een worn, 
b'rom ^'ama Indians. | 2341;. | 
16(^3 Pair Indian Moccasins, made of l)uckskin. ornanunted with 
colored porcu])ine (piill work, b'rom Sioux Indians. I2065.] 

1694 Pair Che\enne Indian Moccasins, made n\ buckskin, heavily 

beaded; tine ])air. \-rnu] William Ailing, Xew llawn. L'onn. 

1695 Pair Indian Moccasins, made ot ])uckskin. ornamented with 

colored porcupine (piills. The)- were made b\- \'oung Spotted 
Tail's best wife, Posebud Agencw Dakota. They were j')ur- 
chased b\- Win. II. Pockw«)0(l, llantord, ("onn.. in 1882. 
16(^6 Pair ]\Iohegan Indian Moccasins, made of buck^Ivin. <)rna- 
mented with fme colored grass and beail work; \er\ nicelv 




doiK'. Said to ha\c been made about \J(^J \)\ Luc) 1 K-cum- 
wiis wlicn siu' was a yoiini; woman. She died at the a^c of 
94, leaving- them to her daughter. Cynthia Hascott. who left 
them to her son. Moses Fieldini;-. w ho is 65 years old. and still 
Hves in the old house where five generations of his family 
have hved before him in Mohegan. Conn. From Moses b'ield- 
iug. May 2"/, 1887. [1009.] 

1697 Fair lUickskin Shoes, fine needlework in silk flowers, etc.. nicely 

made. Said to be over 100 years old. They were the proj)- 
erty of ^Irs. E. J. Fowler, who put them in the exhi1)ition at the 
Warren. Mass.. historic anniversar\-, Septem1)er 7 and 8, 1891. 


1698 Fair of East India Slippers, made from some kind of grass, 

lined with fiannel. [385 and 386.] 
i6(J9 Pair East India Slippers, made from palm leaf, lined w ith calico. 
[T^^T, and 384.] 

1700 Pair Ladv's Wooden-soled Shoes, from East India. | 3S1 and 


1701 Indian Trinket-bags. 8 trinket-bags, made of buckskin, all dif- 

ferent patterns, some bead work, others porcupine quill work. 
From Sioux Indians. [2069 and 2070.] 

1702 Indian Squaw \\'ristlet, made of buckskin, ornamented with 

colored beads, porcupine quills, and tin ornaments. ]->om 
Denver Crow Indians. [2418.] 

1703 Two Pairs Indian \\'ristlets, made of rawhide, covered with 

colored porcupine ciuills. with red feathered tassels. From 
Sioux Falls, Dakota. [2468 and 2469.] 

1704 Pair ^'ama Indian Wristlets, made of rawhide, coveretl with 

colored ])orcu]:)ine (|uills. From Frank P. Root. |2H)i.] 

1705 Indian Child's Hood, made of red flannel, silk rutlle and shell 

trinnnings. From Vama Indians. J2471.] 

1706 Seal}) from IMackfoot Indian killed in 1875 by a Crow warri(^r, 

finely beaded with colored beads. Scalps are the only treas- 
ured trophies of Indian warriors. They have always been ex- 
tremely rare, but few finding their way into the hands o\ the 
white traders or travelers. From (^i. IIenr\- Strati* >n collec- 
ti"Mi. I 1601.1 

1707 Scalp from Sioux Indian, very finely beaded with colored beads. 

l-'rom Stratton collection. |i6o2.| 

1708 Indian Squaw Trinket-bag, made oi buckskin, with solid bead 

work, finelv ornamentefl with strings o\ lu'ads and br;'.-- chain 












Jntlian Turlk- ( )rnarncnt, made of buckskin, head work. Im-uiu 

Idacklooi Indians. |-'4^)i.| 
Indian Turtk- ( )rnanKnt. made of hnckskin. solid l)ead work; 

•inc. i-"rom .Xpaclie Indians. | J4()(). | 
Indian (Ironnd .Mole ( )rnamenl. made of hnckskin. si)li(l head 

work. I-"rom I'.lackfool Indians. |-'4^>-'.| 
Indian 'r()l)acco-])oneh. made of hnckskin. 1 i inches lonj^-. 6 

inches wide, hne head work, and lon^- hnckskin fringes. I'rom 

.^{mux h'all.-. Indians. | J472. | 
Indian Tohacco-pouch, made of hnckskin. 17 inches lon^-. 6 

inches wide, tine head work, some colored heads, loni;- hnck- 
skin frin.^vs. l-'rom .\rizona. I2473.I 
Indian Trinket-hai^', made of hnckskin, 13 inches lon_Q". 6 inches 

wide, decorated with ])orcn|)ine (juills and head work, h'rom 

\'ama Indians. I2475.I 
Indian Trinket-bag, made of flannel, 19 inches long, 6 inches 

wide, fine solid bead work. From Clackfoot Indians. [2474.] 
( Hd-fashioned Lady's Uead I'ag, solid head work. Howers 

worked in colored heads; an old-timer, very rare. Presented 

hy James T. ^Forris, Hartford. | 24f)(). | 
Indian Wampum-hag, made of hnckskin, decorated with ])ead 

work and hnckskin fringes, h^rom .\pache Indians. I1232.I 
Indian Squaw Trinket-bag, made of buckskin, solid bead work, 

very long buckskin fringe trimmings, fine piece of work. Made 

hy Pawnee chief's wife. | k;^^.] 
Indian Gray Eagle Traveling Pag, 16 inches long, i 1 inches 

w ide. with shoulder stra]) 38 inches long. 4 inclies wide, made 

of woolen cloth ; all finely beaded with colored bead w(M-k. 

k'rom .\])ache Indians. I2172.I 
Indian Ik'lt, 62 inches long, 2\ inches wide, made of buckskin. 

solid bead work, white and blue heads. I-'rom .\])ache Indians. 

Indian licit. 3S inches long. 2\ inches wide, made of hnckskin. 

solid l)ead work with colored heads, h^-om ^'ama Indians. 

[t 937-1 
Indian S(|uaw's ( larter, 14-3'. inches, solid thread and bead 

work. re<l and brown fringes. 12 inclies long on each end. 

I'rom Plackfool Indians. |247().| 
Pair Indian Scpiaw's Leggins, made of buckskin, solid head 

work, mostly white beads, sonu- blue beads to imitate the 

Pnited States flag, buckskin fringes and lacings. I'rom Sioux 
Indians. [2477.] 


CASE No. 36, 

M1S(;J":LLAN IDOL'S COLLrXTJOX oi- ixdiax ( irkjs, 

xia.. ()RXAMi-:x'n':i) \\v\\\ r.kads axd i-"ixj':Ly- 
coLoRia) i'i-:A'riii':RS, i<;rc.: n i minces. 

1724 Jiidian Headdress or War-bonnet, made from an old felt hat, 

with a piece of Hannel running down the back. 22 inches long 
and ten inches wide. On the top of the hat is an elk'> horn, 
brass l)ea(ls. and colored feathers, and one very large eagle 
feather. On the back piece from the hat down are many 
feathers, weasel tails, and 14 scalplocks. W. J. Slaughter of 
Troop A. 7th r. S. Cavalrw picked this headdress up on the 
battlefield the next da}' after the battle of Wounded Knee 
Creek, near Pine Ridge, S. D., Dec. 29, 1890. It was worn by 
Iron Hawk, one of Big Foot's chiefs. From W. J. Slaughter, 
stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, April, 1891. | 1744. | 

1725 Indian Headdress, made of red flannel and 61 black eagle 

feathers. Idle tail part is 33 inches long, covered with eagle 
feathers which are very rare. Might have been worn by med- 
icine man. From Sioux Indians. [2480.] 

1726 Indian Headdress, made of an old felt hat, ornamented with 

elks' horns and finely-colored feathers, i he tail part is made 
of blue ilannel, 31 in. long, 3 in. wide, with colored feathers. 
\\'orn l)y a Crow warrior, b^rom Crow Indians. |2i(j4.| 

1727 Medicine Alan Headdress, made of buckskin, with fine colored 

l)cad work, tail part 33 inches long, all covered with w ild turkey 
feathers; fine jMcce of work. From Sioux Indians. I2195.] 

1728 Cheyenne Indian Headdress, Gros A'entres war-bonnet. Fort 

Berthold, Dakota: made from an old hat ornamented with 
brass Inittons and finely-colored feathers. The tail part (^\ it 
is made of red and white cloth 60 inches long and 7 inches w ide. 
It has 34 eagle feathers and other ornaments. l-'rt)m Che\- 
enne Indians. | 2471).] 
172c) Indian Waistband. 4.I feet long, made of red. white, and blue 
tlannel. trinuned with 160 large colored feathers and many 
Nuiall fi\'Uhers. with buckskin lacings, b^rom Apache Indians. 

1730 Indian Medicine Man's Case. 21 inches long, made of buffalo 

liide. i)ainted in colors. Irimnied with buckskin fringes: once 
the propertx (A " I )ear-from- Tx-Ttw." a Simix chief. | if>o3.] 

1731 In<lian I*on\ l)ridle. made from horse hair. Presented b\' 

Silas P)erL;-er, Kansas. [i()(V).| 



1732 Indian rnnijxm, ])aintc(l in olors. mink tail fur (.rnanicnt. 

I'rnni lUacktout ln«lian>. l-'47<^-l 
17^^ Indian War Club. 3O inches Ion-, hard wood. From iMJi 

17^4 Indian Xccklace, made nt zinc ornaments with round tin ])late. 

It was presented to S. W. 0)\vle> ^i Hartford. Conn.. l>v Mrs. 

Cieneral Custer. [2445. 1 


CASE No. 37. 

RL^.L1CS Ol' Till-: ll\ 11. WAR AXl) I'L'RK )S ( )1" Till-: RK\'0- 
Ll"ri()XAR\' WAR, ICTC; 350 J'llCClLS. 

1735 Tijlicc Cliil) which was captured from a L'lni federate spy at 

Sharpsburg", Aid., by Captain F. M. JJarber, who sent it home 
to his friends in Manchester, Conn. Captain Barber went out 
in Company H, Sixteenth Connecticut X'ohmteers. He was 
killed at the l)attle of Sharpsburo-. Md., Septemljer 17, 1862. 
[2635. J 

1736 Stencil-plate and Six iUillets. The plate has the name of Lieu- 

tenant W'm. H. Roff, Second New York Artillery. From the 
battlefield of Cornith, Miss.; 7 pieces. [2591.] 

1737 Louisiana Tigers' Belt-plate, from the first battlefield of Bull 

Run, July, 1861. [2592.] 

1738 Texas Belt-plate and Bullets, from battlefield of Gettysburg, Pa., 

July I to 3, 1863; II pieces. [2593. J 

1739 Second Connecticut Regiment Badge and Six Bullets, from 

battlefield of Sailor's Creek, \'a., April 6, 1865. [2594.] 

1740 Army Badge and Six Bullets, from battlefield of Dallas, Ga., 

May 25, 1864; 7 pieces. [2594.] 

1741 Belt-plate, " N. C," and Eight Bullets, from battlefield of Silver 

Run, X. C, March 2, 1865; 9 pieces. [2595.] 

1742 Drumstick Carriers and Six Bullets, from battlefield of Fort 

Darling. \'a., Afay 12 and 16, 1864; 7 pieces. [2596.] 

1743 X'irginia Belt-plate and Five Bullets, from battlefield near Ber- 

muda Hundred, \'a.. May 10 to 24, 1864; 6 pieces. [2597.] 

1744 l\ S. Eagle Breastplate and Fourteen Bullets, from battlefield 

near Dunker Church, Sharpsburg, Md., September 17, 1862; 
15 pieces. [ 1802.] 

1745 C S. lUillet-wormers, from battlefield near Dunker Church. 

Shari)sburg. Md.. September. 1862; 5 pieces. (1309.] 

1746 Yellow Fine Acorn, turned from wood of Andersonville Prison, 

and three bullets from same place: 4 i)ieces. I851.] 

1747 Piece of Wood taken from the Confederate ram Atlanta at W'ar- 

saw Sound, (ia.. in 1863. I2582.I 
174S Piece o\ Wood taken from General R. F. Lee's mansion at 

Arlington Heights. \a.. March. i88g. |i27i).| 
1749 IMece (A Moulding from the room in the McLean 1 louse. A]i- 

pomatlox Court Mouse. \'a.. where General ( irant and General 

I 62 




l^CL' drew up the papers and si^iu-d ihein lor llu- Mirn-nder «jf 
General Lee's Arniv of Xorlliern \ irj^dnia, A])ril (j, 1JS65. 


1750 (Irand Army 15adg"e, belonged to Captain W ni. II. Gassett, 

GonipanN 1\, Thirteenth Reg-iment, Massachustiis Wjlunteers. 
lie was wounded at Antietani, Md.; died in iiarU'ord. Conn. 
Angnst 2(S, icS(;6. [2610.] 

1751 Pieee of \\'ood with lUillet. from battlefield on Gulp's Hill, Get- 

txsburg. Ta., Jnly, 1863. [257(;.| 

1752 Lead r.ullet which killed Colonel Craighton of the Seventh Ohio 

Regiment at the battle of Lookout MouiUain in Xoveml)er, 
1863. [2580.] 

1753 ^ • ^"^^ -^- Belt-plate, from l)attlefield of Chickahominy. \'a., June 

2^, 1862. [2600.] 

1754 Piece of Wood from Lil)by Prison, Richmond, \'a. Inscrip- 

tion on it, '' Hatman. prisoner at Libby Prison, \'a.'' [2559.] 

1755 Three ^letallic Cartridges, some of the first made for the Catling 

gun; made in Hartford, Conn. [1819.] 

1756 Corps Badges of the Army of the Potomac, under General 

Hooker. [261 1.] 

1757 Corps Badges of the Army of the Potomac, under General 

Hooker. [2612.] 

1758 Piece of Flag, from the U. S. battleship Congress, which was 

sunk in an engagement in Hampton Roads, Va., in ]\Iarch, 
1862. [2588.]^ 

1759 Piece of Battle-flag of the Thirteenth Regiment, Connecticut 

A'olunteers, which was presented to the regiment by the loyal 
ladies of the city of New Orleans in the summer of 1862. On 
this piece of flag is the abbreviation *' Conn." [2619.] 

1760 r\iir S])iu-s and Four Bullets, from battlefield near the Crater, 

Petersburg. A'a., July, 1864; 6 pieces. [787.] 

1 76 1 Pair Spurs and Three Bullets, from battlefield of Kenesaw 

Mountain, Ga., June 22, 1864; 5 pieces. [837.] 

1762 ^fusket Butt-plate and Ten Bullets, from battlefield of Cold 

ILarbor, Ya..; 11 pieces. [1806.] 

1763 I\ S. i\)st-office Stamp, from Tam])a, Fla. Ca])tured by Ed- 

ward ^^)ung, Hartford, Conn., Ma\- 8, 1862. [171)1.1 

1764 Russian ^Metallic Cartridge of 1891. [1822.] 

1765 French Metallic Cartridge of 1891. [1823.] 

1766 Spanish Metallic Cartridge of 1891. [1824.] 

1767 Belgium Metallic Cartridge of i8gi. [1825.] 

1768 Austrian Metallic C^artridge of i8()i. | iSj^.j 


1769 Italian Metallic Cartrid^-c uf 1891. [1827.] 

1770 Swiss Metallic Cartridi^^e of 1891. [1828.] 

1771 lini^lish Metallic Cartridge of 1891. [1829.] 

1772 English Boxer Metallic Cartridge of 1891. [1830.] 

1773 Prussian Metallic Cartridge of 1891. [1831.] 

1774 Two United States ^letallic Cartridges of 1891. [2573.] 

1775 Three German Metallic Cartridges of 1891. [257O.J 

1776 Three Metallic Cartridges, made by Rubini Cartridge Co.. 

Switzerland, latelv adojned bv militarv of luirope. 1892. 

1777 L'nited States Metallic Cartridges. [2578.] 

1778 Smith & Wesson's new lubricating bullet for metallic cartridges, 

made at Springfield. Mass. [2574.] 

1779 Three Bullets. They were fired from the Savage repeating rifle 

with smokeless powder. It is said the\- ])cnetrated 27 inches 
in pine plank. [2575.] 

1780 Box Civil War Paper Cartridges, made during the Civil War 

by William Tibbals, South Coventry, Conn. [2620.] 

1 78 1 Box Civil War Paper Cartridges, made during the Civil War 

by Colt's Fire Arms Co., Hartford. Conn. [2621.] 

1782 Two Billiard-balls, from the ruins of the Park Central Hotel 

disaster in Hartford. Conn., February 18. 1889. [1290.] 

1783 Piece of Charter Oak, from the tree in the trunk of which was 

concealed the charter of Connecticut, from ( )ctol)er 31 to May 
9, 1689. Was blown down in a severe storm August 20. 1856. 
It stood on lot No. 29. Charter Oak Avenue, Hartford, Conn. 


1784 Cone from the cedars of Lebanon, brought home by Rev. Mr. 

Bird, who was a missionary in Asia for many years, b'rom S. 
W. Cowles' collection, Hartford, Conn. [2557.] 

1785 Wood Nippers, made by John Hatman. a i)risoner in Lib1)y 

Prison, Richmond, \'a., during the Civil War. |i3i2.1 

1786 Jackknives and Gun-wrench, from battlefield o\ \\\v .Market 

Road. \'a., October 7, 1864. f25(j().l 

17S7 Revolutionar\- !^])ur and Shoe-buckle, taken from trench in 
which the British troops were buried after the ])attle of I'.unker 
Hill, P.oston, Mass. [1840.] 

1788 Major Ringgold's Canteen, which was presented l)y IMajor 
Ringgold of the U. S. Artillery to Captain Charles T. Martin 
at a bancjuet of military officers in Woonsocket. R. 1.. soon 
after the Dorr men had disbanded, about the ru->t of June, 

1842. [211.] 


1789 riccc ol' W'llow Pint' from tlu- lluor of Mary Washington I l<>n- • 
at JM-cclcricksbnri^-, \'a. | 1 162. J 

1700 l*icoc of Wood from the wreck of the SofucrscL a liritisli man 
<if-\\ar. She was lost on Cape Cod the 2d or ^^d of November, 
1778. near Provincetown. Mass. For a century or more the 
hulk has been buried deep beneath the sand. She was dis- 
closed from the sea for the benefit of relic hunters in the sprinj:^ 
of 1886. [1056.] 

1791 IMece of Stair Rail from old State House, now City Hall: built 
or completed in 1795. [2613.] 

i7t;2 Piece of Wood from the ruins of the old fort at Ticonderoga, 
X. Y. [2569.] 

1793 Piece of Wood from the old battleship Coistifiitioji. [2571.] 

1794 Piece of Wood from the Confederate gunboat McrriDiac of the 

Civil War. [2560.] 

1795 Piece of Wood from the English 74-gunship sunk in Delaware 

River about 1777. [2572.] 

1796 " Piece of Wood from liattleship Coiii^rcss of the Civil War. 


1797 Piece of Polished Olive Wood from Jerusalem, brought home 

by a missionary and presented to the Alford Burdick collection, 
Westerly, R. I. [1033.] 
17^8 Piece of Olive Wood from the Holy Land. By Rev. George 
C. Baldwin, Springfield, Mass., in 1891. [2570.] 

1799 Paper Knapsack from the banquet table of the twelfth annual 

reunion of the Armv of the Potomac, at Allvn Hall. Jinie 8, 
1881. [97.] • ' 

1800 I'eads and Cloth from Egyptian mummy, said to be over 2000 

years old ; were brought home b}- Mr. B. P. Starr of Hartford, 
Conn. [2617.] 

180 1 Chinese Idol brought home by a missionary from China. 


1802 Egyptian Idol brought home b\- a missionary from Egypt. 


1803 Crucifix marked " I. H. S. 1753 " ; made of wood ; old and rare. 

From Hadlyme, Conn. [675.] 

1804 General Tom Thumb's Kid Gloves. They were jiresented to 

S. W. Cowles, Hartford, Conn., by Mrs. Charles S. Stratton, 
known as Mrs. Tom Thumb. [2601.] 

1805 Pipe Case which once belonged to Commodore Oliver H. 

Perry, who captured the Britisli squadron on Lake Erie. Sejv 
tember 10. 1813. [1141.! 


1806 Piece of General Israel Putnam's Tombstone when it was at 

lirooklyn, Conn., March 5, 1885. Since that time tlie stone 
has been placed in the west vestibule of the State Mouse at 
Hartford, Conn. [485.] 

1807 Xail from General Israel Putnam's Coffin, which was taken from 

Putnam's grave when his remains were taken up to be placed 
under the new monument which was dedicated at Prooklyn, 
Conn., the fourteenth day of June, 1888. [1298.] 

1808 Screw-driver from General Israel Putnam's kit of tools. From 

effects of Daniel Putnam Tyler, a lineal descendant of Putnam, 
Brooklyn, Conn. [2558.] 

1809 Eye-protector, worn by Esquimaux; brought home from the 

Arctic Ocean by Captain Gloss of New London, Conn. [433.] 

1810 Turnkey, or instrument for ])ulling teeth in ye olden times. 


181 1 Card of Hand-made Xails, from the ruins of the old Xewi^ate 

prison, Granby, Conn.; 17 pieces. [696.] 

18 12 Card of Hand-made Slate Nails from Ezra Clark house, Hart- 

ford ; built 1796; 6 pieces. [663.] 

1813 Hand-made Xails from the top of the steeple of the old Uni- 

tarian Church at Brooklyn, Conn., which was built in 1771, 
where General Israel Putnam used to ring the bell for church 
services; 5 pieces. [902.] 

1814 Bullets that were dug out of the Coquina walls of the old Span- 

ish fort or lighthouse, built in the seventeenth century, near 
St. Augustine, Fla ; 8 pieces. [735-] 

1815 Soapstone Shot-moulds, a relic of the early settlement of Ohio; 

rare and curious. [356.] 

1816 Piece of Petrified Hog. Mr. T. C. Ryder of l)unl)art..n, X. IT.. 

had a hog die in 1876 without knowing what the matter was 
with it. He buried it in the swamp. Twelve years after. Mr. 
Ryder was digging muck from the swamp, where he unearthed 
the hog in a perfect state of preservation. | i3i<^).| 

1817 Japanese Toggles or lUittons, finelv carved, ver\ old; 2 pieces. 


18 1 8 Clay Pipe which once belonged to one of Xapoleon's officers, 

who was found dead with this pipe in his mouth. It was pre- 
sented by James X. Xiles to E. Palmer Tiffany's collection, 
Hartford, Conn. [1844.I 

1819 Two Glass Rings, taken from a tomb in Syria. [1843.1 

1820 Two Black Glass Rings, taken from an I-^gvptian nuunmv. 




1821 Piece of lUarncy-stonc from lUarne\ Castle. Ireland. This piece 

of stone was chipped ^Ai the blarney-stone by iv. 1*. Kenyon, 
Hartford. Conn.. July iS. 1881. [2618.J 

1822 Ancient l'eru\ian S])indles. bright colored wool yarn. bVoni a 

basket found near the munuuy of a woman ; 10 i)ieces. [432.] 

1823 Pa])er Cartridges of 1812. which were made for service in the 

War t)f 18 1 2. The}- were originally issued to Herman Gager, 
Franklin. Conn., who was in the volunteer service, and was in 
the engagement at Stonington in 1814; 6 pieces. [896.] 

1824 Clothespin, old-fashioned hand-made clothespin found in the 

ceiling of an old house in Rocky Hill, Conn. [2562.] 

1825 Pig's-tail Whistle. The old saying is, that you cannot make a 

whistle out of a pig's tail. I think this is a mistake, as this 
whistle is a fine one and is made from a pig's tail. [2226.] 

1826 Jackknife found in the \\'ells house. East Hartford, when the 

house was torn down in 1886. FVobabl}- it was lost when the 
house w-as built, in 1758. [1304.] 

1827 Oscar Wilde's Cigarette-holder. He left it in his room at the 

United States Hotel, Hartford, Conn.. February 3, 1882. 
While on his way to Xew York he missed it and at once tele- 
graphed for it. and it could not be foimd at that time. [429.] 

1828 Jackknives from the battlefield of Fredericksburg. \'a. Battle 

December 12 to 14, 1862; 3 pieces. [1307.] 

1829 Card of Penknives, from John P. Jones' store, who kept a gro- 

cery store at Xo. 34 Ferry Street, Hartford. Conn., in 1838; 9 
pieces. [438.] 

1830 Jackknives. from battlelield of Winchester, \^a.. June 13 to 15, 

1863 : 3 pieces. [2564.] 

1831 Old Jackknives brought to this countrv bv Italians; ^ pieces. 


1832 Old Jackknives. from John P. Jones* grocery store. 34 Ferry 

Street. Hartford. Conn., in 1838: 3 pieces. [2563.] 

1833 Inkstand, from John P. Jones' grocery store. 34 Ferry Street, 

Hartford. Conn., in 1838. [26:5.] 

1834 Piece of Elephant's Hide, tanned. [484.] 

1835 Piece of Wood (oak), from Shakespeare's bedstead. From Mr. 

Trepass, Stratford, England. [94.] 

1836 Brass Crown, from an old cannon which was raised from an old 

wreck in the harl)or of Quebec. [2O14.I 

1837 South Carolina I'.reastplate. 1776. I2566.] 

1838 Jamaica J'reastplate. 1803. |25()7.| 


1^39 W'aich. with hiilkt inside of it. which saved the hic of Iacol> 
Srliiicidcr. West l*ort. Mo., at tlie battle of I'ort Hudson. La.. 
July I 1. 1SO3. I 2411;. I 

1S40 lirusli and Pin used for clcaninj.,^ pan and vent of Hint-lock guns. 
It once heloni^^ed to John Marsh. SturhridLje. Mass., who was 
in the serx'ice in tile I\e\dhuioiiar\ War. 1773 and 1770. | S7 1 . | 

1841 l>riish and Tin u^vd for eleanin^:' pan and \ent of llint-lock i;"uns. 

It l)eIon,L;e(l to an Indian chief. Ahrain .\ntoine. Stockbridi^e 
tribe, lie was huni;- in Morrisxille. X. \'.. in 1SJ3. for the 
inin-(ler of Jacobs. | jCioj. | 

1842 Canteen Souvenir from the Putnam Phalanx bantpu-t. when en- 

tertaining- Companx 1^ and friend> of Xewberg, X. ^^. [une 
17. 1881: I 117.1 

1843 I'dints for llint-lock guns and ])istols : some of them are i)olished : 

12 ])ieces. | 1308. | 

1844 Card of Shells, from an Indian mound at Melboiu-ne. Indian 

River, I-"la., l'\'l)ruary 2/, 1886; 13 ])ieces. [742. | 

1845 I'etriiied Clams, from the ])hos])hate beds near Charleston. S. 

C; 4 pieces. I2583.I 

1846 Alligator's Teeth, from Titusx-ille. I'da., I-'ebruary. 1886; 7 

pieces. [732.] 

1847 1\vo Tarpon and \'\n\v Driuufish Scales. fr()m lish caught in 

Indian River, bda. | 7u^>- 1 

1848 Pair Si)ectacles and Case which l)elonged to the lion. Robert 

Morris, Secretar\- (^f the Treasury and hnancial luanager imder 
General George Washington. | 258 1.| 
l84(j Pair Spectacles which belonged to John .Marsh. Sturbridge, 
Mass.. who was a Revolutionar\- soldier in 177^ and 1776. 

1850 Pair Spectacles worn by the famous Moll Pitcher. There is 

no doubt that they are autlientic. Tliex were sold in Poston 
December 22. 1883. I-'rom X'ickary collection. |43i-| 

185 1 Pair Spectacles which belonged to Daniel Miles. ( ilastonbury, 

Cr)nn., who vohmteered with the Minute Men of Winchester, 
("onn.. DeccMuber 22^. ^77^^- He ^vas on mu>ter roll of Captain 
liW Reed's coin])an_\-. Colonel P.eebe's regiment. |o')3l 

1852 Horn Pocket-combs, from John P. Jones, who kept a grocery 

store. 34 k\>rry Street. Hartford. Conn.. 1838. |43g. | 

1853 ( )riginal Package of one Dozen Wooden Combs, from John P. 

Jones' store, 34 I'erry Street. Hartford. Conn.. 1838. |443-] 

1854 Stone which was thrown by a negro in a riot in Charleston, S. 

C, and killed a policeman. It was presented by chief of j^olice 
to \V. C. Sperry, Hartford, e'onn.. ( )ctober. 1881. [i74-l 


1855 Piece uf \\c)()(l from a hitching ])usi al Morrislijw 11. X. J., where 

I ieiieral (ieor^e Washington was accustomed to hilch liis 
horse. I 1S51.I 

1856 Two lUank C arlridL^xs and ( )ne hjnpty Shed. They were 

])icked u]) in h'orl (iriswohh ( irolon, COnn., after the sham 
Itattle at the fort, \ew London and ( iroton centenniah Se])teni- 
1)er (), 1881 ; 3 pieces. | loO. | 

1857 Manna J>ean l)ron^"lu from \\ est in(ha Jshmds hy W'iUiam C. 

Steele, liartft^rd, Conn., Xoveml^er, i8()(j. |<J-^.J 

1858 KL;y])tian Lotos Pod or Seed which grew in Sehlen's Cove, Had- 

l\me. Conn. It is a water plant, the leaf of which grows to an 
enormous size. This plant grows in some parts of Africa ; sel- 
dom ever seen growing in this ccnmtry. From Hadlyme. No- 
vember 16, 1880. [21.] 

1859 Souvenir of Edelweiss Flowers. They were picked on top of 

the Alps, Switzerland, by Edgar F. Burnham, Hartford, Conn., 

August, 1881. [2616.] 
i860 Piece of Wood from General George Washington's coffin. It 

vas secured by Mrs. General W. A. Sanford. She was present 

\\ hen Washington's coflin was exhumed, and i:)rocured several 

pieces of it. It was presented by ]\Irs. Sanford to E. Palmer 

Tiffany of Hartford, Conn. [1852.] 
i86i lUillerfrom Sebastoi)ol, presented bv A. G. Coolev to E. Palmer 

Tiffany. [1841.] 

1862 l^iece of Stone from the house where General George Wash- 

in;;ton was born. [1842.] 

1863 Tacks, remains of a paper of tacks from Chicago fire, October 

8, 1871, burnt and melted together. [^2^-] 

1864 ^ Original Card of Old-fashioned Hooks and Eyes, from John P. 

1 ones' grocer\ store, 34 Ferrv Street. Hartford, Conn., 1838. 
■|444] ■ • ' • 

1865 ( )ld-fashione(l r)Utton-moul(ls for running pewter or leatl but- 

tons in ye olden times. [656.] 

1866 Piece of the First Atlantic Telegra])h Cable, laid in 1858. From 

Tiffan\- lV Co.. 550 Ih-oadwaw \. \'.. whc^ l)ouglu a lot oi it 
of Mr.' C. W. I'ield. | 1204.J 

1867 Mason-Guiteau lUillet. Wonderful formation of the bullet fired 

by Sergeant Mason on the 1 ith of Se])teniber. 1881. at Idiarles 
( iuiteau, the assassin. As it hit the w all (^\ ("luiteau's cell it w as 
liattened into a correct prohle likeness oi sai^l Guiteau. This 
is an exact facsimile of the original after it was liattened : au- 
thentic. Signed by John S. Crocker, warilen o\ the Cniteil 
States jail. Washington. D. C\. January 24. 1882. |2(k\v1 

I/O iLusTk'.rrrj) c.-it.ilocce or the 

1868 Card of ( )l(l-taslii')iRMl lUiltons ; 7 pieces. |2^)()4.1 

1869 Card of Revolutionary lUitton^; (; pieces. |iSv4.| 

1870 Card of ( )ld-fashii)ned lUitl()ii>; 12 j)ieces. I1305.I 
1S71 Card i)f l\e\-()luli<)nary lUilloiis; 17 ])ieces. |i_'(j_>.| 

iS';2 Card of ( )l(l-fashi()ned iUiltoiis. some oi llieiii made of wood, 
lead, brass, and copper; 16 pieces. | iJ'ji.| 

1873 Stateroom l\e\ and Three r.a.i^L^at^e Checks from the wreck of 

the steamer iirauitc State, which was ])urnt near Goodspeed's 
Landing on the Connecticut I\i\er, Ma\ iS. 1SS3: sewral lives 
were lost. [1073.] 

1874 String of Beads found on the sidewalk in front of the Cnited 

States Hotel, September 7. iSSf); ji ])ieces. | 1327.I 

1875 Two r.ulUts. du.^- out of tlie old fort at SaxTrook. Conn. This 

fort was built b\- John W'inthrop about 1^)35. | 2603.1 

1876 ( )ld r.utton which was dug out of the old fort at Savbrook, 

Conn. [1286.] 

1877 ( )1(1 Xavy lUitton of Rhode Island. It was plowed out of the 

ground af West Hartford. Comi. [1287.] 

1878 Old lUitton found in I'ort (iriswold, opposite Xew Lon<lon, 

Conn. [1288. 1 

1879 United States Eagle Buttons, 1812, with 13 stars. I'rom 

Thomas H. Seymour estate, Hartford, Conn. : 7 pieces. [1294. J 

1880 United States Kagle Excelsior Buttons; V. S. Xavy buttons of 

1812 and 1814 ; 2 pieces. [2608. | 

1881 C. S. .\rm}- Lead lUutons. They were run in a mould; "" U. 

S. A." on them; probabl}' made the latter part of the Revolu- 
tionary War; 2 ])ieces. [2607.] 

1882 U. vS. Lead lUittons. The\' were nm in a mould; " C S." on 

them ; j)rol)abl\- made the latter part of the Kevolutionai"}' War; 
2 pieces. | 1203. | 

1883 Re\-olinionar\- lUitton which belonged to I )aniel Miles. ( ilas- 

tonl)ur\-. Conn., who was one of the Minute Men of 1776. 

1884 l\ S. Infantrv Eagle TUittons, worn aboiU 1818; 4 i)ieces. 

I 260.;. I 

1885 ^ ^^'1 lUuton dug out iA the ground at Dutch Roint. Hartford. 

Conn. [ I 2^)"^. I 

1886 Revolutionary r.utton ])lowed out n{ the ground by Captain 

Dowd. East llartford, many years ago. |i2</). | 

1887 ( )ld Button plowed out of the groiuid 1)\- Mr. Barber. Windsor, 

Conn. I i2<)7.] 


1888 Cani])ai^n buttons; I'rcsidcnt W'ni. 11. Harrison campai-n Inil- 

tons of 1S41. loL^- cal)in, etc.; 4 pirccs. | 1S4S.I 

1889 lU'll-iiKtal from llu' l)c'll of ilu- old l*4)iscoi)al cluircli al Westerly, 

J\. 1., which was burnt in iSfxj. |l()27.| 

1890 Wooden I )uck made from a i)iece of wood of tlie steamer iUt'/i5, 

which ran between Westerly and Watch Hill. She was 
wrecked and went asln)re at Watch llill in 1876. [1025.I 

1891 iJemmer used in a sewing- machine. Relic of the j^'reat tcjrnado 

at Wallino-ford. Conn., iM'iday, Auj^ust 9, 1878. Houses and 
churches were blown down and man\- people lost their lives. 

1892 Stateroom Xumber " 19." From the steamer Cdf^ital City, 

which was wrecked off Parsons Point or Rye Xeck. near the 
head of the Sound, ]\Iarch 31, 1886. She sank in three 
fathoms of water, and finally went to pieces ; no lives were lost. 
She was a Hartford boat, and ran between Hartford and Xew 
York. [792.] 

1893 Inkhorn or Inkstand. It was sold at the Smith sifters' man- 

sion in Glastonbury. Conn., April 2^, 1884. Julia E. Smith 
said this inkhorn was carried in the French and Revolutionary 
Wars, and had been in her family over ico years. [464.] 

1894 Pair Shoe-buckles from Charles Seymour's estate. Mr. Sey- 

mour kept an iron store at 361 Alain Street, the oldest business 
firm in Hartford; established in 1799. Probably these shoe- 
buckles belonged to his father. [1054.] 

1895 Pair Shoe-buckles once the property of Connnodore ( )liver H. 

Perry, who captured the British squadron on Lake Erie, Sep- 
tember 10, 1813. From Calvin J. Brown, Waterford. Conn., 
who was a relative of the Commodore. [2622.] 

1896 Pair Shoe-buckles, from John P. Jones' grocery store. 34 Ferry 

Street, Hartford, Conn., 1838. [2623.] 

1897 Pair Shoe-buckles, once the property of John Marsh, Stur- 

bridge, Mass.. who was a Revolutionarv soldier in 177:^ and 
1776. [558.1 

1898 Pair Shoe-buckles, once the property of Colonel bdiphalet Dver 

of Windham, Conn., who was a lawyer of w ide re|nne and a 
judge who honored the highest judicial ])osition in L'onnecti- 
cut. He died in 1807. [556.] 

1899 P^^^" Shoe-buckles, from the estate of the Hon. Robert Morris, 

Secretary of the Treasury and hnancial manager under Cen- 
eral George W'ashington. [2624.] 

1900 Pair Sh(H'-buckles. from James 1!. Htismer's estate. Hartford, 

Conn. [2625.] 



CASE No. 38. 

(^THER CL'RIOS: 85 l'H£Cb:S. 

K^oi and 11J02 I'air Walrus Tusks, very fine and lari^e. kuL^th 2J 
inches; unhnislied. l>oni Xew London. Conn. [348 and 

ic;03 and 1904 Pair Walrus Tusks, leng-th 24^ inches, covered with 
scrimshaw work. One represents Eve. or some other woman, 
in very slight costume, while three or four other figures are 
furnished with a prolusion of drapery. An eleL^ant ])air of 
tusks. [346 and 347. J 

1905 Pair Walrus Tusks, length 19^ inches, finished up with scrim- 

shaw work. From Xew London. [186. J 

1906 and 1907 Pair Walrus Tusks, length 15^ inches, covered with 

scrimshaw work: beautiful work in colors. [2289 ^^'^^^ 2290. j 

1908 and 1909 Pair Sperm Whale's Teeth, 8^x4 inches, scrimshaw 
work on them; one has a dancing girl, the other has Inde- 
pendence Hall, Philadelphia. [344 and 345.] 

1910 and 191 1 Pair Sperm \Miale's Teeth, 6x2 inches, scrimshaw- 
work on them; female figures. [2295 and 2296.] 

1912 and 19 1 3 Pair Sperm Whale's Teeth, 6x2 J inches, scrimshaw 
work ; on one of them is a female playing a guitar ; on the other 
is a female reading a letter or singing. [2293 and 2294.] 

19 14 and 191 5 Pair Sperm \Miale Teeth, 7x2^ inches, scrimshaw 
work : one of them is a Goddess of Liberty, the other Goddess 
of Justice ; very old pair. [2297 and 2298.] 

19 16 and 191 7 Pair Sperm Whale Teeth, 6x2^ inches, scrimshaw 
work on them of female figures. [2291 and 2292.] 

1918 SjH^rm Whale Tooth, 8x2^ inches, scrimshaw work. ship, light- 

house, etc. [ 1032.] 

1919 Sperm Whale Tooth, 7|x3 inches, scrimshaw work in colors. 

American eagle and flag, heart, urn with wreath, etc. [2625.] 

1920 Sperm \\'hale Tooth, 8^x4 incites, scrimshaw work, a military 

officer. [343.] ^ 

192 1 and 1922 Pair Sperm Whale Teeth. 6\2 inches, scrimshaw 

work ; one of them has a female figure, the other has male and 
female figures. [2291 and 2292.] 

1923 Sperm Whale Tooth. 5x2 inches, scrimshaw wi^-k. a dancing 

girl. [1853.1 

1924 Sperm \\'hale Tooth. 6x2 inches, scrimshaw work, a ship at 

sea. [22»;().l 


1925 Sperm Whale Touih. 6-2 inclK-s ; natural as lakc-n from the 

jaw. I 1 848. J 
HJ26 Sixrin Whale Totjth, 5^ ■ r| inches: naiural as taken from the 

jaw. I 184.;. I 
1927 Sperm Whale Tooth. 31I inches: natural as taken from the 

jaw. I 1847.1 
i(;28 1 lippMjxjtamus Tooth. 4^ 1 ', inche> : natm-al as taken from the 

jaw. I 2301. 1 
i(;29 1 lippopotanuis Tooth. 5 • 1 .1 inches. | 262^). | 
l(;30 S])erm Whale Tooth. 5U inches: natm-al as taken fr(jm the 

jaw. I \i)j.\ 
i<;3i S])crm Whale Tooth, /xU inches: natm-al as taken from the 

jaw-. I \()i).] 
1932 Sperm Whale Tooth. 6-2^ inches, has been hnished up for 

scrimshaw. [2300. J 
I(j33 ] diamond Rattlesnake, length 4 ft. 3 in. It was cai)ture(l near 

the (i(.o(le House, ^rdbourne. hla.. IThruarx- 2y. 1886. I784.J 
i(j34 Alli,i:att r, Kn^th 3 ft. 8 in.: cap-tm-ed at Titus\-ille. hda., March 

i.i88f,. 1 783.1; 
I(J35 AUii^ator's 1\^",^'. from Sanford. h'la.. .March 3. i88r). I785.] 
i(;3() and 1937 ( )strich l\^gs of extra size: a tine pair. I'rom \'ick- 

ary's collection. |40(; and 410.] 
H)^^ Emu's ]\i:',^'. Idiis 1)ird is of ver\- larq-e si/.e. found in Australia; 

'juite rare. | ^^2. | 
i(;3<j Swordtish's Sword, length 33 inches, from T.lock Island. [1332.] 
|(;40 SwordhshS Sword, leni^tli 38 inches. |ii('-| 
i(;4i Starhsh. larg-e size, from Bahama Islands. |828.| 
i(;42 Indian h'ishhook. 4 inches long-, made of hone and pearl: fine 

])iece of work, l-'rom Sandwich Islands. I24K). | 
1043 Hogfish. cai)tm-ed at Crescent lieach. Conn. | 2^)31.1 

1944 Toadhsh. captured at Crescent I'each. Conn. |222.] 

1945 Shark's Jaw. The weight of this shark was ahout 80 pounds. 

Caught by William I'ranch. \ew London. h57-l 
1(^46 Shark's Jaw. The weight n\ this shark was about 3(X) pounds. 

Caught by \\ illiam r.ranch. New London. 12627.] 
T()47 Pair Swordfish h"\eballs, from Xew London. \j(^-] 
T()48 Indian Fishhook ma(U> of car\-ed woc^d and bone. It is marked 

"Fishhook from X. W'. Coast Xorth Pacihc. Lat. ^y, Lon. 135, 

( ). W." |2r,j8.| 
i()4<; I )tHrhorn Pipe and Stem, finely car\e(l. |2r)2<).] 
T()5o Cioathorn l^ipe. from Egypt. [2630.] 
i')5i Fossil, section of backbone (^f a fish fonnd in the jiliosphate 

beds, Charleston. S. C. I457.I 
'[()^2 F(^ssil. section of a rib of a tish found in the ])hosphate beds, 

Charleston. S. C. [456.] 
19^3 T^ossil Shark's Tooth. -^121 inclu-^. Tt was found under tlie 



rtoor oi Washington's lKa(l(|uarKrs at Richniund. \ a.. (Octo- 
ber 3, 1885. [640.1 
nj^4 Three Shells, from Turtle Mound. ITa.. I'\'bruarv 21, 1886. 


1955 Shells, from Turtle Mound. Fla.. l-\-bruary 21. 1886. [740.) 

1956 Fossils, from the phosphate beds. Charleston. S. C. [118.] 

1957 ( )yster Shell, size ioix6 inches, from Paulduda. Ireland. [2633.] 

1958 an.d 1959 Two Shells of the Great Cooter Tortoise of Morida. 

size 14x9 inches. From Florida. [411 and 412.] 
i960 Whale's Rib, 4 ft. 5 in. long. The whale from which this rib 
came was washed ashore on Barnstable Beach in 1881. This 
rib was taken from the whale by William Branch. Xew Lon- 
don. Conn. [109.] 

1961 An Old Box-turtle Shell which was burned in the bushes, Octo- 

ber, 1887. on the farm of Patrick Clifford. Bloomlield. D. R. 
Cadwell. walking over the burned ground, picked up this shell 
of a turtle, which bore the marks "A. M. 1803." As Clifford's 
farm adjoins that of W. E. Hubbard, which was formerly 
owned by the late Ami Mills, it is safe to say that the marking 
was done by the latter when a boy. [2634.] 

1962 Allio-ator's Tooth. ^ inches long, from Titusville. Fla., ^Nlarch 1. 

1886. [-93.] 

1063 Two Bear's 


1964 Alligator's Tooth, from the Haulover. Fla. 

1965 Bear's Tooth, from East Tennessee, mound relic. [329.] 

1966 Rattlesnake Rattle, has 14 rattles: from St. Auj^ustine. Fla. 


1967 Two Barnacles, very large size, from Ireland. [1857.] 

1968 Upper Jaw of a Porpoise, from Xew London. [183.] 

1969 Upper and Lower Jaw of a Porpoise. [SSc>-] 

1970 Wild Boar's Tusk. 6^ inches long, from Sanford. Fla. [ 733-1 

197 1 Wild Boar's Tusk. 8 inches long, from St. Augustine, Fla. [733.] 

1972 Three Young Sawfish Saws, from Ponce Park. Fla.. Februarv 

17. 1886. [769.] 

1973 Sawfish Saw. 40 inches long, from St. Augustine. Fla.. March 

6. .886. [774.] 

1974 Cane made from whalebone. 36 inches long, with turned ivory 

head: from Sag Harbor. L. I. 1^)76.] 

1975 Section of Sperm Whale's Jaw. 38 inches long, from Xew Lon- 

don. Conn. [ 1 81.1 

1976 Piece of Sperm Whale's Jaw. 1 i inches long. Presented by 

Cajnain Wni. E. Ailing. Xew Haven. Conn., who brought it 
home from his first whaling trip in 1842. [2305.] 

1977 Alligator's Head. 22 inches long. 8 inches wide : from Bulian 

River. Fla. \ 277,6.] 




CASE No. 39^ 


1978 'J'urkish Cinictcr, inscription, cnibk'ni.s. and dale in i^nld (_)n tlic 
blade, horn hilt, iron mounts, leather scabbard witli iidn trini- 
niin.i^s. inlaid witli .c:ol(l. Said to be 750 wars oM. and used 
by d'urks and Persians. I-'roni Constantinople. | i';34.J 

I97<j 'rtnd<ish Cinieter, Damascus l)lade. finely inlaid with l^mM, horn 
hilt, leather scabl^ard with iron trinnnin^s. inlaid with mold, 
broni Rahova, Tnrkew |i<;3^-l 

I(j8o J'\-ld-\\'eibel Sword. This sword was brought home I'roni the 
Mc-xican War in 1S47 by Major Se\nionr \. Webb of Hart- 
ford. Conn. Major Webb \-olunteered in the Mexican War 
March lO. 1847; discharL,a'd December 4. 1847. [jh^h.] 

1981 Circassian Daij^.i^er. crooked blade, inlaid with .i^old. iron hilt 

inlaid with .i^old. iron >cabbard fmel\- ornamented. I'Vom Con- 
stantinoi)le. | i<;32. | 

1982 Tnrkish .^word. bra>s hilt and brass scabbard. lineK rnd)ossed. 

l-rom 11. r.aader, .\lexandria, \'a.. who said it had been in his 
famil\- over a lumdred years. | iioi.] 

1983 Circassian Da.^-.^-er. embossed blade, iron hilt, and scabbard, all 

hnely embossed, b'rom Constantinoj)le. [hj^i.I 

1984 Chinese Boarding-sword, saw back, wond and brass hilt. I'rom 

Canton. China. [2637.) 



11J85 Turkish Cinictcr, blade inlaid with j^uld, h(jrii and brass hilt 
and leather scabbard, hroni Constantinople. [1929. J 

1986 Circassian Sword, blade inlaid with ^old, horn hilt, leather scab- 

bard, h^-oni Constantinople. [1928.] 

1987 Zulu Spear, blade 5^ inches long;, ij inch wide. l'r(jni Fenton 

& Sons, London, England. [1235.] 

1988 Zulu Spear, blade y\ inches lon^^, 2 inches wide. From Fenton 

& Sons, London, Eno-land. [1236.] 

1989 John Brown's Pike. This is one of the pikes which was cap- 

tured with John Brown in the engine-house at Harper's Ferry, 
A'a., October 18, 1857. This pike was presented to X, L. 
r>abcock of Hartford, Conn., by Lieutenant Green of the 
United States marines, after the assault by the marines and 
capture of Brown and some of his men. [2638.] 

1990 Arabian Lance, with socket for handle, finely embossed. From 

Constantinople. [i933-] 

1 99 1 ]\Ialay Kris, crooked blade, carved wood hilt, wood scabbard. 

From the World's P^air. Chicago, 1893. [2235.] 

1992 Alalay Kris, straight blade, carved wood hilt, wood scabbard. 

From the World's Fair, Chicago, 1893. [2236.] 

1993 Turkish Knife or Dagger, silver hilt, silver embossed scabbard. 

From the Dr. Bates collection, Worcester, ^Nlass. [549.] 

1994 Japanese Dagger, wood hilt, carved wood fan-shaped scabl^ard. 

Frim Mckary's collection. [393-1 

1995 Mexican Spearhead, from the collection of Ely S. Parker, Xew 

York. [2225.] 

1996 Egyptian Inkhorn, brass, finely embossed; brought home from 

Egypt by missionary. Presented to A. Burdick, Westerly, R. 
L [1030.] 

1997 Turkish Knife, brought from Turkey by J. C. Abab. [2639.] 

1998 Spanish dagger, ivory hilt, leather scabbard. Taken from a 

prisoner at police station at Hartford, Conn. [2640.] 

1999 Knife or Dagger, blade 5-^ inches long, wood hilt. With this 

knife Kasper Hartlein stabbed in the heart Louise Trebbe of 
Manchester, Conn., February 29, 1896. Hartlein was hanged 
at the State prison for the murder, December 3, 1896. [2641.] 

2000 Southern Dagger, turned wood handle ; picked up on the bat- 

tlefield of Bermuda Hundred. A'a.. November 18 to December 
30, 1864. Presented by John Cotter. [217.]' 

2001 Russian Boarding Axe, broad bit and iK)inted to]), wood 

handle : from a Russian vessel sunk in the lUack Sea during the 
Crimean War. [405.] 



2002 Iviissian Heavy lioardini^- Sword, with im-tallic hilt and saw- 

hack: fnjiii a Russian vessel sunk in the lilack Sea during;- the 
Crimean War. I404.] 

2003 Stiletto which was used in the Italian ti^ht on ( harles Street. 

llartfortl. Conn.. Septeniher 21. iSi^o. which ended in the fatal 
injury of Dominick Muscarra. wlio died from a wound in the 
breast. [2642.] 

2004 jackknile. With this knife Martin. \'. Harrison stabbed Georq^e 

W. ( irci^ory and Ida Harrison on Sheldon Street. Hartford. 
Conn., November <S. 1884. (Ireic^ory recovered, but Ida Har- 
rison died from her woimds. 1 larrison was sent to the State 
prison h.^r seven years. [2643.1 

2005 Jackknife. ^\ ith this knife Max Superior, a Russian Jew. took 

his own life in the Hartford ])olice station. Hartford, Conn.. 
])ecend)er 23, l8(;0. [2329.] 

2006 Ancient ( )ld Knife or I)ai^s.;er, s])rinQ' back and horn handle. 

which was found in an old hollow tree that had blown down in 
East Hartford. Conn., in i8(;o. [1330.] 



CASE No. 40. 



200J United States Army Hospital Flag-, 4^ feet long. 3 feet wide, 
made of bunting; tield white with large red cross in its center. 
This flag floated from a tent at Alsop's farmhouse near the 
Brook road, which was used as a Union hospital during the 
battle of Spottsvlvania or Bloodv Angle, \'a., Mav, 1864. 

2008 U. S. Army Battle-flag, 8 feet long, 4^ feet wide, made of bunt- 

ing. This flag was carried through many battles of the Poto- 
mac in 1862. [2644.] 

2009 U. S. Army Hospital Flag, 9 feet long and 5 feet wide, made of 

bunting: field is yellow with a green letter " H " in its center. 
It has marks on it. *' U. S. A. & H.*' It was secured at Baton 
Rouge. La., by Dr. C. J. Wood, in December, 1863, who was 
one of Indiana's sanitary agents. This flag was in service at 
this time, and floated above the general brigade hospital of the 
United States at Baton Rouge, La., in 1862 or 1863. [1861.] 

2010 I'. S. Flag. 9 feet long and 5 feet wide, made of bunting. This 

flag was used at the United States soldiers' cemetery at Seven 
Pines. A a., until it was nearly worn out. in 1889. [1775.] 

201 1 Confederate Battle-flag. 4 feet 2 inches long, 3 feet 11 inches 

wide, made of bunting, with the famous red and blue St. An- 
drew's Cross. The field is red, bars running from corner to 
corner in blue, with 13 stars. This flag was in the service of 
^lajor-General Pickett's division, C. S. A., in the battle of Five 
Forks, \'a., April i. 1865. and many other battles. This 
battle-flag was designed by General Beauregard and adopted 
bv General J. E. Johnston after the first Bull Run battle. Julv, 
1861. [1858.] 

2012 Confederate X'aval Flag. 5^ feet long. 2 J feet wide, made of 

worsted. It has a circle in its center of 1 1 white stars ; field is 
red. This flag was captured at Fort Donelson, Tennessee, 
February 16. 1862. It was captured by a private in the Forty- 
fourth Indiana Regiment, A'olunteers. [1859.] 

2013 Confederate Xaval Flag. 5 J feet long, 2J feet wide, made of 

worsted. It has a circle in its center of 11 white stars: field 
red. This flag was captured at Fort Anderson. Xorth Caro- 
lina, October, 1864. by a soldier of the 140th Indiana Regi- 
ment. \'olunteers. which was conmianded bv Colonel T. T. 
Brad v. [1860.] 




2014 Confederate Mai;". I he i.une Star oi Texas. This lla^ was cap- 

tured in the La I'lacc campaign oi Louisiana. It was cap- 
tured from a Texas regiment in a skirmish. It was riddled 
with Indlets. Soon after its capture it was secured by T. 
Thatcher Ciraves, M.l).. of the 1 14th Kentucky Regiment, who 
sent it to his home in Danielson, Conn. I1752.I 

2015 Confederate Naval Flag, 10 feet long, 6^ feet wide ; red and blue 

field with II white stars. This flag was captured at Port Hud- 
son, La., July, 1863, '^^^^ came into the hands of T. Thatcher 
Craves. M.l).. of the 114th Kentucky Regiment, who after- 
wards sent it home to Danielson, Conn. [2645. J 

2016 Revolutionary Coat, belonged to Ensign Ozias Brownson of 

A\'inchester, Conn., who was Ensign in Captain Barnes' com- 
pany. Colonel Hooker's regiment. He arrived in camp April 
9- ^777'^ ^^'^s discharged, allowing five days to return. May 
20. 1777. [1762.] 

2017 Revolutionary Buckskin Trousers, once the property of Daniel 

^liles of Glastonbury, Conn. It is said that ]\Ir. [Miles wore 
these Buckskin trousers when he was in the service of the 
Revolutionary \\'ar. He enlisted in Captain Eells' company, 
Third Regiment, Connecticut Line, April 17, 1777. He en- 
listed again, August 3, 1778, in Captain Pomeroy's company, 
Colonel Chapman's regiment. [993-] 

2018 L^nion Soldier's Coat. This coat belonged to Sergeant Alfred 

E. Reynolds, Company H, Twenty-first Regiment, Connecti- 
cut A'olimteers, Brooklyn, Conn., who was killed at the battle 
of Drury's BlufT, \'a.. ]\Iay 16. 1864. This coat was sent home 
to his mother in Brooklyn, Conn. Presented by iMrs. Rey- 
nolds to this collection in 1889. ]\Irs. Reynolds said that she 
w^as about 80 years old, and could not keep it much longer, 
and was glad to give it to my collection of war relics for safe- 
keeping. [1757.] 

2019 Cloth Smoking-cap picked up on the battlefield of Antietam, 

^Id., September 17, 1862, by Thomas Coy of Westerly. R. L 
He belonged to a Rhode Island regiment. [1028.] 

2020 V . S. Army Soldiers' Caps, six in all ; three of them from battle- 

field of Antietam, ^Id.. September 17, 1862; three from battle- 
field of Petersburg. \'a.. September 29 to October 24, 1864. 


2021 Confederate A\^st i:)icked up on the battlefield of Seven Pines. 

\'a.. lune 2^ to Tulv i. 1862. bv F. A. Hever. Seven Pines. 


2022 Confederate Officer's Coat, gray cloth, and l\ S. eagle buttons. 

This coat belonged to a Confederate Caj^tain of the celebrated 
Louisiana Tigers. He was wi^unded while leading a charge 


at Port Hudson. La. Jie was captured and the coat was re- 
moved that the surgeons might examine his wound. He (hed 
and the coat was kept as a souvenir of the war hy T. Tiiatcher 
(iraves. M.l).. of i i4ih Kentuckx Keginient. who sent it liome 
to Danielson, C"(jnn., in 1SO3. [i75<'-J 

2023 Confederate Officer's lap whicli belonged to the owikt of the 

Louisiana Tigers' coat. See precechng nunil)er. |i75i.| 

2024 Confederate Jjlouse made- of cotton-bag cloth. This was se- 

cured as a relic 1)\ A. W. Davis. Hartford, Conn. Mr. Davis 
wc-nt to war in C'onipany (i. l-'otuneenth Ueginu-nt. .\ew 
Hampshire X'olunteers. Davis traded his blouse with a Con- 
federate for his blouse and gave him three hardtacks to boot. 
The Confederate had been shot in the shoulder, which left a 
bullet-hole in the blouse. This trade was made near Sa\an- 
nah, Ga., March, 1865. [1755.] 

2025 Confederate Coat picked up on the battlefield of Seven Tines, 

\^a., by F. A. Heycr, June 2^ to jidy i, 1862. | 1754.I 

2026 Confederate Haversack secured 1)\- A. W. l)a\is wliile in the 

service at T^ishcr's Hill, \'a., St'ptend)er 22, 18(^)4. |i75<").l 

2027 \J. S. Powder-bag for 15-inch Monitor shot: holds 35 poimds 

of powder: same as used in the Civil War by the monitor 
Montauk. [1765.] 

2028 I'. S. (;-Tnch Shell Cartridge-bag; holds to poimds cannon 

])ow(ler. I'rom X. Y. Xavy Yard during the Civil War. [1766.] 

2029 V. S. (;-lnch ."^hell Cartridge-bag; holds 10 i)oimds cannon 

j)owder. I'loni Pensacola Xavv ^'ard diu-ing tlu- ("i\il War. 


2030 1'. S. lOO-Poimder Shot Cartridge-bag; holds 10 pt)un(ls can- 

non powder, hrom Washington Xa\y \'ard during the Civil 
War. 117^)8.1 

2031 V. S. 30-P()imder Rille Shot Cartridge-bag; holds 10 pounds 

cannon powder. I'rom Pensacola Xavy ^'ard during the Civil 
War. |i7^)g.| 

2032 I'. S. 6()-Tonn(kT !^liot Cartridge-bag; holds 6 ])ounds cannon 

powder, l-'rom X. ^'. Xa\\- ^'ard during the Civil War. [1770.] 

2033 T'. S. 3()-roundc-r Rille Shot Carti-idge-bag ; holds 6 pounds 

cannon ])owder. h'rom ^'orktown during the Civil War. 


2034 V. S. lOO-Pounder Shell Cartridge-bag; holds 8 pounds cannon 

powder. From l''t. lusher. X. C. during the Civil War. [1772.] 

2035 l\ S. r)-Pounder Shell Cartridge-bag; holds 2 pounds cannon 

powder. From Charleston. S.C. during the Civil War. [1773.] 

2036 U. S. i2-Poundcr Rifle Shot Cartridge-bag; holds 2 i:)ounds 

cannon powder. T'>(^iu Washington Xavy >'ard during the 
Civil War. [ 1774.] 

.-]. /'. /^'A'OOA'.V COLUiCTJOX. 183 

COLT.KCTIOX ()!• in A) C.\\<\ \-A) l'( )\\ I )i:k-l h )U\S \-\<( )M 

rill-: i-Ri-:xiii and indiax wars, riu-: kiaolu- 

FROM THELA'l i:e 1\ IF WAR, 1861 TO 1865 : 44 PIECES. 

2037 OUl Carved rowder-horn. Inscription on this horn: "HIS 

Also ornamented with deer, snakes, turtles, etc. [2073.] 

2038 Old Carved Powder-horn. Jnscrii)tion on this horn : " ( )LI) 

FORT AT OSWEGO 1755." Facsimile of the old fort at 
that time, also the old bridge across the river, with two large 
trees at the end of the l)ridge ; this horn has a finel}- carved 
mouthpiece. [2901.] 

2039 Old Carved Powder-horn. Inscrijition on this horn : " HACOB 

APREL THE 5TH DAY 1758." Also trees, etc. On the 
wooden bottom of this horn are the initials "A. H. \\'." Prob- 
ably Hooper carried this horn in the French and Indian Wars. 

2040 Old Carved Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn : "ZA- 

ornamented with trees, leaves, etc. [1914.] 

2041 Old Carved Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn : '* E. D. 

1756." Also fleet of eight vessels. Some of the^m are war 
vessels and have the British flag flying. Other ornaments, 
etc. [2427.] 

2042 Old Carved Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn : " CESAR 

Also has ships flying the British flag, fort, mermaids, etc. This 
horn was a fine one in its day. It has been cut off and spoiled 
by some one many years ago. [1911.] 

2043 Old Carved Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn : " ASA 

SMYTH. 1765." and the initials "A. S." Also ornamented 
with shi])s. fancy work. etc. [2047.] 

2044 ( )1(1 Carved Powder-horn, with large English man-of-war at 

anchor, flying the British flag, representing a 70-gun vessel, 
under which is marked " THE SEA HORSE." Also several 
kinds of fish, snakes, etc. ( )n the wooden bintiMu o\ the horn 
is marked " H." k^ine old horn, no date on it ; probably made 
during the Revoluti(^nary War or before that time. 12041).] 


2045 ( )ld Carved PowdcT-liorn. Inscription on this horn : " LIEUT. 

HERO LIKE DO CONQUER ALL." Also has a drawing 
of the old fort at Sayhrook, and rnnninc^ tlowcrs. etc. [1918.] 

2046 Old Carved Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn: '* MIIIIL 

WAHI-^X." An interesting^ old powder-horn. There is no 
date on it. Probably it was made durin^^ the Revolutionary 
\\'ar, or perha])s before. It represents the city of Xew York 
and the whole length of the North River with its many forts, 
and noted houses, and villa.c^es. and the city of Albany, with 
many vessels sailing up and down the river. [2904.] 

2047 ( )1(1 Carved Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn: 

"HENRY WALTTON 1768." b'ine ornamental work. 
The wooden bottom is marked ** L. L." This was a beautiful 
horn when it was made. It is not its original size ; probably 
it was cut off and spoiled by L. L. man\- years ago for a 
priming horn. [398.] 

2048 ( )1(1 Carved Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn: " D.WTD 

PRIOR. HIS HORN. BOSTON." Also has ships, fort, 
running vines, etc. This horn was used for a ])riming horn. 


2049 Old Carved Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn : " M. 

STEADMAN. BERLIN. CT. 1773 and 1776." On the 
wooden bottom is marked " M. STEADMAN. BERLIN, 
CONN. 1773." In 1776 he was Captain in Colonel Douglass' 
regiment, which went to Boston, January, 1776. [2421.] 

2050 Old Carved Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn : '* MADE 

It also has a fine drawing of the town or village of Roxbury 
at that time, its houses, and churches, fort and barracks, river, 
fish, trees, etc. I2074.] 

2051 ( )1(1 Carved Powder-liorn. Inscription on this horn: " APL. 

IS. L. liM IIDAT.*' It has trees, leaves, and many other 
kinds of drawings on it. No date on it : probably it was made 
during the Revolutionary War. [2428.] 

2052 Old Carved Powder-liorn. Inscription on this horn: "J. 

^lARSH 1774." This horn belonged to John Marsh, Stur- 
iiridge. Mass., who was a Revolutionary soldier from Septem- 
ber 17, 1775. to September 2"/, 1776. [1913.] 
20;^ ^)ld Carved Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn : " IS.\AS 
IL\RRINGTON'S HORN 1774." Has the town or village of 
Camden. Me., houses, church, and hotel or inn : the hanging 



sii^n has the sun and IcUircd "' WALK IX." 'Jlicrc is also 
carved a unicorn, deer, sheep, hinibs, pig, dog, and a man lead- 
ing a horse, eic. lias a glass in the wooden bottom. I2424.] 

2054 ( )ld Carved hjighsh rowder-horn. Inscription on this horn: 

"THIS IS THE rUlxMlXG ]1()RN OF 11. I'.. M. 5TH 
up. and the American flag is down. Under the flags he savs : 
drawing on the horn is ]'\)rt Niagara and round-house. An 
American eagle is perched on tlie flagstaff of the American 
dag. The lion is grasping the flagstaff of the British flag. 
There is also a cannon, wild ducks, etc. Finel\' carved mouth- 
piece. The wooden bottom is a carved lion's head. [2737.] 

2055 Old Carved Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn : ''' J. P. 

DEN^NIAN." With gun. dog, deer, snake, trees, fish, heart, 
and hand pointing to C. A. Also young lady, a cross, and five 
stars, etc. [1920.] 

2056 Old Carved Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn : " THE 

CHASE," a beautifully engraved landscape or hunting scene, 
with huntsman on horseback with two grevhounds, having the 
frightened hare in sight. " THE HORN OF A AUSTRA- 
W." [1884.] 

2057 Old Carved Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn : ''AARON 

FISTELO ^.lARGELO GIG." Drawing of a road, " THE 
" FORT \MLLIAM HENRY " with its barracks, and a flag 
flying from flagstaff on the fort; an eagle is perched on one end 
of the fort. The words " LAKE GEORGE," cannon mounted 
on wheels, eagle standing by the side of the cannon, Indian 
chief in his war dress with tomahawk in his right hand and a 
rifle in his left hand, under which is marked " SARATOGA." 
^lilitiaman wdth gun in his hands at present arms, under which 
is marked " STILL WATER," mermaid, snakes, running 
vines, flowers, etc. It also has the square and compasses with 
the letter "G" in its center; Masonic apriMi. all-seeing eye, 
hour-glass, and sprig of cassia. All the wovk on this horn 
is fine. f2()o6.1 


2058 Old Carved I'uwdcrdioni. ln>rri|)tiMn ..n iliis horn : •' ICSSICX 

H)34. I-1<1-:\C1I WAUS 1755. 175.;. 1705. LAST. 1777." 
Also marked ••AM()S RI(,(.S 11()R.\. IXDIAX AXI) 
FRKX( II WARS 1755. 175.;. 17^5. l-:\()elx KKiCS. S()X 
OF AAloS RI(,(.S. '\\AR ol" \yjjr | _>4JJ. | 

2059 Old Carved Rowderdioni. Inscripli* mi on this lioni: '• !<()!*>- 

ERT A\ i-:m'. IMS IK )R\ 1757. sr( ).\i\(ir( )\. C( )NX. 

SI-:R'r. sril r( ) .\( )\ 17111. i77r,." AN<. a .Uu-k. snake, etc. 
On the wooden bottom ol this horn is marked '" R. A. 1757. " 
Probably this horn was carried in tlu- k'rench and Indian Wars 
by Robert Avery, who was in the Revoliitionarx \\ ai*. lie en- 
listed Septembers. 1776. in Captain Stoddard's companv. Col- 
onel Wells' re.c^inKnt : dischari^ed Xov(.nd)er 17. 177'). |i<;22.| 

2060 Old Carved Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn: • ISAAC 

PECKS COM I 'ANA- I"II"TII I', ATT Al J( )X. 1)|-:C. jstli 
1776." Also female tli^inx'. Indian with i^oose and fox. tind<ey 
and peacock, tree, two l)ears. snakes, (.-tc. ( )n the wooden 
bottom of this horn is marked " W. W. 17SS." Isaric Thomas 
was a Rcvoliitionarx soldier who was in Captain Peck's com- 
pany I'^ifth battalion. Wadsworth brigade. Colonel I )on.!^'lass. 
177C): afterwards enlisted in Captain Morton's company in rei;"- 
iment of "Artificers." |3<;5-| 
20O1 ( )ld l\n\(ler-horn. Inscri])tion on this prinn'ni;- horn : '" I 'R I A 1 1 
MOWLAXI). TrCOXl)h:R()(iA. i77()."' Criah llouland 
was a i^nnner in Jiii^elow's artillery coni])any. The hrst artil- 
lery company raised in Connecticut dm-in^; the Revolution was 
an independent or^i^anization, commanded by Captain John 
P)i.c:el()w of Hartford. It was recruited earl\ in 177^), stationed 
durint;' the simmier and fall of I77^> at ricondero!.^a and 
vicinity. [2420.] 

2062 ( )ld Carved Powder-horn. Inscription on this ]irimin.i^ horn: 

" ]C P.. R. 1807." It has a decanter, tmubler, and jq;ol)let. 
under which is markd •' lli:iJ' ^'()CRS^:PI• TO C,R()(; 
I HOPE C.()|) WIPP I-()R(,I\I-: Ml-: l-()R RASSIXC 
AWAY ^n' TIM1-: S( ) I-"( )( )P1SMPV." It als.i has a <-\\u. 
powder-liorn. birds, ship, anchor, hsli. etc. [11)23.] 

2063 r)l(l Carved Powder-horn, with carvini^- of the town or villa,s^e 

of Stanford, marked "STAXI'()Rn iScx)." also houses, 
churches. slii]>s in the harbor, trees, wild ducks, etc. The 
words "CUSTOM llorSi:" and inscription " VAXKE 
PRET-CHES. Mi-: M\I)I-: TMI-: RI-:r) coats Td'.\\'E 



1812." [2(jOO.J 

J0O4 ( )kl Eni;lish IVjwdcr-horn, witli tine car\iiii;>. In-rripiiuii on 
this horn: "CAPTAIN HATT. HORN. II. I). MS 49TH 
HARBOR." Also log- house, trees, Indian tepee, bows and 
arrows, and the l^ritish crown with G. R. in the cr(jwn. etc. 
Finely carved mouthpiece on this horn. [2738. J 

2065 Old Carved I*o\vder-horn. Inscription on this horn: " .S. B. 

Al. S." Has the American flag under which is marked " U. 
S. A." Also eagle, ships, female figure, heart, two trowels, 
square, compass, etc. [2426.] 

2066 Old Carved Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn: "THE 

FORT ONTARIO OSWEGO." Also drawings of Fort On- 
tario and barracks, ships, fish, wild ducks, etc. On the wooden 
bottom of this horn is marked " SUl COE, OSWEGO. HIS 
HORN. 1814." [2789.] 

2067 Old Carved Spanish Powder-horn, marked '* Sept. 18, 18 18." 

It has the Spanish coat-of-arms finely engraved on it. man-of- 
war and other vessels, mermaid, fish, and running vines with 
flowers, etc. [2000.] 

2068 Old Carved Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn : " DR. 

and staff, log house, shade trees, dragon, etc. Priming horn. 

2069 Old Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn : " ISAAC HAR- 

CONN LINE." Also marked '' I. H. I. C. 1800 J. H. 1812." 
Has a tomahawk and hatchet on it. Isaac Harrington en- 
listed February 18, 1777. in Captain Darrow's company. Firs: 
Regiment, Connecticut Line. [1921.] 

2070 Old Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn: "WILLIAM 

loTH APRIL 1777." Also has a fort and barracks: British 
flag flying from the tlagstaff on the fort, mermaid, trees, etc. 
\\'illiam IVoughton enlisted February 21, 1777, in Captain 
Broker's company. Sixth Regiment. Connecticut Line: dis- 
charged I-\'bruary 14. 1780. [i()ii).l 


2071 ( )1(1 Pijwdcr-liorn. Inscrij)ti« )n on lliis lR>rn : "CiL'R I )I-J )X 

JUNE 1781." fiQw.] 

2072 Old I'owder-horn. I ii-criplinn on this horn: " [()|IX l^l'D- 

DnrAX HIS lloRX ()('r()l'.h:R jSTH. ijSoTO A14>HL 
j.:;l), i-S;,. W nil (UR. IJ:\\ IS XK'OLA." Also marked 
" II. I".. R. iSi 1." John Ruddinian enlisted ( )otobcr 28, 1780, 
in the corps of invalids; discliariL^^cd April 2^:;. 1783. [1912.] 

2073 Old Rowdor-horn. Inscription on this horn: " |()1IX HL'D- 

SOX 11()RX i7(;3 STOXIXC roX. (■()XX."' Also ship. 
lioiisc. and two hearts, etc. [1917. | 

2074 Old Carved Powder-horn. Inscrii)tion on this horn : " jOHX 

DEI." Also has the American eagle with Ha.c: in its beak, 
..ver which is marked '' E PLURIBUS UXRM '1S12." [242«;.l 
207s C )ld Powder-horn. Inscription on this ])riniin^- horn; 
This horn is ornamented with brass tacks. Abram Antoine 
was chief of the Stockbridge tribe of Oneida Indians. He was 
hanged in the village of Morrisville, N. ^'.. in 1823. for the 
murder of ^fr. Jacobs. This horn and his rille were taken from 
him when he was captured, after killing Jacobs. The ritR' is 
in this collection. [2430.] 

2076 Old Texas Powder-horn. Inscrii)tion on this horn: " fOSH 

leaning on his horse, lone star, trees, large rattlesnake, etc. 

2077 Old Mexican Carved Powder-horn. lnscri|)tion on this horn: 

" CITY OE NALAPA MEXICO i84(;." It has public bnild- 
ings. the native's house, eagle with a snake in its beak. Mexi- 
can guitar, trees, etc. [2902.] 

2078 Powder-horn. Inscription on this horn: *' CH.XRLES SAN- 

EORI) XORTH RRWl'.X. CT. iS()o." Also leaves, etc. 

2079 Carved Powder-horn. Inscrijition on this horn; " T. Dl'X- 

KANSAS. isr,3.- |3./).| 





2080 This Figaire of Bacchus was carved from a log of wood in the 
old Windham jail at Windham, Conn., by British prisoners of 
war, who were confined there in 1776. It is said to have been 
done with their jackknives, the only tools allowed them. These 
prisoners were captured by the Americans in Long" Island 
Sound on a British ship, the Boiiibrig, June 10. 1776, and 
brought to \\ indham as prisoners of war. Their names were 
as follows : 

Edward Sneyd, commander of H. ]\I. S. Bombrig. He was 
born at Keele Hall, near Newcastle, Staffordshire, England^ 
of English parents. December 5, 1754. He was connnissioned 

at Portsmouth, in the month of December, 177 



cruising about a short time on particular service, was dis- 
patched to the American war, where he is said to have dis- 
tinguished himself, but on the loth of June. 1776, the ship with 
the conuuander and nearly all hands was taken prisoner by the 
Americans on Long Island Sound. 

John Coggin, boatswain of the Boiiibrig, was bi^rn of Irish 
parents, at Killegan county. Meath, Ireland, in ]\farch. 1731. 
He joined the Boiubrig at Portsmouth, with Conuuander 


John Russell was born of i",nL;li>h panntN, near Ramsay, 
1 lan)|)>]iirc. j-ji^iand. in Xovcnihcr. 174';. and was ai)i)rcnticcd 
to a carjicntcr, and. liaviuj^- served liis linu-. entered the dock- 
yard at Portsmouth, in April, 177J. where he remained until 
the Bonihri<^ was commissioned al thai p.)n, and tlien joined 
the carpenter's crew of the ship, in which ca])acily he served 
until taken i)risoner (ju LonjL;- Island Sound. Russell had 
served a full time api)renticeshii). and it is to him undoubtedly 
that the credit of the pro(luclion of the statue of P.accluis be- 

William Cook was born in March. 1744. at L'aistor. near 
Great Yarmouth, in the county of Norfolk, Kuf^land. He was 
drafted to Portsmouth to join the Bo))ihrii^ as an A. IV and was 
taken prisoner with the others on bt)ard, as before mentioned. 

These prisoners by the aid of a Tory afterward made their 
escape from the jail the fore ])art of November, 177^). < hi the 
night after breaking- jail they stole a canoe near Norwich Land- 
ing, with which they attemjned to cross the Sound to Long 
Lsland. but at the entrance of the Race, near Gull Island, the 
canoe oxerset. when all of them except Coggin were drowned. 
Coggin was the onl}- one left to tell the story. 

This image was ])resented b\ the prisoners to the Widow 
Gary, who had shown them some act of kindness, and was put 
U]) as a sign in front of her hotel, on Windham Green, now 
the house of Widow Joseph Huntington. It was afterward 
removed to the old Fitch Tavern, on the site of the brick build- 
ing occupied until recently as a public house. .Mr. John b'itch 
having married the Widow ( 'ar\ . It was afterward sold bv 
the heirs of Mr. h'itcli to Lucius .\])be. b's(|.. who kei)t the 
Staniford House, \u 1827, and was then ele\ated on a brancii 
of an old elm nearbw In 1840 it came into the possession of 
^Ir. Zaphny Ciu-tis. In 1X3^ it fell from its elevated position 
on the l)ig elm to the ground, breaking one (^i its arms and 
otherwise injuring it. It was then laid aside till iS5<), when 
it was purchased of the heirs of ^fr. Curtis by Mr. William 
Cunnnings. 1)rought to Williniantic, repaired by ^^. S. I'ow- 
dish, and ])ainted by Mr. Charle> Lillie. 

This singular et^igy, or image, of r.acchus was jnu-chased of 
^Nlr. Cimimings by its present owmr in \X^n, and was brought 
to Hartford in 1S72. 

Tt is now over a centiu-\ old. and all lovers of the curious, as 
well as those who have l)een familiar with its peculiar work- 
manship in former years, arc cordially invited to examine it. 

The image in 26} inches high, and keg 21 inches long. 

" The Storv of P)acchus, and Centennial Souvenir.'' by Mr. 



lirij^liam I'ayiK-. Harthjrd, Conn., pnhlislicd 1)\- A. \'\. lirooks. 
Hartford, in 1876. 

I was 17 years in searcliini^ ont tlic hisl(jry iA llic fi^nre of 
the Windliani JJaccluis. Jt has been a ji^^-reat pleasure and sat- 
isfaction to me to know tlie names of the ])risoners wlio carved 
it out in Windliam jail in 1776; also t(j learn some of their his- 
tory and descendants. 

In 1878 and 1879 1 sent man\ i)ooks of the story ai Bacchus 
to England, in search of some of the descendants of the British 
prisoners who were confined in Windham jail in 1776. I soon 
received many letters and acknowledgements of the receipts of 
the Bacchus books, a number of which were from the nobility 
and officials of England, such as the Prince of Wales, Duke of 
Edinburgh, Lord Alex. George Russell, Lord Darnley, Lord 
Beaconsfield, First Rt. Hon. William Henry Smith, ^L P. : 
Rt. Hon. Richard A. Cross. ]\L P. : Hon. G. Howard, librarian 
of the House of Commons ; Hon. Edward Augustus Bond, 
British ^luseum, Hon. W. B. Robinson, H. ^L Dockyard, 
Portsmouth, and many others. But two years elapsed before 
anything tangible came to hand. One of the books was ad- 
dressed ^o Henry F. Sneyd, Captain in the Royal Army. It 
appears that he forwarded it to his cousin, Dryden Sneyd. of 
Ashcombe Park, near Leek, Staffordshire, England. 

The first letter I received from the descendants of Com- 
mander Edward Sneyd was from Dryden Sneyd, dated 15th 
Xovember, 1880. He says: 

I have had the pleasure of perusing a book written b}' you. called 
■ The Story of Bacchus,' which interested me very mucli, as I am a 
member of the family of one of the prisoners, viz.: Lieutenant Sneyd. 
therein mentioned. I should feel greatlj^ obliged to vou if vou would 
kindly send me a copy. DRYDEX SXEYD." 

Second letter : 

Ashcombe Park, near Leek. STAFFO.-tDSHiRE. 
25th January. 1881. 

Dear Sir: Having been from home I must apologize for not hav- 
ing answered your kind letter sooner, and to thank you for your nice 
present of the two books, and also the photographs of Bacchus, for 
which I am greatly obliged, they being most interesting to me. I en- 
close you a biographical sketch of the family of Sneyd. I am very dis- 
tantly related to Fdward. of whom you write. A Lieutenant Edward 
Sneyd. whom I suppose to be the same, was uncle to the Rev. Walter 
Sneyd. now of Keele Hall, near X'ewcastle. in this county, was drowned 
in America in 1776. 

I am writing to Rev. Walter Sneyd. and will forward Bacchus for 
his perusal, and will write again to you on hearing from him. I should 
have rather supposed Edward Sneyd had been born at Keele. but it may 
be otherwise: lie undoubtedly was brought up there. Keele was a grant 
from Henr}' VIII to Sir William Sneyd. Kent, but my family have re- 
sided in the county of Stafford for above 600 yearg. and own now large 


ILLiSTRAl'lil) CATALOCi'li 01- THI: 

tracts of land; they then did. Kcelc Hall is one of the iinest gentle- 
men's seats in England, and was built by Ralph Sneyd in 1580, and was 
restored at the enormous cost of £140.000, about twenty years since, by 
Ralph, the brother of Walter, the present owner. This house is com- 
I)arati\ely small, but it is in a most lovely situation in its deer park. 
The family of Sneyd is numerous, but Walter and his son Ralph are 
the only male descendants of the name of Sneyd, of Ralph and Barbara, 
the parents of Edward Sneyd, who was drowned in America. 


Tliinl ictli-r: 

Asiic ().\i ill-: l'.\KK. .\"i:.\i< Li:kk. Stai tordshirk, 
iSth March. iSSi. 

IJcar Mr. Brooks: Since I last wrote to you on the 25th January, I 
have been in correspondence with Kev. Walter Sneyd, at Keele Hall, 
and find Lieut. Edward Sneyd, R. X., his uncle, was born at Keele in 
1754. I enclose you a copy of the entry in the Keele register: also a 
statement of one of his fellow prisoners of his imprisonment and death. 
Rev. Walter Sneyd was greatly interested with your book, and I took 
the liberty of giving him one of the two copies you so very kindly sent 
me. FIc mentioned of what great interest Edward Sneyd's diary would 
be to him, but I am afraid there is not much chance of its recovery, no 
doubt having been destroyed long. He is curious to know wlu) fur- 
nished you with such an erroneous account of the birth and early life 
of Edward Sneyd. as the family of Sneyd of Keele is better known than 
almost any other in the British Isle. I enclose you five photographs 
of Keele Hall, thinking they may be of interest to you, being the birth- 
place of lulward Snevd. I also send von one of mvself. 

i)Rv'i)i:x sxi:vD. 

The followino- is Tnc statcnu'iU of iIk- j)risnn( r referred to 
above ; 

AsiicoMBE Park, loth March. 1881. 

An account ol the capture and death of Eicutcnant Edward Sneyd, 
R. N., commander of H. M. S. " Bolton Brig," who was born at Keele 
Hall 5th December, 1754, copied from a document in the possession of 
the Rev. Walter Sneyd of Kcelc, nephew of the above Edward Sneyd, 
from a statement made by one of the sailors who was a fellow prisoner 
with him in Windham jail, whose name, or date, unfortunately does not 

On the 3th (lay of April, 177C). the " Bolton B.rig," commanded by 
Lieut. lulward Sneyd. was taken by a rebel tleet. consisting of nine sail 
under command of one Hopkins. Soon after they had engaged the 
Glasgow, Mr. Sneyd fought them with undaunted bravery, and great 
conduct, and even after he was surrounded by their whole fleet, he gave 
theiu two broadsides and two shells before he struck. We were car- 
ried into New London harbour, and every man put in irons, because we 
would not enlist with the rebels. They allowed us only four ounces 
of bread lur day and four ounces of port to last us two days. We de- 
fied all they could do and were determined by the example and en- 
couragement of our commander. Mr. S. (who in no respect fared better 
than the rest) to die by our colours, rather than purchase life by inglo- 
riously deserting them. After remaining in this deplorable condition 
17 days, they sent us up to Windham prison in Connecticut. Mr. 
Sneyd took tne for his servant, as the villains allowed him no kiufl of 
attendance in his confinement, in short, the barbarous usage lie re- 
ceived from them in consequence of the courageous defense he had 
made and his endeavors to prevent his men from deserting their colors, 
is beyond anything I can explain. They took his parole from him. 
which he had enjoyed but for a short time, and confined him in a 



chiiii^con. so inveterate were they in their resentment towards liini, tliat 
they even ottered me my hberty it I would leave him. But I sc<jrned 
their ot^'er and told them I would never cjuit him as lonj^ as he re- 
mained in such a situation. The villains made not the least difference 
betwixt him and the private sailors, and took from him several presents 
which a Mr. Malhon had made him. to have rendered his continement 
more tolerable. In his dismal situation they kept him from April till 
November, when tired of such a miserable life Mr. Sneyd declared his 
determination of endeavoring at all events to escape, and desired those 
who were of his opinion would join him. as he preferred death itself 
to remaining in the situation they then were. Mr. Cook, a mid-shipman 
belonging to the Scarborough, and three others, immediately declared 
they would go with him. In the beginning of November they broke 
the jail, traveled to a town called Norwich, where they seized a small 
canoe, with which they resolved to attempt to cross the Sound to Long 
Island, but most unfortunately they got into a race (occasioned by the 
different setting of the tides) which presently overset them, when Mr. 
S. and three others after holding fast to the canoe for many hours, w'ere 
at last drowned. The man that was saved was boatswain of the brig, 
who sent in this melancholy account. When he left Windham he gave 
into my charge a bundle of letters and some other things, with his 
journals, to return to him. if happily we should ever meet again. 

Letter from Rev. Walter Sneyd : 

55 Portland Place, London, W., May 17, 1881. 

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your obliging letter, dated April 30th, 
and also of a copy of " Bacchus," with two photographic views of the 
image, which have been forwarded to me from Keele Hall, and for which 
I beg to return you my very sincere thanks. The story of " Bacchus," 
which was first brought to my knowledge by my distant relative, Mr. 
Dryden Sneyd of Ashcombe Park, interested me exceedingly, inas- 
much as the Lieut. Edward Sneyd was my own uncle, for though 105 
years have elapsed since his tragical end, he was my own father's 
youngest brother. My father. Colonel Sneyd, was born in 1752, the 
eldest of the family of 14, 7 sons and 7 daughters, and the head of our 
ancient family. His next brother. Ralph, was born in 1753, was in 
holy orders. Edward, the third son, was born at Keele in 1754. entered 
the naval service, and was engaged in the American war, and all that 
his family ever heard of his sad fate was from the report of one of the 
surviving sailors of the "" Bolton Brig," or " Baumbrig," that had acted 
as his servant, and appears to have been much attached to him. His 
statement of the circumstances of the engagement and defeat, imprison- 
ment, escape, and death by drowning, is preserved in a memorandum 
in my father's handwriting, which I discovered amongst the family 
papers in the monument room at Keele. This statement is substan- 
tially the same as that which you have published in " Bacchus." and its 
concluding sentence is as follows: "When he left Windham he gave 
into my charge a bundle of letters and some other things, with his 
journals, to return to him if happily we should ever meet again." I 
fear there is but little chance of these journals being still in existence. 
If they should be. I need hardly say that they would be most valuable 
and interesting to our family, and I feel greatly obliged by your kindly 
saying that you took some trouble to ascertain whether they have been 
preserved with other papers during reference to Windham jail. Poor 
Edward Sneyd must have been a most gallant young fellow, for at the 
time of his sad death he was only 22 years of age. How strange that 
after the lapse of more than a century these sad but curious details of 
his imprisonment and death should crop up in connection with the 
carved image which has been made known to the world. This from 
interesting little book. WALTER SXEVD. 

J 94 


'i he inlcrest of the laniily in llic iiaccluis lii;iirc seemed to 
be considerable. Captain Henry F. Sneyd, who was in Dixston. 
came to Hartford. March 12, 1881, by recjuest of Dryden 
Sneyd. to make a personal inspection of the tij^ure of liacchus. 
He is a most intellis^a'nt and entertainint( English i:;-entleman. 
Dn Monday 1 went with him to visit Windham (ireen. dined 
at the old Widow Cary tavern, the identical buildini^. and 
imder the espionage of the venerable Judge Swift, an anthofitx 
on historical affairs, saw the foundations of the old jail, and 
other points of historical iiiteroi. Captain Siuxd was enthu- 
siastic over our visit. So it will be seen that around this l)it 
of rude carving cluster man\ romantic historical incidents. 
The apparently hopeless task of ferreting out the descendants 
of the most conspicuous of the prisoners was. by persistent 
effort, accomplished, and although in no sentimental way. yet 
there is a great deal of satisfaction felt both by myself and by 
the wealthy and aristocratic descendants of Conmiander Sneyd. 

I'n fortunately I never could get any trace of the descendants 
oi the other prisoners. John Coggin. John Russell, and William 

On page 14 of the story of *' Bacchus " there seems to be a 
mistake in regard to Edward Sneyd : Birthjilace. and date of his 
birth. 1740. where it was said he was born : also when he joined 
H. ]M. S. Bch'idcrc in 1754. These dates must be wrong. The 
descendants of Edward Sneyd say that he was born at Keele 
Hall, December 5, 1754. 

2081 Frame of Letters. Photographs, etc.. from England, from some 

of the nobility and descendants of Commander Edward Sneyd, 
from which came the history of the figure of liacchus. and of 
the prisoners who carved it out in Windham jail in 1776. 

2082 This envelojie contains the papers from which was secured, the 

starting ])oint of the story of Bacchus, l-'irst. the receipt from 
\\'illiam Cummings, of whom the image of r.acchus was 
bought, dated at Willimantic, June 22, 1859: second, a copy 
of the statement in the Connecticut Gaccttc, published in Xcw 
London. Conn.. Friday, November 20. 1776. giving a full ac- 
count of the prisoners after breaking Windham jail, etc.: 
third, letter from the English Admiralty. Whitehall, London, 
S. \\'.. dated 24lh April, 1876. which gives full history of the 
four prisoners of war. from tluir birth up to the time they were 
captured on Long Island S. unid. loth Jnne. 1776: fourth, 
memorandum of bill of exchange on the City liank. London. 
2 1. St March. 1876. £12.0.0 premium on gold, made it cost 
68.40, payable to Charles Bracy, paid by .\. E. Brooks for the 
above-mentioned Admiralty letter. [62.] 


J 95 

2083 Letter from His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales. Sand- 

riiii^^hani. Xorfolk, England, 12th January. 1878. [49.] 

2084 Letter from His Royal Highness. Duke of Edinburgh, East- 

well Park, Ashford, Kent. England, 30th December, 1878. 

[4a ] 

2085 Letter from Lord Beaconsfield, Earl of Beaconsfield, 10 Down- 

ing Street, Whitehall. London. England. 27th December, 1878. 


2086 Letter from Lord Darnley. Earl of Darnley. Clifton Lodge, 

Amboy. Ireland, 13th December, 1878. [47.] 

2087 Second Letter from Lord Darnley, Cobham Hall, Gravesend, 

England. 27th July. 1881. [89.] 

2088 Letter from Lord Alex. George Russell. Dover, England, 

Christmas Day, 1878. [50.] 

2089 Letter from Hon. William Henry Smith. ^NL P.. Admiralty, 

Whitehall. London. England, 4th January, 1879. [5-1 

2090 Letter from Hon. Richard A. Cross. 'Si. P.. Secretary of State 

Home Department, Whitehall. London. England. 26th De- 
cember. 1878. [51.] 

2091 Letter from Sir Reginald Barnewell. Crickstown Castle. Meath. 

Ireland. 4 Green Street. Grosvenor Square. London. England, 

26th December. 1878. [90.] 
20i')2 Letter from Hon. William B. Robinson, H. ^I. Dockyard, 

Portsmouth, England, 12th December. 1878. [46.] 
2093 Letter from Hon. Edward Augustus Bond. British Museum. 

England. 22d January. 1879. [55-] 
209'4 Letter from Hon. G. Howard. Esq., Librarian of the House of 

Commons. England. 27th December. 1878. [54.] 

2095 Letter from Hon. Dryden Sneyd. Ashcombe Park, near Leek. 

Staffordshire. England, 15th Xovember. 1880. Distant de- 
scendant of Commander Edward Sneyd. [53.] 

2096 Second Letter from Hon. Dryden Sneyd, Ashcombe Park, 

Staffordshire. England. 25th January. 1881. [57-] 

2097 Third Letter from Hon. Dryden Sneyd, Ashcombe Park. Staf- 

fordshire, England. i8th March, 188 1. This letter contains 
an extract from Keele Hall register, the birth of Edward 
Sneyd in 1754, also an account of the capture and death of 
Lieutenant Edward Sneyd, from a statement made by one of 
the sailors who was a fellow prisoner with him in Windham 
jail in 1776. [84.] 

2098 Fourth Letter from Hon. Dryden Sneyd, Ashcombe Park. Staf- 

fordshire. England. 21st October. 1881. [59.] 


2099 Letter from Rev. Walter Siieyd, Keele Hall. 55 Portland Tlacc, 

London. W'.. J-ji^iand. 17111 May. iSSi. a ntphew ot" Com- 
mander I'jlward Sneyd. who \\a> a jjrisoiur ol war in W ind- 
liam jail, and was drowned in the Kaee near New London. 
Conn., in Xovend)er. 177^). \'^S-\ 

2100 Letter from Captain 1 lenry ]•'. Sneyd. late of the British Army. 

distant descendant of ( "ommander lulward Sne\(l, Uoston. 
j\Lass.. 28th l-ehrnary. 1881. [58.] 

2101 Second Letter from Ca])tain I Unry ]•". Sne\(l. Iloston. Mass., 

7th March. iSSi. |f)(). | 

2102 'Jdiird Lrtiei- from Captain ]lenr\- V. Sne>(l. lioston. Mass., 

J 5th March, 1881. |r)i.| 

2103 Letter from llOn. John William Snex'd. liotsford I lall. Leek. 

Staffordshire, Lngland, loth October. i8<;i. Distant descend- 
ant of Commander Edward Sneyd. [41 i.| 

2104 Second Letter from Hon. John William Sne\(l. I^otsford I lall. 

Leek, Staft'ordshire. Eni^land. 30th Xo\eml)er. i8<;i. 141-2. | 

2105 Photograph of Captain llenr\ V . Sne\(l. taken when he was in 

the service of the I'riti^h Army, in 1878. Distant descen<lant 
of C"onnnan(ler l^dward Sneyd. | 7. | 

2106 lMiot(Ji;raph of Hon. l)r\(len ."^nexd. Aslieonihe Park, near 

Leek, Staffordshire, I'Ji^land. in 1880. Distant descendant of 
Commander Edward .^ne\(l. |8.| 

2107 Photograph of lion. John William Sneyd. P.ost'ord Hall. Leek. 

Staffordshire, PLngland, in i8(;i. Distant descendant of C"om 
mandcr Edward Snexd. [(;.] 

2108 I'hotographic view of KeeU- I lall. near Xewcastle, ."Stafford- 

shire. ]'Ln,G:lan(l, 1881 : c-ntrance conrt. Seat of Rev. Walter 
.Stn-yd. I I I . I 

2109 Photo.i^raphic \iew of Ket-le Hall, near Xewcastle. Stafford- 

shire. I'ji.^land. 1881 ; one of the avennes. Seat of Rev. Walter 
Sneyd. | 10. | 

2110 PhotoL^raphic view of Keele I lall. near Xewcastle. Staffc^rd- 

shire. I'.nL^land, 1881 ; terrace front. Seat of Rev. Walter 
Sneyd. |'i2.| 

21 1 1 Plioto.c:raphic view of Keele Elall. near Xewcastle. Stafford- 

shire. ]Mijc:land. 1881 ; sontli view. Scat of Rev. Walter Sneytl. 



HISTORY oi' Till-: xokw icii r.Acciius, etc 


21 IJ The history of the Norwich Jiacchus is not (juite so complete 
as the \\'iiulhani ilacchus. However, it is pretty certain that 
it was used as a sii^n in front of the liackns Inn, Norwich, 
I'onn.. lon<4- before the l\e\'ohuionary War. This image was 
carved from a log of pine. The w orkmanship is hner than that 
of the Windham liacchns. and it was probably made with 
tools. It was no (lonl)t carved as a sign for the Backus 
Hotel. It was a connnon thing in the days of a century and 
a half ago to have wooden images as signs for hotels. The 
image is 26^ inches high, and the cask is 21 inches long; 
has a 1)ottle in one hand, and a wineglass in the other. 
For 76 years it was in tlie possession of Colonel George L. 
Perkins, Norwich, Conn. Colonel Perkins said in 1882 that 
he owned this image of Bacchus sign, as they called it, over 70 
years. He said that when he was a small boy it used to sit on 
a signpost in front of the Backus Hotel, and w-as painted black. 
He said that the Backus Hotel stood on the site where Raw- 
son & \\dnpple's store is located on Water Street. 

Colonel Perkins was born in Norwich. August 5, 1788; died 
September 5, 1888, at the age of one hundred years and one 
month. After the death of Colonel Perkins the image or sign 
was presented to A. E. Brooks, Hartford, Conn., by his friend, 
ex-Representative Thomas B. Lillibridge of Norw^ich, through 
the kindness of Islv. Thomas Perkins, son of Colonel Perkins, 
Norw'ich, Conn. 

21 13 General Israel Putnam's Plow. When Putnam was first in- 
formed of the battle of Lexington he was said to be plowing 
in the field. W^hen he heard the news that Lexington had been 
attacked by the British soldiery, he left his plow in the middle 
of the field, unyoked his team, and, without waiting to change 
his clothes, set ofif for the theater of action. The old plow^ van- 
ished from the unfinished furrow, and according to history, 
one or tw^o old Pomfret antiquarians kept track of it and knew- 
right where it was. It was found in the effects of Daniel Put- 
nam Tyler of Brooklyn, Conn., who was a lineal descendant of 
Putnam. In 1891, W. O. Jacobs t^^ Co. of Danielson learned of 
and located its lair, and Mr. Jacolis easily bought it of its 
owner. It was bought of W. O. Jacobs «S: Co. l)y its present 
owner in August, t8o2. 

The Putnam \)\o\\ is a ])relty tough-looking relic, but it is 
intact in all of its jxirts. except its right handle, which is broken 
in the middle. It is both interesting- and \-aluable. however. 



PUTNAM'S PLOW, X... -.'H.-J. 

in llial it is a capital spccinu-n of the tyj)c of plow universally 
used in Xew England during the Colonial period. Its frame 
and mouldhoard are entirely of hard wood, but the board here 
and there is plated willi pieces of scrap-iron, evidently designed 
to strengthen it. It is apparent that the iron was added to it 
after it had long ])een in ser\ice. The plow point and cutter 
are oi wrought-iron. undoubtedly the only ])iece of iron on it 
at the time it was conipk-ted. besides the broken handle. I2910.] 
21 14 riilnan.'s \\ ar-s; (Idle. '\'hv l\evolutionar\- War-saddle used by 
( ieiieral Israel Putnam. It has been in the possession of Mrs. 
John J'.owles oi I'rooklyn, COnn.. for many ye.'U's. and was 
presented by Mrs. I'.owles to .\. I''. Ihooks of llartford. Conn., 
Marcli. i8(;5. and the record of the Revolutionary War treas- 
ure is authentic. 1'he saddle came from the efTects of Daniel 
T'utnam Tyler of l)rooklyn. a lineal descendant of rutnam. 
Mr. T\ler was an old-fashioned attorney-at-law in the Wind- 
ham county courts. 40 years ago. After his death the effects 
which he left were disposed of at auction, including the saddle 
which was used by the old Kevolutinnist *' Who dared to lead 
where any dared to follow." There is no reason for not sup- 
posing that the saddle was used in Putnam's famous ride down 
the stone steps in (ireenwich. March 26. I77<). The saddle 
itself is of a type noticeably different from the cavalry saddles 
of the present time. The ponmiel is so low as to be scarcely 
discernible when the rider is mounted. The caiulc i>^ high, 

./. /•:. nh'ooKs coLLiicrinx. 199 

rcniiinlinL;" uiic of llic type that was used in the fuiirlccntli ccn- 
lury. riu' war-saddle of tlie Middle Ai^es.uas especially 
adapted lor ehars^ini;" with the lance; consecpiently it was so 
formed to enable the ridc-r to prop himself njjon the hi.i^ii cantle 
while standini;" alnu)st erect in the stirrups. The cantle of the 
I'utnam saddle would enable the rider to achieve such a feat. 
( )ne stirrup is missini;- from the old relic, and of course can- 
not be replaced. J he saddle show s the effect of ai;e. but in the 
main is in the same shape and form as when l^earing the (jld 
Connecticut hero in his daring- exploits in this and other states 
during- the War of the Revolution. [1911.] 
2115 Section of the Charter Oak. Its weight is 25 pounds. It was 
taken from the trunk of the Charter Oak tree, in which was 
concealed the charter of Connecticut from October 31, 1687, to 
May 9. 1689. The tree was blown down in a severe storm 
August 20, 1856. It stood on lot Xo. 29, Charter Oak Avenue, 
Hartford, Conn. From L. B. [Merriam's collection in 1S86. 


21 16 An Old Perforated Tile, 14 inches square, 4 inches thick. It 
has 9 tapering- holes in it which were used in a kiln-dry to dry 
meal or grain. ^Ir. S. Dyer, Canton, Conn., is authority for 
the history of this tile. He says the tile was found while build- 
ing the railroad from Collinsville to Xew Hartford. He was 
assistant surveyor on the road at that time, and knew where 
and when it was found. It was found at the low er end of Pine 
Meadow, near the house of C. \A'. Oilman ; six or eight perfect 
tiles \vere unearthed, and many broken ones. They came from 
a kiln-dry that was used for drying corn for shipment to the 
West Indies. From 1785 to 1800 Cowles & Gleason of Farm- 
ington had a store in Canton, about five miles south of Pine 
^leadow. At that time Cowles, under the name of Elijah 
Cowles & Co., was largely engaged in the East and \\>st India 
trade, importing his own goods in his own vessels. He sent 
large quantities of cornmcal to the W^est Indies, which had to 
be dried to keep from souring. ^Ir. Dyer says his father, wdio 
lived in Canton at the time, had told him all about the business, 
and where the kiln-dry was situated, namely, near the house of 
Ca])tain Jose])h Wills, nc^w C. \\'. Gilman's. [i(^>7^).l 

21 17 Pillion. A cushion tilled with feathers and covered with leather. 
It is attached to the hind ])art of a saddle as a second seat on 
which a woman may ride. This ])illion belonged to Mrs. Solo- 
mon Cole, Glastonbury, Conn. She dietl in 18S7 at the age oi 
78. Prol^ably she rode on it when a ymmg ladw anil perhaps 
her mother rode on it many years before. Pillions arc very 
rarely found at the present day. [077-1 


Jii<S iil.Ak l>lan(l Anchor, made of wood and a slone i)iu iiiMdc to 
sink il ; made and nsc(l hy the early settlers on I'.lock Island. 
iVesentecl to \\. S. \er,-a>on. I lartlord. Conn., by C. C. T.all of 
lilock Island. .\u-n>t. 1S77. I're>rnte<l to A. V.. I'.rooks hy 
E. S. Yeri,^as()n. May J. 1SS4. |jS;4.| 

21 19 Section of a Whale's I'.one which \\a> hron^ht liome tt) New 

London on the whaling >hi|) A'tTv' /:;/-;/(///(/ manv vears a.q^o. 


2120 Stone. 22 inches loni;- and 5 inches S(|nare. This stone was one 

of the nndu-pinnin^- stones which ( ieneral Israel Putnam's 
tombstone wa^ placed on many years aL;<) in I'.rooklyn ceme- 
ter\-. the old tomhstone of ( ieneral l*utnani ha\'mL:' been ])lace(l 
in the State (■ai)itol in the cit\- of Hartford. I2S5/). | 

212 1 Warmini^-pan. A co\ered ])an withi loni^- handle and ii^nited 
coals for warming- a bed. It is said aiuhentically that this 
warmin<;-])an once l)elom,'"ed to Parson Thomas Hooker, who 
was the first settled minister in Hartford, about 1636. This 
warmiui^-pan came down in the Harvey SeyiiK^ur family of 
Hartford. It was ])in'chased of Mary Seymour, dauq'hter of 
Tlarvey Se\nioin\ man\' years a.i.i'o. and it was always claimed 
l)y the family to be Parson Hooker's warmin^--i)an. [41^2.] 

2122 I'an or W'iimow in^-basket for winnowing- i^rain in ye olden 
limes when winnowin^c^ mills were scarce, not many in use. 
Hiis fan is said to have been made about 1700. From Mrs. 
TTuldah Gates. ITadlyme. COnn.. in iSSo. I2232.I 

212:; Kevoliuionary lUdlet-mould. to run 6 bullets at one time, which 
was used duriui^' the l\evohuionar\- War. l-'oimd in the ruin.^ 
of old h'ort Ticonderoi^a. [2010.] 

2124 L(.'<^-irons which were used in Windham jail. Windham. C(~)iui.. 
from 173S to 1820. I 1 173.1 

\ vUV 




20 1 


The following graphic description oi these monuments oi 
war relics was written by :\Ir. Ira E. Forbes, a veteran of Com- 
pany A, Sixteenth Regiment. Connecticut \'olunteers, and 
now of the Hartford Daily Times. 
Monument of \\'ar Relics; a striking design. 

The culminating idea in the collection of war relics made by A. E. 
Brooks of this city, chiefly in the way of arms and aninuniition. lias been 
reached in the form of a monument of singuLir interest and conception 
In the construction of this unique object. 1.833 bullets from the leading 
battlefiekls oi the war. and 124 Union and Confederate buttons have 
l)een utihzed. But this is not the combination chietlv interesting in 
the design. Revolvers, epaulettes, belt-plates worn bv men and officer.- . 
bayonets, canteens, bowie-knives used by the Louisiana Rangers, ex- 
ploded shell from different fields, cavalrv equipment, spurs, and buckle*^ 
have been incorporated in the design with great skill and intelligence.' 
In the first place, the work is a recital in •' lead and iron hail " of the 
war. Every bullet, every broken remnant of shot and shell, every belt- 


plate and epaulette could tell of inspiring scenes and events. The niunn- 
nient is not a patchwork of these relics. Instead it is the clearest and 
most instructive of designs. 

Both sides of the war arc represented in the conception. Four .urcat 
engagements — Petersburg, .\ntietam. Gettysburg, and Fredericksburg 
— constitute tlie salient features of this narrative in relics from the field. 
These events have not been chosen in chronological order. f<jr the 
object to be fibtaincd could not be achieved so accurately in that way. 
Mr. Brooks has aimed to present the Union and Confederate super- 
structures as central figures in the monument. The great armies of 
the North and the South occupy opposite sides. Tlie national gov- 
ernment is represented in the letters U. S.. the combination being made 
from minie balls from Petersburg. It is a fact deserving of more than 
a moment's interest that Petersburg was selected to represent the na- 
tion's triumph. It was there that tlie last vestige of hope entertained 
by the rebels began to vanish. Likewise, at that point the supremacy 
of the government was asserted, with results that will not again be dis- 
puted. The Confederacy, on the other hand, is represented in the 
letters *' C. S.." which are composed of l)ullets from the rebel lines. 
The battle selected is not located on southern soil, but in the state of 
Pennsylvania. Gettysburg has been chosen, because that represented 
the high tide of the Confederacy. The turning point in the war was 
when Pickett's magnificent lines were shattered and decimated beyond 
recovery at Seminary Ridge. The United States and the Confederate 
armies are designated by the letters " U. S. A." and " C. S. .\.." wrought 
in bullets from dozens of battlefields. 

The central i)iece on the government side of the monument is a 
revolver, the barrel of which was exi)Io(led in the hand of a soldier named 
Williams. Beneath this implement of war is a shell that was fired at 
Petersburg. One of the rarest belt-plates to be found in the United 
States figures between ordinary plates worn in the service during the 
war and afterwards. The Union canteen, old and disfigured with rust, 
was found by Captain Lyman Smith of this city, near General McPlicr- 
sf)n's monument at .Atlanta, commemorating the spot where this bril- 
liant officer fell during Sherman's march to the sea. Money could not 
purchase the relic. On the opposite side is a Confederate canteen. It 
is pierced with buckshot in four or five places, and is in singular con- 
trast with the opposite. On one side arc crossed bayonets, while the 
opposite is signalized by bowie-knives that were carried in the belts 
of the Louisiana Tigers. The Confederate belt-plates cannot be dupli- 
cated easily. They represent the styles worn by ofTicers and men. A 
couple of these belt-plates are of peculiar significance, telling of block- 
ade runners that were intercepted, and deeds of daring that were waste<l. 
Both are f)f Britisli origin, one bearing the coat of arms of Great Britain, 
and the other the head of the British lion. Both were captured before 
the blockade runner had penetrated the Union naval lines. One of the 
plates bears the letters *' S. X. \ .," representing the Empire State. One 
from \'irginia is designated by the letters " \^ M. M." \'irginia 
Mounted Militia may have been the significance of these letters, but 
most likely it was something else that was intended. At any rate, the 
key to the meaning is not definitely known this way. Said Mr. Brooks 
with patriotic delight, as he pointed out the combinations: "The 
American eagle is perched above them all," and then it was as worn 
triumphantly through scenes of carnage thirty years ago. Antietani is 
given in the monmnent as the basis for the L'nited States Army and 
Fredericksburg for the Confederate. Again the distinction is most 
admirably conceived. No more important battle was fought during 
the war than .\ntietam. It was the great central engagement in which 
the army of the Potomac staked every interest and hope. Had the 
battle been lost the Union cause would have suffered irretrievably. Mr. 
Brooks has shown consummate judgment in making it the representative 

J. 11. BROOKS COLLIlCriOX. 203 

idea of the Union Army. The selection of Frederickshnr^ as tlie ideal 
of the Confederate battalions is ecjually skillful. The rchel victory at 
Fredericksburg, involving the total defeat of Burnside's grand divi- 
sions, not one of them gaining an inch of ground in the contest, fittingly 
illustrates the spirit and heroism that characteri/A-d the Army of \'ir- 
ginia. The monument which has been inade(|uately described, no pen 
picture l)eing sutlicient to represent its peculiar interest, stands five feet 
and a half in height. The base and shaft are handsomely prop(jrtioned. 
The whole is surmounted with a 32-pounder, the anticjue shot proudly 
capping the work. 

Curiosity will be felt by most people as to the way in which the 
2.000 pieces composing the monument will be kept in place. At the 
outset the frame work was prepared from boards planed and fitted to- 
gether in the form of a regular base and shaft. Every piece has been 
fastened to this wooden frame by means of brads or nails. In order 
that the bullets might not be disfigured by driving the nails through 
them, they were all drilled, the task lasting for days. The revolvers, 
bayonets, bowie-knives, belt-plates, and equipment have all been 
fastened to the surface of the monument by means of the brads, making 
a compact work of the whole. 

212O Aloiiunicnt of War Relics. Artistic arrangement l)y Mr. A. E. 
Brooks. Over 3,000 relics from battlefields on an 8-sided de- 
vice. Important engagements during the four years. 

^Ir. A. E. Brooks, who has one of the finest collections of war relics 
in Xew England, has completed a memorial pedestal of exceptional 
interest, representing scores of battlefields and scenes that has immor- 
talized the heroism of Union and Confederate soldiers during the war. 

There are 3.015 relics in the device, every one of which was obtained 
from the field. The base of the pedestal is composed of bullets arranged 
in eight lines. The number required was 906. The minie-ball was selected 
chiefly for this device. The surmounting corners are made from round 
bullets that were used in the old smooth-bore rifles and muskets. 

The column or shaft of the pedestal is eight-sided. The number 
of bullets incorporated in the octagon surfaces being 880. Belt-plates, 
crossed swords, bugles, artillery designs, each representing special 
features of the service, are included in the construction. 

The period covered by the war is designated by engagements of 
typical interest and importance in the history of the four years' conflict. 

These battles are Bull Run. which was fought at the beginning of 
the struggle. Pea Ridge, which occurred in 1862, the Wilderness in 
1863. and Atlanta in 1864. There were Connecticut troops in each of 
these engagements except Pea Ridge. The latter was one of the his- 
toric engagements in Arkansas, and was fought with great desperation 
on both sides. 

One of the Confederate leaders. General !McCullough. who was 
mortally wounded at Pea Ridge, was in the battle of Wilson's Creek, 
when the Connecticut General, Nathaniel Lyon, was mortally wounded. 
\\'ilson's Creek, which belonged to the series of operations, culminat- 
ing at Pea Ridge, will long be a point of mournful interest to the 
patriots of eastern Connecticut. The battle itself could not be involved 
in the specific record represented by the pedestal, which Mr. Brooks has 
devised, except through the series of operations that constituted the 
^Missouri campaign of 1861 and 1862. ]\Ir. Brooks has done admirably 
in selecting Pea Ridge as one of the typical battles of the war. 

The battle of the Wilderness, which was fought in 1863, was in every 
sense one of the great battles of the war. It takes its place on the 
pedestal with exceptional significance. The year 1864 is represented 
by Atlanta, the central point of interest in the campaign, that terminated 
in Sherman's march to the sea. 


The devastation of Atlanta was a terrible event, justifiable only i)y 
the most imperative exigencies. The campaign that succeeded the 
burning of the noted Southern city was fatal to the Confederacy. It 
disclosed as nothing else could have done the inherent weakness of the 
South during the war. The history of the great conflict is necessarily 
embraced between the events of Hull Run and Atlanta. It will be ob- 
served from the illustration accompanying this article that the alternate 
octagon surfaces of the shaft designate the years of the war. The 
figures are made froin bullets, the environment being made of crossed 
swords, cannon, shields, breast-plates, and curious combinations of war 
materials found on the field. The distinct forms appearing in the names 
of battles and years will elicit especial praise from the observer. Every 
one of the bullets and associate pieces on the shaft is bored and 
fastened separately on the octagon surfaces. 

The capital, surmounting the shaft, is made from 929 pieces. There 
are 55 plates and ornaments in the work, and 191 army buttons are used 
in carrying out the decorator's design. .\ regular mortar shell sur- 
mounts the pedestal, adding effectively to the design as a whole. The 
fact that every piece in this unique and interesting work is from a 
battlefield of the war will increase the inherent value of the design. 
The scores of battlefields from which the relics have been procured are 
known from actual experience by Connecticut veterans. Mr. Brooks 
has shown thorough appreciation of the historic value of the fields, 
which he has depicted in the memorial pedestal that has been described. 

JIJ7 ."Section of a Tree called Vosi Oak, from the battlefield of Ciiic- 
aiiiaii,cfa. Teiin., September 20, 1863. This \o^ is about 9 feet 
loiijn;' and from 14 t(^ i^) inrhes in dianutir. showinc;" on its 
surface a .qnarled and inuwn tVonl, caused l)y the i^rowth of 
the wootl over bullets, i^rapeshcjt. and pieces of shell. In ad- 
dition to these gnarled overo;ro\vths there are 14 visible i)ieces 
of iron partly embedded in the lo,c^. These are many types of 
missiles, from bullets and canister shot to conical balls from 
rifled camion, frai^ments of shell, one refund cannon ball (a 
Ti-poimder), distributed over a i^reater ])art of the lent^th of 
the surface, showinj;:: that the fire at that point of the battle- 
tuld must have been somethint,^ terrific. 

The missiles in this loc,^ are on one side of it. and show the 
liriuf^ from the L'nion Army. The lo<; was on the (lovernnient 
reservation, and cuttini: ha<l been forbidden, but as the tree 
blew down in a storm this part of it was obtained. 

W. E. Cccvcr. the f^^entlrman who sold the loir to Mr. 
r.rooks, says that it has two u-pound shells in it. canister and 
.i^rapeshot. and fra.trnient of shells. It is considered the finest 
specimen of the kind in the country, and was cut from the tree, 
after it had blown down, by Anderson Murdock. It stood on 
Snodjjrass Hill, near the east line, west of the old house, and 
near the small .crraveyard located tliere. that this par- 
ticular tree must have received the fire of l)otli armies. It 
would have been utterly impossible f<ir a human ]H^in.c: to have 
lived at the particular point of the battlefield where the tr( < 
from which this \n^ was taken stood. (2343.! 

A. li. IU<00KS COLlJ'.CriON. 


2128 Section (A a Tree called I *ost Oak, 7 feet lon^. 14 to i6 inches 

in diameter, sliowini^- on its surface an nnexen front. can>ed by 
i^rowtli of wood o\'er bnllets. j^Tapesliot, and ])ieces of sliidl. 
( )ne ol tile rille-cannon halls that is iinhc(ldc(l in it near tlie 
base went in w ron_L;' end to, the point ol tin- ball ]>lainl\- sIkjw- 
ini;-. Another has an " X " marked on the bntt end, and is 
plainly a Confederate missile, showing- that this particular 
stump must have received the fire of both armies. [2344.] 

2129 Section of a Pine Tree, 27 inches long, 9 inches in diameter, 

with 12-pound shell in it. From the battlefield of Chicka- 
mauga, Tenn., September 19, 1863. [2345.] 

2130 Section of Oak from a limb of a tree, 12 inches long, 6 inches 

in diameter. It has two grapeshot and a piece of shell in it. 
It w^as taken from a limb of a tree on Lookout Mountain bat- 
tlefield, the great battle of November 24, 1863. [2346.] 

2131 Section of a Limb of an Oak Tree with many pieces of shot and 

shell in it. From the battlefield of Lookout Mountain, Tenn., 
sometimes called the battle above the clouds, Xoveniber 24, 
1863. [2347.1 

2132 Section of a Limb of an Oak Tree, 26 inches long, 6 inches in 

diameter, wdiich stands on a base of bullets. It has a part of a 
tin pail with a bullet-hole through it. The pail had been left 
hanging on the limb by some soldier, and the w^ood having 
grown over the pail made it fast to the limb. This interesting 
limb of a tree and bullets came from the battlefield of Lookout 
Mountain, Tenn., November 24, 1863, and was procured by 
General Louis F. Heublein, Hartford, Conn., in ]\Ia>', 1891. 
Mr. Heublein presented it to this collection January 26, 1892. 

2133 Confederate Spar Torpedo, 27 inches long, 12 inches in diam- 

eter, w'eight 165 pounds, wdiich is the same kind of torpedo that 
was used at the entrance of Mobile Bay, Ala., in August. 1864. 
From Mobile, Ala. [T975.I 

2134 15-Inch Monitor Solid Shot, weight 435 pounds. The monitors 

wdiich used the 15-incli solid sliot and shell were the 'l\\iimscJi 
and Manhattan. They were single-turreted, each with twi) 15- 
incli guns which were used at the battle oi Mobile. Ala.. Au- 
gust, 1864. JM-om Alobile, Ala. |T977- 1 

2135 C. S. Ti-Inch Solid Shot Riile rrojectile, \() inches long. 

weight 260 i^ounds. It is called a wing shot, and has two 
brass wings to make it run in the rilling oi the cannon, which 
are fastened with brass band and brass bolts to the base oi the 
projectile. This ])roiectile was secured from the Cnited States 


(jovcmniciu 1)\ I'ram'is Mainurman of .\\\\ ^ Ork. '1 here arc 
only two of tiKin in rxislciicc- al iIk- j)i\scm (la\-. | 1973. J 

2136 I'. S. 10-lnch Solid Shot Ivillc I'rojcclik-. J I inclics loiiij;-. wciglu 
2JJ pounds, with l)ra>s sabot. l-'roin llu- [' . S. battleship 
Jh;>i>klyii at the close of the Civil War. | i<)J(k\ 

_M37 ['. S. Army Stove or Sibley .\rniy Tent Stove which was con- 
(knnied or left on the battlefield after the battle near h'reder- 
icksbur--. \ a.. 1 )eceniber u. 13. and 14. iShj. Mr. William 
liannon of l'rederick>l)ni_L; i)icke(l up a few of them and saved 
them for relics. | _Mf)4. | 

J13S r. S. Army Tripod nse<l with the Sibley army >to\e in front of 
i'redericksbin-.L;-, \ a. it was ])icked u]) after the battle. De- 
cember IJ, 13, and 14. iSf)J. by William I'.annonof [-"rederick- 
bur--. \a. i-M^»5.| 

2130 ^ • ^- (iiiidon with small Confederate ilai;'. This L^aiidon was in 
the serxice at the battle in front of I'redericksburg, \'a.. k^e- 
ceniber u. 13. and 14, i(S()j. It came into the possession of 
William Ikmnon. J'redcricksburg, December 16, 1862. |iio2.| 

2140 C S. ( iiiidon with small Confederate Ha";. This guidon was in 

the serxice at ketersbiirg. \'a.. in se\eral engagements; also at 
the Crater. jnl\- 30. 1X^4. This liag has bloodstains on it. 
k'rom C. L. lioi)kins. 1 'etersbiirg, \ a. | 1102.] 

2141 I'. S. l\u>h Lance. This kind of lance was used 1)\' the Sixth 

I'eniisyhania Cavalrw Colonel Kichard II. I\u>h Lanciers of 
1862. I 1070.1 

2142 C. S. l)rown Lance used by the lirown Lancers in (ieorgia in 

i8h4. |i.;7i.| 

2i_j3 k)oa'"ding-j)iiv-e. (la!^ger-^ha])ed blade. 10.', inches I'Uig. fastened 
to a j)ok' S feet l'>ng. W ere n>ed on board of gtinboats during 
the Civil W ar. I'rom C harloton. S. C". | i^>')<).| 

2144 k.oarding-i)ike. 4 scjuare sharp points, 9 inches long, fastened on 

a pole /l feet long. Were used on board of gunboats during 
the Civil War. k'rom Charleston. S. C. |i7('><^l 

2145 ( annon-wornur. from the battletield of lUill Kun. .\ugust 21. 

1 86 1. I 144'- 1 

2146 Cannon-swab, sponge g 4. for cleaning cannon. I'rom the bat- 

tlefield of Seven T~*ines. \ a., seven days' battle. June 2^ to July 
I. 1862. [1417.1 

2147 CauTion-swab. brush y\C\ for cleaning cannon. I'rom battle- 

field of ^'orktown. \ a., .\pril 30 to May 4. 1864. [1418.] 

2148 C S. Infantry Dnnn ; was in the service at the close of the Civil 

War. i8r,;. " f i.,.,o.] 

.1. /■:. H NOOKS COLLIiC'J'lOX. 


214'; V. S. Aililk'iy I )iinn ; was in tlic service at llic close nl the Civil 
War, i8()5. I'Vuiii W'ashin-lon, \). C. |i<j<ji.J 

2150 L". S. llaiiiinock taken from the Confederate cruiser S muffler, 

])y J.ieutenant luan, C. S. X. lie took the hanniioc]< from the 
Siiiiiptcr after she was ctjndennied at Gibralter, in January. 
1862. [1/49- J 

2151 Pair Confederate Shoes, wooden soles. This kind of shoe was 

worn 1)}' what were called during the war " Xorth Carolina Tar 
Heelers." They were bought 1)\- \\\ C. Case, who was clerk in 
one of the leading hotels in Richmond, Va., in 1863. lie 
bought them of a Confederate officer from North Carolina. I 
have known a pair of these shoes to be sold for $150 since the 
war, as war relics. \'ery rare. [2149.] 

2152 Drafting Alachine which was used in Hartford, Conn., for draft- 

ing men for the Civil War, September 10, 11, and 12, 1862. At 
these dates there were 431 men drafted. The hoodwink that 
was used at that time is still inside of the machine. [2210.] 

2153 C. S. Tin Canteen. This canteen has two separate departments, 

one for water, the other for cofTee. It was found on the battle- 
field of Hatcher's Run, Va.., March 25, 1865. [2222.] 

2154 C. S. Canteen, from battlefield of Lookout Mountain, Tenn.. 

Xovember 24, 1863. [2723.] 

2155 U. S. Canteen, marked 3d Artillery A, 15th. Was in the service 

during the Civil War. From Richmond, Ya.. [1106.] 

2156 U. S. Canteen, marked C. O. C. 5th, i6th. Was in the service 

during the Civil W^ar. From W^ashington, D. C. [2724.] 

2157 Bugle from battlefield of Alanassas Junction, Va.., Jnly 21, 1861. 


2158 I'. S. Artilleryman's Hat, which was made of shoddy, very com- 

mon goods in war time. From battlefield of Sailor's Creek, 
Va., April 6, 1865. [2857.] 
2i5() ^Militiaman's Hat, from battlefield at Fort Fisher, X^. C. January 
14 and 15, 1865. [2858.] 

2160 L^. S. Knajxsack. This knapsack was carried in the Ci\il \\'ai 

by John A. Bowen, First Regiment, Connecticut Heavy 
Artillery, who was chief of police, Xorwich. Conn. [1648.] 

2 1 61 T\nai:)sack. It was carried in the Civil \\ ar by John V. Rogers, 

Philadelphia, Pa., in 1864 and 1865. I'2704'.l" 

2162 Haversack whicli was carried in the Ci\-il War by Selh ]\>ters. 

Charleston, S. C. fnio.] 

2163 Haversack from battlefield of Cettysburg, Pa., July, 1863. 



2i()4 (iuntur's Case for ordnance usid in the Livil War. l->oni 
Cliarkslon. S. ( ".. \><(^. | 1 i u. | 

2 1^5 (iuinur's ( aM- lor nrdnanrc nsvd in the Livil War. I'roni Rich- 
mond. \ a. I 1 I IJ. I 

2166 Jlavcr>ack which was in the service of the Civil War. l-'roni 
haltlehel<l of ('e(hir Creek. \ a.. ( )ctohu- K;. iS()4. I-705.I 

JiCyJ r. S. |-\-c(l r.a.^s. r.aller\ I'., h'onrth .\rtillerv. 'Iluy were in 
the ser\ice (hn'in^- the C'i\il War. l-'roni .\lexan(h-ia. \'a. 
I ' ">4-l 

J|()S Pistol Holsters, from hattletield of ( lettx >l)ur,L^-. Ta.. July i to 3, 
iSf);v |i2oS.| 

Ji6(j Pistol Holsters, from hattlefu-ld of l-'redericlohnr-'. \'a.. De- 
cember I J to 14. \X()j. I 27 I 3. 1 

2170 l\e\-ol\er and Holster, from hattlelield of L'hancellorsville. \'a., 

May 2. iSr)3. I2712.I 

2171 I\e\olver-holster. beloni^ed to Charles Williams. Company V>, 

\-"]r>{ ( "onnectictit Cavalrv. Idle revolver is in the collection. 


2172 C S. Cartrid,L;ed)oxes and Pelt, trom 1 Vtershnri^-. \ a. [2715. [ 

2173 U. S. X. Cartridii^e-box. from Charleston, S. C. I271S.I 

2174 I'. S. X. Cartridi^e-box. fr(Mii ]^)rt Hudson. Pa. |27i<j.| 
217^ C S. Cai)-l)ox, from llarper'.s l'err\-. \ a.. Inl\- 14. 1S02. 


2176 Officer's P.elt. from battUlield of Lookout .Mountain. Tenn.. 

Xovember 24. iSh:^. I2721.I 

2177 CartridL;ed)elt. from i)altlefield of Missionary RidLTe. 'I\-nn.. Xo- 

vember 2^, iS^)^. I 2722. I 

2175 (*. S. ( )fficer"s P.elt. ( )n plate marked R. IP ( i.. Richmond 

1 lorse ( iuards. | 1527. | 

2I7<; {'. S. Artillery .^^aber and P.elt. from battletield of \'orktown. 
\a.. April and .Ma\. 1S04. |()7i.| 

2180 ( )fticer'.s Writini;-case. from battlefield of P.entonville. \. C. 
March 19, 1865. [2864.] 

21X1 ]Uitc]ier Knife. This knife was taken from the Marsliail llon>e. 
Alexandria. \ a., in iSoi. The Marshall LIoiisc is a noted 
Iioiise. where Colonel ]•.. Idmer Idlsworth of the Xcw ^'ork 
Zouaves was sliot on the niMruiu- of Mav 24, 1861. after taking; 
clown the Confed^-rate tlai;' from the house. Tie was shot 
throui^h the heart bv lames T. Packson. keeper of the hotel. 

2182 .\rmy Knife. I'ork. and Spoon, made by W. IP Richards. Bos- 
ton, Mass.. patented Jiilv 23. i8f)i. l-'roni I'ort Harrison. \'a.. 
October. 1864. \2^'6Cx] 


2183 Picture of Aiulcrsonvillc i'risun, 60x40, as it appeared Au,L;ii>r 

1, i8()4, when it contained 35,000 prisoners of war. iJrawn 
from memory 1)\- Thomas ( )'L)ea, late private C'omjjany 1l, 
Sixteenth Ret^iment Infantrw Maine X'olunteers. [2497.] 

2184 U. S. 4-lnch Hotchkiss Shell, from James Island, S. C, battle 

July 16, 1863. [1632.] 

2185 C. S. 4-Inch Reed Shell, from Charleston, S. C, 1863. | 1633.] 

2186 U. S. 3-lnch i*arrt)tt Shell, from battlefield of Winchester, \a., 

June 13 to 15, 1863. [1622. J 

2187 U. S. 4-Inch Shenke Shell, from 1)attlefield near h>edericksburg, 

Va., December 12 to 14, 1862. [2082.] 

2188 C. S. 3-Inch Hotchkiss Solid Shot, from battlefield near W'in- 

chester, \'a., July 24, 1864. [2078.] 

2189 U. S. 4-Inch Parrott Shell, from battlefield of Fredericksburg, 

Va., December 12 to 14, 1862. [2083.] 

2190 U. S. 3-Inch Shenke Shell, from battlefield of \\'inchester, \'d.. 

July 18, 1864. [2075.] 

2 191 U. S. 3-Inch Shenke Shell, from battlefield of Newmarket. \'a., 

May 15, 1864. [1629.] 

2192 U. S. 3-Inch Parrott Shell, from battlefield of Lynchburg. \'a., 

June 18, 1864. [1627.] 

2193 C. S. 3-Inch Reed Shell, from battlefield of Chancellorsvillc, 

Va., May 2, 1863. [2077.] 

2194 C. S. 3-Inch Reed Shell, from battlefield of Harper's Ferry, A'a., 

July, 1862. [2076.] 

2195 U. S. 3-Inch James Shell, from battlefield of Chester Station, 

A^a., Alay 10, 1864. [2663.] 

2196 4-Inch Shrapnel Shell, filled with pieces of iron, invented by 

General Shrapnel; from battlefield of Culp's Hill, Gettysburg, 
Pa., July I to 3, 1863. [1445.1 

2197 U. S. 4-Inch Parrott Shell, from battle of Plymouth. X. C, 

April 20, 1864. [1477.1 

2198 C. S. 4-Inch Shenke Shell, from l^attletield of Fort Darling, A'a., 

Alay t6, 1864. [1631.1 

2199 6-Pounder Driggs-Schroder Shell, made for the Driggs-Schro- 

der gun by the Pratt & Cady Co., Hartford, Conn., patented 
March 22, 1892. [2103.I 

2200 I -Pounder Driggs-Schroder Shell, made for the Driggs-Schro- 

der gun by the Pratt & Cady Co., Hartford, Conn., patented 
March 22, 1892. [2T04.I 

2201 47-Milliliter Shell, cast irc^n. made for the Driggs-Schroder gun 

bv Pratt & Cadv Co., Hartford. Conn. [210^.1 


2202 Seventy-two Solid Shot and Shell. I'runi haltletlelds near Rich- 

mond. \'a. ; 72 pieces. |j«;jS. | 

2203 Thirty-five I'. )nnds Liad llnlUis. fmni hatllefield of Lookont 

Mountain. Tenn.. Xoveniher 24. iS(j3. [2455. | 

2204 I'ifty I'duikI-^ of Lead lUillets. from battlefield near I "etershur.Lr. 

\ a.. iSr)4 and iS()5. | 1381.] 

2205 r. S. r.reasti)lates and I'.elt-plates. from hattlefield of Antietani. 

Aid.. September 17. 1862; 2() ])irers. | i.| 

2206 Kelics from liattlefield of Sr\rn I'incs. \ a.. May and [un^ . 

1862 : 30 pieces. |2. | 

2207 Ten Pounds Lead I'.nlKts. from hatlletuld of I-'zra Church, near 

Atlanta, C.a.. July 28. iSh4. I3.I 

2208 L.elt-plates. lUittons. etc.. from ballKtuld of I 'etersbnrq-. \'a.. 

1864 and 1865; 40 pieces. I4.I 

2209 EijT^ht Pounds Lead I'.ullets. from battlefield of Winchester. \'a.. 

June 13 to 15, 1863. I 5.1 

2210 'fill i'ounds Lead liullets. from battlefield of Cedar Creek. \'a.. 

( )ctol)er 19. 1864. If). I 

221 1 Six Pounds Lead lUillets. from battlefield near Chattanooj^-a. 

Tenn.. September 20. 1863. \y.\ 

2212 'fwelve Pounds Lead lUillels. from battlefield of Lredericks- 

l)urj:^. \'a.. December 12 to 14. 1862. [8.] 

2213 Six I'omids Lrad r.iiriet>. from battlefield of Little i\ound 'fo|.. 

Gettysburg-. Pa.. Inly j to 3. \X(^^^. [.,.] 

2214 One Hundred Pounds Lead Pullets, from battlefield near i'ort 

LIudson. 1863. [12.1 

2215 Seventy-five I'ounds Lead P.ullets. from battlefield near Win- 

chester. \'a.. 1863 to 1864. I 13. 1 

2216 Pi ft \-fu\- pounds Lead I'ullets. from battlefields near I'rcder- 

icksbur.^-. \ a.. December 12 to 14. 1862. (17.] 

2217 Xinetv I'ounds Lead Pullets, from b.ittlefiehls of ( iettysburi^. 

Pa.. July I to 3. 1863. [18.1 

2218 Sixty pounds Lead P.ullets. from battlefield of Pull Run. 1861 

to 1862. I I«j.| 

2219 Seven Shells, from battlefield of Antietani. Md.. September 17. 

1862 : 7 pieces. | 1 i.| 

2220 Forty Pieces Shell, from battlefield of C.ettysburi::. I'a.. July I 

to 3. 1863 : 40 pieces. [14.] 

2221 Thirty Pieces Shell, from battlefield of Seven Pines. \'a.. May 

and June. 1862: 30 pieces. [15! 

2222 V. S. and C. P. P.elt-plates. Pra>s ( Mnaments. etc.. from battle- 

fields near Petersbur.c:. \a.. 1864 and 1865; 80 pieces. [t6.] 

J. /:. H/kOOKS COLLI-CTION. 211 



222^ Jjreech-loading Cannon, cal. 2 inches, made of wrought-iron. 
The marks on it indicate that it was made in China about the 
year 1373. The cannon is 5 feet 8 inches long; probably the 
charge was fired by a fuse. The breech-loading apparatus or 
breech-block of this wonderful arm is distinct from the 
wrought metal of the cannon, and is charged before being 
placed in position for firing. The bore containing the charge 
is exactly identical with that of the cannon, and in horizontal 
lines. The bores are absolutely in unison. The breech-block 
is held in place by a crossbar and the wrought-iron projection 
from the chamber that penetrates the body of the cannon, hold- 
ing the two together with resistless energy. This breech-block 
is removable at the will of the operator or gunner. A ring is 
attached to it for that purpose. This cannon was sent to the 
United States by the princes of East India with their exhibit to 
the World's Fair at Chicago, 111., and was on exhibition in 
the Art Department in the summer and fall of 1893. It is duly 
authenticated by credentials from the English house in Bom- 
bay which invoiced the collection. [2250.] 

2224 Old Cannon bearing date of 1400. made of wrought-iron. The 
chase was formed of two bars bent longitudinally and sur- 
rounded by a number of rings welded to each other. Sur- 
rounding the whole were three large rings, also a large ring in 
the center to lift it by. The length of the cannon is 2 feet, the 
bore 4 inches, its weight 125 pounds. This old cannon was 
taken from a wreck or sunken ship which had been gradually 
driven to the coast of South Devon, England, in iSgi. There 
was but little of the hull left at that time. The opinion of the 
English authorities was that this ancient vessel belonged to 
the Spanish Armada. [2134.] 


22 J^ and 222() I'air IJrass I aniions. Iciii^th 28 inclics, burc 1 ^1, inches. 
I lu inscription on iluin is as follows: " ME FECIT CIPRI- 
These cannon are beautifnl specimens ; are somewhat smaller 
than the tyi)e that were captnrecl from the British at Bunker 
Hill in 1775. irom the collection of A. (ierald Hull of Sara- 
toi^a. X. \'.. who (lied h'ehruary. iSg^. I2151 and 2152.] 

2227 RcNoJiuiunar} Iron Camion. kni;lh 4 feel 7 inches, bore 2h 
inches, which was in the American service at Vorktown, \'a., 
when Lord Cornwallis surrendered, October, 1781. [1652.] 

222S Kevolutionary Swivel Iron Cannon, length 28 inches, bore ij 
inches. It has the luiglish crown on it. which is said to have 
come off from one of the war vessels in llu- llrilish tleet at 
Charleston, S. C. duriiiL; the l\evolutionar\ W ar. | 198*^.] 

222\) iirass Howitzer, length 30 inches. l)ore 3 inches. It is authen- 
tically stated that this lnjwitzer was in service in tlie Mexican 
War and did good service at the battle of Vera C rnz. March 
23 to 26, 1847. I'roni A. Gerald Hull's collection. Saratoga, 
X. Y. [2153.] 

2230 and 2231 I'air Signal-guns or Cannons, length 23^ inches, bore 
3 inches. IVom the old whaling shij) Xcw Englaml. In 1841 
this noted whaler sailed from New London to the whaling 
grounds in the neighborhood of Greenland, and remained in 
service until i860, when it retired. These guns were used for 
salutes on entering ports or i)assing friendly vessels, and for 
guiding back the harpoon crew in case they might be out of 
sight of the whaler. It was not an infre(juent occurrence that 
the harpoon crew were sw cpt out of sight in pursuing the mon- 
sters of the deep. But the crew were almost invariably sure of 
being guided back by the signal-gun. which was tired from 
time to tiiue on shipboard. (2212 and 2213.] 

22;i,2 < >ld Ir« n ( annon. length 34 inches, bore 2 inches. This cannon 
was taken frcjm a blockade runner which was cajitured by the 
I'nited States steamer Rcsoliilc, July 2^, iXfu. \ i<;88.1 

22T^Tt Coehorn Mortar, bore 5:] inches: named from its inventor. 
Baron Coehorn. It has two handles, and is capable of being 
carried by two men for short distances. I'sed for throwing 
bombs, shells, etc. It was in the service at Vorktown. \'a., 
.\pril 30 to May 4. 1864. and in niatiy other battles during the 
Civil War. [2173.] 


COLLlCCTiUX ()!• JArAXl':Sl': SWORDS; 7 I'llCClCS. 

2234 Japanese Sword, blade 19 inches lon^, finely carved, ivory 

handle and sheaih. [jijO/.] 

2235 Ja]:)anese Sword, hlade 14^ inches lone^, finely carved, ivory 

handle and sheath. [2036.] 

2236 Japanese Daoo;er, blade 7^- inches long^. finely carverl, ivory 

handle and sheath. [2037.] 

2237 Japanese Sword, blade 22 inches lon^r. handle wound with green 

tape, sheath made of i)a])ier-niache. [1924.] 

2238 Japanese Sword, blade 23 inches long, handle wound with green 

tape, sheath made of papier-mache. [1925.] 

2239 Japanese Short Sword, blade 16 inches long, handle wound with 

green tape, sheath made of papier-mache. [1926.] 

2240 Japanese Short Sword, blade 13^ inches long, handle wound 

with white tape, sheath made of papier-mache. [1927.] 


2241 Old Corner Cupboard made in 1750; has glass front with bulls- 

eye glass in its center. From an old house up in the mountain 
near Amherst. ^lass., which was built in 1750. [2458.] 

2242 20-Inch Pewter Platter, marked S. E. [i.] 

2243 I9f-Inch Pewter Platter, marked London ; once owned by \M1- 

liam \\'ait, Gilbertville, ^lass. [2 19. J 

2244 19^-Inch Pewter Platter, marked P. London; once owned by 

William Wait. Gilbertville, ]\Iass. [579.] 

2245 15-Inch Pewter Platter, marked King, London ; once owned by 

Dr. G. A. Bates. Worcester, ]\Iass. [541.] 

2246 15-Inch Pewter Platter, marked P. P., C. ]\I. London: once 

owned by [Miss Prudy Jordan. Greenwich, ^lass. [578.] 

2247 15-Inch Pewter Platter; once owned by Dr. G. A. Bates, 

Worcester, ^lass. [542.] 

2248 15-Inch Pewter Platter, marked P. Redman, London. [2.] 

2249 13^-Inch Pewter Platter, marked London; once owned by 

Philip Jordan, who was one of the ^linute Men of Hardwick, 
]^Iass., and fought at the battle of Bunker Hill, June 17. I775- 
It has always been said that he took this platter with him at 
the outbreak of the war in L775 and brought it home again. 

2250 13^-Inch Pewter Platter, marked T. B. A. G. Ford, London ; 

once owned bv Dr. G. A. Bates, Worcester, ^lass. [540] 



2251 I3i-lnch Pewter IMattcr. marked Thomas VA\'\>, Loiuloii; once 

owned by T. Ryan. I lartl'cjrd. Conn. [SJo] 

2252 13-Incli Pewter riattrr. inarkid Tlioma.s l-'.llis, Lcjndon ; once 

owned by Dr. ( i. A. I'.atc^. W ..rrou r. Mass. |53<>.) 

2253 1 vlii^li iVvMrr rialitr. inarlvrd I. T. ( '.. London: once owned 

1»\ r. Kyaii. Ilai'tiord. I onn. |573| 
JJ54 iJ-Inrli iVwtrr IMattrr. niarkrd I'oiirr. |j.n<l««n: once owned 

l.y Dr. (i. A. I'.atv>, W -rcr>trr. Ma>s. | 53S. | 
2255 ij-lncli I\-\\t(.'r riallcr. marked S. 1',. London: . .ncc owned l)y 

Dr. (.. A. I'.alis. Worcester. Ma>s. | 537. | 
2250 ii^lncli I'lwtir I Matter, marked W. Dillin---. 1 3. | 
2257 i6]-incli I'rwur Drrp IMaltiT, marked .<. ]■'.. Dond.,n: once 

owned ky Daniel .Mile>. ( ikastonkury. Conn., who w.i^ , me of 

the .MiinUe Men in 1773. | 7. | 
2J5S 14.1-lneh I'ewter Deep IMalicT. niarl<ed London: om r owned 

hy 'i'. Ryan. 1 Larlior(k lOnn. | 57^>. i 
J2^i) ]i-lneli Lewttr Deep Lkaller. niarl<ed .^. .\. London; once 

owneil hy Peter Lnx. Ilartforck Conn. |5''u.| 

2260 lo-lnch Pewter Pkite ; once owned h\- T. l\\an, 1 larttord. Conn. 

1 57-- 1 

2261 9J-Ineli Pewter iMate. marked Loeki Lan(k)n: once owned by 

T. Ryan. lhirtior(k Conn. |5''4.| 

2262 9J-Inch Pewter IMate. marked Starr. London; ,.nce owned by 

Dr. G. A. Bates. W'orcoier, .\kas>. I535.I 

2263 r^-Inch Pewter Pkate. marked \ Lon(km: once owned by Dr. 

G. A. Rates, Worcester. .\Pi,s>. L^3''.| 

2264 8J-Inch Pewter Plate, marked h'hii Landon ; ..nee owiie<l by 

IVter Lnx. ILnrtforck (onn. |5^)5.| 

2265 8|-Inch Pewter IMate. marked London, also the initiaU D. M.. 

wliich means I )aniel .Miles. lie was a Rtwolntionarv soldier, 
and served in tin- Third Kc-^inunt. ( "omiecticni Line, from 
April 17. 1777. to jannarv i. 1 77S. It i^ said that he carried 
this plate with him in the .service-. [looj.] 

2266 8i-Inch Pewter Plate, marked Clrich. London. I'rom the es- 

tate of Thomas H. Seymonr. Hartford. ( omi. |3''7.| 

2267 H.J-Inch Pewter Plate, marked John. London. I rom the estate 

of Thomas H. Seymour. Hartford. Conn. [56S. | 

2268 Six 8}-Tnch Pewter Plates, marked Richards & Vates. London, 

with initials H. S. ; once owned by Miss Prn<1y Jordan. < ireen- 
wich N'illa^e. Mass. [581.] 

2269 8-Inch Pewter Plate, marked Samuel, London. I "rom estate of 

Thomas TT. .Scvmom-, TTnrtfonl. Tonn. [766.] 

./. I-.. Hk'OOKS COL/JiCTlOX. 


2270 8-lnch Pewter Plate, marked Thaniel, London. I'loni csiau- 

of Thomas H. Seymour, Hartford, Conn. |-i(>| 

2271 (j-lnch iVnvter Deep Plate, marked 1820, foreign; onee (jwned 

by T. Ryan, Plartford, Conn. [563. J 

2272 8-Ineh Pewter Deep Plate, marked S. Rothan, l'\'inzinn. krom 

estate of Thomas H. Seymour, Hartford, Conn. | 57 1.| 

2273 7"|-Inch Pew'ter Deep Plate, foreign; onee owned 1)\' iJr. (1. A. 

P.ates, \\'orcester, Mass. [561.] 

2274 io:]-Ineh Pewter Pan or Washbowl, foreign, k'rom estate of 

Thomas H. Seymour, Hartford, Conn. [766. J 

2275 lo-lneh Pewter Pan or Washbowl, foreign; once owned by 

Solomon Cole, Glastonbury, Conn. [1005.] 

2276 9^-Pnch Pewter Bowl, marked with an eagle ; proba1)ly made in 

the United States. From East Hartford, Conn. [577.] 

2277 Pewter Tea Caddy with screw cover, nearly square, 6x3-0- inches, 

12 inches high ; marked on one side, F. G. S., 1756, on the other 
side, F. Becker, 1791. A rare old piece. From Windsor, 
Conn. [4.] 

2278 Pair Pewter Candle-moulds, 141 inches long by i inch. From 

Crandall, New London. Conn. [5.] 

2279 2-Inch Pewter Porringer, from Hartford, Conn. [6.] 

2280 3-J-Inch Pewter Porringer, from Rocky Hill, Conn, [s^-] 

2281 4-Inch Pewter Porringer, from Old Fladley, ]\Iass. [S3-] 

2282 4|-Inch Pewter Porringer, from Dr. G. A. Bates. Worcester, 

Mass. [529.] 

2283 44-Inch Pewter Porringer, from Dr. G. A. Bates, \\'orccster, 

Mass. [528.] 

2284 7!i^-Inch Pewter Bowl, marked with U. S. eagle. lS7:^^-] 

2285 6-Inch Pewter Bowl, marked U. S. eagle. [530.] 

2286 5-Inch Pewter Deep Plate, from East Windsor, Conn. [534.] 

2287 Pewter Bed Pan, marked Boardman, N. Y. [691.] 

2288 Pewter Chamber-pot ; once owned by Dr. G. A. Bates, Worces- 

ter, Mass. [8.] 

2289 Pewter Tankard, with cover marked P. B. A. [532.] 

2290 Pewter Tankard. This was used in the first church in Crom- 

well, Conn. [205.] 

2291 Pewter Quart Mug, marked Hendrick T. D. S. B. [726.] 

2292 Pewter Quart Mug, marked T. D. [9.] 

2293 Pewter Pint Milk Pitcher, from Hadlyme, Conn. [531.] 

2294 Pewter Syrup Cu]:), from Hadlyme. Conn. [6c)_'.l 

2295 Pewter Syrup Cup, from ( )1(1 Lyme, Conn. |2oS.] 

2296 Pewter Syrup Cup, from Windsor Plill. Conn. I207.I 

2297 Pewter Syrup Cup, from Brookfield, Mass. | 7o(>. | 

2298 Pewter Sugar Bowl, made from an old teapot with wooden 

bottom; from Sturl)ri(lge, ^fass. fio.] 


22i)ij i'cwlcr (ioblct, from W'instcd. Conn. |ii.] 

2300 Pewter \'ase, from csiau- ol Ihomas II. Seymour. [31. J 

2301 Three Pewter Table Spoons, from Midclletown, Conn. [35.] 

2302 Three Pewter Tea Spoons, from Saybrook. Conn. [36.] 

2303 Pewli-r llal;' I'inl Mn;^-. marked "Charlie." n'om Windsor. 

Conn. I I J. J 

2304 Pewter Drinkini^- Cup. irom W'ethersfield, Conn. [13.] 

2305 Pewter Tumbler, from Windsor, Conn. |i4.| 

2306 Pewter Ladle, from W'aterfcrd. Conn. Is^'o. | 

2307 Small Pewter Ladle, from ( .laslonbury. Conn. 17^)6.] 

2308 Pewter Sundial, from Xew Londcjn. Conn. [919.] 

2309 Pewter Sundial, marked 1700. from W'aterford. Conn. (15.I 

2310 I'ewter I'e])j)c-r IJox. from Philadelphia. Pa. |i^>| 

2311 I'air I'ewter Pe])i)cr I'.oxes. from Philadelphia, I'a. | ' 7- 1 
J^IJ l\'\\ter Teapot once owned bv I )r. ( i. A. I'>ales. Worcester, 

Ma>s. I 533. 1 

2313 Pewter Teapot, from l\ock\- Mill. Conn. |iS.| 

2314 I'ewter Tea])ot. from Cromwell. Conn. |i<;.| 

2315 Pewter Teapot, from estate of Thomas 11. Seymour. Hartford. 

Comi. I JO. I 

23ir) I'ewter Teapot, from l''ast Ilartn-rd. (onn. 1ji.| 

2317 I'aii- I'ewtt'r ( )il Lamps, from StnrbridL^e. Mass. |S86.] 

J31S I'ewter ()il Lanij). from l\ast Hartford. Conn. |i4<"i.l 

23i(j I'ewter ( )il Lamp, from .Middletown. Conn. Ii_'4_'.] 

2320 I'ewter hduid Lamp, from l-"a>t llartford. ('••nn. |oi-| 

2321 I'ewter I'duid Lani)). from ( ila.^touburx . iMnn. |oi-'.| 

2322 ."^malM'ewter Fluid Hand Lamp, from 1 lartford. Conn. |<M5-1 

2323 Pew tcr Candlestick, from 1 lartford. Conn. I-15] 

2324 Pewter Candlestick, froiu r.erlin. Conn. \ ^<'>■\ 

2325 Pewter Candlestick, from I'.ast ILartford. Ic^nn. [1241.] 

2326 Pewter Faucet, from I'loomfield. Conn. [22.] 

23J7 Pewter l\aucet. ver\ lar.L;e size, weii^ht 6 pounds; from J. S. 

Russell. Hartford. Conn. [2874. ] 

2T^2>< Lari,'-e Pewter Syrini^e. from Windsor. Conn. [-'875.] 

2329 Small Pewter Syrini^e. from I^ast Hartford, (onn. I34.I 

2330 P.rass Candlestick. 11 inches hi,q:h. from Richmond. \'a. [^152.] 

2331 r.rass Candlestick. lo.J inches hii^h. froiu Richmond. \'a. f^)53.1 
2 7tX^ p.rass Candlestick. ().J inches hi.c:li. from Charleston. S. C. [788.] 
2^^"^ Pair p.rass Candlesticks. 7 inches hii^h. from Windsor. Conn. 

2334 r.rass Candlestick. 6A inches hii^h. from Hartl'ord. C^1nn. [1239.] 

2335 P.rass Candlestick. 6 inches hi.L,di. from I Lartford. Conn. [1239.] 
2 ^^6 p.rass Candlestick. 5} inches hii^h. from East Hartford. Conn. 

./. E. BROOKS COLLECT low 217 

2}^}^J l*air Silver-plated Candlesticks. 6 inches hii^h. plated (jn C(jp- 
per; once owned by Solomon Cole. Glastonbury, Conn. [992.] 

2i^^S Iron Roman Hanging--lamp. used with a wick to hang over the 
small end for burning- oil. lard, grease, etc.. from William 
A. Lawrence, Syracuse. X. V. [24.] 

2339 Ancient Roman Hanging Lamp, used with a wick to hang over 

the small end, and lard or grease is used. It is one of the oldest 
style of grease lamps known in this country. [25.] 

2340 Old-fashioned Tin Oil Lamp, 8 inches. [1085.] 

2341 Tin Oil Lamp, 6^ inches. [1085.] 

2342 Tin Oil Lamp. 5^ inches. [911.] 

2343 Tin Oil Lamp, 3^ inches. [911.] 

2344 Pair Shop Tin Lamps, 3 inches. [914] 

2345 Pair Iron Candlesticks. 5 inches, from South Coventrv, Conn. 


2346 Iron Candlestick, 7 inches, from South Coventry, Conn. [253.] 

2347 Tin Candlestick, from Xew London, Conn. [694.] 

2348 Small Tin Lantern, from Hartford. Conn. [915-] 

2349 Turkish Copper Kettle for making coffee; said to be over 200 

years old. [26.] 

2350 Tin Tinder-box, Flint, and Steel, for making fire in olden times ; 

from estate of Charles Seymour, Hartford. Conn. \_2'/.'\ 

2351 Iron Tinder-box, with a wheel to strike the flint on to make fire ; 

from Jerome Burr. Bloomfield, Conn. [200.] 
2T)'^2 Two Tinder-horns, in which tinder is kept with flint and steel 
to throw the spark into the tinder; from ^Nlrs. Huldah W. 
Gates, Hadlyme. Conn. ]^Irs. Gates said these tinder-horns 
had been in her house since 1794. [221.] 

2353 Tin Oil or Lard Lamp, very old ; from Middletown. Conn. [913.] 

2354 Spit, used in olden times for roasting meats in the old-fashioned 

fireplace. 1 1055.] 

2355 Pair Old-fashioned Candle-snuft'ers. extra large size, silver 

plated; from Windsor, Conn. [1060.] 

2356 Tin Candle-box, used for keeping tallow candles ; from C. T. 

Martin. Hartford. Conn. [707.] 

2357 Copper Teakettle, from estate of Thomas H. Seymour, Hart- 

ford, Conn. [28.] 

2358 Old Brass Teakettle, found in X'iantic River near the old salt 

works in 1886. [918.] 

2359 Old Copper Teakettle once owned by Solomon Cole, Glaston- 

bury, Conn. [188.] 

2360 Old Wooden ^lortar and Pestle, for grinding spices ; from Solo- 

mon Cole's estate, Glastonbury, Conn. [29.] 

2361 Old-fashioned Tin Sausage-filler, from Solomon Cole's estate, 

Glastonbury, Conn. [998.] 


L'oLLIX'i 1( )\ ()[■■ MIM-.UALS. I"()SS1LS. SlllCLLS. ETC.; 

2362 I'iecc of tlu- Stone on which thr I'il-rini h\-ith..r> landed at IMy- 
inoulh, Mas>.. AnuTica, A.i). ihjo. |J7<;5.| 

23^'3 I'i<-'^"<^' "1 < 'Tanitc. troni llu- ti^un- of haitli on the national nionu- 
nu-nt to onr foi\fatluT> at riynionth. .Ma>>. This piece was 
ehippid otT when it \\a> hein-" conij)leted in 1S77. [ IJ.J 

23O4 i'ieee of ( .ranite. from the hase of llu- national nionmnent to uur 
forefathers at I'lvnionth. Mass. This piece was chipped off 
when hein-- completed in 1S77. | ii.| 

23^5 I'iect- of (oppcr ( )re, ihe old copper nnne at Xew.c^ate 
Prison in ( iranhy. ( "onn. |^'7<). | 

2366 Stone from the Radical ( hm-ch. Harper's lArrw \a. IO14.] 

2367 Perforated Stone, from h.ast lladdam. Coim. | -|o7. | 

2368 Ciol.l ( )re, from W a>hin-ton City -old mine, \ir.-inia. [436.] 
-23^)') < iold ( )re. from P.nckin-ham Co. mine, \ir-inia. | 7. | 

J370 (iold ( )re. from I'.aker mine. P.nckin-hani, \ a. \().\ 

2^^-;\ Piece of the Tond)^tone of .Mar\ Wa^^lnn-ton. the mother of 

( leori^e W'ashin-lon. h'redericlo'hm-L;-. \ a. |4S^.| 
2},J2 Piece of Stone, from the old fort on Kichelien l\i\er near (Juc- 

hec. hnilt in \i)i)^. \ looi . | 
-373 Pii'^'c of Stone which was taken from the spot where ( ieiicral 

•Mont.^omery fell. Dcccni])er 3 1 . 1775. [i()<)().| 
2374 Phnnhaijo. from lead mine. Stnrhrid.^e. Mass. [SSo.] 
-^.v5 I'i^'^H- of Stone, from the ( iroton nionnnient. ( Iroton. ("onn., 

Imilt in 1830. | 107. | 
2}^y() Piece of Stone, from tlu- fonndation stone of the I'nion Hotel, 

\\ iiichest«r, \ a. ; also \\>cy\ for I'nion soldier^" hospital during 

the Civil War. |r)ii.| 
2T,yy T'lack Stone, from California. I504.I 

2378 Ore, from California. f5ii.| 

2379 Ore. from California. [515.] 

2380 Ore. from California. [505.] 

2381 Ore. from California. (<in5.] 

2382 Lava, from California. [8<)2.1 

2383 Lava, from California. I514.I 

2384 Silver Ore. from >[(Mitana. [ i^\;.l 

2385 Cold Ore. from California. [512.] 

2386 Iron C)re. from Ishpemint:: mines. Michi.cran. [14.^.] 

2387 Ore. from California. [503.] 

2388 Iron Ore. from Lake Sn}HTior. \^^^.] 

2389 Ore. found near Qnehec. [1004.! 

2390 Gold Ore. from Clark's mine. Pmekin-hnm Co.. \'a. [;.] 

J. /:. Jih'OOKS COLLECriOX. 


2391 Stone or Ore, from Arizona. [703. J 

2392 IMece of Isinglass as it was taken from the ruck. [147. J 

2393 Piece of Stone, from the Giant's Canseway, Irehmd. [1092. J 

2394 Petrified Shells, from the Rocky Mountains. [879.] 
-395 Petrified Shells, from 2^Iount Hamilton, Cal. [166.] 

2396 Petritied Shells, from the Rocky Mountains, [35] 

2397 Fossil, from ]^lount Hamilton, California. [2796. J 

2398 Piece of Stone, from General Israel Putnam'js Wolf D^n. Pom- 

fret, Conn. [2797.] 

2399 Piece of Red Stone, from top of the spire of the caihedral at 

Charleston, S. C. It was shot off during the Civil War. [172.] 

2400 Sediment or Petrified Stone, from the boiler of the steamer 

Granite State. [99.] 

2401 Stone with the impression of a fish on it. [492.] 

2402 Stone with the impression of fern leaves. [493-] 

2403 Stalactite, taken from Wallingham Cave, Bermuda. [1068.] 

2404 Stalactite, from Luray Caverns, Vs.. [615.] 

2405 Moss Agate. [2798.] 

2406 Piece of ^larble, from Rutland, Vt., quarries. [2799.] 

2407 Feldspar, from Glastonbury, Conn., quarries. [2800.] 

2408 Gold Ore, from Arizona. [2801.] 

2409 Garnet, from a rock in Canton, Conn. [2802.] 

2410 Stone or Vein from brownstone quarry. Portland, Conn. [495.] 

241 1 Stone, from the Rocky ^Mountains. [891.] 

2412 Clay or Petrified W^ood. found in Allyn Street, Hartford, when 

digging the street for building the sewer. [ 143-1 

2413 Stone, from ^lammoth Cave, Kentucky. [2803.] 

2414 Stone, from ^lammoth Cave, Kentucky. [2804.] 

2415 Quartz, from Luray Caverns. [2805.] 

2416 Stone, from Luray Caverns. [2806.] 

2417 Quartz, from ^lammoth Cave, Kentucky. [2807.] 

2418 Stone, from Alammoth Cave. Kentucky. [2808.] 

2419 Stone, from Luray Caverns. [616.] 

2420 Rose Quartz, from ^Mammoth Cave. Kentucky. [SyS.] 

2421 Quartz, fine colors, from California. [2809.] 

2422 Quartz, colored, from California. [2810.] 

2423 Petrified \\'ood, light color, from California. [1140.] 

2424 Petrified \\'ood, light and brown, from California. [2811.] 

2425 Petrified \\'ood, red and yellow, from California. [2812.] 

2426 Petrified ^^'oo(l, white, from California. [2813.] 

2427 Petrified Wood, in colors, from California. [2814.] 

2428 Petrified \\^ood, grayish color, from California. [2815.] 

2429 Petrified \\'ood, in colors, from California. [2816.] 

2430 Petrified Wood, in colors, from California. [2817.] 

2431 Petrified \\'ood. in colors, from California. [2818.] 


2432 i'ctriticd Wood, in colors, from California. [28 19. J 

2433 Tetrified . Wood, in colors, from California. [2820.] 

2434 Piece of Slate, from John lirown fort. Harper's Ferry, Va. [613.] 

2435 t'it'ce of IJrick. from l-'ort McHenry, lialtimore, Md. [134.] 
24^6 Piece of I '.rick, from lolin IJrown r'ort. Harper's I'errv, \'a. 

2437 Pi<-*«''<-' »'f Prick, from I-"ort Sumter. Charleston. S. C. (747.] 

2438 I'iece of lirick, from P^ort Mariijn, St. Aui^ustine. 11a. I776.] 

2439 I'iece of P>rick, from Appomattox Court House. \'a. [1278.] 

2440 Piece of Cement, from dung-eon in Fort Marion, Fla. [775.] 

2441 Co(juina, from Ponce Park, Halifax River. I'la. \7('>'^.] 

2442 (\)(|uina, from the top of Turtle .Mound. I'la. I741.I 

2443 CVxjuina. from old Spanish Fort, Anastasia Island. I'la. {772.] 

2444 Cocjuina, from the Canal at Haulover, Indian River. Ida. I771.] 

2445 Shark's Tooth, found under the floor of (ieneral Geori^e Wash- 

inic^ton's headquarters at Richmond. \'a.. in 1885. [640.] 

2446 Two Petrified Clams, from W'aterford, Conn. [547-] 

2447 Fourteen Alli^^ators' Teeth, from Titusville, Fla. [2821.] 

2448 Tooth. and Pottery, from Shell Mound. Ida. [430.] 
244() Shells, from Turtle Mound. Fla. [739.] 

2450 Piece of Indian Pottery, from a mound, hdorida. [191I 

2451 Indian Bones, from a uK^und at Turkey Pend, Fla. [743] 

2452 Piece of an Indian's Skull, from Forestville. Conn. [1076.] 

2453 Indian Powder Flask, made of bark, from Florida. [2822.] 

2454 Three Coon P.ones. from Hartford. Conn. [2823.] 

24^; lUdlet and Two Pdints. lUillet was found in Vori Marion. Ma. 

2456 lemale Head, red terra colla, from an ancient hi^ure. [3^4-] 

2457 Shark's Tooth, from St. Au.crustine. Fla. [2824.] 

2458 [Nlason-Guiteau Piullet. from W'ashin.i^ton. I). C. I2S25.I 

2459 Copper Spoon, plowed from the ground at Windsor Hill. Conn.. 

in 1893. [2526.] 

2460 Indian P.ead Work, from Sioux Indians. fi5<)<;l 

2461 Piece of Indian Mortar, from Waterford. Conn. [437.] 

2462 Piece of Indian Pottery, from Saratoga. X. ^*. I521.I 

2463 Indian .\xe, from I'loody lV<^(ds-. Deerfield. Mass. [S66.] 

2464 Indian Pestle, from Xahant. R. 1. [370.] 

2465 Indian Pestle, from Xahant, R. I. I371 1 

2466 Indian Pestle, from East Hartford. Conn. I372.I 

2467 Indian Stone, from Cdastonbury. Conn. [523.] 

2468 Section of P.ark. 8 inches square by 2 inches thick, from the 

Yoscmitc Mother of the Forest, in Calif<^rnia. one of the lar.G:cst 
trees existincf. [391] 

2460 Section of P.ark from the Yosemite Mother of the Forest, in Cal- 
ifornia. [2827.] 


2470 Piece of Wood from the old Fisk House, built in 17JO. Stur- 

bridge, Mass. [875.] 

2471 Piece of Wood, from the frigate Constitution. [1322.] 

2472 Piece of the Hull of the schooner Fanny Crocker, which sank off 

Cornfield Point, February 20, 1856. [686.] 

2473 Pi^ce of Shingle from the steeple of the Unitarian Church, 

Brooklyn, Conn., built in 1771. where General Israel Putnam 
used to ring the bell. [2598.] 

2474 Piece of the Old Charter Oak. Hartford. Conn. [1303.] 

2475 Piece of Palmetto Root, from Melbourn. Fla. [770.] 

2476 Olive \\'ood, from the Holy Land, by Rev. Geo. C. Baldwin, 

Springfield. Mass., 1891. [2828.] 

2477 Piece of \\'ood from General George Washington's headquar- 

ters at Richmond. \'a. [639.] 
247S Piece of Clapboard from the old Windham jail, Windham, 

Conn., where the image of Bacchus was made in 1776. [67.] 
24.79 Piece of Moulding from the steamer Atlantic, which was wrecked 

on Fisher's Island. November 2y, 1846 : manv lives were lost. 


2480 Piece oi Lath from an old house in Xantucket. ^lass.. which was 

built in 1686. [3.] 

2481 Piece of Judas Wood, from Jerusalem. It is said that it is the 

same kind of wood on which our Savour, Jesus Christ, was 
crucified. This wood grows in Jerusalem and Judea. [2829.] 

2482 Chip of A\'ood from the Confederate gunboat Mcrriniac. [2830.] 

2483 Piece of Wood, from old Fort Ticonderoga. X. Y. [2831.] 

2484 Piece of A\'ood. from California. [893.] 
24S5 Piece of Charter Oak. Hartford, Conn. [93.] 

2486 Piece of Pine, with bullet in it, from battlefield of Spottsylvania 

Court House, Va.. ^Nlay 12 to 18. 1864. [2555.] 

2487 Piece of Pine, with bullet in it. from battlefield of Spottsylvania 

Court House. Va.. May 12 to 18. 1864. [2835.] 

2488 Piece of Pine, with bullet in it, from battlefield of Spottsylvania 

Court House, Va.. May 12 to 18. 1864. [2832.] 

2489 Piece of Pine, with bullet in it. from battlefield of James Island, 

July 16. 1863. [2834.] 

2490 Piece of Pine, with bullet in it. from battlefield of Silver Run, 

X. C. March 2. 1865. [2833.] 

2491 Piece of Battle-flag, from the L'nited States battleship Congress, 

sunk in an engagement in Hampton Roads. March 8. 1862. 


2492 Chip, from the Cnited States battleship Congress. [2S7,-.] 

2493 Unknown Piece of Wood. It belonged to Calvin Brown, 

Waterford. Conn., who has had it in his familv over ^o vears. 



2494 Indian Pottery, fruni TurtU- Monnd. 1-da. 1737- J 

2495 ( )kl Ircjn KcttU'. This kettle is said to l)e over 150 years old. 

It once belonged to Lncy JJecunnvas. a Moheqan Indian 
woman. It came down in the family to Moses l''ielding, Mo- 
hei^an. Conn. !^he was his i^reat-t^randmothcr. [ion.] 

2496 Indian Sttjne Mortar, 10 inches by 5 inches deep, from the 

mountain near Collinsville, Conn. [1662.] 

2497 Indian Stone ^lortar, 10 inches by 4^ inches deep, from Bur- 

lini^ton. Conn. [1663.] 

2498 Indian Stone Mortar. 10 inches bv 2.1 inches deej). from Rockv 

Hill. Conn. [1664.1 

2499 Indian Stone Mortar. 7 inches 1)\- 4', inches dee]), from Windsor 

Hill. Conn. [1665.] 

2500 Ciirious-sha])ed Stone, from the nKJuntain near L'ollinsville, 

Conn. [1678.1 

2501 Curious I'^)rmation of Stone, from liride's Pond, near Xiantic. 

Coim. [2861.] 

2502 Three Pieces of Stone, from the foundation of the old mill where 

Georq-e W'ashinsj^ton had his s^^rain .q;round. near Mount \'er- 
non. \'a. [660.] 

2503 Two Pieces of Cornice, from the famil\- dining-room of (icorge 

W'ashini^ton'* house at Mount X'ernon. \'a. (658.] 

2504 Lava, brou.c^ht from Mount X'esuvius by Cai)tain Clouj^h. Xot- 

tin.q-ham. England. [196.] 

2505 Polished Stone, from California. [1284.] 

2506 Piece of Petrified Bone of a Mastodon, from Dr. Calkins. East 

Lyme. Conn, f 1301.] 

2507 White Stone, from China, from Dr. Calkins. E.ast Lyme. Conn. 

h 302.1 

2508 Piece of I)larney-stone. from the ancient r)larney Castle. Ire- 

land. Secured by Samuel .Mexander. Hartford. [<703.] 
25o<; Piece of Stone, from the base of the obelisk, Cleopatra's Needle, 
Central Park. New York. [435. 1 

2510 Idol, from China; brought home by missionary. P. IC Starr, 

Hartford, Conn. [1041.] 

251 1 Stone from Zachariah's Tomb. It is made to represent Zacha- 

riah's tomb in Egypt. Brought home by P. B. Starr. Hartford. 
Conn. [1042.1 

2512 Japanese Toggle, carved from ivory, fine piece of work. Pn^m 

auction sale in New York. 1883. [224.] 

2513 Piece of Leather. This piece of leather, tanned from a man's 

skin, is from Xew Haven Hospital. f2i2.1 

2514 Piece of Cloth, came over in the }fayflo7i'cr in 1620. It was 

owned by Ehenczer Fuller. From Dr. R. C. Dunham of Xew 
Britain. Conn., a lineal descendant of Mr. I'uller. [875.] 



2515 Saloon-key Tag, from the steamer Atlantic, which was wrecked 

on Fisher's Island. Xovember 2J, 1846; manv lives were lost. 


2516 Polished Stone, from the Mosque in Egypt; brought home by 

a missionary and presented to Alfred Burdick, Westerlv. R. 1. 

2517 Piece oi Carpet, which was in the loom being woven by Mrs. 

Elizabeth Sunnier of Abington. Conn., who was weaving this 
carpet on the dark day of 1780. [1008.] 

2518 ^Mexican Spur, from the estate of Thomas H. Seymour. Hart- 

ford. Conn. [1846.] 

2519 Three Bullets and Piece of Fuse for the Formosa gun. Xo. 1 128, 

From the Island of Formosa. [1129.] 

2520 English Boxer Cartridge. 50 grains of lead and 85 grains ot 

powder. One of the early cartridges of England. [2S77-] 


2521 Revolutionary ^lilitary Hat. This hat was worn in the Revo- 
lutionary War by Amos Fox. Colchester, Conn., who enlisted 
[May 9. 1777, in the First Regiment, Connecticut Line: dis- 
charged May 9, 1780. The L'nited States Government did not 
own one of these original Revolutionary hats. This hat was 
loaned December 22, 1891, to Captain and ]M. S. K., Cnited 
States Army, who was in charge of the War Department ex- 
hibit at the exposition held in Chicago in 1892-3. Captain 
Rogers wanted the hat for use as model of the uniform worn 
by the L'nited States Army from organization to date, [i.] 

2^22 Revolutionary ^Military hat. This hat was worn in the Revolu- 
tionary War by David Lewis, Lebanon, Conn., who enlisted 
February 23, 1777, in the Fourth Regiment, Connecticut Line ; 
discharged Xovember 11. 1781. Most of the trimmings have 
been lost. [2.] 

2523 Revolutionary Military Hat. This hat was worn in the Revolu- 

tionary ^^'ar by Daniel Bosworth. [Mansfield. Conn., who en- 
listed [Mav 19. 1777. in the First Resriment. Connecticut Line. 

2524 Connecticut Governor's Horse Guard's Hat. 1 his is one of the 

original hats worn when they were first organized. They were 
chartered [May 8. 1778. [4.] 

2525 Connecticut Governor's Foot Guard Hat. said to be one of the 

first hats when thev were organized. They were chartered 
October 19. 177 1. [5.] 


2}^2i) I\i\«>lntiMnary 'riiiR> l"nr I lal. crow n • if iIk- hat S^ inclK-s ; worn 
1)\ a C()nslal)lc- at .Moiim 1 lolly, N. \'.. in 1798. [2446.] 

2^2j Major Talcott's Military Hal. i-i.^lu Inianlry. Second Com- 
pany, llarttord, ( onn.. iS:;j. |(). | 

2528 National (iuar(l>' llat. .\\\\ NOrk. iSjj. \-.\ 

2^2<) Coinu'Cticut Li.^lit Infaiiliy Mat. iSiS. [ S. | 

-S^o IndfpL'iidcnt Militar\ ( 'oiiij)an\ "> Hal. < ila^lonhurw I'onn.. 
1840. |«^| 

25;^! ( )ld-tiiiu' r.and Hal. liiu- order: from Sa- Harbor. L. 1. [10. J 

2^^^2 ('ii\ ijL^lit ( liiard's ilal. llarlford. Conn., one of the carlv ones. 

2533 Tin I'roiu \'\vcc of a Military Hal. niarkrd 121I1 Rri^t. Li.t;IU 
infaiur\. with lar.L;c i;ilt ca.i.;U\ prol)al)l\- ahoiU 1812-13. [ 1007. J 

2^34 ]-a(l\'> ( )ld-fas]iioned I'ine Lemliorn llat, crown 6 Indies high, 
hrini 7 inches wide; from the ."^niilli >isters* mansion, ( ilaston- 
l)ury. Conn. | 4O5. | 

2535 Cad\'s ( )ld-fasliioned I'ine Leghorn llat. crown 7 inches hi.i^h. 

brim 8 inches wide: from Windham, ("onn. |ii.l 

2536 Lad\'s ( )ld-fashioned llat. imitation of lei^horn. crown o inches 

liiL^h. brim f) inches wide, made of paj)er >lamped onl. Tliey 
were an imitation of line leghorn hats. Made in Hartford, 
( "omi. I I 2. 1 

-??>7 ( dd-fashioned Calash, worn 1)\- ladies in olden time^: from 
.^nnth sisters' mansion. Cla>lonl)ur_\ . ("onn. |i3.| 

253S Lad\'s ( )ld-fasliione(l I'.lack Leghorn I'.onnet, lined with black- 
silk : from Smith sisters' mansion. ( ilastunhnry, Conn. [466.] 

2"^}^^) Ladv's ( )l(l-fashioned Leghorn I'.onnet. straw color, lined with 
white silk: from lladl\ine. Conn. | 14. 1 

2540 Ladv's ( )l<l-fashioned Cei^liorn lioinui. >traw color, lined with 

white silk: from .^a\brook. Conn. |i5.1 

2541 Cadv's ( )ld-fashione(l Leghorn I'.onnet. straw color, lined with 

black silk : from Rocky Hill. ( "onn. JK..] 

2542 Ca(l\'s ( )ld-fashioned I'lack Silk I'.onnel. lined with black silk ; 

from \\ indsor Hill, ( onn. | 17.] 
2343 Lady's ( )l(l-fasln()ne(l Leghorn I'.oimet. straw color. line<l and 
trimmed with white silk: from Windsor. Conn. | 18.I 

2544 Ladv's ( )ld-fashioned Romut. yellow silk, lined with white silk; 

from East Hartford, C(Mm. |io.l 

2545 Ladv's Old-fashioned l»onnet. black and white checked silk; 

from Rocky Hill. Conn. [20.] 

2546 Ladv's ( )ld-faslnoned L.onnit. hue ojhii and lace w(irk straw; 

from I'loonitield. Conn. [22.] 

2547 Lady's I'lack Straw Pionnct, with black trinnnings. This bon- 

net belnngcd to Mrs. Frederick I'lishenhagen of rdo<inifield. 
Conn. It will be remembered by Hartford people that Mr. and 

./. /:". J^ NOOKS COLLliCTIOX. 225 

Mrs. JJushcnhagcn were niurclcrctl at their home in l)lij(jinlieUl 
by a tramp, Sunday, iViigust 30, 189 1. Mrs. Bushenhagcn 
wore this bonnet to Hartford on Friday, Auj^ust 28, i8c)i, the 
last time she and her husband came to Hartford. [21.] 
2548 Chinaman's Hat which belonged to Charley Lee, who was shot 
and killed 1)}' Charley Gong in Foster's block. Asylum Street, 
Hartford, April 19, 1891. [23.] 


2549 Engraving, 33x25, " The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers in 

America A. D. 1620." Engraved by J. Rogers, printed by H. 
Peters. Engraved from the picture under the superintendence 
of H. Peters and W. H. Holbrook. [385.] 

2550 Engraving, 30x24, " In Congress July 4, 1776." The unani- 

mous declaration of the 13 United States of America, copied 
from the original Declaration of Independence in the Depart- 
ment of State, and published by Benjamin Owen Taylor, pro- 
fessor of penmanship, city of Washington, 1818. Engraved by 
Peter Maverick. [386.] 

2551 Engraving, 33x24, " Declaration of Independence." Copyright 

secured according to the Act of Congress, December 20, 1820, 
by J. Trumbull. [387.] 

2552 Engraving, 26x20, '' Washington." Scene, Dorchester Heights, 

March 17, 1776. From the original picture by Stuart in Fan- 
euil Hall, Boston. Printed bv Gilbert Stuart, engraved by T. 
Kelly. [388.] 

2553 Engraving, 27x21, " \\'ashington's Adieu to His Generals," 

■z'ide Irving's " Life of Washington," page 441, vol. 1\ ; pub- 
lished by G. P. Putnam, F. O. C. Darley, fecit, Geo. R. Hall, 
sculptor. [389.] 

2554 Engraving, 28x22, " Die Helden der Revolution," Washington, 

DeKalb, Steuben, Pulaski, Kosciusko, La Fayette, ]\Iuhlen- 
berg. Printed by H. Peters, N. Y. [390.] 

2555 Engraving, 30x23, " The Perils of Our Forefathers." Hadley, 

1675. Printed by F. A. Chapman, New York. Engraved by 
John C. ]\IcKae, New York, 1859. [391.] 

2556 Engraving, 28x22, " In Alcmory of Commodore Oliver H. 

Perry," who captured the British squadron on Lake Erie, Sep- 
tember 10, 1813. Drawn by E. C. Brenton. engraved l>y W. 
H. Bassett and A. Willard. [392.] 

2557 Engraving, 15x10, " His Excellency John Adams, President of 

the United States of America." Respectfully dedicated to the 


lovers uf their C(junlr\- and firm Mii)j)()rlcrs of its CDnstiliUioii. 
Drawn and engraved by Houston. pul)li>hed 1)\ l\enned\. 22>^ 
Market Street, IMiiladelphia. |-'5,V)| 
255S ricture, 17,- 14. "A Mediaeval Shooiini;- l-\'Siival." ShooliiiL;- 
with bowginis. \}^)^■ | 

2559 Ljtiiugraph, 25x1^. '■iOmj^any I), ( ". .nnrctirnl lUa\\ 

Artillery." orii;-ani/rd at New L<»nd<tn. ("onn., Ma\ 14. 1X61. 
nuislered into llu- l'. S. ser\icc- lor three \ear> at Hartford, 
May 22, iS()i. I^VM-I 

2560 Lithograph. 2>>-22, " Meeting of ( Imerals < irant and Le.-." ])rc- 

paratory to the surrender of ( ieneral Lee and his entire army to 
Lieutenant-Gcneral I'. S. (irant, April 9. 1865. Published by 
Joseph Hoover, Philadelphia, 1866. \^')S\ 

2561 Genealogical Table of the Family of Sneyd. of Keel. Ashconibr. 

Norton cK: Co.. England, from 13 10 to the present time. From 
this family came l^dward Sneyd. who was commander of H. 
^I. S. Bonibrig, which was captured in Long Lsland Sound. 
June 10, 1776. He was one of the prisoners confined in Wind- 
ham jail who is supposed to have helped carve out the Wind- 
ham image of Bacchus in 1776. [296.] 

2562 Ijthograph, 16x13, "General Putnam Leaxing I lis I'low for 

the Defence of Flis Cotmtr}." l^lowing with oxm : in colors. 

2563 J'icture, 36x30, " Uncas." Painted on a banner }^2-2j, of trans- 

parent silk, soon after he signed the i)ledge. He said : '* I 'are- 
well to the battle." h^rom Moses h'ielding, ^bihegan, Gonn. 
\'ery old and rare piece. [1012.] 

2564 " The Flood of 1854," at Hartford. Conn.. 26. 17. ( )n the ist of 

Max. 1854. the ConnccticiU l\i\er rose to the unj)recedente(l 
height of 28.] feet above low water mark ( i foot 10 inches 
higher than the flood of 1801 ). 1 )rawn 1)\- 1. Rope's. Lith. of E. 
C. Kellogg. [2506.1 

2565 Lithograph, 13x16. " The Charter ( )ak," from a view taken for 

J. W. Stuart on the morning of its fall. August 21. 1856. Lith- 
ograph of E. P). & E. C. Kellogg. Hartford, and entered ac- 
cording to Act of Congress in the year 1856. [2512.] 

2566 The Courier of the Coiuiccticut Mirr,>r to His Patrons. Januarx 

I. i8i(j. .\ scene of office-holders at the last May session in 
Hartford ; also at Xcw Haven in October. [2908.] 

2567 The Twelve Emperors of Rome. 2ixi8. The pictures arc rude 

wood-cuts, evidently painted (as by dress, etc.) by hand. The 
xvork seems to have been done in about Shakespeare's time : 
at any rate, the style of printing and the work generally would 
favor the idea; anrl that it xvas in existence in 1640 is attested 
bv the tradition handed down in the ^'eomans family of 



Columbia, Conn. Mr. Freclcrick Yconians, its former owner, 
said that it was brought over from England about 1640 by a 
Mr. Post, his wife's great-great-grandfather. [2533.] 

2568 Photograph, 13x10. 13-inch mortar "Dictator" mounted on 

a tlat-car and run out on General Grant's military railrcjad on 
the Petersburg lines, 1864. [2909.] 

2569 Columbia Tragedy, 24x18. Bloody Indian battle at Miami \'il- 

lage, November 4, 1791. Boston, printed by E. Russell for 
Thomas Bassett of Dunbarton, X. H., 1792. [2532.] 

2570 Picture of an Old *' Indian House," 12x8, built by Ensign John 

Sheldon, who settled in Deerfield in 1684; escaped destruction 
when the town was burnt by the French and Indians, February 
29, 1704. [107 1.] 

2571 Painting on white velvet. 12x1 1^-: fruit piece, very old and fine 

work. From ^Irs. Cecelia Lawrence, 96 State Street. Hart- 
ford, Conn. [193.] 

2572 Painting, on white velvet, 12x9; bird, flowers, etc., very old and 

fine. From Mrs. Cecelia Lawrence, 96 State Street, Hartford, 
Conn. [194.] 

2573 Lithograph, 21x15, view of Windham. Conn., in 1815, from the 

east. Drawn by a young lady of \\'indham. Lith. of E. B. & 
E. C. Kellogg, Hartford, Conn., 1815. In this connection we 
quote a few lines of Bacchus History : House Xo. i, \\'indham 
jail, where the image of Bacchus was made by English pris- 
oners of war, who were confined there in 1776, and presented 
to the \\'idow Cary, who had shown them some act of kind- 
ness. It was put up as a sign in front of her hotel, house Xo. 
2: afterwards sold by the heirs of ^Nlr. Fitch to Lucius Abbe, 
who kept the Staniford House, Xo. 3, in 1827. It was then 
elevated on. a branch of an old elm tree near by, X'o. 4. In 
1840 it came into the possession of Zaphny Curtis: in 1856 it 
fell from its elevated position, and was purchased by its present 
owner in 1859. [2507.] 

2574 Engraving. 24x18, '* Washington at the Battle of Trenton.'' 

Engraved by Illman Brothers from the Oricrinal picture by E. 
L. Henry in the possession of Charles J. Peterson. [593.] 

2575 Engraving, 12x9. " General Robert E. Lee," Richmond, Va., 

Commander-in-Chief of the Confederate States Army, who sur- 
rendered the Army of Xorthern Mrginia, April g. 1865. [594.] 

2576 Engraving, 24x20, " The Return of Peace." Dedicated to the 

living defenders of the American L'nion, in memory of their 
fallen comrades. [595.] 

2577 Engraving, 4^x3f , " President James A. Garneld." and his last 

letter to his mother. 


"Washing-ton. D. C. August ii, 1881. 
** Dear Mother: Don't he disturbed by contlicting reports 
reports about my conditi<jn. It is true I am still weak, and on 
my back, but 1 am gaining every day, and need only time and 
patience to bring me through. Give my love to all the relatives 
and friends, especially to sisters Hetty and Marv. 

" Your loving son, James A. (i.\RriELD. 

"Mrs. Eliza Garfield. Hiram. Ohio." [596.] 

2578 Frame. 7x5^, made from Charter ( )ak ; three leaves in it from 
the Charter Oak tree, which fell on the 23d dav of Ai)ril, 1862 

2S7(j Lithograph, 19x15, '' The First Martyrs "of the Civil War. 1861. 
Colonel E. E. Ellsworth, died at Alexandria, \'a.. May 24th ; 
Addison O. Whitney of Sixth Massachusetts Regiment, died 
at Baltimore, April 19th : Luther E. Ladd of Sixth Massachu- 
setts Regiment, died at Baltimore. April 19th : Sumner Henry 
Needham of Sixth ■Massachusetts Regiment, died at lialtimore. 
April 19th. They rose — they fell — for their country: their 
memory shall live forever. [598.] 


2581 Fire Bucket, marked Charles Seymour Xo. 3. [2745.] 

2582 Fire Bucket, marked Peter Thacher and E. Huntington. [2746.] 

2583 Fire Bucket, marked A. Mercer. [2747.] 

2584 Fire Bucket, marked D. C. Taylor Xo. 3. [2748.] 

2585 Fire Bucket, marked E. Hubbard. [2749.] 

2586 Fire Bucket, marked J. R. W'adkinson Xo. <). [2750.] 

2587 Fire Bucket, marked W. Brown Xo. 1. [2751.] 

2588 Fire Bucket, marked A. Talcott No. i. [2j^2.] 

2589 Fire Ihicket, which belonged to the old fire engine Zei)hyr of 

Xorwich, Conn., in 1783. [2753.] 

2590 Fireman's Hat, marked Hylas Sack and Bucket Co.. organized 

in 1839. [2754.] 

2591 Fireman's Hat, marked Hylas Sack and I'ncket Co. I2755.I 

2592 Fireman's Hat, marked Phoenix Xo. 3. [2756.] 

2593 Fireman's Hat, marked West End Xo. 7 Hose, [zy^j.] 

2594 Fireman's Hat, marked Hayden Hook and Ladder Co. [2758.] 

2595 Fireman's Hat, marked Phoenix Xo. 3. [2759.] 

2596 Front Piece, 20x1 3 J. Presented by the Continental Bucket Co. 

of Jamaica, L. I., to Hylas Sack and Bucket Co. of Hartford, 
Conn. [2760.] 



2597 J-'ruiU l*iccc, marked W'ashinj^ton Xo. i Fire Cunij)aii\'. [2761.] 

2598 l^ront I'iece, marked Young- America Hose and Ladder Co. 

Xo. 3. [2762.] 

2599 Front Piece, marked X'ig^ilant A. W. P>. Co.. Xo. 2. [2763.] 

2600 Front Piece, marked S. H. W. Fulton Xo. i. [2764.] 

2601 Fireman's Belt, marked Phoenix Xo. 3. [2765.] 

2602 Fireman's Belt, marked Charles A. King^, Phoenix Steam Fire 

lingine Co., Xo. 3. [2766.] 

2603 Dog- Collar, brass, marked Hylas Xo. 666. The dog that wore 

this collar used to run with the Hvlas Fire Co., about 1840. 


2604 Pull Strap used on the Hylas engine in 1839. [2768.] 

2605 Roster of the X'ames of the Xeptune Fire Co. Xo. 2 ; over 70 

names on it. [2769.] 

2606 Fireman's Trumpet, Xeptune Xo. 2. [2770.] 

2607 Piece of Hose, hand sewed. From the first hand-sewed leather 

hose used by the fire department at X'^orwich, Conn. Made by 
Tames Boyd & Sons, Boston, ]^Iass., in 1827. [2771.] 

2608 Xew York Fireman's Certificate, \'oluntary Aid. It reads : 

" These are to certify that Seth Kneeland is, pursuant to law, 
nominated and appointed one of the firemen of the city of Xevv^ 
York, Xovember 15, 1789. Rob Benson, Chief." 12// 2.] 

loi PIECES. 

2609 Hatchel, an instrument formed with long teeth for cleaning flax 

or hemp. It has the initials C. S., 1794. From South Coven- 
try, Conn. [2773.] 

2610 Hatchel, once the property of Colonel Eliphalet Dyer of Wind- 

ham, Conn., who was one of the most noted men in Connecti- 
cut in his day. He died in 1807. [2774.] 

261 1 Hatchel, from Colonel Eliphalet Dver's estate, Windham, Conn. 


2612 Swingle, used for cleaning and breaking flax to separate the 

coarse parts and the woody substance from it. From Colonel 
Eliphalet Dyer's estate. Windham, Conn. [2///.] 

2613 Shuttle used in weaving cloth in ye olden times. From Colonel 

Eliphalet Dyer's estate. \Mndham, Conn. [2779.] 

2614 Pair Cards for combing" wool and flax, from Colonel E. Dyer's 

estate, \Mndham, Conn. [2782.] 

2615 Hatchel, which has the initials C. L. on it, from Windham, 

C onn. 


2616 Hatchel, once the property of Elias Shaw. Great Hill. Belcher- 
town, !Mass. [497.] 


2617 J'.iUlrr Kniic, used in making;- hiiiirr in \ c- olden times, iruni Dr. 

(i. 1). Hates' collection, WorccsUr. Mass. I550.I 

2618 'JrenclRT or Wooden Plate, ironi the estate i»t Solomon Cole, 

(ilastonburv, Conn., wliieli was sold at auction jinie i 1887 
[-'781. 1 

2619 Pair Cards tor comhin- woo] and llax. from .Solomon Cole's 

estate. Glast" >nl)m\ . Conn. |w<;7. | 

2620 I'^oot Stove, from Solomon Cole's estate. ( ilastonl)nr\ Conn 

2621 Candle .Moulds, for rmmini.;- one dozen candles at one tiiue, 

fnjui Solomon Cole's c->tate. (llastonhurw Conn. |jiv| 

2622 Chandler or Candlestick, to han.-- on the wall, from estate of 

Solomon Cole, Glastonhurx . Comi. IJ7S4.I 

2623 Set Wood Castors, for old-fashioned bedstead, very old; from 

Solomon Cole's estate. ( ilastonhury, Conn. | 27SS. | 
2()J4 'J'in Chandler or Candlestick, to han.i^^ on the wall, hnely orna- 
luented ; from the estate of John Marsh. Sturl)ri(l.L;e. -Mass., 
who was a Revolutionary soldier. [2785. | 

2625 Wi,^- r.lock, for makino- and shai)in!^- wi^s. from John Marsh's 

estate, Sturhridf^e. Mass. [2786.] 

2626 ]M)ot Stove, from John Marsh's estate, Sturhridge, Mass. [2yS,J.] 

2627 Candle-moulds, for running- church candles, 20 inches l«Mig, 

from tlu' Smith sisters' mansion, (Ilastonburv. Conn.: sold at 
auction April J3. 18S4. |4b3.| 

2^jS Candle-moulds, for running one dozen candles at one time, fn^ni 
the Smith sisters' mansion, Glastonbury, Conn. [463.] 

2r)2<; Horn Comb, a back cond). from Smith sisters' mansion. Glas- 
tonbury, C01U1. |-37<;i . I 

2630 bjiamel Tin P.ack Condj. from Smith sisters* mansi..n. Glas- 
tonburw ( 01m. 12792. 1 

2^31 Wat'tle-irons, for baking cakes on coals in an old-fashioned fire- 
place in olden times: from Smith sisters' mansion. Glaston- 
bur\-. Conn. | 2703. | 

2C)^^j S|)i-aking-trumpet made of wood, from Smith sisters' mansion. 
( dastoid)ury. Conn. | 105S. | 

2()7,^^ Iron Padlock and Key. Its weight is 8.1 i)oimds. This jiadlock 
belonged to the State of Connecticut, and was used at the 
Connecticut State prison at Xewgate mines, Granby, Conn. 
It was afterwards used for several years at Wethersfield at the 
State prison after it was completed in 1827. f278(^] 

2^134 Pickaxe which was found in the mines at old Xewgate prison, 
Granby. Conn. [2700.] 

2635 Pair Bellows, old-fashioned, from John 11. Jordan. G.reenwich 
Village. Mass. [227. J 


2636 Enameled Back Comb, from John V. Jones' store. Mr. Junes 

kept a grocery store. \o. 34 Ferrv Street, Hartford, Conn., in 

1838. [2794.'] 

2637 Candle-moukls. tor running one dozen candles, from Dr. John 

P. Jones" estate. Windsor Hill. Conn. ; sold at public auction 
in East Hartford. April 12, 1881. [451.] 

2638 Candle-moulds, for nmning four candles, from John P. Jones' 

estate. Windsor Hill. Conn. [450.] 

2639 Candle-moulds, for running three candles, from John P. Jones' 

estate. Windsor Hill. Conn. [452.] 

2640 Candle-moulds, for nmning two candles, from John P. Jones' 

estate. Windsor Hill, Conn. [459.] 

2641 Speaking-tnmipet. once belonged to Captain J. G. Foster of 

Middletown, Conn. Captain Foster sailed around the world 
three times and always had it with him on board ship. [679.] 

2642 Hand Organ or [Music Box. It is played by turning the crank. 

It is piped similar to an organ. The nmning gear is all made 
of wood: plays six tunes. Said to be very old. [2780.] 

2643 Hatchel. once the property of Thomas Bickford. Rockingham. 

X. H. Mr. Bickford was appointed Assistant Commissary of 
Issues belonsiing to the United States at Ponsmouth. June 8. 

17-8. [ess-l 

2644 Swingle, used for breaking and cleaning flax: from Thomas 

Bickford's estate, Rockingham. X. H. [2jjS.] 

2645 ^lilitia Hat Plate, eagle and dated 1776: from an old Revolu- 

tionary hat. [1839.] 

2646 Breastplate, one of the old style of the Governor's Foot Guard 

of Hartford. Conn. [1180.] 

2647 Stateroom Xumber, '* i." from the wreck of the steamer At- 

lantic, wrecked on Fisher's Island. Xovember. 1846. [2838.J 

2648 Iron Teaspoon, belonged to John !Marsh. a Revolutionary- sol- 

dier. 1775 and 1776. [Sys-] 

2649 Xutmeg-grater. an old timer: from John Bliss. ^Middletown, 

Conn. [1036.] 

2650 [Meat Saw, which was used at \'alley Forge by the Fourth Regi- 

ment. Connecticut Line, when they wintered there in ijjj-S. 
Marks on the handle, '" \'. Forge. A. Hake." [2839.] 

2651 Carpenter's Square, marked S. B. 1776. An old hand-made 

square, found under the floor of an old house which was being 
torn down in the town oi Morris. Litchfield countv. Conn., in 
1884. [676.] 

2652 An Old-timed Bee Hive, made of straw many years ago. \'ery 

rarely found in this country at the present day. It was sold a: 
F. B. Hale's auction sale, near South Manchester. April 2^. 
1896. [2431.] 


2653 ( )l(l-l'a>liioiU'(l IJcllows Foj^ Horn, used on vessels nian\- vcars 

ago. .Made- hy I". W. Lincoln «!^: Co., Boston, Mass. From 
C. ( i. licckwiili, Wu London, Conn. [1984.] 

2654 Skilkt ; a small vessel of iron w ilh handle and three legs, used 

h)r boiling water, and other culinary pur])oses. \'ery rare 
nowadays. [470.] 
26^^ Toasting-iron, for toasting hread in the old-fashioned fireplace. 

26^6 Toasting-iron, for toasting bread in the old-fashioned tireplace. 

26^7 Toasting-iron, for toasting bread in the old-fashioned tirei)lace. 

2658 Gridiron for broiling meals, etc.. in the old-fashioned tire])lace. 


2659 Cho])])ing-knife, from John J*. Jones, who kept a store at 34 

I'\Try Street, Hartford, in 1838. I44J.I 

2660 Coffee-mill, an old timer; from Timothx' Sizer. Xew London. 

Conn. [1140.] 

2661 Cowbell, very old and rare; from Petersburg, \'a. [789.] 

2662 }klexican Stirrup, made of wood; from Mexico. [2728.] 

2663 ( )ld-fashioned Perforated Fire-box, made of iron, and has a 

handle. This kind of fire-box was used in olden times for bor- 
rowing fire from the neighbors, which was customary in those 
days. [765.1 

2664 r)l(l-fashioned Perforated I^^ire-box, made of iron, with handle. 

Same design as last number. [2731.] 

2665 Old-tiiue Lantern, made to represent a house with glass win- 

dows, all i)ut together with wood pins. I-'rom Salem. Conn. 


2666 Dld-time Tin Lantern. Perforated. I'rom C. C lUckwith. Xew 

London, Conn. [ 184.] 

2667 Pair Hames, said to be Revohnionary artillery hames. [270(^] 

2668 Pistol Holsters, said to be Revolutionary holsters. [708.] 
266<; Pistol Holsters, said to be in the service of the War of 1812. 

2670 Turkish i'istol Holsters, from Constantinople. |-'7'4l 
2^)71 ( )fficer*s Saddle-bag. said to have been in the service of the War 

of 1812. [2706.] 

2672 Revolutionary Haversack. It belonged to Jonathan P)oar(lman. 

Canton, Conn., who enlisted Ajiril 2. 1777. iu Sixth Regiment. 
Connecticut Line; discliarged March 29. 1780. |7io.| 

2673 Revolutionary Haversack, marked in large letters ]\r. K. It 

belonged to Martin Kirtland. who enlisted .\pril i. 1777. in 
Sixth Regiment. Connecticut Line: Discharged December 31. 
1778. [924-1 

./. /•. Hk'ijOKS COI.LI-CTIOK. 


2674 l\cvuliili(.nar\ ( )rrKTr\s Sa(l(lk'-l)a,L;-, said to lia\i- In-lon^cd U> 

Licnlt'iiaiU ( ulonc'I l'"J)ciR'/.cr (iray, W iiidliaiii. ( unn., C(jiii- 
iiiissioiu'd Major January 1, 1777; ])roinoti'd to J .iculciiaiU- 
C'oloiK'l ( )ctol)cr 15, 1778, Sixtli Ivc'i^iiiR'iU. ( 'oniK-cticiit 
Kiissct color. 12707.1 

2675 Ixevoliitionary ( "artri(l<4'c-l)()x, willi shoulder strajj. The l)ox 

contains 10 old paper cartridges, it belonged t(j i<(jger Welch, 
C'oventrw LOnn., who enlisted May 20, 1777, in Colonel Sher- 
biu-ne's regiment ; discharged .Ma\- 20, 1780. [926.] 

2676 Revolutionary licit. I'aNonel, and Sheath, belonged to Roger 

Welch, Coventry, Conn., who enlisted May 20, 1777, in Colonel 
Sherburne's regiment; discharged May 20, 1780. [925.] 

2677 Revolutionary Cartridge-box, belonged to John Boardman, 

Preston, Conn., who enlisted in Captain lielcher's company. 
First Regiment, Connecticut Line, Januar)- 20, ^777', dis- 
charged January 20, 1780. [883.] 

2678 Revolutionar\- Figurehead, from one of the vessels which were 

destroyed and sunk in New London harbor by Traitor Arnold, 
September 6, 1781. From Braddock Chester, Groton, Conn. 
His father, Giles Chester, secured it when a small boy, and kept 
it in his possession over 70 years as a relic. [2725.] 
267() Cartridge-box, which belonged to Levi Dibble, Dudley, ]\Iass. 
He carried it in the War of 18 12. [884.] 

2680 Copper Powder-flask, used for priming cannon in Revolutionary 

times; said to be used at the battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 

1775- [397-] 

2681 Gunner's Pouch, said to be in the service of the War of 1812. 


2682 liranding-iron {Granite State). From the wreck of the steamer 

Granite State, which was burnt near Goodspeed's Landing, 
Connecticut River, May i8. 1883. [1074.] 

2683 TMne Burr, immense size; from California. [408.] 

2684 Pair Hungarian Shoes, wooden bottoms with iron ; from Hun- 

gary. [831.) 

2685 Pair Wooden Shoes with iron bands on them, from Holland. 


2686 Pair Wooden Slux\s made and worn in Holland, from Holland. 

!" 380.1 

2687 Chinese Wooden Shoe, finely carved; from China. I1015.I 

2688 Continental Shoe, worn by Ca|)tain ( iideon ( )lmsted (^f the Con- 

tinental Army, at a ball given at the Coiun of St. James, in 
honor of the Treaty of 1783. I870.I 

2689 Fnglish Patten. Shoe with a ring ot iron on the l)otlom. wimmi 

to elevate the feet frcMn the wet; verv old and rare. I'roni 
Fngland. f()8.] 


2(yjO Pair Slipper.^, sliarj) pniiurd toc-s. i)n.l)al)l\ made alxau 1S3O. 
iroiii ImIiii r. Idiks' sl(jrc. ^^4 l-\rr\ Street. Ilarttord. Conn. 
•^.<^- l44^'.i 

26(jl I'air I'.M.t^. -liarj) pointrd i.)r>. prohal)!)- niadr ah-. in iS^f) (jr 
iS:;7. l-'r. .Ill John I'. J(.]u>" store, 34 l-'crry Street. Uartturd. 
( Miin.. i.S;>S. I 447. I 

2692 I'air I'.i.. ii>. M|iian- lo.d. prohal)])- made al)<>nt iS^f). I'r'.m joliii 
r. J(.iie>' >l<)re, ^:^4 |-\Tr\ Stri-et, I lart h )rd. (miiii.. iS:;S. | 44S. | 

2C<}-^ l\e\i.lnli(iiiary ('anteeii ..r Kimk-t. marked A. ( ,. 1774. wliieli 
l)eIi)nL;-e(l to Asael (iay. Lihanoii. ( unn. Mr was one of tlie 
men wlio marelied In mi Lebanon for tlie relief of r,o>iun in 
tile l.exim^toii alarm. April, 1775. lie \\a> in the srrviee 27 
da>s; afterwards enli>ti'd and serxcd all tliron^li the war. 1 fi- 
was a l\e\olntionar\ pensioner in iS:;j. then S4 \ears old. 

2694 Two ( )1(1 Wooden Canteens marked Marylainl. Tliey were 
taken from the arsenal at h'rtderiek ('it\. Md.. in iShi. 1)\- C. 
W . l>ir,L.^e, Hartford, who went to war in one of the ( 'onnecti- 
rnt re,L;-iment>. | i('7(). | 

26«>5 1S12 Wooden ("antei'ii, stamped " Mass.acluisetts."" Were al- 
lotted to Maine in iSjo. and liax'e been store(l in Maine arsenal 
70 years. | j 1 74. | 

2696 hdat. Wooden I'.ottle or ( "anteen, holds about one (piart. and has 
13 wooden hoops on it. h was found tloatin^' down the C"on- 
nectiont l\i\-er in the -prin^- of iSSc; by some boxs who^were 
,G:atlierin.i^- wood mar llartfoi'd, ("onn. | 1 74S. | 

2()<}y Woodt'ii Knnlet, two imn hoops, holds about two (|nart-. ciiri- 
ons shapi- ; from Hebron. ( 'omi. |i7'^.i 

2698 WocKJen Knnli't. ban-el-shaj)ed, holds about a .gallon: from 
Trei)ron. ( i mn. | ^JJJ. | 

26(){) Wooden kniiK t, two iron hoo])s. holds ;d)ont < ne and a half ,<^al- 
loii^ : from |oIin Turner. Mansfield, Conn. |<)(-f).l 

2700 Wooden Knnlel, two irxn ho(ip>. holds two ^"allons: fr. mh Mid- 

dletuwn, ( '< mn. | 423. | 

2701 Wooden Kimlet, two iron hoops, holds three i^allonv; from 

Salem, ( '< 'iiii. | 1 77. 1 

2702 WocKJen Kimlet. tiiriu'(l out of solid pieee of wood, no hoops, 

markcfl " I'arminL^lon. iSii," holds about one (piart. | 2.^42.] 

2703 ( ionrd, of lari,'-e size. Ihielx derorated, nsed in Imlia for a water 

bottle : from India. | 1S2. | 

2704 Olfl-tinie Wooden Mortar and Testle. made fr<Mn a l<\!:r -- inches 

If^nj?' K^ inelies in diameter, and 12 inehes fleej), nsed fe»r pound- 
ing salt, -rain, and biown-bread mists, etr. : from an old farni- 
lionse on ( Ireat Hill, lUlrhertow n, Mass. (2Sr)2.| 



2705 Dld-tiiiK' W uodcii Alorlar and I'csllc, lur ijiniudiii^' ur ^rindiiij^ 

spices for faniil\- use; from ( jlastunhurv, Conn. [2863. J 

2706 Old-time WOodeii Morlar, with two iron hoo])S on it, ior poiind- 

ini;- spices for I'annly use; from South C"o\enlr}-, C"(jnn. [2864. | 

2707 Peui^uin ; a web-fouted marine bird, covered with close-set, short 

feathers, haviui^ short le^s set far back, and wings destitute of 
quills. It is unable to ll)-, but swims and dives well, in which 
action ])oth wins^s and lei^s are used. It is found only in the 
south temperate and frigid regions. Presented by C. G. Beck- 
with, Ne\v London. [2919.] 

2708 Old-fashioned Wooden Inkstand and Sandbox, from Chas. Sey- 

mour's estate, Hartford, Conn.; 2 pieces. [1052.] 

FROM 1861 TO 1865 ; 358 PIECES. 

2709 The Statutes at Large of the Provisional Government of the 

Confederate States of America ; from the institution of the Gov- 
ernment, February 8, 1861, to its termination, February 18, 
1862, inclusive. Edited by James M. Alathews, Richmond, 
\a. [2876.] 

2710 The Statutes at Large of the Confederate States of America; 

passed at the first session of the Second Congress, 1864. 
Edited by James M. Mathews, Richmond, Yd.. [2877.] 

271 1 Army Regulations for the Army of the Confederate States and 

for Quartermaster's and Pay Departments ; the L'^niform and 
Dress of the Army ; as published by authority of the Secretary 
of War. Published at New Orleans, 1861. [635.] 

2712 Army Regulations for the Army of the Confederate States, with 

full index. By authority of the War Department, Richmond, 
January 28, 1863. [636.] 

2713 The Southern Spy. Letters on the Policy and Inauguration of 

the Lincoln War, written anonymously in Washington and 
elsewhere. By Edward A. Pollard, Richmond. A'a.. 1861. [637.] 

2714 Battle of Young's Branch or ^lanassas IMain. fought July 21, 

i86i. An account of the battle by T. l\. Warder and J as. ^[. 
Catlett, Richmond, \'a., 1862. [2878.] 

2715 Alarginalia, or Gleanings from an Army Note-l)ook, by " Per- 

sonne," armv correspondent of the Charleston Courier, Colum- 
bia, S. C, 1864. [751.] 


2710 'Jhc e'..ntV(lcratc Si)rlIin--l.MMk. wiili Roa.lin- Lc->>uns f.,r the 

N oiui--. a(lai)ic(l I.) iIk' iisr mi >clin.)ls . .r fnr private instruction; 

titth edition. JvichnK^nd. \ a. I'uljli.slied In" George L liid- 

^ood. iSf,5. [633.1 
2717 (."iKUKlroirs C'ontVderate Sj)rllin--l)ook, carefully i)rei)are{l for 

lannly and school use hv A. I)c\. Chaudron; lilth edition 

-AlMhik-. iSh5. |75_>. I 

271S Tlu' \\r])al I'rinur. hv Urv. S. Landrr. A.M.. ( irrmsh. )n). X. 

('.. puhhMu-d hy .suTlin-. Cam]. hell \- Alhrri-ht. Richmond. 

\ a., in iSh;. \(\^2.\ 
2y\\) Ww Totamcnl, puhli.slicd hy Ww \'..rk .\merican Societv. 

iSoo. ( )n the tl\-K-al is markrd " 'rhi> Ix.ok was found on tlie 

rteld of halllc. Inlv ji, iSOi. hv II. W. TniiK-. I'.nll Run hattle " 


2720 Confederate .States of Anu-rica h...n(h Xo. 3.Sf)S. for Sj5.()00, 

payahle Januar\- i. 1S7J. with h per cent. i)er annum. .\ct of 
Congress. I )ecend)er 24. iS()i, date.l at Richmond. Aui^aist i. 
T862. [287(^.1 

2721 Conie(KTate Slates of .\merica R.onch Xo. y.i)(){\, for 

payahle Januar\ 1. 1S72. \\iili h per cent, per amnnn. Act of 
Congress. I)ecend)er 24. iSC)i. dated at Richmon<h hanuar\- 
1. 1863. I 2880. 1 

2^22 ( onfederate States of .\merica I'.ond. Xo. 8.();j(). for Si. 000. 
payahle January 1. 1872, with f) i)er cent, per annum. .\ct of 
Congress. l)ecend)er 24. i8f)i. dated at Richmond, laniiary 
I. 1863. I 288 1. 1 

2723 Confederate State> ..f .\nurica I'.ond. Xo. 4.173. for Sioo. with 

coupons, pa\ahle July 1, 1872. 8 per cent. ])er annum. Act of 
Congress. August k;. i8hi. dated at Richmond. Ma\- 17. 1862 

2724 Confederate States of .\merica I'.-.n,], Xo. ';:i^{^, i, ,r with 

coupons. payal)le July 1, iSf)4. S per cent, per anmnn. .\ct of 
Congress, August k;. i8hi. (kate.l at Richmond. .March 10. 
1863. [2883.1 

2725 Confederate States of .\merica I'.ond. Xo. io.()44. for Sioo. with 

coupons, payahle July i, 180S, 7 pt-r ceiu. per amiiun. Act of 
Congress. I'ehruarv 20. i8f):;. dated at Richm..n<l. March 2. 

1863. [2884.1 

2726 Confederate States of America I'.ond. Xo. 4.53^. h per cent, non- 

taxable certificate for Act of Congros. I'ehruarv 17, 

1864. payahle two rears after date, dated at Richmond. Inlv 
13. '864. \2?>^S-] 


2727 Confederate States of America Liuiul, No. 985, for $500. redeem- 

able July I, 1884, 4 per cent, per annum, Act of Congress, Feb- 
ruary 17, 1864, dated at Richinond, September 2J. 1864. 

2728 Confederate States of America Bond, Xo. 5,899. 6 per cent, non- 

taxable certificate for $500, Act of Congress, February 17, 1864, 
payable two years after the ratification of a treaty of peace with 
the United States, dated at Richmond, November 9. 1864. 


2729 Coirfederate States of America Bond Blank, with coupons, for 

S500, 8 per cent, per annum, payable July i, 1868. Act of Con- 
gress, February 20, 1863; not filled out. [2888.] 

2730 Confederate States of America Bond Blank, for $1,000. 6 per 

cent, non-taxable certificate, Act of Congress, February 17, 
1864, payable two years after the ratification of a treaty of 
peace with the United States. [2889.] 

2731 Freight Receipt, from Columbia Depot, September 2. 1867, of 

the Greenville & Columbia Railroad Company. This receipt is 
printed on the back of coupons of a $500 Confederate States of 
America Bond, Xo. 981. [2891.] 
2J2>^ Freight Receipt, from Columbia Depot, September 2. 1867, of 
the Greenville & Columbia Railroad Company. This receipt is 
printed on the back of coupons of a $500 Confederate States of 
America Bond, Xo. 1.335. [2890.] 

2733 Freight Receipt, from Columbia Depot, January 15, 1869, of the 

Greenville & Columbia Railroad Company. This receipt is 
printed on the back of a S500 Confederate States of America 
bond, Xo. 10.366. [2892.] 

2734 The Daily Citizou Mcksburg. ]^Iiss.. July 2. 1863 : printed on 

wall paper. [2893.] 

2735 Two Blanks, muster roll of the Army of the Confederate States 

of America. [638.] 

2736 Confederate States of America. Consolidated report for the 

week ending June 14, 1863, of the sick and wounded in the 
general hospitals in the Department of A'irginia, William A. 
Carrington, ^ledical Director. [2894.] 

-7c)7 Confederate States of America. Return of the Hospital Stew- 
ards of the regular army, volunteer corps, and militia in Gen- 
eral Hospital Department of A'irginia for the month oi July, 
■1863: transmitted by William A. Carrington. SurgC(^n and 
Medical Director C. S. Army. [2897.] 

2738 Confederate States Tax List of Hugh Gelstin of York. S. C. 
Sworn to January 13, 1865. [2898.] 


2739 'Jlircc JUank Checks, taken I'ruin ihc hist chcck-ljouk used bv 

the 'IVcasiirer of the Confederate States of America. The last 
check-book used by the Confefk-rate States was owned bv F. 
C Wheeler. Washin-lnn. D. C.. March (), iSS(;. from whicli 
these checks were cut and jjresented by I',. (1. Wheeler to A. E. 
Brooks. Ilarttord. Conn.. March f). iSS(). | jSoo. 1 

2740 P.ill. Confederate Slates tn I '.nn<hn-ant. l-"llinit X: Shields, Dr. 

81,827.00. [2895.1 

2741 r.ill. Confederate States to I. I\. Ireland. Second Lientenant. 

Company E. Thirteenth District. Dr. $160.00. |28(/).| 

2742 Confederate Slates of America |)o>ia.ii"e-sianii)>. Nine 5-cent 

postage-stamps, printed in blue, with head of Jefferson Davis 
in center. [2900.] 

2743 lard of Confederate States of America, counterfeit lO-cent 

l)ostai^e-stamps. printed in blue, with head of Jefferson Davis 
in center. [290T.] 

2744 Confederate Letter from Auditor's ( )f["ice. Richmond. \'a.. Jan- 

uary 21. 1864. J. M. liennett. Auditor of Public Accounts, to 
K. W'. Pass. Connnissioner of Revenue, Powhatan Court 
Plouse. \'a.. with lo-cent C. S. .\. ])osta.c:e-stam]) on envelope. 

2745 Confederate Letter from R. R. I'ass, Point Lookout. Md.. May 

II. 1865 (who was a prisoner captured April 6, 1865), to his 
sister, ^liss Nannie K. Bass, Hallsboro P. O., Chesterfield Co., 
\'a. The letter was directed to Edward W'. Bass. Powhatan 
Court House, \^., with lO-cent C. S. A. postaL^e-stamp on en- 
velope. [2903.1 

2746 Picture, T2xiO, Libby i'rison. Richmond, \'a.. as it aj)peared 

Auii^fust 23. 1863. Coj)yriL:ht 1 8^)2. 1)y J. L. P.arlow. and pub- 
lished by J. L. P)arlow. Riclnnond, \'a. [2530.] 

2747 The Lost Cause. 28x22. Entered accordinq^ to Act of Con- 

j^ress by J. P). Wilson, in the year 1872. in the office of the 
Librarian of Conp^ress at W'ashini^ton. [827.] 

2748 Richmond Inquirer Print, i()\i4. Richmond. \'a.. 1865. La- 

mentarimn Funus (How Have the Mit^i^hty l-'allen). Printed 
soon after cnir troops entered Richmond. [2534.] 

2749 Collection of W'ar Envelopes, such as were used durin*^ the 

Civil War. iSf)i to 1865; also a few letters from soldiers in the 
service; 31^) i)ieccs. [2<M2.| 

2750 History of the Confederate bdajii^s adopted by the Confederate 

Con.qfress. Respectfully submitted, Jno. P. Hickman, Secre- 
tary : 2 pieces. [-2015I 





2751 John Cookson Breech-loading ^Magazine Clun : its history and 
description. [2003.] 

The gun. as the engraving on it indicates, was made by John Cook- 
son, in 1586. The name is evidently English. Judging, however, from 
the design and character of the work, and from a knowledge of the state 
of art in England at that date, it is surmised to have been of Spanish 
origin, or at least modeled after a similar Spanish design. The ad- 
vanced state of the art in Spain in the latter half of the i6th century, 
together with the facts that similar Spanish work exists, and that a 
trace of Moorish design is visible in the scroll-work of the engraving, 
ail point to this theory. Strangely enough, the place of residence of 
the maker does not appear. 

The gun found its way to Maryland, probably with the early Eng- 
lish colonists, and was finally discovered in Baltimore. It was one of 
a number of guns confiscated after a search for arms by the provost 
marshal in 1863. and was retained in the custody of the United States 
until after the close of the rebellion. It remained unclaimed until 1867. 
and was finally thrown in the scrap-heap, where it was picked up by 
a scavenger, who sold it for a nominal sum. 

Mr. A. E. Brooks of Hartford. Conn., purchased the gun Sept. 24, 



1891, of Richard Ikinzc, a KmiNmith of I'.ahiiiiorc. who gave all the 
information he could regarding the ancient weapon. In the fall of 
1888 the gun was brought to his shop by a man who asked to have it 
repaired and changed to a percussion lock. Mr. Heinzc examined it, 
saw that it was extremely rusty, and considered it of little or no value. 
The alteration of the lock was out of the question. lie finally bought 
the gun for a trifling sum. and \nn it away with a number oi others. 
Some two months later he made a closer examination of the gun. and 
became greatly interested in his " find." He at once began removing 
the rust, and labored faithfully at its restoration for eleven days, until 
he had put it in its present perfect condition. The old arm has been 
loaded and fired several times, and a good score made. 

Aside from the excellence of the workmanship, the design is worthy 
of study. 

It is difficult to tell whether the barrel is twist or laminated. The 
butt-plate is both embossed and engraved. The end sight is a Turkish 
crescent. All the metal work is more or less engraved, showing flags, 
drums, piles of cannon balls, cannon being fired, stacks of muskets, 
boarding-pikes, etc. On the top of the barrel appears, " John Cookson, 
fecit" (made by John Cookson). On the lock is a scroll, bearing the 
maker's name; it is being held up at the left by an angel, at the right by 
a female figure, presumably intended to represent Queen I^lizabeth. 
The stock is made of a peculiar kind of wood, unknown in this country. 
All the trimmings are of iron. 

The letters in the following description refer to the side sectional 


view. The arm is a magazine smooth-bore Hint-lock gun, firing spher- 
ical bullets, weighing 260 grains, and a charge of about 125 grains of 
powder. It has a capacity of ten rounds, and a magazine is also fitted 
to the lock for a similar number of priming charges. 

It is charged on the left side through an opening w-ith a hinged flap, 
the bullets being poured into one compartment (.\), and the powder in 
another adjacent one (n ). 

These compartments connect by cylindrical passages with the central 
chamber in the frame in which is located a solid cylindrical block (c) 
with its axis from right to left. 



This cyliiukr forms the recoil-hlock. and is fitted with two radial 
cavities hirgc enough to h(dd a hall and a charge, and located so that, 
in revohing. the cavities will be opposite the passages from the maga- 
zine. Here the ball drops into the first cavity (u), and the powder into 
the second (k;. and by revf)lving the cylinder to the front the passages 
are closed, and the ball and charge brought in front of the rear end of 
the bore (f), the loading being done with the muzzle held down. The 
bullet then drops in and the block remains with the charge in line with 
the bore. The powder cavity is fitted with a diaphragm (c.) to prevent 
the bullet from dropping into it. 

The powder cavity or chamber is connected by a vent, through the 
axis of the cylinder, with the pan. 

The pan is a cavity in one end of the cylinder or breech-block on 
the right side, and revolves in the lock in front of the magazine con- 
taining the priming charge, where at each revolution it scoops up a 
charge and revolves it in place under the flint and closes the opening 
to the magazine. 

The cylindrical breech-block is revolved by a lever on the left side, 
which also cocks the hammer and closes the pan. 

This automatic action is accomplished by a stop on the cylinder 
acting on a hooked lever-arm attached to and pivoted on the hammer. 
The stop pushes the hammer back by the lever, and the hook on the 
latter pulls the steel pan-cover into place. 

The lock and trigger are the ordinary design, but it is worthy of 
note that the design as regards sear, sear-spring, main spring, etc., is 
the same as that used on the latest flint-lock guns. 

The barrel, front sight, and under side of the guard, are all in one 
piece, and the carving and other works show evidence of the highest 
mechanical skill. 

The only omissions in the provisions for all the necessary points 
in the design, from a mechanical point of view, are those for inserting 
a ward, and preventing the escape of gas through the vent. The former 
is partly compensated by making the bullet slightly larger than the bore, 
and the latter exists in all flint-locks. From a military point of view, 
the design of the arm gives evidence of being far in advance of its time. 
With the magazine charged, the ten shots could be fired in a time 
which would compare very favorably with magazine guns of to-day. 
Very little time is required for charging, as it is only necessary to fill the 
compartments with bullets and powder, with no counting and measur- 
ing. The charges are automatically measured, and the loading is fully 
as accurate as that of metallic cartridges. 

Altogether, the antiquity, design, workmanship, and beauty of the 
gun, make it a most valuable and remarkable relic. 

2752 Ancient Old Crossbow Gun, with sights, mahogany stock, ivory 

ornaments, and brass trimmings ; for shooting quarrels or 
bolts. This weapon is bent by means of a lever fixed to the 
stock, or with the hand alone. [2917.] 

2753 Sixteenth Century Prod, a light crossbow used chiefly in held 

sports. The crossbow (a galet in French because the missiles 
used were stones) of the sixteenth century is the next in order. 
Instead of quarrels or crossbow bolts, this weapon shot leaden 
balls, and even stones. The stock which went between the nut 
and the bow was generally ciu-ved. and often made oi iron. 
This weapon, of medium strength, is bent 1)\- means oi a le\er 
fixed to the stock, or with the liand alone. |2giS.| 


J754 And ( )1(1 Match-lock M. 1.. (inn. cal. luo: the barrel is slighllv 
l)cll-sha])C(l at tlie nuizzle. iron triiiiiiiin|^;s ; its whole lens^^th is 
10 feet. This f^iin was made in India or China about the year 
1413. It was sent to the I'niled States by the j)rinces of Kast 
India with their exhibit to the World's l'\air at Chicat^o. 111., and 
was on exhibition in the Art 1 )ei)artnient in the summer and 
fall of iSt;^. It is duly authenticated by credentials from the 
luif^lish House in I'.oiubay which invoiced the collection. 

2y^^ I'lint-lock .M . L. I'ow lin^-piece. cal. So. brass trim minim's, 
whole leuL^th 7 feet 4^ inches; l'Ji|L;-lish manufacture. It was 
owned by Charles lirechemia of Philadelphia, who claimed it 
came from Captain Kidd's vessel. I1405.I 

J756 I'dint-lock .M. ].. l)utch (inn. cal. <>(), brass trimmings; i)roba- 
bly made in Holland in the sixteenth century and brouj^i^ht to 
this country by some of the lirst settlers who settled on North 
l\i\-er. near .\lbany. X. ^^ |_'oi(;.| 

J757 I-'lint-lock M. L. k'ort (iun. cal. (/> ; it has a spur on the Ijarrel 
near the nuizzle. This is used for catching' it on the outer wall 
or ed.qv of the porthole to check the recoil when the .crun is 
hred. h^rom an old fort in .Vmsterdaiu. Holland. | 1121.] 

2758 Swivel l)reech-loa(linq' (lim, cal. 100. percussion-lock, paper 
cartridi^e. Marked on the lock. " Mr. R. de Charleville " : on 
the barrel. " 1832." Made at Liei^e, lieli^-ium. From A. 
(lerald Hall's collection. Saratoi^a. \. ^^ [21 55.] 

275^ r. S. Lindsay M. L. Kitle Afusket. cal. 58 : it has two percussion- 
locks. Lindsax 's j)atent. ( )ctobcr 9, i860. This <^un was in the 
service on the soutlurn side durins^ the Civil War. It wa^ 
owned by lohn Slocum. l\ichm<md. \'a. [2840.] 

2760 I\ei)eatin,L: Magazine P.. H. Kille. cal. 38; made b\- the X'olcanic 
RepeatiuLr .\rms Co.. New llaxen. Conn.. pajuM" cartridge. 
patent I'ebruarx 14. 1854. Xo. ^2. I'rom this arm came the 
Henry ma.i;'azine carbine, patented < )ctober iC). iSfxi. [2841.] 

27^)1 Wincluster Repeating;- Mairazine .\rmy Ride. cal. 40. metallic 
cartridi^-e : made by Winchester Repeating- .\rms C<x. New 
Haven, ("onn. Kinq-'s improvement, patented March 20. 1866. 
and ( )ct<>ber |C). 1860. while retainin,c: the same breech mechan- 
ism as the 1 lenry. | 1 508. | 

27^)2 Mint-lfick lUunderbuss. bell-muzzle, yl int^^'i^''^. ^vith swivel used 
for a wall i)iece, very heavy, iron barrel and iron trinmiini^s. 
probably a hundred years old or more. [2842.] 

2763 MiiU-lock I'lunderbuss, bell-muzzle. 2 inches, iron barrel 22 
inches lon^-. half octa.c:nn. brass trimmini^^s : made by 1'. I>. Ci., 
London. [2^^^.] 


2764 l'"Hiit-l()ck r>liiii(k'rl^LiijS, bcU-nnizzk', i{ inches, iron barrel 14 

iiuliis luiii^. half octagon, brass irinnnings; made ])y Co(jk', 
London. | 2S()8. | 

2765 J'dint-lock lUnndcrhnss, hell-nuizzU-. i{ inches, brass barrel, 

cannon-shaped nuizzle, brass Irinnnin^^s ; made by King, Lon- 
don. Probably made the latter part of the seventeenth cen- 
tnry. [jSOcj. | 

2766 ( )riental Idint-Iock Llunderbuss, very large bell-nuizzle, 4 

inches, iron barrel loj inches long, finely inlaid with silver, 
lock and trimmings all inlaid with silver, stock gun-shaped, 
inlaid with brass, whole length barrel and stock 20 inches; a 
fine arm. [2870.] 


2767 Oriental Flint-lock Pistol, cal. 54, brass trimmings, heavy butt- 

])late, all finely engraved; fine piece. [2871.] 

2768 Porter Revolver, cal. 34, percussion, cylinder holds 8 charges, 

tape primer lock ; made by P. W. Porter, New York, about 
1845. '^ 1*^1"^' arm. [2872.] 

2769 W'alch Revolver, cal. 34, percussion, revolving cylinder holds 12 

charges, two charges in each chamber, one charge on top of 
the other, has 12 cones and tw^o hammers ; made by Walch Fire 
Arms Co., New York; patented February 8, 1859. [2872.] 

2770 V. S. Army Signal Pistol, cal. 100, percussion, barrel lil inches 

long, barrel and frame brass ; marked " L^. S. Army Signal 
Pistol A. J. M. 1862." Was in the service during the Civil 
War. [2448.] 

2771 Sliding Magazine Ten-shot Pistol, cal. 36; metallic cartridge, 

pin fire, self-cocking; number on this pistol 384; cannot make 
out the maker's name on it. It is one of the early pin fire 
pistols. [2916.] 

2772 and 2773 Pair Flint-lock Pistols, cal. 50, octagon barrels, carved 

mahogany stock; made by L. Davenport. London. [2923 and 

2774 and 2775 Pair Flint-lock Pistols, cal. 45, finely engraved, ma- 
hogany st(xd<s ; made by D. Egg, London, gun-maker to their 
Roval Highnesses the Prince of ^^'ales. Duke of York, etc.; 
\\ith mahogany case. [2(j25 and 202(k| 

2776 and jyyy Pair Duelling Pistols, cal. 66, percussion-locks, swivel 
ramrods, carved mahogany stocks; made by Field. Tower Hill, 
LoucUmi; with mahogany case. \^<)-7 ^^^^^ 2^2?^.] 




ZJJ^^ Indenture made un parchment, dated Aui^ust 20, 1646. [-433-] 

2779 Indenture made on parchment, dated Aug^ust 2, 1689. [2432.] 

2780 Indenture made on parchment, dated July 10. 1696. [2434.] 

2781 Indenture made on parchment, dated March 21. 1704. (2437.] 
2'/^2 Indenture made on parcliment, dated Auj^ust 15, 1720. [2435.] 

2783 Indenture made on parchment, dated Xovember 18, 1735. [12.] 

2784 Indenture made on ])archment, dated January 20, 1737. [11.] 

2785 Indenture made on i)archment, dated Xov. 6, 1754. [2436.] 

2786 Indenture made on parchment, dated June 12. 1765. [2438.] 
2^^"/ Indenture made on parcliment, dated XOv. 3. 1767. [2440.] 

2788 Indenture made on parchment, dated April i. 1796. [2439.] 

2789 Commission made on parchment to James R. X'assar. Second 

Lieutenant in the Twenty-first Regiment of Cavalry, Xew 
York \'olunteers. Signed by Reuben E. Fenton, Governor of 
the State of Xew York. April 7, 1865. [13.] 


2790 Commission, Joseph Talcott, Esq., Governor of His Majesty's 

Coloney of Connecticut in New England. To Timothy Pierce 
and others. To keep the peace within the County of Windham. 
Given under my hand in Hartford, this 23d day of May. in the 
Twelfth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George, by 
the Grace of God, King of Great I'ritain, I'rance, and Ireland, 
etc.. A.D. One Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty-si.x. 
Signed, J. Talcott, Gov. [416.] 

2791 Commission Appointing Tmiothy Pierce, Es(|., to be Judge oi 

County Courts of Windham. Dated 30th day of May, 1727. 
Signed by the Governor of Connecticut, J. Talcott. 1417- ] 

2792 Commission Appointing Joshua Ripley and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated 23d day of May, 1727. Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut. J. Talcott. [418.] 

2793 Commission Ap|)()inting Joshua Ripley and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated 24th day of May, 1728. Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut. J. Talcott. [419] 

'704 Commission Appointing Joshua Bixby and others Justices of 
the Peace. Dated 20tli day of May, 1729. Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut. J. Talcott. [420.] 

'*795 Commiss?bn Appointing Thomas Hunting and others Justices 
of the Peace. Dated 27th day of May. 1730. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut, J. Talcott. [421.] 


2796 Commission Appointing Thomas Huntington and others Jus- 
tices of the Peace. Dated 25th day of May, 1732. Signed by 
the Governor of Connecticut. J. Talcott. [422.] 
-797 Commission Appointing Joseph Addams and others Justices of 
the Peace. Dated loth day of May. 1733. Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut, J. Talcott. [423.] 
2ruS r, :»mmission Appointing Timothy Pierce, Esq.. Judge of County 
jurt. Dated loth day of May, 1733- Signed by the Governor 
f Connecticut. J. Talcott. [424.] 

2799 Commission Appointing Timothy Pierce Judge of County 

Court. Dated 9th day of May. 1734. Signed by the Governor 
of Connecticut. J. Talcott. [425.] 

2800 Commission Appointing Joseph Addams and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated 22d day of May. 1734- Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut. J. Talcott. [426.] 

2801 Commission Appointing Joseph Addams and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated loth day of May. 1735. Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut, J. Talcott. [427.] 

2802 Commission Appointing Joseph Addams and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated 29th day of May. 1736. Signed by the Gov- 
ernor oi Connecticut, J. Talcott. [428.] 

2803 Commission Appointing Joseph Addams and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated loth day of May. 1737. Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut, J. Talcott. [429.] 

2804 Commission Appointing Joseph Addams and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated 29th day of May. 1738. Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut. J. Talcott. [430.] 

2805 Commission Appointing Joseph Addams and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated 27th day of May. 1739. Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut, J. Talcott. [431.] 

2806 Commission Appointing Joseph Addams and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated loth day of May. 1740. Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut, J. Talcott. [432.] 

2807 Commission Appointing Ebenezer West and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated 28th day of May. 1741. Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut. J. Talcott. [433-] 

2808 Commission Appointing Ebenezer Gray Captain of the South 

Company or Trained Band in the First Society in the Town of 
Lebanon. Conn. Dated 5th day of June. 1741. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. J. Talcott. [434-] 

2809 Commission Appointing Ebenezer West and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated 27th day of May. 1742. Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut. Jonathaa Law. [435-1 

2810 Commission Appointing Ebenezer West and others Justices of 


the I'cacc. Daled J4lh day ol May. 1743. Sii;iK-(l 1)\ ihc Gov- 
cTiior of Cunnccticiu. J. Law. I430. | 

2811 Coniniission Ai)puiniin^ I'.hcne/Ar \\\>i and oiIkts |u>licc's of 
the Peace. Dated jSth (hi\ (jl Ahiy. 1744. Sii;iied l)y the (iov- 
ernor of C'onneeticul. J. Law. 1437-1 

28 IJ Coniniission Appointiiii;- l-J)eiu /.cr W est and others Justices of 
the Peace. Dated 15th day ot Ma\, 1 74O. Sii^nied l)y the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut, J. Law. [438. J 

2813 Loniinission .\pi)oimin_!^- i-.henezer WeM and otlier> justices oi 

the Leace. Dated 251I1 day ot May, 1747. Signed hy the ( iov- 
ernor of Connecticut, J. Law. I430I 

2814 ( "oiniiiis^ion Ajjpoimini;- Lheiie/.er West and oiher-> justices of 

the L(.'ace. Dated 31st day ot May, 1748. Si^ue<l lt\- the ( iov- 
ernor ot Connecticut. Jonathan Law. | 440. | 

2815 Connnission Appointini;- JCbenezer \\'e;.t and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated ist day of Jinie. i74<j. Signed hy the ( iov^ 
ernor of Connecticut. Jonathan Law. [441. | 

2816 Commission Appointing Ebenezer West and otliers Justices of 

the Peace. Dated 28th day of May, 1750. Sii^ned by tlie (iov- 
ernor of Connecticut, Jonathan Daw. I442.I 

2817 Commission Appointini^ Jonathan rrunihull to l)e Judii^e of 

County Court of Windham. Dated j8th day of ^L'l\•, 1730. 
Sif^ned by the (iovernor of Connecticut. Jonathan Law. [443-1 

2818 Commission Appointin^^f Jonathan Trumbull and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated 27th day of Ma\ . 1751. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut, Roger Wolcott. (444-1 
28 K) Commission Appointing Jonatlian Trumbull and oiher-> Justices 
of the Peace. Dated 30th (la\ ot .May, 1752. .Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. K. Wolcott. 1 445-1 

2820 Commission Appointing Jonathan Trumbull and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated 24th day of May, 1753. Signed by tlie 
Governor of Connecticut. R. Wolcott. 144^).] 

2821 Commission Appointing Shubael C'onant and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated 24th day of ^L'ly. 1754- ."^igiud by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut. Th<^mas T^^itch. | 447-1 

2822 Commission Ap|)ointing Sliubael Conant and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated 3ist day of May. 1755. Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut. Thos. l''itch. | 448. | 

2823 Conmiission Appointing Shubael ("onant and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated ist da\ of June, 175^). Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of ConnecticiU, Thos. l-'itch. 1 440-1 

2824 Commisssion .Appointing Shubael Conant and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated ist day of June. 1758. .Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut. Thos. hitch. (450.I 


— \7 

ii-p.ccs oi 

j8j5 Commission Appointing Shubael CV... .: u . . , ..,,^c- ui 

the Peace. Dated 25111 day 01 May. 1759. Signed bv the Gov- 
ernor ot Connecticut. Thos. Fitch. [451.] 
2826 Commission Appointing John Dyer and others Justices of the 
Peace. Dated 12th day of May. 1760. Signed bv the Governor 
•t Connecticut. Thos. Fitch. [452.] 
-^-: Commission Appointing John Dyer and others Justices of the 
Peace. Dated ist day of June. 1761. Signed bv the Governor 
of Connecticut. Thos. Fitch. [4S3-] 
2^2^ Commission Appointing John Dyer and others Justices of the 
Peace. Dated 31st day of May. 1762. Signed bv the Governor 
of Connecticut, Thos. Fitch. [454.] 
2S29 Commission Appointing John Dyer and others Tustices of the 
Peace. Dated ist day of T^ne. ^"f^^. Signed bv the Governor 
of Connecticut. Tlics. Fitch. [455.] 

2830 Commission Appointing John Dyer and others Tustices of the 

Peace. Dated ist day of June. 1764- Signed bv the Governor 
of Connecticut. Thos. Fitch. [456.] 

2831 Commission Appointing John Dyer and others Justices of the 

Peace. Dated 1st day of June. 1765. Signed bv the Governor 
of Connecticut. Thos. Fitch. [457.] 

2832 Commission appointing John Dyer and others Justices of the 

Peace. Dated 22d day of May, 1766. Signed bv the Governor 
of Connecticut. William Pitkin. J458.] 
"^ZZ Commission Appointing Jabez Fitch ^d others Justices of the 
Peace. Dated 25th day of May. 1767. Signed bv the Governor 
of Connecticut. Wm. Pitkin. [459.] 

2834 Commission Appointing Jabez Fitch and others Justices of the 

Peace. Dated 21st day of May. 1768. Signed bv the Governor 
of Connecticut. Wm. Pitkin. [460.] 

2835 Commission Appointing Jonathan Huntington and others Jus- 

tices of the Peace. Dated ist day of June. 1769. Si^ed bv 
the Governor of Connecticut. Wm. Pitkin. [461] 

2836 Commission Appointing Jabez Fitch and others Tustices of the 

Peace. Dated ist day of June. 1773. Signed bv the Governor 

of Connecticut, Jonathan Trumbull. T462.] 
2^Z7 Commission Appointing Jabez Fitch and others Justices of the 

Peace. Dated ist day of June. 1778 Signed bv the Governor 

of Connecticut. Jonathan Trumbull. [46^.] 
2^2^^ Commission Appointing Jabez Fitch and others Tustices of the 

Peace. Dated ist day of June. 1779. Signed bv the Governor 

of Connecticut. Jonathan Trumbull. [4d|.J 
2839 Commission Appointing Jabez Fitch and others Justices of the 

Peace. Dated ist day of June. 1781. Signed bv the Governor 

of Connecticut. Jonathan Trumbull. r46>.1 


2840 Coniniission Appointing- Jahcz I'itcli and others Justices of the 

Peace. Dated ist day of June. 1782. Sii^rned by the Governor 
of Connecticut. Jonathan Trumbull. [466.] 

2841 Commission Appointing Samuel (iray and others Justices of the 

Peace. Dated 1st day of June. 1783. Signed by the Crovernor 
of Connecticut. Jonathan Trumbull. [467.] 

2842 Commission Appointing Ebenezer Devotion and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated ist day of June, 1784. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. Mathew Griswold. [468.) 

2843 Commission Appointing Eliphalet Dyer and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated ist day of June. 1785. Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut, Mathew Griswold. [469.] 

2844 Commission Appointing Ebenezer Devotion and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated ist day of June, 1786. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. Samuel Huntington. [470.] 

2845 Commission Appointing Ebenezer Devotion and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated ist day of June, 1787. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut, Samuel Huntington. [471.] 

2846 Commission Appointing Ebenezer Devotion and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated 29th day of May, 1788. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. Samuel Huntingdon. [472.] 

2847 Commission Appointing Ebenezer Devotion and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated ist day of June. 1789. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut, Samuel Huntington. [473-1 

2848 Commission Appointing Ebenezer Devotion and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated ist day of June, 1790. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. Samuel Huntington. [474] 

2849 Commission Appointing Ebenezer Devotion and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated ist day of June, 1791. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut, Samuel Huntington. [475! 

2850 Commission .Appointing Ebenezer Devotion and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated ist day of May. 1792. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. Samuel Huntington. [476.] 

2851 Commission Appointing Ebenezer Devotion and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated ist day of June, 1793. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. Samuel Huntington. [477.] 

2852 Commission Appointing Eliphalet Dyer and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated 28th day of May. 1794. Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut. Samuel Huntington. (478.] 

2853 Commission Appointing Eliphalet Dyer and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated ist day of June. 1795. Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut. Samuel Huntington. [479] 

2854 Commission .Appointing Ebenezer Devotion and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated ist day of June. 1796. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut, Oliver Wolcott. [480.] 



2H^^ L'tinniission Apixjiiuiiit^ iLbenczer Devotion aiul otlicrs Justices 
of the IVace. Dated 24th day of May. 1797. Signed by the 
(iovernor of Connecticut. Ohver W'olcott. [481.] 

2856 Commission Appointing Ebenezer Devotion and others Justices 
of the Peace. Dated 28th day of May. 1798. Signeci by the 
(iovernor of Connecticut. Jonathan Trumbull. [482.] 

28=^j Commission Appointing Ebenezer Devotion and others Justices 
of the Peace. Dated 15th day of May, 1799. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. Jonathan Trumbull. [483.] 

2858 Commission Appointing Ebenezer Devotion and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated 20th day of May. 1800. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. Jonathan Trumbull. [484.] 

2859 Commission Appointing Ebenezer Devotion and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated 22d day of May. 1801. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. Jonathan Trumbull. [485.] 

2860 Commission Appointing Ebenezer Devotion and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated 26th day of May. 1802. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. Jonathan Trumbull. [486.] 

2861 Commission Appointing William Williams and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated 20th day of ]^Iay, 1803. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. Jonathan Trumbull. [487.] 

2862 Commission Appointing William Williams and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated 17th day of May. 1804. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. Jonathan Trumbull. [488.] 

2863 Commission Appointing Thomas Grosvenor and others Jus- 

tices of the Peace. Dated 15th day of May, 1805. Signed by 
the Governor of Connecticut. Jonathan Trumbull. [489.] 

2864 Commission Appointing Thomas Grosvenor and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated 19th day of May. 1806. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. Jonathan Trumbull. [490.] 

2865 Commission Appointing Thomas Grosvenor and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated 20th day of May, 1807. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. Jonathan Trumbull. [491.] 

2866 Commission Appointing Thomas Grosvenor and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated 25th day of May. 1808. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. Jonathan Trumbull. [492.] 

2867 Commission Appointing Ebenezer Devotion and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated 23d day of May, 1809. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. Jonathan Trumbull. [493] 

2868 Commission Appointing Ebenezer Devotion and others Justices 

of the Peace. Dated loth day of May. 1810. Signed by the 
Governor of Connecticut. John Treadwell. [494.] 

2869 Commission Appointing James Gordon and others Justices of 

the Peace. Dated 28th day of May. 181 1. Signed by the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut. Roger Griswold. [495.] 


2cS7o C uinini»i,,ii App. .imin- Thomas (;n.svcn..r and <.ilurs Instices 
ni the iVaoc. Dati-.l 141]! .lav ..t May. iSij. Si-iK<l' l)v the 

< iovcnior ..I CMinKTiirm. R. ..l^\t ( iri>\\Ml.l. |4<;h.| 

2871 r.,inmi>.i..n AppMimin^ Th. .ma. ( in.svm. .r and ..thrrs justices 
of the l\arr. Dated i^:;th day ..f Mav. iSi;^. Si-iied "hv the 

< iMvernMi- ..I ( '- .niu-eiieui. j..hii ("..tlon Smith. | 4^7. | 

2><y2 (•..mmi.MMn App-iniin- Ilrni-y M. idake.K-c tu he Lienlenant 
<>l thr l"..iirth ( umpaiiy <.t thr Truth Rr-immt of Infantry in 
ConiU'etieiit. to take- raids frnm thr joth day <.f Au-'ust. A.D. 
•'"^.xv Si.-iu'(l hy the ( ...vrriK .r of Conneetient at W-w Haven, 
the joth da\ of May. i,S:;4. .Samuel Au-u>lu.s i-o..i. I499./ 

2873 ( omnus>ion Ai.jx.intin- David I'dakeslee to he Captain of the 

lourth ( ompan\- of the 'l\-nth ReLriment of Infanf-v in Con- 
neetient. to take rank ffom thr joth day of Au-ai^t. Ad ). 18^^. 
Si-iied hy the ( lovrnior of Connretieut at .\e\v liavm. the 
20th day of Mav. 18:54. Samurl Au,-ustu.s i'oot. I^o;).] 

2874 Connnission Appointin- Calvin I'.rown I'.nsi-n of ilu- I-iftli 

( ompan\- (.t the Third Rr.^iment of Infantr\- in Conneeticut. 
to take i-ank from the 17th day of July. A.D. 184:^. Signed by 
the (iovernor n\ Connecticut at Ilartt'ord. 24th dav of August, 
1843. Chauneey V. Cleveland. |4<;8. | 

C( )LLI-:CTI( )\ ( )I- ( )IJ) i:( ).\|)S THAT W klRl-. (il\ l-:x DCR- 
l\(. Till-: RkA ()LCTI().\.\R\- WAR. IMC; 15 Id IT I-:S. 

jXj:^ J'.ond. j..scph Pratt of Hartford, e omi.. for I'ivr Thousand Dol- 
lars, to the lion. Henry Laurens. President of the Continental 
Congress. ( )l)ligation is to c-xceuie ihr ofhee of an Assistant 
Commi>sar\- of Issues in the .\meriean .\rmy. dated <»th Au- 
gust. 1778. 1501. 1 
i^yC) r.ond. Moses Chureh and William I'ynehon. l.oth of Springfield, 
Mass.. for Fivi- Thousand I)ollar>. to the Hon. Hancock, 
I'rr^idrnt of the ( ontinc-ntal Congre>s. ( )l)ligation is to cxc- 
vu\c thr othee of an \>sistaiU Conunissarv of Issues in the 
Anirriean Armw dated 1st January. 1778. I502.I 
2^jy I'.on.l. John hiteh and I'.K azer Carey, l.oth of W'in.lham. Conn., 
for V'wv d'housand Dollars, to the Hon. lohn Haneock. Presi- 
dent of the (ontinental (."ongre^s. ()hligati..n is to execute 
the office of an .\ssistant Commissar} of Issues in thr .\nieri- 
ean Armw datc(l loth ( )etol)rr. 1777. [50:;.] 
287S P.ond. lohn ('atiheld.of Sharon. Conn., for h'ivi- ddiousand Dol- 
lars, to the Hon. John Hanc(Kk. 1 'resident of tlu' ("ontinental 
Congress. ( )hligation is to execute the office ..f an .\ssistant 
Comniissarv of Dsues in the .\meriean .\rm\-. dated 1 ^t of Sep- 
tember. 1777. |5'm1 


2879 Bond, John Elderkin of Windham, Conn., for Five Thousand 

Dollars, to the Hon. John Hancock. President of the Conti- 
nental Congress. Obligation is to execute the office of an As- 
sistant Commissar}- of Issues in the .American Army, dated ist 
of September. 1777. [505.] 

2880 Bond, Major Taylor of Danbur>', Conn., for Five Thousand 

Dollars, to the Hon. Henrv' Laurens. President of the Conti- 
nental Congress. Obligation is to execute the office oi an As- 
sistant Commissar)- of Issues in the -\merican Army .■-'->' r i^ 
of September. 177S- [506.] 

2881 Bond. Moses Se>-mour of Litchfield. Conn., for Five i. ......r^... 

Dollars, to the Hon. Henrv* Laurens. President of the Conti- 
nental Congress. Obligation is to execute the office cf an As- 
sistant Commissary- of Issues in the American Army, dated 
1st of September. 177S. [507.] 

2882 Bond. EJiphalet Lockw»x>d. Xorwalk. Conn., for Five Thousand 

Dollars, to the Hon. Henr>- Laurens. President of the Conti- 
nental Congress. Obligation is to execute the office of an As- 
sistant ConMnissar>- of Issues in the American Army, dated 
21 St July. 1778. [508.] 

2883 Bond. Joseph Leigh. Portsmouth. X. H.. for Five Thousand 

Dollars, to the Hon. Henn.- Laurens. President of the Conti- 
nental Congress. Obligation is to execute the office of an As^ 
sistant Commissary- of Issues in the American Army, dated isr 
of May. 1778. [509.] 
2881 Bond, Xathaniel Stevens and John Stevens, both of Canaan, 
Conn., for Five Thousand Dollars, to the Hon. John Hancock, 
President of the Continental Congress. Obligation is to exe- 
cute the ofice of an Assistant Commissary- of Issues in the 
American Arm}-, dated ist of September. 1777. [510.] 

2885 Bond. Benjamin Stelle. State of Rhode Island, for Five Hun- 

dred Pounds, lawful money, to the Hon. Henr>- Laurens, 
President of the Continental Congress. Obligation is to exe- 
cute the office of an Assistant Commissar)- of Issues in the 
American Army, dated loth day of January-. 1778. [51 1-] 

2886 Bond. Hugh Morris of Philadelphia, Penn., for Five Thousand 

Dollars, to the Hon. Henr>- Laurens. President of the Conti- 
nental Congress. Obligation is to execute the office of an 
Assistant Commissar)- of Issues in the American .Army, dated 
15th July. 1778. [512.] 

2887 Bond. Alexander Roxbur)- of Sahsbury. Maryland, for Five 

Thousand DoOars. to the Hon. Henr)- Laurens. President of 
the Continental Congress. Obligation is to execute the office 
of an Assistant Commissar)- of Issues in the -\merican -\rmy, 
dated ist September. 1778. [513.] 


2888 J'.und. j..lni Hall, llariturd. I'.Miii.. inr 1-ivc Thousand Dollars, 
to the Hon. Jcjhn Hancock, i'roidcnt of the Continental Con- 
gress. ( )l)li^-ati()n is to execute the othce of an Assistant Coni- 
nns>ar\- of Issues in the .Xniericaii .\rni\-, dated 1st September, 
^777- I: ■4. 1 

2SH() r.on(i, j.iini .M\ers, Raritan, .\. ]., fur j-'ive Thousand Dollars, 
to the Hon. Hein-y Daurens. President of the Continental Con- 
i^ress. ( )l)li_Liation is U) execute the otVice of an Assistant Com- 
niissarv of Issues in the American .\rmv, dated 1st of ( )ctol)er. 

'77'^- l5'5-l _ 
281JO ( dd .Manuscripts, from \yo\ to iSoo. includin.L;' honds, writs, etc. 
Some i)\ them written l)\- Jonathan Trund)ull. 1744 to 1755: 
1. 02 I pieces. |2(;2i.J 

ETC.; 247 ITECF.S. 

2891 The Providence Gaccttc, Saturday. Xovember 12. 1768. [516.] 

2892 The Xew Hampshire Herald, Tuesday. April kj, 1785. [517.] 
28(;^ The Middlesex Gaccftc, Middletown. Saturday, lulv 25. 1789. 


2894 The Providence Cniccffc, Saturday, May 5. 1798. [519.I 

2895 Massachusetts Mercury, Tuesday March 20. 1798. I520.I 

2896 Massachusetts Mcrcur\\ Tuesdaw March 2y. t7(j8. I321.] 
28(;7 Massachusetts Mercury, 'i\iesday, Ma\ 22, 17^8. [522.] 

2898 Massachusetts Mercury, I^Tiday, Ma\ 2^, I7(j8. I523.I 

2899 Massacliusetts .l/(Tc//ry. l''rida\-. Septend)er 21. 17^8. I524.] 

2900 Massachusetts Mercury, Tuesda\-, Xovember 2j, 1 7^8. I523.I 

2901 Massachusetts Mercury, Tuesdax , l)ecend)er 4. i7i;8. I526.I 

2902 Massachusetts Mercury, Tuesday. Deceiuber 11. 1798. 1595-1 
290^ 'idle huiepeudent Chroiiicle, P.oston, ddnu'sdav. Mav 30. 1782. 

2904 The huicl'eudoit Chronicle, P.oston. dduu-sdav. lulv 11. 1782. 

2905 Tliomas' Massachusetts Sun. Worcester, ddiursdav, |une 9. 

^7><?- \?n2.] 

2906 Windham llerahl, Thursdaw Jamiar\- 24, i7g<). I527.] 
2(>o7 W'indhaiu Herald, Thursday. ( )ctol)er 2. 1800. I528.I 
2(;o8 Windham Herald, Thursdav. (October 2<). 1801. [52().l 
29CK; Windham //(■;•(//(/. Thursday. Ma\ f), 1802. |3.V).l 

2910 Wnidham Herald, 'Iduu-sdaw Septend)er (), 18(^2. [531.] 

291 1 Windham Herald, Thursda\-. June 30. 1803. I532.I 
20T2 Windham Herald, Thursday. .\u,i:fust (^ 1804. ( 533-1 
2(;i3 Windham Herald, Thursday. Ma} 21. 1807. I534.I 

./. /•:. nh'OOKS COLLIICTIOX. 


2914 W'iiulhani lirnilil, Tluirsdaw X(jvc'nil)cr id, iSoi;. I535.J 

2915 Windliani y/('y'(//(/, lM-i(la\ , June 8, 1810. 15,^).] 

2916 Wiiulliam llci\ilii 'riuirsday, SeptcnibL-r 3, 1812. [537.) 

2917 Wiiulliam Herald, riuirsday, September 10, 1812. I538.] 

2918 Windham IlcraUi, Tluirsday, April 15, 1813. [539.] 

2919 Ulster County Ca::cth\ Saturday, January 4, 1800. I540.] 

2920 Connecticut Ga::cttc, Xew London, Friday, Aug. 7, 1789. [541.] 

2921 The Connecticut Coiiraiif, Mondaw October 29, 1764. [542. J 

2922 The Connecticut Coiiranf, ■Monday, September 10, 1792. [543.J 

2923 The Connecticut Coiiranf, Monday, February 16, 1789. [544. J 

2924 The Connecticut Coiiranf, Wednesday, April 27, 1808. [545. J 

2925 The Connecticut Coiiranf, Wednesday, ]\Iay 18. 1808. [546.] 

2926 The Connecticut Coiiranf, Wednesday, June 29, 1808. [547- J 

2927 The Connecticut Coiiranf, Wednesday, June 15, 1808. [548. j 

2928 Boston Gaj:ctfc, Thursday, July 7, 1808. [549.] 

2929 Columbian Plicnix, Providence, Saturday, December 8. 1810. 


2930 New York Herald, Wednesday, July 6, 1808. [551.] 

2931 Connecticut Mirror, Monday, March 18, 181 1. [552.] 

2932 New York Herald, Saturday, April 15, 1865. An acccnint of 

assassination of President Lincoln. [553-] 

2933 The World, New York, Wednesday, April 19. 1865. An account 

of the tragedy of President Lincoln. [554.] 

2934 Boston Daily Globe, Tuesday, September 20, 1880. An accmint 

of the death of President James A. Garfield. [555. | 

2935 The Cincinnati Enquirer, Tuesday, September 20, 1881. An ac- 

count of the death of President James A. Garfield. [556.] 

2936 The Cleveland Leader, Saturday, September 24, 1881. An ac- 

count of the funeral of President James A. Garfield. [557.] 

2937 The Hartford Times, Thursday, July 23, 1885. An account of 

the death of General U. S. Grant. [558.] 

2938 The Hartford Post, Thursday, July 23, 1885. An account of the 

death of General U. S. Grant. [559.] 

2939 The Brooklyn Daily Eai!^le, Saturda>-, May 24. 1883. An ac- 

count of the Brooklyn bridge. [560.] 

2940 Plan of 45 towns Jaid out on the east branch of the Susquehan- 

nah River, in September, 1762. Bv John Jenkins. Surveyor. 


2941 Ouadranf, with the horizontal projectii^iis upon it inverted. 

\\>itten and published by John Collins. London, in i()58. {^^2.} 

2942 *' The Danger of Being Almost a Christian." b\- John Chishnll. 

Minister of the Gospel. Printed in Lc^idon. ^i'^^J. |5<\vl 

2943 '' Christ, the King and A\'itness of Truth," sermons b\ .^oU^nuMi 

^^llliams, A.!\r., pastor of the First Church in Lebanon. I'onn.. 
1744- [225.] 


-944 -\^l> ^111(1 Laws ini.sscd by the ( uiicral Court <.i- As.,inl,lv oi His 
-Mair>;ry'> I'.nj^dish Colony ..i CciiiK-cticm in .\\\v l-ln.^iand. in 
Annrica. i 752 : two vohnnt-s. | 5^)4 and }^(^'^.\ 
2<;45 An ()rati..n. dclivrrc-d at \\\tluT>lirld. I'chniarv _>_>. iS(K). 011 
tlu dcalh Mt (.rniral ( uMr-r W a>liin,-t. .n, uli.. died December 
14- ^7')^)'' ''> l'-l)ene/.er Crant Marsh. |5^>^'.l 
Jo4'> >rrni..n preached at the de(hcatiMn of the new nieetin^-dionsc in 

lladli-y. Xoveniher 3. iSoS. |5''7.| 
J047 -\ lATlnre on Chri>t's Second ( oniin-. Ad'). 70; I)\ Charle.s (. 

Cnitean. second edition. 1S7S. |5'>S.| 
J047J, ( )1<1 .\ew>i)a|)ers. many ot them i)nl)h.shed (hn-in- the Civil War; 

S5 pieces. |J»^JJ.| 
J04^^ Ke-ister of the I'ark Central Hotel, crner lli,<,di and Allyn 
Street.s. Ilariford. ( onn.. W. Ketchnm, proprietor. Tliis regis- 
ter was the last one nsed in the Park Central IJoti-l. where the 
terrible catastroi)he hai)j)ened at .1:50 a. m.. lAbruary 18. 1889. 
1 he tine tiw-story brick bnildini,^ was completely deniolished, 
and the imnates bnried in the ruins. The work of rescne began 
at once, and ten jjcrsons were taken out. more or less severely 
injnred. and sent to the hospital, while 23 bodies, manv of which 
were mntilated so as to be scarcely recognizable, were sent 
home and bnried 1)\- sympathizing- friends. | 2(j2o. | 
204'^ 'I'Ih' LocoiJiotiiw A terrible eatastrophe — 1 'ark Central Ibitel. 

l-'ebrnary iS. iSSc;. |5^»<;. | 
2050 Sami)K-r. 14. 11. .\ si)ecimen of needlework of letters, etc.. in 

colors; made by R(^xe\' Stone. TonuVet. in iSii. |<)IO.] 
2i)^\ Sampler. (;CS. .\ sj)ecimen of needlework of letters, etc.. in 
colors: made b\- ("larissa Reynolds in her loth vear. October. 
17S4. 1 570.1 

I'( )RTRA1TS ( )\ SATIX : 14 Id IT 1-".S. 

2952 Satin I'.ad.ire. Norwich (Tav ( Inb. I'or President. Henrv Clav ; 

for \ ice-l'rtsi.Knt. Theodore hrelini^lmvsen. Steel portraits 
[573 I 

2953 Satin i'.ad.L^e. Hope in Honor of the l-oiniders and Defenders 

of American Independence. Steel j)ortrait Ceneral William 
H. Harrison and loi^ cabin. 1840. \S^)7\ 

2954 Satin I5a(i.c:c. Steel portrait of (Jeneral William 11. Harrison 

and log cabin, etc., 1840. [600. | 

2955 Satin Radge. Steel portrait of General William H. Harrison, 

lo^- cal)in. etc. [500. ] 

..'. /:. ERCCi:S CCLLECTIOis. 255 

^'j^'j >atin Badge. In memory of Departed W'tjrt^.. . ■......: . Wil- 
liam Henrv Harrison. Died at Washington. D. C. April 4, 

1841. [59^.] 

2957 Satin Badge. In memory of Departed Worth, (jt-neral Wil- 

ham H. Harrison. April 4, 1841. [601.] 

2958 Satin Badge. Steel portrait of Washington. Whig celebration, 

November 22, 1837. [596.] 

2959 Satin Badge. Steel portrait of Martin \'an Burcn. Xew York's 

Favorite Son. 1836. [S7^-] 

2960 Satin Badge. Steel portrait of John Bell. [602.] 

2961 Satin Badge. Steel portrait of Breckenridge and Lane. [603.] 

2962 Satin Badge. Steel portrait of General W. Scott, the Hero of 

Many Battles. [571.] 

2963 Satin Badges. Completion of the Croton Aqueduct, celebrated 

in Xew York. October 14. 1842. Three badges, giving history 

2964 Frame of Campaign Badges. English and Confederate: 18 


2965 Satin Badge. Portrait of John C. Breckinridge. [604.] 

2966 Silk Woven Campaign Badge. For President, Grover Cleve- 

land: \'ice-president. T. A. Hendricks. [574.] 

2967 Silk Woven Campaign Badge. For President, Grover Cleve- 

land : Mce-president. A. E. Stevenson. [575-] 

2968 Silk Woven Campaign Badge. For President. James A. Gar- 

field: \'ice-president. C. A. Arthur. [576.] 

2969 Silk Woven Badges, Grover Cleveland and Frances F. Cleve- 

land. [577 and 578.] 

2970 Silk Woven Badge. 1837 Jubilee 1887. Mctoria. D. C. Queen 

of an Empire on which the sun never sets. [579-] 

2971 Silk Woven Badge. Four Hundredth Anniversary ( 1892") in 

Commemoration of the Discovery of America in 1492. Land- 
ing of Columbus. [580.] 

2972 Silk Woven Badge. Ye Faire Ladie Godiva and Peeping Tom 

of ye anciente City of Coventre. [581.] 

2973 Silk Woven Badge. Shakespeare. Stratford Church, and the 

poet's birthplace. [582.] 

2974 Silk Badge. Marvland. R. E. Lee and Statue. Richmond, 

May 29. 1890. i^:^^!,.] 

2975 Silk Badge. Confederate Statue, unveiled June 10, 189 1, Fred- 

ericksburg. \'a. [584.] 

2976 Silk Badge. Confederate Flag and General R. E. Lee. [585.] 

2977 Silk Badge. Confederate Flag and General R. E. Lee. [586.] 

2978 Silk Badge. Souvenir, unveiling of Confederate monument. 



2(jjci Cunfcdcratc Silk Ikul.i^^c. I'nvciling of Stonewall Jackson mon- 
ument, Lexington, \ a.. July 21, 189 1. [5cS8.] 

2980 Confederate Silk^c Statue of General R. K. Lee. I5S9.] 

2981 Silk Badge. Souvenir ol the World's Industrial and L'otton 

Centennial Expositi(jn. New Orleans. | 5*;o. | 

2982 Frame of Silk liadges. worn by our city fathers at the dedica- 

tion of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial at Hartford. Comi., 
September 17, 1886; 14 pieces. [501.] 

2983 Collection of P.adqes from all i)arts of the cnuntrv; 440 pieces. 


2<;84 Frame. 30;24. collection of souvenirs, medals, badges, etc.; 122 
pieces. [599.] 


2985 I'Vame, 47x32. Collection southern mone\- which was issued 

by the Southern States during the Civil War from 1S61 to 
1865. Some of it was printed on the backs of old bank bills; 
94 different kinds. [400.] 

2986 Collection of southern scrip issued by ihe Southern States dur- 

ing the Civil War. from iS()L to 1805; 70 bills. [401. | 

2987 Collection of Confederate States money, issued by the Confed- 

erate States of America from 1861 to 1864; 74 bills. I402.] 

2988 Collection of southern bank bills during the Civil War. from 

1861 to 1865; 50 pieces. I403.I 

2989 Collection of old bank bills before the Civil war : 94 bills. I404.] 

2990 Collection of war scrip, from 1861 to 1865; 27, pieces. I405.] 

2991 Collection of foreign scrip; 17 pieces. [406.] 

2992 Collection of Continental mone\ ; tine collection; 70 ])ieces. 


2993 I*>amc, 48x30. collection of Indian pliolographs : many Indian 

chiefs and warriors of different tribes. Apache. Comanche, and 
Sioux Indians; 58 pieces. [409.] 

2994 Collection of London Fashion-jdates. from 1S24 to 1834; scarce 

and fine; 33 pieces. f58<). | 

2995 Collection of P.ook Engravings; 21 pieces. [410.] 

2996 Collection of Hartford City Directories from 1838 to 1807. ImiH 

collection except the years 1841 and 184^). 

2997 Life Size Pastel of the ( ^Id Leather Man. I'rame 5o-3j feet, 

made by William L. Lloyd, photographer. Hartford, Conn., in 
1892. The C)ld Leather Man was found dead in his cave on the 
George Dell farm in Mount IMeasant. near Sing Sing. X. ^ .. 

./. /•:. HROOKS iOLIJiCJlOX. 257 

on Sunday. March 24. iSS(j. The followinj; i> a -h..rt -l.rtcii 
of his strange history : 

For a year or more he had suffered from a cancer on the hp, which 
of late had made rapid progress, and it was largely on account of his in- 
curable afl^iction that the Humane Society tried to provide for him a 
home. He was taken to the Hartford Hospital and left it the same 
day, and followed to the last the wandering life to which he had been 
accustomed for twenty-five years or more. He was a familiar character 
over a considerable part of this state all that time. He dressed wholly 
in leather, hardly ever spoke to anyone, would take food and tobacco 
from certain persons, but no money, and went over and over again a 
certain fixed route, wdiich occupied a little over a month, and on which 
he was generally punctual to date. For years he has been described at 
frequent intervals by newspapers, and of late cuts have been published, 
made from a photograph. A few^ years ago what purported to be the 
story of his life was extensively printed. It professed to be founded 
on documents which he dropped, and which were picked up by some- 
one who put the story together. Substantially it was as follows: His 
name was Jules Bourglay, and he was born at Lyons, in France, was 
well educated and became attached to the daughter of a wealthy leather 
merchant named Laron. ]\Ir. Laron was greatly incensed when he 
learned of the affair, but young Bourglay argued his case in so able and 
manly a manner as to soften the rich man's heart, and he finally decided 
to .make an offer to Jules. This was to take him into the leather busi- 
ness for a year, and if he proved himself energetic and possessed of good 
business qualities, he was to have as a reward the hand of the daughter 
in marriage. On the other hand, if he proved unworthy of confidence, 
he must give up his suit and go aw-ay. 

Jules accepted, of course, and was soon in the office of his prospec- 
tive father-in-la\v as a confidential man and agent. This was in 1857. 
the year when leather fell 40 per cent. Bourglay had no inkling of the 
unforseen danger, and, thinking he saw an opportunity to contribute 
toward filling his employer's coffers, he speculated largely with a com- 
modity that was eventually to drag him down to ruin and disgrace. 
Finally the crash came. Thousands of men in the leather trade were 
either ruined or throAvn out of work, and as poor Jules reeled away 
from the office with the curses of his impoverished employer ringing in 
his ears, his mind became turned. He Avas found two days later wander- 
ing about the streets in a half-dazed condition, calling on his loved one 
with endearing names and cursing the ill luck that had thwarted his 
hopes of a bright future. His father took him home and he was 
tenderly nursed, but to no purpose. He became a raving maniac. For 
two years he was confined in a madhouse. From there he finally es- 
caped to this country, where all trace of him was lost for years. His 
relatives finally obtained information of his whereabouts, and wrote 
to the New^ York authorities, giving his past history, and directing 
them to spare no expense in finding out his condition, both mentally 
and physically. He was discovered traveling through Litchfield county, 
this state, as a plumber, noted for eccentric behavior, and clad entirely 
in sole leather. He never took anything but food or tobacco for his 
work, and he always slept in barns. He was very reticent about his 
past history, and would only give his name. When asked if he wished 
to return to France he quickly replied: " No. no," with a shudder of 
fear. His relatives were informed that he was harmless and abhorred 
the society of men or the idea of returning to France. Since then 
nothing has been heard from them, and he has been wandering about 
the country in his heavy suit of leather, doing penance, as is supposed, 
for his disastrous failure in early life. He forsook the iilumbing busi- 
ness years ago. 



( < 'Li.ia i i( ).\ ()|- .\i.\rs!-:K kiiij-.s. ( .\Ki;i.\i:s. mi-:tal- 
L!c cAk TKi i)( .I's. i-yrc. ( "A I ''irk i: I) \\\ ( )Ir troops 
ix crr.A AM) i'ii:kr() \<\C() in'ki.\(. tiii-: war 
w rri! si'Aix IX ,s,;8; 14 iMiai':s. 

2«;<j8 Sj)anisli .Magazine Mauser Jvitlc. Inc-sliol, cal. 7.(30 niillinu'tor, 
witli l^aytjiK-t. S])anisli pattern ; stamped on the hroecli. " Mau- 
ser ICspanol Modelo 1893; Manufactura Loewt- R.urlin. .\(.. 
A 5246." I'Voni V . S. Armory, Sprin^i^field. Mass. 

-999 Spanish Ma.i;a;'.ine Mauser Ritle. five-shot. cal. "j.h^ miUimeter. 
with l)ayonet. Arj^entine ])attern ; stamped on the l)reech, 
" Alauser Modelo Ari^entine 1891. Manutactura Loewc Bur- 
lin. .\(). (i 7507." I'^rom U. S. Armory. S])rin^field. Mass. 

3000 Spanish Mai^azine Mauser Rifle, five-shot. cal. 7.65 millimeter, 

with bayonet, Turkish pattern ; stamped on the breech. " W'af- 
fenfbk. ?^[auser 01)ernd(3rf an. Xo. 503."' hVom I'. S. 
Armor}-, Sprini^field. ]\Iass. 

3001 Spanish Magazine Mauser Carbine, five-shot. cal. 7.CX) milli- 

meter. Spanish pattern; stamped on the breech. "' Mauser Es- 
panol ]\rodelo, 1893 Manufactura Rocwc I'urlin. Xo. A 5762." 
I'"rom I'. S. Armory, S])ringfiel(l. Mass. 

3002 Spanish Ma^^azine Mauser Carbine, tivc-shol. cal. 7.^)3 milli- 

meter, .\rgentine pattern; stanijHMl on the breech. " Manufac- 
tura Loewe Burlin. i8()4. Xo. 40^)5. "' h^rom V. S. .\rmory, 
Sprincffield, ]\Iass. 

3003 1-rench Chassei)Ot, l'>. L. Rifle, with bayonet, cal. 40, model of 

1874; stamped on the breech. " ^Tanufacture D Amies Tulle 
Mlk 1874 No. 48472.'' Said to have been used in the service 
by the Spaniards in the recent war. From Santiaj^o de Cuba. 

3004 Sj)anish Clip of Three .Mauser C'artridi^^es. cal. 7.00 millimeter. 

The same kind that wi-re used 1)\ tlu' S])aniar<ls in CTjba and 
Puerto Rico in the recent war. I'"roni C S. .\rmory. Spring- 
fiehl. .Ma>s. 

3005 ."^j^anish (lip r.f Three- .Mauser ( artrid.m's. cal. y h"^ millimeter. 

IMie same kind tliat were usrd b\ the !^|)aniar(ls in ( "uba and 
Puerto Rico in tlu- recent war. I'rom C .'~-^. Arniorx, .Sprinc;'- 
field. Mass. 
3CX)6 Sj)ani>Ii ( )fficer's Toleclo .^word. brass hilt, etched blade, marked 
" l-'abrica De Toledo. 1875. '" with brass scabbard. It is said 
that this sword was in the scixice at the time Santia.e^o sur- 
rendered. I'rom Santiai^o de Cul^a. Presented bv Miss \lida 

./. /:. Hk'OOKS LC)IJJ:C'l 10\. j-C) 

l'>. Llark, 1 I art lord, C oiiii., who wa.s oiic ol llic excursionists on 
the >leanier I'aris, which .sailed ironi New York March 4. l8</j, 
lor tuba. I'lierio Kic(t. and ilu- W indward ishmds. Miss Chirk 
brought back many curiosities and war rehcs from battletields 
of tlie recent war with Si)ain. 

3007 Cuban Officer's Machete, liorn handle, siKer phited mountings. 

with bird's head butt; blade stamped " Collins «S: Co.. Hartford, 
Acero Imuo Calidad Garantizada." Trademark. " Leg'itimub, 
Xo. Sj. " leather scabbard; silver plated trinnnings, stamped 
■■ \o. 15, Collins & Co." Trademark, " Legitimus." It is 
said that this machete was in the service at San Juan Heights 
and other battles of the Cuban Wslt. From San Juan de Cul)a. 
Presented by Miss Alida B. Clark, Hartford. 

3008 Spanish Cartridge, with l)rass bullet. Found on the battlefield 

of San Juan, l*orto Rico de Cuba. Presented by Miss Alida 
B. Clark, Hartford. 

3009 Spanish Bullet, melted b\- heat. Found on the Spanish battle- 

ship / 'i.zcaya. h'rom Santiago de Cul^a. Presented by Miss 
Alida I). Clark. Hartford. 

3010 Piece of Copper Sheathing, taken from one of the first boats 

sent ashore, which was capsized and two infantrymen drowned, 
when landing General Shafter's army from battleships in the 
harbor of Daiguiri, 15 miles east of Santiago de Cuba. June 22, 
1898. Presented by Miss Alida B. Clark, Hartford. 

3011 Piece of Steam Pipe, taken from the United States battleship 

Maine, which was blown up in the harbor of Havana by a mine. 
Februar\- 1;. 1808; 260 lives were lost. 


3 9088 00872 0476